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Hey Charlie, why don’t you come to Hong Kong or Beijing? Come to stop us.

Put your money where your mouth is.





As with all US client states, Malaysia also behaves exactly like Americans, again and again and again and again:

  • Uighurs,
  • Xinjiang,
  • Muslim terrorists,
  • Forest City, ECRL,
  • Rohingya,
  • now Hong Kong.

Does Malaysia think we Chinese will just let all this pass? And there is no cost to you?

Sure, Charlie is free: Is there a problem?

Hong Kong Flag and China Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

We Communists are also free to express our views.

And so are we free — as well. To fight Charlie, the DAP and even the King of Malaysia. In freedom, anything goes. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Unless Charlie is expelled from Malaysia and citizenship revoked, the government of Malaysiakini is saying that by the inalienable rights of freedom to interfere in China, we Chinese possess similar inalienable rights to go to Malaysia’s Parliament, wave the communist flag, demand for regime change, starting with burning down Charlie’s house, let him watch as we throw his kids into the flames, kill him, then throw petrol bombs into all police stations until the Constitution is changed into a republic.

Why? Because that’s what Charlie is defending in Hong Kong:

Komunis Malaysia!

Daulat Komunis!

Agong Turun!

Raja Mati!




Chinese must submit to White people or else…

All of us, Chinese, know his motivations for the above Mkini article. At the depths of which are the following:

  • he has no root personal nor national nor ethnic identity, even his name admits it, Charles Santiago;
  • appropriating a White identity and political culture he becomes the White man, equally racist and colonialist; and,
  • racist because he thinks, in believing a White man’s voodoo called Jesus, and he speaka Inglish and read Jane Austen and eat with knife and fork, he is superior, intellectually, religiously, materially, indeed in all facets of life.

At the end of the day, he remains a brown-skin thambi, origin, some third-rate shithole country completely colonized in the mind, like he. It’s called India.

The result of that colonization? Sign memos. That’s being reduced to farting because, think about it, you think China is going cave in to protect its people from the Charles and Santiagoes and the Bananas in Hong Kong?

In 1841, the White man would have succeeded, China being weak. Today is 2020.

In fact, after colonizing Hong Kong, and as part of the ‘Treaties’, the Brits demanded and got money as compensation for warships and material destroyed by us when they invaded. In other words, the robber enters your house, you break up and take away his club, and you must pay for it.

That’s what Charles Santiago is signing for: neo-colonialism. It is also Pakatan rule of law.

We’ll know what to do. The memo is good for us: it gives us a ready-made list without any effort on our part, the worms come out of the woodwork and show themselves.

Does this surprise us? Not one bit. This is the ‘there-are-no-Chinese-no-Indian‘ DAP after all. They are all White, take orders from White people, even in how they live, what to eat, which God to pray to and so on. Racist will always be racist.

The issue about Hong Kong is very simple: what to do with a bunch of hoodlums, paid for by foreign agents (the US admits it openly), who daily and nightly, without stop, to burn, destroy, and to maim and murder. Charles signature says,

  • (a) you touch those rioters we Chinese must answer to Charles Santiago and the DAP, and
  • (b) murder and mayhem are not only justifiable when the ultimate object is ‘democracy’, they are justifiable wherever Charles wants democracy installed.

Charles: “Submit Ching Chong Chinaman or we will destroy you.”

Here’s the bigger problem. Unlike almost all other Asia countries, Charlie Malaysia does it again and again and again and again and again: Uighurs, Xinjiang, Muslim terrorists, Forest City, ECRL, Rohingya, now Hong Kong. Charlie thinks he is protected by the US, and so we Chinese will sit on our hands idle?



When Charlie attacks China, he attacks all Chinese

Charlie will answer to us! We know how to make him pay! All bets are off!

What the above video shows is that White Americans, Jimmy Dore in particular, aren’t just ignorant. Like their politicians and their ruling political class, they are stupid.


Hey Charlie! You want to talk to my Chinese friend about democracy?

He can straighten your freedom backbone, thambi motherfucker.




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