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How Goldman Sachs Scammed You

How an ‘investment’ bank would have lent to 1MDB


Below, would you be surprised if you knew that money flows from the poor to the rich, thanks to your friendly neighborhood bank. Below, is how:

Joshua Woo’s DAP Zionist-Anglosphere Project

Now, compare Werner’s lecture above and its implications, both as a counterpoint to this letter from Joshua Woo: ‘Time to concede it was the West who stopped bumiputera slavery‘.

Joshy’s argument boils down to this: White (British) men are good, upright people because, being Christians, they brought civilization and good behavior to the sakais and the Malays few of who had any civil culture and were great en-slavers. In short, white people, Christianity by extension, freed Malaysia from barbarism. (It’s the Kiplingsque white ketuanan notion: natives without God and being stupid are incapable of self-government.)

Now, why would Joshy say all that, even though the historical facts plainly speak of British genocidal massacre of natives in the US, Australia, Canada (all the Anglophone settled colonies), and even though European Christian racial enslavement of black Africans beats the Holocast three-to-four times over in the millions of deaths inflicted worldwide.

Joshua Woo, as the name would tell you, is a Christian. His full name is Joshua Woo Sze Zeng (pix below). The fact that he is also a DAP Penang politician and a colonial apologist is well known though he hides his association with the cross-border evangelical efforts to convert Muslims and Malays to Christianity, a project that Singaporeans Pentecostals are notorious. With DAP in power, both in Penang and Putrajaya, Joshy has felt embolden to further pursue the Church’s evangelical project — as if Penang is Singapore from which to launch conversion of natives and Malays.

But, turning from Christian apologist to white colonialist stand-in, Why? Answer here: Actually the two, evangelism and colonialist stand-in are the same; they work towards a common purpose.

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For the answer consider the US support of Israel, Christianity in politics & British settler colonialism. From Noam Chomsky:


In Malaysia, the Christian Zionism of its politics (referred to by Chomsky, above) is being played out:

  • by Rais Hussin, Saifuddin Abdullah, Wan Saiful (of the so-called Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs) et al, with their international politics, all of who openly declare Anglo-America political culture as the beacon, hope, savior (recall, ‘Save Malaysia’) of humankind and civilizations;
  • by Lim Guan Eng, racially and politically, seeding the idea that Malaysia is a settler colony, inferring natives don’t matter (whether Malay or Orang Asli), hence his ‘I’m not Chinese‘ declaration;
  • by the entire senior echelon of the DAP, partially in PKR, with their Christianity, and by Amanah (but never PKR nor Bersatu) which is always used to apologize for Harapan’s Christian political evangelism; in usefulness, as Israel is to the US, Amanah is to the DAP/PKR/Harapan;
  • by the entire senior echelon in PKR, ideologically, and their promotion of the Anglophone fascist form of neo-liberalism, centered on a political party organisation in Europe known as Liberal International (Taiwan’s Christian DPP is a member and so, too, the banned Christian political party demanding HK independence); and,
  • by Malaysiakini and Steven Gan, with the use of propaganda, while extolling the US — and George Soros — model of external, aggressive form of foreign intervention, militarily (Saifuddin), politically (Saifuddin) and with religious, moral culture (Rais, Wan Saiful); resulting, hence, in the undeclared war on Singapore and acting as Harapan mouthpiece even for the most LKS frivolous or contradictory and absurd remarks, treating true or false, real or fake as irrelevant to ‘news and views that matter’.


In clip above note the extensive mention of Indonesia. Clip was made five years ago before Barack Obama left office.

But Obama militarily intervened and invaded numerous countries and by the time he left, along with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, he had presided over seven wars in seven countries, Syria among the last. Millions are dead in the hands of Obama and Clinton. Yet, all that the Europeans could say after offering him the Nobel Peace Prize is, it is a ‘mistake‘. They didn’t take it back.

By any legal standard in the world — any — Obama and Clinton could be tried for war crimes.

Today instead Obama is fawned over in Malaysia (along with Clinton, ‘world class‘, they say; see Kit Siang and Eli Wong in The Star) and looked upon and promoted at every opportunity by Pakatan Harapan politicians as a model for local, so-called ‘color-blind’ politicians, a black pendatang made good and as the finest product of a great, upright American political culture to emulate at home.


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Clip below from Slavoj Zizek will remind of Steven Gan, Christians and DAP, PKR Anglophiles in Malaysia. But more important than the sickness these people exhibit on a daily basis (you have only to open to Malaysiakini to verify that), Zizek suggests the following:

  • (a) Why DAP, PKR politicians, Lim Kit Siang in particular, are endlessly blaming Najib Razak and Umno even for Cameron Highland roads. Lim and others don’t want the problems of Malaysia solved because then they would have (i) no politics left, (ii) no identity, and (iii) nothing left to fight for. Lim would be a nobody. (See clip from 10:50) So that, even in government and in power today, Lim is still playing victim, complaining day and night. As victim, he is beyond reproach. Likewise his son, Tony Pua, Mahathir Mohamad, Rais Hussin and on and on.
  • (b) Why Christians and Anglophiles are the ones ceaselessly bellyaching from imitating a western model of social relationship, a western political order they have imported in conducting relations among themselves and with the rest of Malaysia, who can’t make sense of their stupidities — i.e. their victimhood — all so contrary to being Chinese or Malay or Indian. Lim et al find a perverse satisfaction in the act of complaining so that resolving the problems they complain about is the opposite of their political purpose, agenda and personal identity.

Can you, therefore, see why nothing gets done by a Harapan government? They don’t know how and don’t want solutions. Instead, lying and breaking promises become in themselves a framework from which they push out and spread a western fascist-liberal political ideology.


Hell is other people. — Jean Paul Sartre

One of the ways to acquire power in social relations is to present yourself as a victim. If you are a victim you are beyond reproach. — Slavoj Zizek


The Sick, Narcissist Anglophile, Western Man

The Collapse of the Western Order

What the #MeToo movement in the West tells about Pakatan Harapan politics. Before that the background, after which from 10:55 especially:

The whole identity of (political correctness) is based on proclaiming themselves as victims and blaming others. Take the (aggression) away, or if the problem disappears, they would have to change radically. (But) they would be nobody. … Those who complain find a perverse satisfaction in the act of complaining.


To see how Harapan is taking Malaysia into the Zionist-Anglosphere

…consider the US support of Israel, Christianity in politics & British settler colonialism. For details, see this. From Noam Chomsky:


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Australia is the sort of country Anglophiles like Lady Annie of the Valley and Hannah Yeoh are convinced is one of the greatest, freest, most liberal countries in the world. A paradise to live in, like the USA. Paradise because it is white and wealthy, like the USA, so hankered after by Anglophile Annie.

  • At time marker 42:00 then at 52:00 there was a heated exchange between John Pilger and two white kids. Their quarrel started over a question from the kids: Should Australia interfere in Iraq if ISIS cut white man throats?
  • Pilger’s answer: America kills innocent Iraqis far more than does ISIS. Until Australia ceases support of the source of the Iraq killings, i.e. the US, then it has no moral authority to intervene.
  • Both sides, Pilger and the kids, still don’t get it. On one side, the kids demand for ‘doing something’, not because Iraqi kids are bombed to smithereens by white men, but because white heads are lopped off by jihadists. On the other, Pilger is so concerned about which way white man morality should go that he ignores the fundamental premise in why US kills and why Aussies joins it in the killing. Which is, US and Australia are Anglo-Saxon stock, both being whites who, in past or present, think nothing of dead non-whites — the same DNA morality shared by the Aussie kids and their great, great grandparents, all of who are more concerned for Christian lives than for Muslims (or aborigines).
  • The racism of the Aussie kids, stamping their Christian morality righteousness onto the persons of jihadists, reminds of ‘American niceness’, the underhand imperial propaganda, photographed in Life magazine for example, in which US troops hand out Hersey bars to Vietnamese kids one day and the next day go out to hunt and kill other kids. The same niceness is on display in Lynsey Addario, creating a sobbing spectacle of Omar, howling in pain, while she complained to her mother of inadequate domestic medical care, without considering — not once — that Omar’s misery started in a place called Washington DC. More howling would follow, Omar would die while Addario returns to New York safe in the thought she has exuded great Christian morality, a morality conceit that would be rewarded with a publishing contract (Penguin), followed by awards (listed here), Addario herself feted by the gushing adulation of admirers for her creative powers to photograph other people’s misery inflicted by her own. White motherfuckers filled both sides of the aisle, the moral and the immoral, the evil and the good, but one of their greatest imperial achievements is to make the two sides look the same.
  • Collapsing those two positions into one, Pilger, so much like white people, was simply rationalizing away a fundamental trait of white and Anglo-Saxon societies: they are just fucking racists. Pilger’s danger is to camouflage the illusion that have seeped into the psychology of modern societies and nations: not all white people and, by extension, nor any of their institutional apparatus they created, are evil. That argument therefore justifies why white people are entitled to remain in Australia. Or Canada. Or America. Or Hawaii. Or Samoa and on and on and on.
  • Pilger, in spite of his reporting experiences on the world, won’t admit (because he is white) to a simple observation he would have repeatedly seen: Wherever white people went, taking with them their culture, they bring suffering and death. “Violence pervades this culture. Americans not only engage in violence, they are entertained by it. Killing takes place in America more often than the Sun rises, currently at an average of 87 times each day. Going to war in Afghanistan is less dangerous than living in Chicago,” says Unsettling America.
  • Much of the rest of the world left each other alone and mind their own bonsai plants — and if there is a bastard among us, that’s our bastard, not yours — until the white man set sail from Europe where between 1500 and 1945 there was never, never a decade without peace. That was, and still is, white, western, Christian culture.
  • All this explains why we Chinese will never, never, never, never, never allow white men nor their societies nor their cultures nor especially their Christian God to ever grow roots in China. They are simply toxic to humanity. Do business, yes, but otherwise fuck off. Can you now see why we demand freedom from white people? And, thus, to shut out the Bible, The New York Times, Google, Twitter, Facebook — all the white cultural apparatus from which we are entitled to be protected. Freedom from their tyrannical God, on which white culture rests, is the best freedom we bestow on ourselves. It preserves our freedom.
  • All that especially demonstrates the Nietzschean truism, Justice is only possible among equals. Equal in respect of power and culture in particular.
  • Here is a suggested China mission for the future of world peace: Once China grows strong, we should reclaim all occupied countries and return them to the aborigines, starting with the US then Canada, Australia, New Zealand. All landed properties previously seized by white people, but given to other people, shall also be returned to the natives. This includes Malaysia. Land and related resources that had been devalued or can’t be returned, for whatever reason, shall be repaid in kind or in gold, counting from the year of white occupation at 5% interest a year and 5% added in lost opportunity cost or profits. All whites shall, for their safety and protection be placed in ‘Anglo-Saxon Protection and Reservation Land’ (ASPRL). These areas shall be separately constituted and fenced off. Anyone who refuses to comply shall, according to the new constitution and law, be shot, their children sold. White people ought to understand rule of law, which is important. All white women shall be neutered; all men made to work in the fields to grow cotton, sugar cane, rubber or to mine tin. This will be a new dawn for a peaceful planet. Justice will be restored. Planet Earth Baru.



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…to understand Pakatan Harapan understand US forms of democratic tyranny.


Western economists study Karl Marx, paradoxically, to understand capitalism because the man’s analysis is so profound — and generally accurate and precise. By the same token, to understand US foreign relations with and influence on the rest of the world (such as Malaysia under Pakatan Harapan), listen to Julian Assange. Here’s one man alone against — in fact, the very anti-thesis of — American hegemonic power.

Daodejing: High and low, short and tall, front and back define and create each other.

In case you still don’t get it:

The US attempt to undermine Najib Razak, Umno and Barisan Nasional by extension, started in July 2016 when the US Department of Justice (DOJ) first publicized the 1MDB issue, without actually putting forward a criminal case. The case also wasn’t laid out by some junior prosecutors but the Attorney General herself, Loretta Lynch. (She is today succeeded by Jeff Sessions who is even more forthright to say that the DOJ exists, in parallel to domestic law enforcement, as an instrument of American power abroad, like the FBI and the CIA.)

Ever since July 2016, and up until the May 9 general elections, realize that every Pakatan politician speech, given daily, without exception, are the exact reproductions of US foreign themes and propaganda lines whenever successive American governments plot to undermine then topple other governments, from Venezuela to Iraq to Libya and Iran and DPRK.

This plotting and support (funding included) are reflected ideologically. Hence, you always hear and read about: “save democracy”, “corrupt, kleptocratic” state, “new birth”, “freedom”, “oppressive”, “regime change”, “free and fair trade”, and so on — the same words you would read and have heard about, for example, before the invasion of Libya and the bombing of Syria.

But, Pakatan politicians can’t and don’t speak into a vacuum. Who then, or what, is the most pervasive and insidious form of dissemination — the echo chamber and main drum beater — of this ideology? Answer, Malaysiakini, which itself was financed and cultivated by the National Endowment for Democracy (also mentioned by Assange in clip), itself funded by the US Congress.

From all that, we know what’s in it for Pakatan Harapan, for Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad. What’s in it for America? Democracy dividends? Wrong.

Guess again. Tip: Think Salahuddin Ayub and Rais Hussin.

No prizes for the right answer.


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Also see this.

Q: What is the strength of Russia.

A: It’s people.

Technology and the most modern weapons will be had by other armies. The main thing is something else. The people — such as our pilot officer Roman Filipov — they will never have.


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Behold! The new God of Sympathy: Edi Rejang!


MP says job offers lined up for Edi Rejang

This is the thing about the DAP, their sycophants, at Malaysiakini and among the Malaysian Anglophone public, in all of whom their entire morality is turned upside down wherein good is evil, evil is good, peace is war, and a man who would have stabbed a woman to death because she is Chinese is now hoisted up as poor, poor, poor Edi who has suffered so much.

And it is happening right in front of us, in front of the TV cameras, splayed in the pages of Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini, trumpeted by politicians and a Malaysian Anglophone public alike, up and down the country, and hoisted up in every Anglophone website you care to name as the Malaysian model of humanity, living in peace and harmony. You wouldn’t have believed it if not because this train of events is actually unfolding, daily.

Identical to Umno and PAS in attitude towards power, in its morality values and political strategy, so concerned is DAP to keep and spread their power among Malays that the DAP Christian Lim Lip Eng goes to extraordinary lengths with Anglophiles queuing up in front of Edi, literally, kneeling to him with offerings.

That is, out of the deep reaches of hell, with help line thrown into that hole by Steven Gan, Malaysiakini and Lippy Lim in particular, Edi is pulled out, emerges and is turned around — and this is real! — into an icon of sympathy and a god-idol of humanism.

The Chinese woman meanwhile?

She dare not go back to Ampang Point, she dare not promote beer for a living, what she will do next for a job even she doesn’t know, and now she has to rethink about ever admitting, again, that she is ethnically Chinese because of the punishments she has received not just from Edi but also from both the Malaysiakini Anglophile public, blaming her for Edi’s assault, and the DAP, that is, the new Harapan government which recognizes no category of race, Chinese in particular. (See related sidebar below: Eradication…)

What a truly, truly, truly fucked up country.

Please, please, please, 妹妹, — 哥哥 begs you — I beg you, 我求你, come home, back to our Motherland China. You will be free there, safe, no more fear, no Edis, no Lippies, no more Malaiyoos or Muslims and Anglophiles.



The Eradication of the Keturunan Babi — by the DAP!

DAP (Lim Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, et al) says there are no Chinese in Malaysia. But, how to implement that as a government moral race-free, social and ‘human rights’ policy?

The case of the Carlsberg girl in Ampang Point is now classic: Lippy Lim (left, above) anoints a new god idol named Mohamad Edi Mohamad Riyars alias Edi Rejang (right). Why? He personifies and encapsulates everything that the DAP, Lim Guan Eng in particular, wants to eradicate and has said so openly: one, the Chinese as an ethnic class and, two, beer drinking, both of which PAS Muslims and DAP Christians consider to be immoral, filthy, fit for keturunan babi (Edi’s words).

Like glove to hand, Edi fits so well, so perfect into DAP’s new government, the new Malaysia. And he is Malay! Nobody, no PAS, no Umno, will dare to criticize, what more the Chinese.


Postscript: Edi is Marked by Greatness!

The lionization of Edi Rejang continues: The Christian evangelical preacher and DAP mouthpiece in Free Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini Dennis Ignatius has declared Edi to be a man “cut from a different cloth”, indeed a man of “greatness”.

Ignatius said nothing, mentioned not a word, about the woman’s trauma nor her feelings. The difference? One is a lowly beer promoter — of all things, sin, whose ancestors come from a country which Ignatius has labelled here “evil” — whereas the other, being chosen by God, is marked for “greatness.”



Come home, 妹妹, please, not only because there is a greatly improved chance for another, better life but before you lose everything, especially your self-worth. Please, please…, 我在求求你. If you need assistance, any at all, use the ‘Comment’ window below.

Once in China, there are lots and lots of people at every level of society, from the street sweeper upwards to Xi Jinping (and 哥哥 is not kidding) who are willing to assist. You don’t need connections 关系; you being Chinese is your connection. Not in Malaysia but in China, we Chinese have both an obligation and a duty towards you. That’s in our value system. You have only to ask. Often times, you need to say nothing, quiet; we’ll know what to do.

 妹妹 we can’t let you suffer for admitting to being Chinese. It would be outrageous. If they knew, our forefathers would be ashamed.


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