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…You will be burned alive.

Fight for freedom!*

09 | March | 2020 | 書 政 shuzheng

HK-Tiananmen Compared: US Role; The 72 seconds before the Gunshot ...

Hong Kong police threaten to use live bullets as standoff with ...

Rampaging Hong Kong protesters bring large parts of city to ...

HSBC kicks off year with Hong Kong branches closed, vandalized

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*Both the post title and the words are from Annie Lady of the Valley (Klang Valley, la), some half-Malaiyoo cunt who for some self-righteous motivations — money probably or, maybe, for some desert paedophile Prophet  — also considers herself a freedom fighter on behalf of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Even Rohingyas and Uighurs, not coincidentally, all the causes America takes up. Like Reuters and Malaysiakini and the DAP and PKR and Anwar Ibrahim and Rais Hussin and Hannah Yeoh…

Annie, you see, is a multiculti, multi-party, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-cause, multi-national democratic activist, whatever that is. The ‘activism’ (such a high-sounding word) is called Annie Without Borders.

She has friends in high places, BTW, lawyers, politicians, that sort of thing. So, if you don’t give her what she wants, your days are numbered. An arrow in the eye. Or burned alive. Or you want your shop looted and torched? Take your pick. It has happened countless times in Annie’s fight for freedom. (But, people say if you pay the Black Shirt Annie freedom fighters, they will leave you and your shop alone. The money is for services rendered in the protection of your freedom! Don’t you want it?)

Not true? Ask a Hongkee, Chinese, of course, not Anglophile.

In the Free, Democratic World, money, like God and Allah, moves in mysterious ways. Prayers will help speed up things.


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The God Lab that Sends Out Death, Endlessly


An investigation

At the center of countless, unexplained infections and deaths is a shadowy biological warfare lab in a place called Fort Detrick, Maryland, 40 miles from Washington DC. Why is it for decades, everyone around it, and now spread to all America and the world, people fall sick and die? What does Ft Detrick hide? What goes on in there? What do they create? Is it the planet’s new Jesus God, creating new life forms?

There is only one way to to know for sure, for both Americans and the world: An independent, fact-finding mission.

For written reports, go here: ‘The Mind-blowing History at Fort Detrick’, Global Research, May 12, 2020. For USA Today 2015 video reports: one and two.


(Warning: Disturbing, graphic scenes in US hospitals)






2020 Outcome



Via the World’s Freest Nation:

Free trade 1,000 years ago

This post follows up from the previous one: What if the Mings stayed? What if China met Portugal in Malacca?



Is China Cracking Down on Jewish Community in Kaifeng? – The Forward

One of China’s most beautiful cities, Kaifeng.


The Kaifeng painting


5-meter long ancient scroll painting is one of the most precious ...

  • Title: qingming shanghetu River on Qingming
  • Artist: Zhang Zeduan 張擇端, 1085–1145
  • Era: China Song Dynasty 960–1279 (est popn 90 million). Preceded by Tang dynasty.
  • Location: Song capital Kaifeng, Henan 河南 开封 
  • Painting: Ink brush on silk paper scroll
  • Home of painting: China Art Museum, Shanghai
  • Dimensions: 25.5 cm (10.0 in.) height x 5.25 m (5.74 yards) length
  • Details: 814 humans, 28 boats, 60 animals, 30 buildings, 20 vehicles, 8 sedan chairs, 170 trees.



Chinese descendants of Jews return to roots with seder | The Times ...

Kaifeng today, with old city walls, below.

Kaifeng: Capital of 'Middle Kingdom' | Travel in Henan |chinadaily ...

Old Kaifeng, winter

About Kaifeng


Kaifeng today, food market.

(Live tasty bats available. Guaranteed Covid-free or your money back.)


Kaifeng old synagogue

(See, we Chinese are infinitely freer than Malaiyoos.)



Kaifeng high speed rail incoming from Zhengzhou, Henan capital

Hengyang–Liuzhou intercity railway - Wikipedia


Kaifeng park post-Covid epidemic, April.

Popular Kaifeng theme park reopens to public - Chinadaily.com.cn


Ocean Cargo Ship from the Song Dynasty

The clip below reaffirms why that river in the Kaifeng painting was so busy….

China plying the South China Sea

…long before Anglophile reporters knew how to spell or think.

The special cargo ship Nanhai No. 1 sank off Guangdong coast circa 1,000 CE, that is, during the Song dynasty, 500 years before Parameswara. Why? Don’t know though we have some theories. But, going by the size of the vessel, it was almost certainly headed for Southeast Asia but not the Philippines (Java? Sumatra? Kelantan? Malacca?)

Some 184,000 pieces were found inside the hull. All were porcelain wares, each item of standard design, glazed and unglazed, uncolored, and look inexpensive. The finishing, specifically for a foreign market, the design and the quantity that was uncovered intact from the sea floor suggest several things:

  • the wholesale buyers were Chinese who are also likely to be retailing since only they can tell a good piece of bowl or plate from bad, and if they had paid a fair value;
  • the varied designs and inscriptions in a single shipment suggest that manufacturers had collaborated to hire a ship and share the transport cost; indeed, we can trace manufacturers to at least three provinces, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian;
  • the eventual users were common households, both Chinese and local ethnicity; local because the goods are inexpensive; and,
  • the shipment was on a regular run, meaning the buyer (with or without middleman) and the Chinese manufacturer knew and trusted each other.

How do they communicate? How often were bulk deliveries made? Orders made? Since when? Do the buyers inspect the goods in China before shipment? When is payment made? Cash on delivery? Was there insurance? What was the medium of monetary exchange? Those questions alone offer some insights:

  • Along with an active trading regime, there must be commercial banking services, with a commonly used, shared currency, threading through ship builders, vessel operators, shippers, manufacturers, sailors, dockhands, warehousing, buyers and distributors.
  • Chinese traders and merchants had been plying the South China Sea for more than a thousand years before international sea law was conceived and white people knew how to sail in the oceans.
  • Any notion that America is in South China Sea to ensure ‘freedom of navigation’ (purportedly because of China’s threat) is military, neo-imperial propaganda. America bullies China, like Britain bullied China in the 1800s. More than a millennium ago, there was a lot of free trade going on — centuries and centuries before White people stole a country or learned how to eat from plates and Reuters reporters learned how to write with a pen.
  • This also says China is right to claim all of South China Sea. Any Malaiyoo got a problem with that, see us! Want to use American pirates to extort money, like Mahathir Mohamad? Don’t bet that we’ll surrender to America or we are even intimidated. This is not 1841. White people have no business in this part of the world, and one day we’ll see to it.

Soon, when White man, whether Yankees or Aussies, want ‘freedom of navigation’ in a Chinese sea, they will have to ask our permission. The South China Sea isn’t our backyard. It’s our home. And when you enter someone’s home, you knock first and ask.



Mask Fashion

From modelling, Jian is into making masks, the factory running three shifts 24/7.

Make money…. Even comrade chairman Xi is helping with some marketing promotion.





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