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Forget Spratlys, it is a Reuters-Malaysiakini diversion. The real problem is happening below.

Want to know why America, its Aussie and Anglo stooges and mouthpieces want you to ignore that speck of an island-atoll? It has to do with, according to Stevie Wonder Gan, telling truth to power.


Scholar urges Taiwanese government to open Pr... | Taiwan News

Short-term variability of carbon chemistry in two contrasting ...

Dongsha Island Airport | military airbase, runway


So fearful is she, Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 has gotten the following to gather around the Dongsha island and atoll:

  • US mouthpiece Reuters, NYT, Al Jazeera and Sky News,
  • Australian fighter jets and vessels, and
  • American fighter bombers, submarines, aircraft carriers.

And we Chinese are so afraid, our knees are knocking. Can you hear it?


We have had enough. Here’s a word of friendly advice to readers:

Dump all Taiwan assets, even if held indirectly. ASAP!





Tiananmen Democracy scalps 1989


Hongkonger Democracy scalps 2019

You see any difference?

HK-Tiananmen Compared: US Role; The 72 seconds before the Gunshot ...

Man set on fire: Police probing case as attempted murder, East ...


Lee Cheuk Yan的圖片搜尋結果


This Hongkee man — Lee Cheuk-yan 李卓人 (above and below) – was present in both, Tiananmen and Hong Kong. The US-sponsored Reuters and Malaysiakini call him a ‘democracy peace activist’ (sic). No kidding.


In 1989 when Hong Kong remained an Anglo-American colony, Lee was the conduit for the US government to physically take money — HK$10 million — to the Tiananmen students, arriving on May 28 by train, HK$200,000 to the leaders individually (he said so himself). In June 2019, exactly 30 years later, when he had become an elected politician (salary HK$100,000 a month), he was still at it, burning and destroying, though that’s in Hong Kong, but again paid by the CIA front, NED. Like the rest below:

      1. 林子健 Lam Tsz Kin
      2. 黃毓民 Wong Yuk-man
      3. 黃洋達 Wong Yeung-tat
      4. 陳志全 Chan Chi-chuen

Democracy, you see, is a business enterprise; politics a profession, like accounting; murder, mayhem are tools of the trade, like scalpels are tools of the surgeon.

Why? You think they are doing it because they love you? Love mankind?

Get a life, Anglophile Stupid.

You think people like Ambiga, Maria Chin, Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, Rais Hussin, Kadir Jasin, Liew Chin Tong, et al are in politics because they love mankind?

In democratic politics you are buttered on both sides: one side by America and the other side, by the government, IF you get there. But it’s worth trying because that’s where all the big money is found. You literally write your own cheques. What’ve you to lose, anyway? America pays the costs. The rest — the yada, yada, yada you read in Mkini — are just the means for getting there.

Look at Yeo Bee Yin: Coming from some kampung she catapults into big time, marrying to suck up to some towkay’s son, while being Minister and MP. All around Yeo Bee Yin is money, even when she is fucked in bed. You no want? On her Twitter page, below, she won’t take down her (ex) ministry’s masthead in order to misrepresent herself as still in charge. The lies are just a part of the politics.

The Hongkee democracy political career path is identical — shout democracy, tell lies, make money and, on the way, lynch some cops, so what?

And the marketing and promotion by Reuters and Mkini are free. In this sort of business, there’s no way to lose money!



The truth: What Anglo mouthpieces won’t tell you and what self-righteous Anglophiles and Annies don’t want to know. They see what they want they want to see, read what they want to read.



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