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The Pre-Covid19 US World

In the UN, 183 countries are signatories to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) prohibiting the stockpile and deployment of microbial, biological pathogens and toxins, and chemicals in warfare. The convention was first opened for signature and ratification in 1972.

When it was introduced again for UN review the Eighth time in Geneva in November 2016, with the purpose of renewal then further ratification, the USA refused to proceed nor to participate, arguing the difficulty in enforcement and monitoring as well as its sovereign rights to possess ‘self-defense’ biological and chemical weapons. Other countries backing the US position are the Anglo-Saxon countries of Australia, UK and Canada.

Consequently, there has been a proliferation of US bio-warfare labs around the world, totalling more than 200 to date. Most are located outside the US. This is so that the US would avoid contaminating its own land, as had happened at Fort Detrick in Maryland, July 2019.

There are at least nine bio-warfare labs in Africa, one each in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Malaysia last under Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister was considering a US (with George Soros?) request to build such a lab in return for political, diplomatic and financial support in the GE14 elections campaign and related thereto the DOJ shaming of Najib Razak and 1MDB, an expose launched at Sarawak Report. Proposed lab location: Johor, exact place unknown. Present status: unknown. The intent was to replace the lab in the Philippines where President Duterte wants all US forces out. (Sarawak and Sabah were considered but the idea abandoned for reasons unknown. Most probably that has to do with logistics — how do you move germs through a jungle, or do you test them on bats or dogs? From where do you get live goats? Domestic politics, too: Politicians can make more money trading land then peddling test-tubes.)

Because America has more than 800 military bases spread over the world, many of these labs are in those bases, such as eastern Europe bordering Russia, Middle East and the aboriginal lands in central and northern Australia. Brown and black skin lives are worth less than god-chosen White people who the Annie Anglophiles, the Stevie Gans and the Rais Hussins trip over each to emulate. Even Syed Akbar Ali has fond memories of the White man’s god and church. (Apparently he knows nothing about the fraud and scandal called Mother Teresa.)  Also recall that, lately, French scientists had proposed testing Covid-19 vaccine in Africa, on Black Africans?


Is there one near you?




Hong Kong is Chinese property of the People’s Republic of China. All Anglophiles leave or be crushed.

HK Security Law will finish Reuters, Editors

…and American Running Dogs

In the upcoming new security law, US mouthpiece Reuters will tell you it has to do with US democracy, yada, yada, yada. More than that, it has to do with America’s Anglo running dogs in Hong Kong. We know who they are; we have the complete list.

Plainly stated, they fuck with us, and that was from June 2019 to March 2020; they kill Chinese, burn, and destroy. Now it’s payback time, and we fucked them so hard, their mothers, their sisters and daughters will strip to their panties, run down the market street like mad women, cursing.

In other words, Hong Kong is Chinese territory so these dogs better leave and go to America. Don’t say you have not been warned. They think we Chinese will let these dogs run around, mad, commit mayhem again for another 10 months? From June 4, 2020?

Hong Kong awak bapa punya ka?

The law applies to Reuters as well and all Yankee agents and their Anglophile dogs in Hong Kong and abroad.


CK Ho:

You push us, we will fuck you through and through. Dogs!




Urgent: Breaking News





屈穎妍講你知 | 香港國安立法令反對派惶恐不已 早知今日何必當初







For more info.



梁美芬指中央透過基本法附件三訂立「港版國安法」,與基本法23條並無衝突。 (大公文匯全媒體資料圖片)



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Annie-Stevie-Reuters Circular Logic

America sponsoring riots in a Chinese city is freedom.

Chinese halting riots in a Chinese city is interference.



Hongkees demand for Security Law against Anglophile Traitors

Above, details on the new HK Security Law.

Reuters won’t understand Chinese. No need to understand. Here’s a suggested story line for Anglophile Reuters and US stooge Stevie Gan, et al:

China passes law to suppress democracy activists. US to impose sanctions.


Told you so…

Let’s see if they will, democratically and freely, leave Chinese territory and so emigrate… go to America.

Either that, or they lose their citizenship.

Then we’ll use the motherfuckers for landfill in the South China Sea.



The Return of Hong Kong to 'No Dogs, No Chinese' | 書 政 shuzheng




Kicked out of China, betrayed by Anglo-America. Will Anglophiles pass the Chinese Exclusion Act?

But, Sir, I’m not Chinese. I’m Anglophile. I kill Chinese for you. I burn them alive! Apa lagi you mahu?

Joshua Wong, Democracy Activist, Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize


Great Leader. Annie’s Freedom Fighter.

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Teen of the Year.


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