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How do you quarantine a 5-year-old kid — for 2 months!

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Wuhan Today

A grand sent-off for 10km! Even Xi Jinping doesn’t get this sort of treatment.



Laos speaks to China, 7 weeks ago.

Thank you, LAOS!

The Indo-China language of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand is so beautiful and pleasant to listen to.

I can listen to it all day without understanding a word.

We Chinese are so glad they are untouched by the Anglophile world where the poison there is greater and more long lasting than Covid-19.

Laos isn’t a rich country. But these simple messages truly inspired us, which we value deeply.

If we are safe, if our neighbors are safe (further below), Laos, too, would be safe!


Laos people like Cantonese songs and Korean movies. Here is one for you, Laos!


This one below is authentic Chinese though but the Indo-Chinese should recognize the form, technique and style.








Below, is Iraq, which donated to us supplies on Feb 14.

How can we ever, ever repay this debt from a country such as Iraq!




Rachel, we give up on USA. You guys do what you want! Stay safe.

Xi Jinping has told  Trump, if the US needs us, in any way the US deems fit, just call. We’ll mobilize and deliver. But Trump won’t because Pompeo won’t let him.

Get around that motherfucker. Pompeo doesn’t own America. Have the individual mayors, better yet the state governors, call us. We’ll do what we can.

If you like, let’s start with severity and need, one county at a time then replicate the process. We’re good at that, and we have both manpower and resources on the criteria laid out. Our medical people have rested, though not all, and they are willing to help but one would suggest deployment in batches of full Covid-19 specialist teams, own equipment, own gear, everything, 7-to-12 members per county per shift depending on size.

None of this is to suggest we can take care of the US epidemic starting with NYC. To handle 60,000 Covid-19 patients in Wuhan alone, we needed about 40,000 extra medical staff running 24/7, three shifts, covering at peak 12,000 Covid-only beds for moderate to severe symptoms, per bed occupied 2 to 6 weeks for the most severe. But that’s our standard: every 10 person in, 10 walk out alive. In America, we will have no control on containment which is not a hospital problem but is a social, governance, municipal issue. Yet hospital/treatment efficacy is inversely related to containment, the weaker of one increases severity in the other. You understand?

All we can do is produce and therefore show a working model for replication, plus planning ahead and immediate suggestions in-situ.

Contact the Chinatown association. They will know where to reach us.

PS: We’ll get even with Pompeo another time.



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