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If you need China’s assistance, here are the various ways to reach us:

  • CCTV office, if there is one in your city,
  • China Foreign Ministry, consulate, trade office,
  • Chinatown associations. If you don’t know where to find one, just walk into the second biggest restaurant,
  • find a Mainland Chinese student and ask him/her: 中国大使馆?
  • drop a line in Comment,
  • online try asking at zhihu 知乎 where you need to register, language is Chinese, and
  • if, after all that, you still can’t reach us, you are a lost cause.

Most staff members can handle the local languages.



  • Can someone explain why is it the Martins and the Stevies are so easily bought?
  • Why is it always the US find it easy to buy some filthy brown-skin Indian thambi to serve their imperial interest?

Is it because of the thambi’s English mother tongue? Or Christianity? Or they have no ethical morality? Or all three?

Martin Who?

Martin Vengadesan | Kini Academy

All these Vengas, Martins and Stevies.





Are you hard-pressed to find, what is the news? Where? Which?

Let’s further suppose Stevie Wonder Gan says this is Pompeo’s ‘point of view’, and he is entitled to it. Where then is this ‘view’ we hadn’t heard before? What exactly is it? What is the evidential backing or the logicism in the ‘view’, even to be heard the thousandth time?

Eh, Venga go fuck your thambi mother” — is that a point of view?

Sigh… The above just goes to reaffirm Stevie’s lies all along: They are ‘free and independent’. Or they tell ‘truth to power’.

Mkini, the Stevies and the Martins are just US-paid hacks, the first as rag sheet of the US propaganda arm in Malaysia. America tells Stevie Wonder Gan, “Jump“, he asked how high. America tells him, ‘Sit boy!” and he proceeds to suck some Yankee penis.

Why is he doing this? Answer, Money. (What else unless American exceptionalism is a religion.)

How else is Martin going to make money? That article? Maybe 50 depreciated ringgit, so one is told, is a pittance in US dollar, can’t even buy a Covid mask in NY. The Fed prints money like it’s toilet paper, 23 trillion al-leady, and 3.5 trillion more coming.

The so-called journalism ‘profession’ (sic) is more useless than the soldier in his barrack doing nothing the whole day. The certificates that Mkini prints and issues from ‘Kini Academy‘ and which they call ‘journalism’ or ‘communication’ tells you nothing about any intellectual wherewithal or practical skill set.

All day long, the poor kids from who the Venga, the Martins and Stevie take money, hear only yada, yada, yada, never having to ask questions like, “Eh, thambi professor what is a ventilator, ar? How you make one la?

Kini academy (https://www.kiniacademy.com/) is a fucking money scam.

Proof of the statement into the uselessness of ‘journalism’ is the Internet. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You don’t even need a tongue.







Now, immediately below, watch how US-funded Malaysiakini and Anglophile Venga actually lied for Pompeo and had distributed his lies.

And you don’t have to search hard to catch those lies…

Towards Iranians, America does not regard Iranians as humans…

The rest of the world wants nothing from the US. It is good enough it doesn’t get in the way.

But for a Third World country like Malaysia to lie on US behalf?

It shows the loyalty and the morality of Anglophiles like Steven Gan and Ventilator Venga.

For money, they’d even sell their daughters to prostitute rackets in Calcutta.

You can see, therefore, why the US got what’s due to them.


In the Mkini above titled article is another example of Ventilating Venga ventilating for Pompeo, meaning reselling and redistributing US propaganda: Pompeo selling yada, yada to the world that is a mirror reflection of Trump saying the same thing in the US.

In January, Trump promise US$100 million to ‘Asia’, meaning South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In all three countries, not a cent arrived, and we have already taken care of the problem. But does Ventilating Venga state that fact? No, because the journalist job to inform is only secondary to the purpose of publication. And that purpose, Venga’s purpose, Mkini’s purpose is, as a poodle barking dog, to peddle influence, distribute American propaganda, as if after all that the world would be better off when it never is, as if lying and as if words have no consequences.

Now, listen to the clip below: It is not Ventilating Venga manufacturing fake news. It is not a Venga cover-up for the US in order to make his master Mike Pompeo looks good. It’s called truth.




Top humanitarian aid provider?

Pompeo can’t even do duty to his own people. But, for a true understanding of the term ‘humanitarian’ — that America is the world’s ‘top humanitarian aid provider’, so wrote Ventilator Venga on behalf of the USA — listen to the clip below. And here is the added problem: Those lies kill people, Americans kill Americans. So be it.

In spreading the lie for America, the lie that they are more concerned for human welfare than money, Venga encourages the Malaysian government to do exactly the same: Kill its own people. Hurray!




Watch Rachel’s expressions and gestures, clip below. Me thinks she is cute, particularly when she launches her finger into flight.

You are so cute, I’d give you a kiss if we aren’t separated by an ocean, six mountains, two continents, and the most powerful deterrent of all — the Chinese Virus!.

So, you got our message. We Chinese say, you cross the river by feelings the stones under your feet. In the vernacular: You work the problem by wading into it. Otherwise, by the time you finish fixing your supply chain, measuring the water depth, temperature, speed of current, etc, we’d all be dead before you even wet your toes. Or your panties.

When this is over, America is still intact (we’d wish otherwise), and you still have your job, the drink is on you.

Skip Trump, Skip Pence. Skip Pompeo. They don’t own America; they are not even owning up to their responsibilities.

And suggests this to that McNeil NYT stooge: Offer each Chinese doctor a million bucks, two months, to save America. And America can afford a million each; tell the Fed to print it. But here is my million dollar bet with you: The higher the McNeil bid, the louder comes the answer, ‘No!’

Wanna to know why?

I tell you, Americans can be very, very stupid and ignorant — on top of being narcissistic.

Stay safe, ya! Need anything, call. We insist.

BTW, Wear a fucking mask, Rachel!

Imagine all America looking at you in that garb. It’s the stuff of history — and you’d still be just as pretty. Unfortunately, some wrinkles are showing up under your eyes. And your chin is beginning to sag. We Chinese have just the medicine for both. Want some?




Rachel, Our Medic

Recall, those were the days when nobody knows what we were truly dealing with. 40,000 had left home and nobody knows how many would return alive. Over 3,000 were infected, about a dozen died.

Today, America and the world know exactly what to do because of them.

Our nation — no, the world — owes them an eternal debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.



I believe you know the answer


Fisherman’s Song for you…



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