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Immediately below, a complete refutation of American neo-liberal propaganda that US-sponsored Malaysiakini re-sells and calls it ‘news’.



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Dolce & Gabbana:

China, “Country of Shit”

In Malaysia, there are Edi Rejang, Lisa Ng, Sheridan Mahavera, Kadir Jasin, Ahi Attan, Joseph Lim Guan Eng, Rais Hussin, Phar Kim Beng, Mahathir Mohamad, MACC officers. Mostly just Anglophiles. And Singapore.

And, of course, white people elsewhere, maligning us Chinese, too. All of them do it for what? On what cause? We stole their money?

They are simply being racist and the Chinese are always an easy target. A people who don’t speak English, don’t buy Wall Street Journal and Malaysiakini. In Malaysia, just a pendatang — keturunan babi, says Edi. A “sick” people, “useless“, according to Lisa Ng who works in marketing and advertising! Imaginne!  So it never, never stops, year in, year out, yesterday, 7 years ago, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years. America had the “Chinese Exclusion Act.

After which, when their wallets really, really hurt, they go on and on and on, yada, yada about how they “love Chinese culture” (D&G founders above). Even Edi Rejang, a delivery boy, knows how to justify their racism: “I have Chinese friends. My kids go to Chinese school.” I think that’s enough.

D&G, have you any idea, any at all, what the Chinese do if they are to apologize, sincerely?

Apology not accepted. You and everybody around you will pay! White shit!

Today, we’ll do more, far, far more than just get even! Below, from the SCMP:

White People’s Habitual Racism

The controversial advert featuring a Chinese female model eating pizza and various Italian dishes with chopsticks, which got D&G into this colossal mess in China, is a prime example of habitual racism. Sometimes, cultural humour can fail badly because those at the receiving end might find it inappropriate or, worse, offensive, as was the case here. But what is indefensible is the reaction that came afterwards from Gabbana.

Instead of clarifying and explaining that the advert was meant to be just a tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick, he managed to single-handedly insult the entire nation by calling China “the country of s***”.

The offending advert might just have been humour in bad taste, but the true colours of racism were on full display by the uninhibited racist remarks from Gabbana. …

Both company founders said they would never forget this experience, and promised it would never happen again. But we must not forget the company has repeatedly flouted the universal rules of human decency on respecting all races, genders and so forth. Unfortunately, it seems that accepting their apology unconditionally will only encourage discrimination and bigotry to further take hold. So let’s not let them forget this experience so easily, and set an example for others to follow.




Racism Marketing by Lisa Ng


Malaysian. Anglophile.


Totally Fucked-Up


Seriously, this is Lisa ‘Human Being’ Ng.

Human being? Gosh! Isn’t she supposed to be the Goddess Eros? If not, at least Cinderella.

Lisa Ng before she was enticed away — in Malay and English! — by Sh…Ma…. But, what are the chances the baby was conceived in the Malay, she screaming for, “Lagi, lagi! Kuat sikit!” Aiya, these Anglophiles. Or maybe they fucked in Tamil.


Lisa Ng Watch This!

These are people, more human than you claim to be human. They go to Tamil schools, speak Tamil to each other, their mother-tongue, they have their own gods, Tamil gods, they have hard lives but they don’t take or steal from you. They are united! That’s enough. What’s so ‘totally foreign’ about all that? And what is it to you? Are they not Malaysians?

But Lisa is not Malaysian, not Tamil, not Chinese, not Malaiyoo, not Orang Asli. It is totally foreign. So what if Tamils or Chinese cannot speak English or have white names like Lisa. I bet you can’t even write your mother’s name in hanzi. So what the fuck is this foreign Lisa? Who the fuck are you to tell us who we are? Or ought to be!

Motherfucking Anglophile bitch.


This is a repost from 2011

Chinese-educated kids are sick, and useless: “The illness … are the children of these vernacular schools who are not able to function in society due to language proficiency issues.” – Lisa Ng, May 2011, Loyar Burok


Lisa’s article first published in Loyar Burok is reproduced in its entirely at the bottom of this post. It’s for posterity. You’d have to read it to follow the rest, below.


Image result for lisa ng marketing malaysia singapore

Since producing ‘Malaysian. Chinese. Totally Foreign‘ in 2011 Lisa Ng has been shuffling to Singapore putting to use, she says, her ‘useful, creative, chameleon’ English language skills. See her anywhere English marketing in Geylang? Or under some bridge?

Related image


How to Market Racism


Lisa Ng Speaketh &


Her Stupid ‘Em Lawyers


Lisa Ng – and she admits this – is a product of a Malay but, more importantly, English education which she says must be pre-eminent for a country such as Malaysia to thrive. She means, plainly, to get rich. Ms Ng isn’t alone with this kind of thinking; Malaysia has Lisas in abundance. But, paradoxically, has the country grown richer, or better, from the millions of Lisas it has churned out the last 40, 50 years? Because, if it is better off, then everybody must look her up, that is, as the model of a clever, sensitive, productive citizen.

Yet Lisa can’t even keep her job. She says she wrote for advertising, in English, and that’s suppose to be productive? How is glorious Malaysia richer from her ‘creative’ (her word) exploits? In her resume pinned at LinkedIn for the world to see (extracts below), she boasts of a Bachelor of Business Communications, the kind Teresa Kok also has. Once the bachelor is ‘communications’, you can tell right away it is for people who had flunked classes, even arts classes, for people who can’t do algebra or tell why the earth’s orbit has to be elliptical. Thanks to Teresa’s Jesuit Fathers, she might even believe the universe is geocentric.

To understand a Lisa, any Lisa, go the Philippines; it has 30 over million. English is the sine qua non of its education system but, after that, this Yankee copy-nation send their English-language graduates to change diapers, do somebody’s laundry, empty somebody’s garbage bin. Occasionally, they’d worked in the bar while looking out for an Aussie man, any gweilo, for a husband. In between they would trade a night in a cheap hotel bed for money. Filipinos even made sure American burgers is a national diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner but where do their English-speaking vagrants get to pick up this food? Answer: a mountain trash outside Manila.

The Indian middle-class (think Manjit Bhatia) speaks almost nothing else but English. They have English up to their noses, going with English and only English laws. Yet they can’t even keep the country sufficiently fed and their hotels from disintegrating in jihadist bombs.

In contrast, neither Japan nor Korea nor Taiwan gives a Lisa toss for English and they and their kids do so well. For evidence, check the latest, 2010 results of the real LISA.

So, what does Malaysia gets for sending Lisa to the kind of school she says everybody ought to attend: it’s precisely that, a Lisa Ng who in the economy of Malaysian industries is to make up words that she calls ‘copywriting’, meaning copy-the-writing or, less flatteringly, manufacture talk. It belongs to an Anglophile category of citizenry otherwise known as the urban chattering class to which lawyering, like advertising, is a sub-class.

Little wonder, Malaysia can’t move on or to prosper: too many lawyers, ‘communicators’, reporters, priests, Fathers – all selling voodoo. Here is how Lisa Ng has described herself at LinkedIn, a social website to look for a job.

  • Education: Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Business Communications, Advertising and Marketing, 1992 – 1994.
  • Specialities: Strategic planning, branding identity, people management, creative writing.
  • Summary: I have been slipping from one brand persona to another for 15 years. My experience lies in verbal identity. Call me conservative but I still believe … writers should write like chameleons. As such, I’ve had the pleasure of guiding younger writers in honing their versatility in the writing discipline.

Grand words, these: strategic, people management, creative writing, verbal identity. She, says she, ‘writes like chameleons’ (in the plural) and you’d forgiven to think Anwar is only the Malaysian chameleon there is. Read that piece of inanity and you could have nothing but pity for the ‘younger writers’ she is going to ‘guide’. It explains why China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, even Vietnam are not taken in by Lisa’s promotional yada-yada on Malaysian goods because they can tell when she snorts like a pig, as NH Chan, Malaysia’s wonder judge, says: throwing pearls to swines. Stupid man, that Chan, throwing pearls away even when he knew Malaysian Insider‘s readers are swines.

Inanity is however the least of the things that’s mirrored in this stupid-me Loyar Burok swine page. It’s full of Mahathirism, but Lisa’s star problem isn’t in manufacturing grievances.

It’s her unadulterated racist bigotry that shines through as a product of her English-Malay schooling and which she tells with remarkable candor in her own ‘chameleon copywriting’ style.

It starts with Lisa Ng talking about a boy, 15, named Eu Jienn. After which, she piles insults on presumption on fallacy on her narcissism, and poor Eu Jienn can do nothing against her slander and calumny on his life. How? In that, Lisa infers, condescendingly, he has no business to be alive in Malaysia – he is not even entitled to citizenship. And why? He doesn’t speak English, Malay not much better, and the boy’s life is therefore useless – or going to be – and not just in Malaysia but the world. Hence… says Lisa, in…

  • Condescending terms: ‘too bad’ for Eu Jienn’s life, ‘another statistical digit’. He lives in crime infested ‘favelas’ – Lisa means a ghetto – his parents are ‘narrow’ minded whereas she knows about ‘art’, she can ‘write’, that is, she can invent with words, and she walks with lawyers, a ‘human being’ and not a ‘digit’, a Chinese named Eu Jienn.
  • Presumptuous: The English proficiency level among the Chinese-schooled is non-existent and Bahasa is bad because of – and this Lisa offers as proof – Eu Jienn and only Eu Jienn. In contrast, she says, literally, without need for modesty, “look at me; both my English and Malay are excellent because I went to a national school”. Hence, to Lisa, a person’s worth is measured by and purely by the command of English (first) and Malay (second) so, conveniently, she omits to says what grade did she get for Malay? Or maths? You’d have to ask…
  • Fallacious: To Lisa Ng who has never sat a single day in any Chinese school, her perception of it mirrors the racial bigotry among her Anglophile kin. Which in turn produces conclusions that are entirely perverse and contradictory. Perverse: if Chinese schools are strict or disciplined therefore national schools must be ill-disciplined. Contradictory: Lisa says the requisite to ‘compete on the world stage’ for jobs is English. So Eu Jienn was sent to Chinese school, she says, for the intention of landing him a job in Singapore and China. Never mind if she doesn’t ask the question why Malaysia is failing a person such as Eu Jienn. Instead, to Lisa, Singapore and China do not constitute the world. And the world is only where English is spoken, she says, the lingua franca of ‘business and working world’ – not even Spanish nor French and especially not Chinese. The only world worthy of Eu Jienn’s pursuit is, to Lisa, an Anglicised world; Lisa’s kind of a world.
  • Self-righteous: It reinforces her racial bigotry. Here’s Eu Jienn, Lisa says, proof of Chinese students who cannot ‘function’ in society (her word again). They live in ‘favelas’. She meant a ghetto but doesn’t say it plainly because Lisa must impress her lawyering Anglophile friends her worldly wisdom. More important, it is to contrast Eu Jienn to herself; a stupid boy, with no future – ‘sad for him’, she says – whereas here is Lisa, writing for lawyers, those Loyar Burok people who, true to Lisa’s defining quality, call themselves stupid, yes, literally, after which it is reproduced in Malaysian Insider, in Malaysia Today, in Lim Kit Siang, 40,000 eyeballs total, reading about a great, wondrous woman with profound ideas for a new, ‘functioning’ society. Even the Indians in India are in raptures: Manjit Bhatia, are you paying attention? The Yahoo groups are speaking-in-tongues! Najib Razak, are you reading? Big Dog – wake up! A new Messiah has come!
  • Prejudiced: Chinese schools produce chauvinist in the like of Eu Jienn so, she urges her lawyering friends, ‘don’t speak with him in English’. She doesn’t suggests they learn Chinese, although the Chinese population make up one in four Malaysians. She insists on a foreign, colonial language instead although the orang putih is long gone because, after English in national schools, Lisa was again tutored in more White language. Lisa got her initial advertising job in an English-speaking world. The Chinese-speaking societies from which she did not and could not excel became in her words, ‘narrow’ minded. Lisa harboured revenge against Chinese-speakers and got it, thanks to ‘stupid-me Loyar Burok’ who could accommodate her Anglophile bias and her anti-Chinese hatred. She is today the Anglo version of Ridhuan Tee. What Ridhuan does for Arabian Islam and Malay when spitting at Chinese, she does for White racism, another Aussified KTemoc banana, a ching chong China girl more Anglo than Anglicised.
  • Ignorant: Despising the Chinese, Lisa would spit at them from Jinjang as far as Singapore then China, regardless of the facts of political geography. To augment her argument and to veil her anti-Chinese racism, Lisa repeatedly deploys the cynical terms she had picked up from the western media and made short shrift of them. Eu Jienn is age 15. Fifteen years ago, China was ‘becoming an economic superpower’, she wrote, and that was why his parents had decided he would go to a Chinese school. Fifteen years later, Eu Jienn still in school, China was still ‘burgeoning into a Superpower’, Lisa said. She couldn’t care for the facts into how long China is suppose to be ‘burgeoning’.
  • Ill-educated & Insolent: The Education Ministry has only to follow her suggestions, she says, and Malaysia is destined to be rich! And what are the suggestions? Perversely they boil down to turning the Eu Jienns of Malaysia into Lisas. This is incredulous… for a woman who, educated in English, by gweilos, can’t do anything useful except talk and she can’t even stay with her job.
  • Illogic: Lisa’s talk on Malay as Bahasa versus Chinese goes like this. Malay is a national obligation because of the Malay pride with their Bahasa. But Chinese is not anybody’s obligation, not even to the Chinese who must live in Malaysia. Because Malay is classed as national language, that is, Bahasa, it is therefore not mother tongue. Chinese is mother tongue but the Chinese shouldn’t bother too much with it because (a) it produces a narrow society, (b) it is taught in ghettos, and (c) Lisa’s lawyer friends won’t be able to get directions out of it when they are lost in Jinjang. All that, astonishingly, is the essence of her argument. English may not be mother tongue, but you get to reach your destination. So, in Lisa’s mind, the purpose of language gets all twisted and bizarre: yes to Malay because it is no more mother tongue; no to Chinese because it is mother tongue; and yes to English because it is neither Lisa’s mother nor her mother’s tongue. (Big Dog can you please, please, please, please, please go up to her and chewed up tongue. Or send Sakmongrel. Mongrel would love delicious Lisa, you know, tutored, refined and flowered in white Australia; tell him she is Deep Throat China Doll, compliments from the Chinese Chauvinists. No charge.)
  • Moralizing: Lisa’s moralizing caricature of Eu Jienn is libelous in her injury of the boy. But she’ll get away with it is because she is connected to legal people in high places and Eu Jienn is, after all, a ghetto-boy without connections, weak therefore, not to mention ‘narrow’ and useless. And he can’t read English. Lisa’s branding of Eu Jienn includes a ‘product’, a ‘deviant’, ‘racialist’, ‘cliquish’, an ‘illness’. Lisa in contrast, knows how to roll her tongue when speaking to her Anglophile friends.
  • Narcissistic: This takes the prize. It goes like this, and many words are lifted from her: “Wah, I so clever I cakap Melayu, English, Cantonese also can. Tamil sikit, sikit. Tulis Chinese? That one don’t ask lah. My mother’s name I no practice tulis long time. So what Eu Jienn can write Mandarin? That boy – ah, bodoh lah dia. Can only use words like kena and belakang – macam itu Anwar. Of course, not the boy’s fault, w’at. Actually it’s my grandfather’s fault: lu punya pasal!” (To Lisa language capability is for flaunting, perfect, unblemish – wah, she graduate, went to Australia lah! – not because people need it to talk peace with one another.)
  • Neo-colonialist: Lisa’s dogged opposition of vernacular schools is that they don’t deliver ‘functioning’ citizens, only English and Malay do. So, if not Eu Jienn, who’s functioning? She doesn’t say but, inferentially, she is the functioning model. That is, she is a neo-colonialist. Outside this model, and this she said so herself, parents who insist on vernacular schools are a ‘symptom’ of the problem…. This only seems convoluted because she is trying to avoid slandering Eu Jienn’s parents more than she has already done. Instead, she goes for the jugular, that is, her ultimate target: the vernacular schools. The words are verbatim. Lisa: “The illness that is manifested are the children of these vernacular schools who are not able to function in society due to language proficiency issues.” So how is one to be ‘functioning’? Speak English. And should you meet Lisa or her lawyer friends asking for directions in Kepong, be sure to use English. This is so freakish only because she reminds of White gweilos or sahibs demanding English lessons for native underlings so that their instructions can be understood. Long ago functioning meant to be useful to gweilo masters. Today, it means to be useful to Lisa & Co, the new master. But, no prizes to tell how and from where she had picked up these values, that is, her White morality.
  • Fatuous: Lisa’s smugness with herself contrasts sharply with her description of Eu Jienn’s life: a “sad” case, she says. He can only get a job in China and Singapore as if that in itself is a bad thing. In spitting at Eu Jienn she was also envious of the boy’s possibilities to escape the trap that is called Malaysia. This is how she sees herself in the mirror of her spittle: Lisa, daughter of Ng, top Malaysia model stuck in hot, sweaty land, no job and unemployable. Like Tricia Yeoh tweeting to publicize her latest piece of convoluted tripe, Lisa is going to send one to Lim Kok Wing: My article Malaysian, Chinese, Totally Foreign just uploaded in Loyar Burok Access it here. Ah Wing tweets back: You should’ve gone to Chinese school you piece of Anglophile-lover twerp. I need a Chinese copywriter. That’s the new world, you stupid. If I want English gweilo I’ll get one from Geylang or Sydney. Now stop pestering me and take your service offers elsewhere… try Patpong.
  • Puerile: Lisa asserts that in Singapore or China, Eu Jienn will never make it. He would never made it to the top even if a ‘genius’; ‘middle-tier’, she adds, is all he can hope for. Why? How? Because he went to a Chinese school! So if Eu Jienn went to Lisa’s school, speaks English (and converts to Christianity in the meantime) then he is going to be what? Prime Minister in China? Australia? Or Malaysia? Holy Moses! A Jesus Prime Minister in Islamic land. Here’s proof of intent, Big Dog. Quick, call the police.
  • Scurrilous: Lisa’s attacks wasn’t merely directed at the vernacular schools, but were made in person against Eu Jienn and his parents. They are, she says, blindingly and without hesitancy, ‘unconcerned with their son’s inability to speak the National Language’ whereas Lisa parents, who sent her to a national school, are patriots. Lisa is likewise a patriot; Eu Jienn is a ‘sad case’, an ‘illness’, representing a dysfunctional part of Malaysia. Any reader extrapolating those remarks have to ask Lisa: what does she intend to do with carriers of illnesses? Kill them? What does Lisa recommend in order to exterminate the boy? (Should Eu Jienn live pass Lisa inferences to kill him, her article is republished in its entirely below for the boy’s benefit. Ten years later, Eu Jienn, look it up. Then look her up.)




Below is Lisa Ng’s copywriting in its finest glory. Only don’t laugh, Big Dog; she is a Malaysian First. Lim Kit Siang, the first Malaysian First, is so impressed he had it reproduced at his site – every word. (These days, and this is a tip from Inside DAP, the old man can’t write much – hands quiver, tongue, nothing profound to say – so he’s into the recycling business.)

Malaysian, Anglophile, Totally Fucked-Up

By Lisa Calumny Ng

Is it racialism that causes Malaysian Chinese to be cliquish? Or is it just bad faith? Let’s explore the reasons why some Malaysian Chinese youth can’t integrate into society and why abolishing vernacular schools may be just a blind shot at solving a growing problem.

Eu Jienn’s story

Chong Eu Jienn is 15. He lives in Kepong, KL. He speaks fluently in Mandarin. If you ever get lost in Kepong and bump into him, please do not ask for directions in English. He will not know how to respond to you. If you switch next to Bahasa Malaysia, he might be able to bring up a broken explanation consisting of recognisable words like “sana” or “depan” but the rest might be in Mandarin so you’d better know a bit of the language yourself if you want to understand what he is telling you.

Eu Jienn is a product of the vernacular schooling system. His parents decided long ago that their children would be educated in aChineseIndependentSchool. Firstly,Chinawas quickly becoming an important economic power. Secondly, friends with children in National schools were lamenting about the quality of teachers in such schools. Thirdly, Eu Jienn’s parents came from very strict family backgrounds – discipline was top priority for them and Chinese schools were renowned for discipline. Fourthly, Eu Jienn’s parents were DAP supporters. His grandparents were aligned to BN due to the presence of MCA which was felt to represent the Chinese voice in government. But the loyalty ceased as the political landscape shifted with Mahathir, in favour of the Malays. Besides, what was so important about English or BahasaMalaysiaanyway? If Eu Jienn performed well academically, he could get a good job inSingaporeorChina.Singapore, for one thing, was close enough to stay in touch with their eldest son.Singaporewas also kind to the Chinese. And, yes, inSingapore, people spoke Mandarin.

You could hardly blame Eu Jienn’s parents for such a narrow view. For them, vernacular schools were the best bet to ensure a future of better opportunities for their children. They must have known how important English was as it is still the lingua franca of the business and working world. And yet they somehow chose to ignore this point in shaping their son’s future.


Why are Eu Jienn’s parents also unconcerned with their son’s inability to speak the National Language? The National Language is something every citizen of every country should be proud of and be able to converse in comfortably – a badge of their national identity. But before we clamour for the abolishment of these vernacular schools or talk about racism (not to be confused with Chinese patriotism), we should look at the big picture and consider all the factors that led Eu Jienn to where he is today.

Then and now

My parents went to Chinese schools but they both speak English. My dad is more fluent because my grandfather spoke English at home with all his children. My mum is less so because her parents spoke Hokkien and Mandarin at home. I used to catch her learning grammar from a self-help book months before a team presentation at OCBC where she worked as a bank teller. During the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, English was a more important language to master due to our colonial heritage, so Bahasa Malaysia (henceforth referred to as BM) for Chinese families was left on the wayside to rot into Pasar Malay, also known as the hybrid of Chinese dialect-inflected BM our grandparents and parents spoke when shopping at the wet market (e.g “Lu banyak pasal. Wah beli ikan kembong lu, lu bagi harga baik lah.“)

The point is – language needs to be put into practice or it’ll leave our working memory.

My time was the 80’s and I was enrolled in a Kebangsaan school. Malay and English were the medium of instruction for me and my lot. Even though our syllabus was in BahasaMalaysia, if the teacher of the subject was Chinese, she would give instructions in English but refer to the terms and formulas of our syllabus in BM. Furthermore, BM was compulsory on Wednesdays – i.e everybody had to speak in BM on that day, throughout the day. Failure to do so might score a deviant a black mark in the prefects’ “little report book”. Among friends of different racial backgrounds, we conversed in a mixture of BM and English. So you could say that a lot of us were pretty well-versed in both languages, although for the Chinese and Indians, BM rolled less easily off our tongues. (It must also be said that I spoke English and Cantonese with my family.)

Again, the point is – if language is not put into practice, it’ll leave our working memory. We’ll eventually slip back into the language we’re most comfortable with – i.e use more often.

Now, if the issue of the day is “the inability of Chinese students to function in society due to the complete lack of proficiency in English and the National language“, then the Education System is a little flawed against both the Nationalism platform and the Prime Minister’s objective of turning our country into a high-income one. This is because that would mean all our students need to be able to compete on the world stage and not just among the best withinMalaysia.

Let’s get better

Yet this issue can be arrested if the Ministry of Education steps in to ensure that English and BahasaMalaysiaare taken seriously at such schools. Make them compulsory subjects which have to be passed, NOT History which apparently has become very subjective. And lift the pass mark while we’re at it. Ensure there are qualified Language teachers teaching the subjects. Turn a day of the week (or two) into a BM-only day or English-only day. Incentivise the kids to do well in these subjects – cash prizes, discounts off computers, a free AirAsia ticket to the historical cities ofChina, etc. These are examples of possibly a long list of what can be done.

If racial integration is the key issue, then we must acknowledge that this is a much larger problem to tackle. It requires that we consider politically driven policies, climate, and environment beside the Education System itself. I personally feel that this issue has exacerbated the conundrum of language proficiency. How?

Most parents who insist their kids go to Chinese schools, for instance, insist because they no longer believe that National schools have the quality teachers to teach well. Chinese schools are known to be strict (read: disciplined) with high emphasis on good performance. Parents subscribe to this perception. Secondly, with Chinaburgeoning into a Superpower in her own right, parents are convinced that the Mother Tongue is taught and taught well in schools, something that does not exist in National schools anymore. Thirdly, because of the political climate we are in, with all the race-tinged statements floating about in National newspapers as well as race-skewed policies affecting our education system (quotas and scholarships for example), these parents withdraw to self-sufficient mode. It’s a “Ok, I’ll work around the system then” kind of attitude. They believe they can survive and thrive against these odds because they can rely on their work ethic. As long as they can pursue their goals in life without too much interference or restrictions from the government of the day, they’ll just “do their thing“.

Malaysian Favelas?

You could categorise this behaviour as being self-imposed isolation smacking of racialism. But I see it as communality driven by self-preservation. There’s a bit of this in the favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio De Jeneiro. Essentially composed of the marginalised poor, favelas are shanty-like towns that make perfect hideouts for drug lords because they know a shootout with the police will cost innocent lives, a risk the police would prefer not to take. At the same time, drug lords offer protection to the residents (faveladors) from thugs and thieves in return for loyalty and silence about their identities and exact whereabouts in the maze of makeshift homes. Code words are used and every home has an open-door policy should a drug pusher find himself being hotly pursued by the cops.

Meanwhile these faveladors get jobs from the richer families that live and operate on the outer ring of the towns for their cheap labour – or at the bottom of the hills should the favela be built on the hillside. Kosher or not, there is a system that governs such favelas and systems make people feel safe and secure. Kosher or not, they get leadership and the time of day from the drug lords. Malaysian Chinese and South Americans are, of course, worlds apart in many ways, not least in the area of the economic power each community holds. But there are similarities.

If you visit typically Chinese-skewed townships in KL, you’ll notice that there is a little economy giving pulse to the communities there, making them self-sufficient neighbourhoods consisting of banks, markets, small law practices, supermarkets, tailors, pharmacies, cobblers and schools. Facilities you will also find in favelas – although to a lesser degree and in humbler forms. The factors influencing the strong communal behaviour of both cultures are also somewhat similar: there are signs of marginalisation of some form, pragmatism linked to some form of threat to their livelihood or well-being, and the basic belief of strength in numbers.

For Malaysian Chinese, there is the added threat to their culture, the very essence of their identity. With the seeming Islamisation of the country, there is also a cogent fear among Chinese working class families that their culture will soon be swallowed up, dismissed or forbidden. This may sound flippant to some but if you could send your kid to a school that celebrates your culture, subscribes to high standards of discipline and performance versus a national school where you believe the teachers are lazy (and just pile up homework on your kid rather than teach), discriminatory (what with those reported insults of headmasters and mistresses in the news recently) and themselves not fluent in English or BM, then what would your choice be? Wouldn’t you want the former even though the possibility of your kid not being able to mix around later is high? What’s more important – being able to mix around or having the values and skills to be able to have a good career that could take you out of an increasingly hostile country?

Root out the illness, not the symptom

To summarise, the source of the problem is the Education System and its quality which affects the reputation of our National schools. The political climate and policies that are increasingly race-tinged and biased are secondary “viruses” threatening the Chinese community. Parents who insist on vernacular schools are just a symptom of the problem. The “illness” that is manifested are the children of these vernacular schools who are not able to function in society due to language proficiency issues.

If we want to treat the symptom, then, yes, just abolish the vernacular schools without doing anything else. If, however, we want to prevent the illness itself, we’ll have to go to the root of the problem, the source. We’ll have to revisit the medium of instruction for Math and Science. We’ll have to consider introducing Chinese and Tamil as subjects in schools. We’ll have to pay teachers a lot better, improve the selection criteria get good teachers – we’ll even have to review the teaching courses in our institutes and universities. And then some.

It’s sad that kids like Eu Jienn are destined to be another digit in our brain-drain statistic. It’s even sadder that he’ll grow up unable to mix with people other than his own race due to a language problem. That he is a foreigner in his own country. That, even if he ends up in Singapore or China, he will still be “middle-tier” even if he’s a genius back home because his academic performance may still not be as good as his regional counterparts. Whether partly by his choice, or his parents’, it doesn’t matter. Leaders have a great opportunity to shape the country, the pillars of society and bring out the best in its rakyat simply because they’re in power and they’re supposed to, well, lead. As a result, they are primarily accountable for the way things have turned out.

Too bad for Eu Jienn though.

Lisa Ng is a human being. She used to be a copywriter in the advertising industry. But now she just writes. For whatever helps us regain the lost art of “giving a toss” towards things that matter to the human race.

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Pakatan Principle of Law:

All are equal, the Agong more or less


Beggars will always be jealous of beggars, poets of poets.

As it is with knowledge, life is amassed, like assets and liabilities are accrued, not as a wad of currencies, beliefs and convictions but as a stock pile of experiences. For getting in the way of life, beliefs and convictions are millstones to living.



The Last Chinese

This is Wee Ka Siong, in pinyin 魏家祥 Wei Jiaxiang, born 1968, and siblings, in their planked wall house somewhere in Johore. He is the only and last surviving Chinese Member of Parliament in Malaysia. An Indian named S. Thayaparan has asked that he be, in a house of 222, the honorable opposition, whatever that is.

There are no other Chinese in Parliament now. They are dead.


The MCA as Opposition, A Reply

Malay, King & Chinese, Anwar in Between

Dear Mr S Thayaparan,

Thank you for your kind letter which, in some ways, has its insights but which I especially commend for going against the grain of popular perception and mythology.

Before the general elections and especially long before that, we Chinese are treated as a national past-time sport — like shooting ducks in a gallery. Anglophiles like the half Welsh Moron of Manchester find pleasure in maligning us: greedy, materialistic, speaks no English (and Malay), a people who don’t know how to use the fork and knife.

In politics, especially, this vilification of an entire community is far more nuanced. Consider, for example, Anwar Ibrahim’s recent remarks to Abim. It had to do with his visit to various sultans, and these words are verbatim:

I told them not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.

On the face of it, the statement is par for the course in Malaysian politics. (See also Kadir Jasin’s The King and the Pauper.) The MCA is not the DAP. But, you, us and everybody know the word DAP substitutes for Chinese. If Chinese, it refers also to the MCA: we are, remember, the Malaysian Chinese Association.

Now, tell us, what jumps out of those words?

Let me tell you, instead — as a Chinese: Each time the word Chinese is mentioned, it is accompanied by an apology. People apologize for our citizenship. We are treated and talked about like our existence is an affront to the Malays, as if we are somehow in the way of the Malay identity, his power, his Allah, and his way of life. Anwar’s apologia treats the Chinese as an affront to the sultans with the inference that, better off than second class, it is being dead. Then, there would be nothing to apologize and all threats to the Malay self would be eradicated.

There was a follow-up Anwar ‘story’ by Malaysian Insight (a bigoted Anglophile rag sheet staffed by racists, for example Sheridan Mahavera). That one concerns Tommy Thomas, over who Anwar said he was offering his services to intervene between Mahathir Mohamad and the Agong.

Here was Anwar’s excuse to intervene: Views on Islam and secularism that were held by the urban (meaning the Chinese, Indians and a smattering of Anglophile Malays) are different from the rural Malays, Anwar said. “As a responsible government the rural views must be taken into consideration.

That, again, is a fucking lie, wrapped in propaganda language. In their original state of nature, farmers and fisherman have next to no political views: they can’t, they don’t how, they don’t know what, and they don’t care. If there is any ‘rural view’ at all, it is how much the oil palm fruit bunches are going fetch the next morning — insyaallah — and what they are going to do if not enough money comes in.

All ‘rural’ Malay political views — and if you can count them in the fingers — are, exclusively, Umno views, party propaganda fed them, drip by drip by drip, for 60 fucking years. Those Umno views (and these include views manufactured, drummed up and delivered by Anwar and Mahathir) are poison. Ultimately they birth the like of Najib Razak and party apparatchiks who feel they can help themselves to anything they like from the Finance Ministry, from 1MDB, from the stock market, government contracts, and especially from the Chinese (recall the Low Yat phone thief, and the police abduction of Penang school girl Tan Yi Min). Since Umno is government then, logically, all Malay life are indebted to the party: oil palm, school, house, going to Mecca, everything, even protecting Allah from infidels like us. So why not help themselves?

Ketuanan‘ would have been look upon with some awe by us, the Chinese, if, like white supremacists, Malaiyoos could make cars, fly rockets, theorized about relativity laws and write the ‘dao dejing‘. (Do you know what the book is about, Mr Thaya?) As it stands, even today, they rely on some Anglophile named Jho Low to steal for them, after which to recite from memory some Arabic trash backwards, but all this is suppose to demonstrate supremacy.

Supremacy has never been anything achieved but harped on, day-in, day-out, online, offline. Responding to this — Umno’s narrative strands of amateurish fascism — are white copycats, primarily Christians. Anglophiles in Malaysia saw in England, some ‘mother of Parliament’ it seems, the anti-dote to ketuanan, while refusing to acknowledge that in biblical traditions is the white man’s crucible of racism. The anti-dote upended the biblical principle ‘all are created by god’ by throwing in the word ‘equal’.

For all to be equally Malaysians required the refutation of an identity. To which only the Chinese, again, must pay the price because neither Muhyiddin Yassin nor Mahathir Mohamad would deny they are Malays. Hence, Lim Guan Eng’s proclamation to the world he is not Chinese but a Malaysian.

That in a sense is true: he grew up in a La Salle school and, in church, he is known as Joseph. Guan Eng is an Anglophile and banana. Hannah Yeoh’s Nazi demand that Shay Adora is ‘anak Malaysia’ has profound, fascist ramifications once bangsa Malaysia is made the only legitimate identification in state NRD policy. In the name of equality, all others would have to be eradicated: no Chinese, no Malay, no Indian, no nothing. A step further they could argue that only Shay Adora type names are permissible. Or Tommy Thomas. (This is not too far-fetched; they have already come this far.)

DAP’s bangsa Malaysia merely made a bad, unequal situation worse. It drew a line in the sand between two sides, Malay, Umno protector on the one side vs DAP, Anglophile and Christian enemy on the other.

Invariably we Chinese are drawn into the fight, the origin of which is 8,000 miles away in some desert hell hole littered with camel dung. (Where Umno narrative is concerned the MCA doesn’t count unless it is for elections.) The red line says, simply, that Malay and Chinese existence are incompatible, perpetually at war, one a never-ending threat to the other. It is a dichotomous, adversarial framework to politics — and, truth to be told, a western import — that is completely unsuitable to Malaysia and at odds with local, native cultures (native, particularly the Orang Asli).

Today, the parallel storylines — one side Malay from Anwar, Mahathir, et al, the other by DAP Father and Son — have poisoned not just politics but all facets of life.

Take this 2011 Anglophone piece of shit named Lisa Ng. She is, by surname, a Chinese, but here is the title in her diatribe: ‘Malaysian Chinese Totally Foreign’. The boy named Chong Eu Jienn is 15, Lisa Ng begins.

Notice Lisa used the most Chinese of names, Eu Jienn, and not Peter Chong nor Jesus Napoleon Chong. He lives in Kepong. Lisa Ng had mischievously lumped ethnicity with location and this is critical. The Eu Jienns of Malaysia don’t live in Bangsar, you see, nor in the other Anglophile suburbs of Damansara. Hence, Lisa calls Kepong a ‘Chinese ghetto’ while the urbane, well-heeled English-speaking Anglophiles, the Lisas, the Tonies and the Jameses occupy SS2.

The Eu Jienn Chinese go to Chinese schools although, according to Lisa Ng, they have no business speaking in Chinese in Malaysia. The Chinese language, spoken by more than 7 million and taught to 20,000 Malay kids, is a foreign tongue whereas Lisa considers English a class of Malaysian sophistication. Not only — and here is her conclusion — are the Eu Jienns an obstacle to ‘unity’, they can’t even give her road directions in English when she — that piece of Anglophile cunt — tried to find her way around Kepong.

In short, we Chinese, a ghettoed class of useless people, are made out to be, by the like of Lisa, Joseph, Hannah, Sheridan to be a national impediment, politically and everything else.

Can you, Mr Thaya, see the parallel with the Umno narrative?

But — and here is the political part — guess who cheered Lisa on and applauded her? Lim Kit Siang. He had the whole thing plastered in his blog, and some of the things subsequently included would have landed all DAP in the slammer if the same was said of Malays. Beating up Chinese has become a political convenience and tool, especially on the DAP side because they don’t have to go to jail. DAP’s identity theft equals Umno grand theft; it is only that nobody wants to know, nor care.

The principle of national unity in Lisa’s bigotry ‘Malaysian Chinese Totally Foreign‘ is the same as Kit Siang’s fascist Chinese second, Malaysian first: if the Chinese, other than those dead, had Shay Adora names, better yet become Christians or Anglophiles like his son, and if all were to speak the Queen’s English (littered preferably with some Malay), then half of Malaysia’s problems that Malays have with Chinese would vanish tomorrow.

For the MCA, Umno is problem enough.

Mr Thayaparan, how do you oppose all that; that cunt hole Lisa? Or that grandson of a Fujian pig farmer? You can oppose to ask why two and two must be four? It is a matter of analytical truth. But, how, as a Chinese, do you oppose an anti-Chinese racism made in the name of a greater holiness called bangsa? How do you oppose an Anglophile, fascist value system from which emanates state policies both domestic and foreign, who to tax, what to sell, what language to learn, whose god to pray to, and decide to whom and whether in Pakatan states 7-Eleven should or should not sell even 3.5% liquor on grounds that Jesus Christ, that King of Jews, had never tasted beer? That, with Allah thrown in, is how Pakatan is going to construct policies, the same way America makes them, who to invade, who to annihilate, who to support, with who to declare peace.

To reiterate, none of this is identity politics. We are beyond that. Pakatan, and opposing it, has become a matter of freedom: convert to their systems, their politics, their beliefs, their god and their kind of unity will bloom. That or leave, is what they now say. Or die. It is this that underlays the cacophony of voices today; this is what it means to be politically correct. It is, in another name, morality politics.

Until not long ago, morality politics was a thing Anglophiles only read about in the western media. Today, om-putih morality is the overriding theme you see even in blogs, trolled out by Syed Akbar Ali and Annie’s Assholes, people whose idea of politics is, first and foremost, nail Najib Razak.

We are, you see, dealing with a motherfucking bunch of religious lunatics in suit and tie, sometimes masquerading in baju and songkok.

For sixty years, especially since Mahathir, Chinese was a dirty word, a political liability, and that the Chinese exist as an extraneous thing, outside of Malaysia mainstream, Eu Jienn being a ‘foreign’ thing — the boy is not even human to Lisa. Today, they have extrapolated the same morality and plastered it all over Umno and Barisan, employing Christian language such as ‘beyond redemption’. They are a shame, as opposed to a fact of existence in which Kit Siang, Mahathir et al had a part in cultivating.

One way to see where Pakatan will take this morality is to look back at Kit Siang and his response to the badge of shame that came with he being Chinese.

Kit Siang is no critical thinker nor has he a refined culture that we Chinese associate, on both counts, with a wise ruler (君子), while his son has all the qualities of a Hokkein street thug and talks like one. These are identity characteristics, we Chinese say, typical of the children of pig farmers, especially given they hang their lives on a foreign and lesser English culture they know little about but fawn after. A metaphysical consequence is seeing everything on western (and Christian) dichotomous terms, such as Kit Siang accepting then internalizing the Umno trope that being Chinese and being Malaysian are mutually exclusive.

Enter Kadir Jasin, Anwar and the Agong, the last as the ultimate expression of the Malay being, the first two as poor Anglophile copycats. If Malaysia is first and last (in Christian language, alpha and omega) Malay has to be second. If Malay is second, the Agong is what?

Kadir’s scurrilous piece provides the answer in the title ‘the King and the Pauper’, wherein, on the legal principle of Malaysia equal to all, the King is compared to a beggar. This may be just legal status comparison but that does not — and never does it — stand alone, so that being dependent on a wider societal context, then the only way to equalized the two is lower the King because the pauper can go no farther down. Kadir makes this point clear with the comparison: just as the beggar sponges on society, so does the King. The latter given 257 million ringgit in 16 months and this excludes a 600 million palace, all for the primary purpose of a signature for Tommy Thomas, the primary motive in Kadir’s attack piece.

Between King and pauper, both dependent on society at large, Kadir asked, who is the moral bankrupt, a question, yes, but given a rhetorical twist in order to escape jail. It is contained in these ending lines, all Kadir’s, verbatim:

The people expect them (the Agong and sultans) to be the embodiment of all things good and holy. But the question is: Are they?”

See the airy and dubious quality of the Angophile value system — equality, good, holy — threading through Kadir’s argument? Can you, Mr Thaya, see the distorted and calculated claim made through a western dichotomous and a fallacious comparison?

Return now to Anwar’s statement cited earlier: “I told them (the sultans) not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.”

In his statement, partly attacking Kadir, Anwar wasn’t just wrong factually; he was in an underhand sort of way being vituperative and, truth be told, a complete motherfucker. Of course, the government is under the DAP, as one of four parties. Otherwise, what the fuck is Guan Eng doing there. Of course, there is nothing to worry — worry about the Chinese? A revolt? Guan Eng is not Chinese anyway. Of course, there “were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.” How are we to do it: send in the PLA?

On the point that there is no rational nor empirical basis for his statement, why then does Anwar not infer these existential threats and apply them coming from other Pakatan parties? Why only the DAP, that is, the Chinese?

For Anwar to use the Chinese as a whipping boy harks back to Mahathir first, Father and Son next. Chinese because it has, as said earlier, been a political liability, a dirty word since Mahathir. Father and Son because, with the Chinese eradicated, the liability is lifted.

I don’t consider myself as Chinese. I am Malaysian,” Guan Eng told the world from a roomful of international and local reporters in the early days of May 9’s aftermath. Malays like Kuala Selangor’s Dzulkefly Ahmad quickly clapped, oblivious to the day they too would have to render their Malay identity second on the basis of the Kit Siang argument: “Now that we have done it, now that we have eradicated the Chinese from Malaysia, all problems with the past are settled!”

If Muhyiddin were to say, wait a minute, I am still Malay first, here would be Kit Siang’s answer: “We gave you a second life after you were kicked out. This is New Malaysia. Do you want to go back to the bad, old Umno regime days?

So, Thaya, tell us, tell the MCA in particular: All problems taken care off in Malaysia Baru, what are we, the MCA, to oppose?

You can therefore see what Wee Ka Siong means when he said that for too long the MCA had been made Umno’s whipping boy. It actually goes deeper: Umno, beginning with Mahathir (or The Malay Dilemma), made possible the rise of the DAP. Each Umno mistake has become MCA’s, whether it is 1MDB or Felda or ketuanan. Each time Umno politicians shout protect Malays and Islam, they really mean: ‘Watch out! The Chinese!’  Politically, it is a message that says the Chinese could never be part of the whole, so the MCA is like a flower pot for decoration, or as furniture for racist Umno ministers to sit on.

DAP politicians, on the other hand, take up a voodoo religion called Christianity, lie about the origin of their identities then proclaim a new dawn. Tell us, again, therefore: Is Guan Eng real or is he a fraud? If real, is his politics true? If fraudulent, can it last?



Kadir, hitman recalled to national service

When Mahathir almost didn’t get his way over Tommy Thomas, Kadir Jasin (above) went for the Agong — using Anwar as bait (reproducing the picture below; calling him a political commissar) — then raked up insinuations that the king, like Najib, is a parasite, sponging on government largesse for a pompous life yet doing little that’s useful, not even signing the appointment papers as required. Here, however, was the rub; from Kadir: “The people expect them (the Agong and sultans) to be the embodiment of all things good and holy. But the question is: Are they?”

A month ago, if he had produced the same thing, he would have been thrown into jail the next day and whipped. Today he’s protected by Mahathir. But, even that’s hardly the point: Everything about new Malaysia is old stuff. In power, Malaiyoos can get away with anything, even lese majeste, a crime more serious than murder.

It is the same principle of power that drove the corruption at Umno and in Najib Razak — they can do anything, take anything. The tables having turned, Mahathir, Kadir want to get even. This is what they mean by doing the “right thing,” a phrase Tommy Thomas has repeated on the first day as AG. Naively believing he is doing the “right thing” in the “national service,” says Thomas, he wades knee-deep into this Malaiyoo I-fix-you, you-fix-me business.

Ini politik la, Malays say. These Malaiyoo baboon-faced Kadirs. Now, dear reader, wait for Anwar to get even, joined by the King, by Umno and by Zahid Hamidi; it will be great fun.



Anwar, hand-kissing political commissar

Anwar Ibrahim, according to Kadir Jasin, is a hand-kissing political commissar who, like those “in the communist system, is many times more powerful than a battalion of soldiers.” More powerful? Kadir wrong, again, is typical of stupid, ignorant Anglophiles:

The political commissar or political officer, although responsible for ideological education, was created partly for the purpose of keeping an eye on the military for it to remain under civilian control. But, the commissar is a military rank, never higher than the commanding officer of a unit. Hence, division commissar or brigade commissar or regiment commissar.

That position is not communist origin nor exclusively communist, as Kadir infers. Created during the French Revolution (1789-1799), then serving the French Revolutionary Army, political commissars exist under Nazi German and served the Soviet Red Army, where the position ended with the war. China’s PLA is the only armed forces that still retains it (and don’t ask how I know).

Political commissars are better at intellectual matters than in firing the gun. Anwar, a UM graduate in local Malay literature, understands neither, a deficiency you can tell when he talks political philosophy or offers an argument. Either he is way off the mark when interpreting or he is factually wrong, like Kadir is wrong now.

No, Anwar shouldn’t be compared to a political commissar; that’s to flatter him, Kadir. Or, you didn’t know that? Anwar is just babble mouth, a shrieking monkey, always eyeing the nuts in coconut trees, like those two little monyets below, Kadir’s comrade-in-arms who can’t tell the difference in what comes out of their front and the rear orifices. (For the answer, there’s no difference; it’s fart.)

Small wonder Malaysia is in such a sorry state…. But, trust Kadir to go after the Agong; you are protected by a mamak? Now, why didn’t he said all that a month earlier: we would be better informed and better know then who to vote for. Palace 650 million; expenses 257 million? Add that to your trillion ringgit debt, Kadir.

You are quite a motherfucker, aren’t you?

See what I mean? Each time the Malay fight, even after GE14, between Mahathir and Anwar, over the fucking appointment of an Indian and Christian — all of who and all of which have nothing to do with us — they (Utusan, Umno, NST, Anwar, PKR, Bersatu, Malaiyoos) invariably dragged in the Chinese, using us as fodder and ammo.



Do-the-Tommy-Right-Thing Thomas: the Anglophile God sent

Tommy Thomas speaks only English, and little Malay. But because he speaks a foreign language, and not Malayalee his mother tongue, so the like of Kit Siang, Lisa Ng, Sheridan Mahavera, Ahi Attan, RPK, Annie of the Valley, Kadir Jasin, editors of Malaysian Insight don’t call him an ‘obstacle’ to national unity.

Nobody asks, therefore, to demolish the Victoria Institution where he had pick up his Anglophile values and his imported voodoo Christianity. Why? Because the name is Victoria and not SMJK Sam Tet?

All that Queen’s English, all that yada, yada about fairness, law, justice and free — such grand words — coming from an Anglophile: Queer isn’t it? So, it is not only that Umno employs its racism against the Chinese but Anglophiles today.

What we have then is a man hoisted up as the ‘Man of the Hour’ — Related image — next Steven Gan will say he’s descended from heaven like Anwar was proclaimed as Allah sent.

“Free, fair”, did you say? Listen to yourself Tommy! What can you know about justice, real, true justice, when all that you had learned had come from dead white males and their biblical hell and brimstone jurisprudence? Pray tell! You need a re-education, Tommy boy. But, we’ll wait: let’s see what you are made of, what you have.


The Chinese, MCA by extension, is only tolerated in Malaysia. We can live with that — no problem there — or else we’d get out. But what sticks in the craw is the like of Kit Siang, Guan Eng: Father and the DAP had once led the Chinese to their deaths in 1969. Now they expand their lies, not to the Chinese (we don’t care) but to the Malays so that the latter may put up with us, live with us, because we are no longer Chinese.

This is fraud like 1MDB is fraud, like ketuanan, like everything else about Umno and Anwar; like Hannah and Lisa are fraud. Tell us how, Mr Thaya, do you oppose, break through the halo of religiosity that shields the fraudulent morality inside it?

GE14 was DAP’s final act of betrayal. On the surface, it appears to overturn a once-upon-a-time incompatibility and irreconcilability into a new era of supposed Chinese-Malay partnership. Now both sides, Pakatan in particular, will have to find ways to keep up with the pretense and the fiction that there are no differences since there are no Chinese and all are Malaysians.

But — and here’s the problem — there are Malays, there are Indians and natives, all of who are entitled to be what they are.

The Tommy Thomas episode drives home that point in excruciating detail: here’s an Indian, a Christian yet Anwar goes to a distrusting, skeptical Agong to convince him about Chinese intent.

A Malay assuring a Malay king about Chinese intent over powers granted not to a Chinese but an Indian and Christian? Can you see the absurdity, how lies piled on lies have become the only means to sustain Pakatan power?

Here, thus, is a government beginning with and is constructed on the foundational principle called, Lying. Mahathir lying, Anwar lying, Guan Eng lying and their lies are no small matter. Instead, it is a matter — how are we to live as Malaysians — that strikes at the heart of political psychology and the political system. They want to make the system Anglophile, as a reflection of their values.

When you suggests that the MCA acts the honorable opposition you, in effect, sealed the fate of the Chinese as the apposite of the Malay rather than as a compatriot, because without the Chinese what’s there for Anwar or Umno or sultans to protect Malays from?

So, you see, while Guan Eng et al goes one way, Anwar goes the other way: the two sides pulling away from each other like in a tug-of-war.

The Chinese — and Wee Ka Siong is all alone — is in no position to check Pakatan power. Besides, we have done enough. We Chinese stood alone between full Islamization of Malaysia and whatever secularism exists. We stood between Hadi Awang’s parliament proposal for full sharia and a limited version. If not for the Chinese, Malaysia would have been a Taliban state, subjecting Malays to great religious cruelty long ago.

Think about that because if not the MCA but the DAP in its stead, you know what they would do?

In 2008 and 2013 Kit Siang et al were willing to throw out their own party constitution so that on behalf of PAS and hudud they’d get to Putrajaya. With Mahathir, GE14 rested purely on the same rationale.

Like the inner circle in the DAP, Guan Eng is Chinese in name and form, Anglophile in substance. Their ethical values are deformed by the Christian west which, ordinarily and applied individually, nobody cares. Likewise PAS and Umno.

But, here’s the catch: their dogma of immorality that informs and permeates all policy decisions and actions are not negotiable. Hence, you have a character like Tommy Thomas. In our Chinese world, politics, justice and fairness require talking though them, but, in religion, nothing is negotiable.

Although the MCA is now freed from Umno’s clutches, the party finds itself sandwich between two forces of extremism: racism and Islam by Umno and PAS, on the one hand, Pakatan’s nationalistic dogma and bigotry, on the other. Dogma rule both sides.

We Chinese come from a long, honorable humanistic and secularist tradition that is second to none, better even than the West: how we conduct our lives, how we see others and the way we treat them, and how we have come to regard friends and enemies. Our culture does not actively advocate for confrontation. We leave that to Umno and PAS and Mahathir and Anwar.

That, then, is our advantage: It is for them to destroy one another, exactly the way Mahathir destroyed Umno. The most recent case in point of their mutual destruction is, Anwar and Kadir.

There is this other problem though: Mahathir won’t live long enough to destroy Pakatan from within. Still, somebody will come from behind to do the self-annihilation: it’s in the nature of the Pakatan’s morality beast. Where there’s an Eden, you will find a serpent.

If Malaysia goes down with the destruction, so what? The foundations that shape and make the basis of the country were never good and nothing good is going to come out of it. Until that’s first sorted out, everything else is band-aid remedy.


Our Chinese Family

Slowly, slowly, my dear 慢慢喜歡你

The clip below is more than an hour long. In it is a brief introduction to an Anglophone world about Chinese musical instruments. But, better than the information, is the explanation into the ethereal qualities of our music, a music that in part expresses Chinese geography and history and in part tells about our cultural eminence with its profound humanism and naturalism, ethics that are so unlike the vengeful, hell and brimstone Christian value system that Anglophiles are brain washed to believe in Sunday classes.


We Chinese will not just roll over and take this shit lying down. Mahathir, rest assure, you will face the full force of all Chinese everywhere, Joseph with you or no Joseph.



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Multiracial MCA? No shit

Liow Tiong Lay’s argument (clip above) rests entirely on the western, Anglophile cultivated myth that being Chinese or the word ‘Chinese’, like the word ‘black’ or ‘white’, is a racial group. This is patently false.

Look at China. Read its history, go back to Sima Qian (司馬遷 who wrote the shiji 太史公書). Look at the rule by Mongolians and Manchus. Chinese is not an ethnic notion that white is ethnic. It is a cultural term, and a civilization-state, so that it is not inconsistent to say there are today Miao Chinese, Yao Chinese, Zhuang Chinese, Mongolian Chinese, and 52 other ethnics within China today.

Jian is Miao but she is Chinese, talks Chinese, practices Chinese customs, reads Chinese, and loves me (to a fault), who is a Han Chinese. Likewise, Korean is culture, or Japanese, both of which have distinct identities that were shaped by Chinese civilization and ideas. For an example, look at the (south) Korean flag; it is Chinese, that is, the idea is Daoist, also having originated in a land called China.

Hence, being culture, it was easy for China to tolerate different systems of government, one in Hong Kong, in Taiwan and Macau without any of which losing the Chinese cultural identity.

Hence, too, being culture, it was easy for Anglophile Lim Guan Eng to say he is not Chinese, and we Chinese won’t throw a fit. He is welcome to leave — good riddance, we’d say — because we know, he knows, and everybody knows, he is an Anglophile, a fucked-up piece of Banana, yellow outside, white inside. Ridhuan Tee is only Chinese in name and so, too, characters like Yeo Bee Yin, KTemoc, Wong Chen, Lisa Ng and Joshie Ah Hong. If, on the other hand, Malay first Anwar Ibrahim were to declare he is not Malay, Pakatan will face a riot the next day in Putrajaya. Lina Joy discover that the hard way.

To conclude: MCA must remain true to its identity because that’s all you have, which isn’t something you buy in a supermarket — unless Liow wants to be an Anglophile or Muslim. Or, Allah forbid, Malaysian First, whatever the fuck that is.

Just be Chinese, Mr Liow. It’s the most natural thing; it’s what we are. And we’ll be okay. 无为, Mr Liow, 无为.



MCA, Umno treaty: No more wedded under Barisan

Six decades of Umno maligning the Chinese have led to DAP’s victory. Behind the backs of the Chinese, the DAP is now doing Umno’s dirty work so, if this seems bizarre, consider this: it took the most conservative, hawkish American president to make a deal with communist China, leading thus to US-China normalization.

The same counter-intuitive rule applies because who would believe it? Lim Guan Eng is suppose to be Chinese. How could he be maligning Chinese? But therein is the catch…. Is he Chinese? Looks like one, sounds like one, but is he?

In the circumstances, an MCA and Umno alliance treaty is a feasible alternative, going forward. The Barisan coalition of tying together the two parties within a single, superstructure is proven counter-productive and, now, passe.

What is there to object anyway if Barisan breaks up: Umno has repeatedly said, it never needed the Chinese. Nor, do we need Umno.


Y Z, you poor thing, having to write in English: Try the spin again, Taiping woman, and tell us truthfully next time, why.



The following is taken from YZ Chin in LitHub (the title is mine):

Malaysian in NY wonders why she writes in English

One of the very first questions I wrestled with as a writer was this: Why write in English, the colonizer’s language, when I have others at my disposal? I grew up acquainted with three languages; my grandparents immigrated from southern China to Malaya, which was a British imperial territory. So if I didn’t write in Malay, didn’t that make me unpatriotic? And if I didn’t write in Chinese, didn’t that make me a “race traitor?” Why English?

English is intricately woven into my family history. When my grandparents first came to occupied Malaya, they worked for the British. For some time they lived apart, my grandfather cooking meals for colonial officers while my grandmother worked as a nanny for British children in a different part of the country. I never heard either of them speak English, but in my imagination, the few English phrases they did know formed the language of intimate care: Please enjoy the food. Are you warm enough? Have another helping. Did you sleep well? Don’t cry. I’m here.

I suppose they learned as much English as allowed them to forge new lives. It was both a choice and not, just as it was and was not for me as I haltingly attempted to piece together a self through literature. I did not see myself in my Malay textbooks about boys who formed interracial friendships. Neither could I find myself in the Tang poems my parents encouraged me to memorize, which featured ancient men in long-sleeved robes drinking alcohol and being sorrowful (only later in life would I come to relate to that). It was in English books that I saw a sense of adventure and escape that I identified with, as embodied by British children daringly solving mysteries or circumventing adult cruelty.

I acquired English differently from the other languages I used in daily life with my parents. I became proficient solely through reading, without a corresponding speaking component. So at first English seemed to be an abstract, fantastical thing with no real-world application, and this lent itself to boundless dreaming much more than the other languages did. I gravitated toward the stories in my English books because I thought the lives depicted within were so far removed from mine; they gave me the space to imagine new ways of living.

It wasn’t until I encountered the poetry of Shirley Geok-lin Lim that I saw how naïve this view was. I was introduced to her work in the last place I’d thought to look: school. It was a place I associated with casual disdain for the arts in favor of science and mathematics—literature wasn’t introduced as an official component of English language studies for secondary school students until the 21st century. I was among the first waves of students who got to read fiction and poetry for school; prior to that, literature was considered fluff, extra, a hobby. School also seemed propagandistic to me, so I was prepared for dreary, moralistic tales about the value of being upstanding citizens. And although some of the assigned reading did fall into that category, what I remember most is Lim’s “Monsoon History”:

Again we are taken over
By clouds and rolling darkness
Small snails appear
Clashing their timid horns
Among the morning glory

Drinking Milo,
Nyonya and Baba sit at home.
This was forty years ago.

My mind was blown. Here was a poem set in a Malaysian fishing village, written by a Malaysian writer who obviously had intimate love for the landscape, from its damp air to its snails, gnats, and termites. And people in the poem drank Milo, something I did every single day! But they also read Tennyson (“Reading Tennyson, at six / p.m. in pajamas”). The reference seemed jarring at first, yet wasn’t it a mirror of my own life? Was it any stranger than a girl in small-town Malaysia reading Archie comics from the library? That was when I started questioning: why Tennyson? Why, for that matter, Milo? It wasn’t a local invention, but the drink had become such a staple of everyday life in Malaysia. There must be a reason for that.

Once I started trying to find answers, they were everywhere in plain sight, like the hill my small town was known for, which has two names: one that belonged to the colonial officer who “discovered” the hill, and a local name people started using after the colonizers left. I gained an inkling of understanding that, as a postcolonial writer and reader, I am not as removed from the problems of English as I’d assumed. I drew a line from Tennyson in Lim’s poem to my grandparents’ careworn faces, their tight-lipped refusal to speak about their pasts. I finally saw that English was not a language of escape for me, but that it rather represented a painful negotiation between myself and my environment. My family had used English like a tool to carve out a living. Perhaps I, too, could wield English to reinvent myself—or my selves, as in the case with writing fiction.

So yes, I decided to write in English. I don’t see this as capitulating to a colonizing language, however; I see it as an act of acknowledging history and of claiming space. Lim’s poem, “Learning to Love America,” speaks to this:

because it has no pure products

because the Pacific Ocean sweeps along the coastline
because the water of the ocean is cold
and because land is better than ocean

because I say we rather than they

The magic of this poem is that Lim has assembled, out of English words, a declaration of identity that is ambivalent and full of turns, a kind of feint that claims a space (“American”) while leaving room for so much more. It got me thinking: what kind of layered identity could I create for myself, if I, too, claimed the language and used it the way I wanted to? Even the resignation in the poem’s ending lines—“because it is late and too late to change my mind / because it is time”—spoke to me, reminding me that I, just like anyone else, am shaped by forces that are beyond me, long in motion. This has a kind of perverse comfort; if I am thus shaped, then might I not be participating in the shaping of forces to come, even though my efforts may seem puny and the effects invisible so far? And why not participate while wielding the language that so shaped my family? As Elaine Castillo puts it in her essay: “The reason I write in English, and the reason I use untranslated words, are one and the same, the punchline to that rambling, viciously grim joke also known as history.”

Here I am, writing in English, which is mine because my grandparents used it to survive, and because I have written my truth in it. Encountering Tennyson in a monsoon poem helped me become more critical of how I pieced myself together and of my relationship to language. I believe in literature’s ability to connect us. But I also think it can help us discover the ways we are ensnared. And that is the first step to doing something about it.



YZ Chin, The Horror, The Horror

No doubt, the essay merely reflects Chin talking, arguing, to herself. So we’ll take her word at it. Which is to answer, “Why did she write in English?”

The question is pivoted on the unstated assumption (conveniently left out) that she is equally proficient and good in the two other languages she grew up with, Malay and Chinese.

But is she equally proficient in all three?

1. On Malay, she asks, “So if I didn’t write in Malay, didn’t that make me unpatriotic?” Which then begs other questions,

  • (a) Patriotism is demonstrable only in the Malay language? So then, ethnic Malay equals Malaysia? There is only one ethnicity equaling nationalism and this is Malay? To be Chinese is implicitly not a Malaysian?
  • (b) Where and what is the causal relationship between language and patriotism?

2. On Chinese, she asks, “And if I didn’t write in Chinese, didn’t that make me a “race traitor?” Who, which Chinese, has ever call her a ‘race traitor’? What is being a ‘traitor’ to a race? I write in English yet nobody in China calls me a ‘race traitor’. Instead, I am encouraged to do so, presenting China to a hostile Anglophone world. If this is true of me, then she must be imagining ethnocentrism as a peculiar Chinese trait.

Although proficient in Russian and English, Vladimir Nabokov in his later years, wrote only in English (Lolita). Does that make him a traitor to Russia?

If Chin were simply to be honest as to why she writes in the ‘colonizer’s language’ (English), she would say she isn’t proficient enough to write in either Chinese or Malay. Besides, writing in America in Chinese or Malay will not sell books. No buyers. And that would be the end of the matter.

But, for her to justify her ‘colonizer’s language’ suggests the Anglophile in her and her Anglophile prejudices: Tang poems … featured ancient men in long-sleeved robes drinking alcohol and being sorrowful whereas Tennyson brings out, gloriously, her “identity” in a ‘low-class’ mosquito swamp called Malaysia. And, if that’s all she has learned in Tang poetry, it showed she has learned nothing about Chinese literature.

Like numerous western educated up and down Malaysia, Chin is case exemplar not only of a disgusting, deceitful Banana (like Yeo Bee Yin and countless others) but a completely fucked up woman.

If Chin wants to write in pigshit, write. Whining about it, playing a ‘colonizer’ victim, will not hide her racist character — and a lying, fucking cunt that she is — all that on display in third-rate English. Eat your heart out, Chinny.



China will not be made fodder

Every five years, when Malays fight Malays and the local Chinese are required to choose sides, they are used as ammo. To which the Chinese have paid with blood.

Because the DAP has chosen Mahathir Mohamad, MCA must now break away from Barisan in order to free the Chinese to decide.

Unlike the local Chinese who are turned into dedak at every internecine Malaiyoo war, China will not be made into fodder.

Don’t mess with us, you piece of mamak. Consider this, as yet again, a warning… Ignore it at your peril.



Behind the smile, the Salafist fascist


All the smiling faces above are Salafist fascists. The one brought to the seat of central power, thanks to the DAP (again), is the one on the left.


In the way, Anwar Ibrahim let into Malaysia radical Islamism 30 years ago, and also the way the DAP let PAS and hudud into mainstream politics and, now, Pakatan Harapan has let into the Cabinet yet one more fascist, Maszlee Malik.

Malaysia never learn, Malaiyoos never learn; they fall so easily for smiles, appearances and propaganda.

The propaganda: Ten years ago radical Islam was touted as ‘PAS for All‘. Now, DAP’s Ong Kian MIng has declared Maszlee Malik clean as a whistle. Look at his “impressive CV,” says Ong,  who himself — surprise? — is the sort you would imagine of Jerry Falwell.

Maszlee’s CV is impressive?

Durham is impressive? The International Islamic University is impressive? Before he was recruited into active politics, Maszlee taught at IIU, the sort of den (Guess who set it up?) that breeds the like of Osama bin Ladin and others who’d recruit some out-of-work assholes to mow down people on European streets.

…on second thoughts, we should let him into the Cabinet.

He will help speed up Malaysia’s self-immolation, like in the Middle East and the north African Muslim countries. In fact, the more Maszlees the merrier. Related image


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…49 years to the day. And Umno is destroyed in the same hands that made it. Justice, balance, harmony are restored. Zhuangzi莊子 was right:Wuwei 无为; most effective way is, act but effortlessly.

Truly, home. 心爱的 还有十个小时到

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Dear Mr Lim Kit Siang,

Malaysia ‘a model to the world’? Grand words that even Stalin knew how to say.

After which you go on with the yada, yada about ‘independence, efficiency and professionalism’ as if these are classroom behavior matters you carry out by snapping the teacher’s finger. Mr Lim, you don’t even know what it is you are saying.

You talk about ‘national unity and reconciliation’ yet you have the country’s greatest, biggest, most virulent, longest-running divisive power sitting on top of the political pecking order. Make a guess who?

And you have the nerve to patronize us about ‘unity and reconciliation’.

Farther down you add, ‘This is not a time for vengeance and petty-mindedness.’ Have you not been listening to campaign speeches from your party comrades, for example, Nga Kor Ming, Hew Kuan Yau, Hannah Yeoh, and your son Guan Eng? These are on record and I suggest you go back to listen and pay attention, now that you have the time.

“Harapan,” Rais Hussin says, “did not challenge the previous government merely out of sheer caprice, or of wanting to go one up on then-prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.”

Yes, of course, he, you and Mahathir are in it to ‘save Malaysia’.

How to save Malaysia? According to Rais, get ‘triple-A sovereign risk rating’. Sure, even junk bonds are issued triple-A. Do you know nothing about the subprime mortgage crisis? Or, have you learned nothing?

One more thing, Mr Lim, go fuck your mother.



Postscript: You want Triple-A? Look up the Americans. Try Goldman Sachs as well – am sure they will help. Or is it that Wong Chen has already done that? You know who is Goldman Sachs, Uncle Kitty?

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GE14 results prove one thing: From hell and, now, back to it, Malaysia is the world’s top most stupid country.

If you are outside stay out. If Najib was bad, then Mahathir doing worse has nothing to lose. Soon, he’s going to be dead anyway.

Mahathir had been wrong on so many things, so many times, about Musa, Anwar, Badawi, about the Chinese — and Malays, too — about human nature, about the economy, about the world. Now, wrong about Najib Razak, he conflates the personal character failures of a man, a very human one at that, to bad governance.

Who’s to say Mahathir isn’t wrong again? And then what, Pakatan? That he will return from the grave to ‘make amends’, to ‘save Malaysia’? DAP and PKR thirsted after power so much they would do anything for it. Anything. They had won on pure propaganda, not with great ideas.

New Malaysia? Fuck Malaysia.


Watch this video below.

Regrets Kak Wan? Mr Lim? The clip plays the hesitancy again and again.

Pay attention, not to Mahathir, but Wan Azizah/PKR and to Lim Guan Eng/DAP. What does it say about the two parties that got together not because of Najib but because of Mahathir Mohamad? In the clip, they can’t even breath. Also watch Kit Siang’s demeanor whose party has 42 seats vs PPBM’s 13 and must play second fiddle. What happened to equality?

Kit Siang will now die worse than second class.

What does all that say of the tyrannical streak in Mahathir? What does it say of a man whose PPBM has just enough seats you can count on the fingers? And if that doesn’t humble him, what does the conduct say of a man laying claim to 122 seats as if he owns everything?

PKR scored 47 out of 51, DAP 42 out of 43. If there is indeed a Malay tsunami, why such a miserable PPBM count: 13 out of 52 seats? The mamak knows no shame.

This is the trouble with a marriage of convenience. This is the trouble with one logo contest; it limits choices and puts democracy in a straitjacket. Wait till the in-laws start to fight.

Game over? No way. When the deceitful squares off with the deceitful then someone, sooner or later, is going to pull out a dagger. No convenience store marriage is going to end happily after. Even the diapers have to be paid for.

Let’s be done with the country….


亲爱的 回来了


Update: Annie’s Stupid Malaiyoos

After Barisan nearly lost GE12 and 13, in spite of Mahathir’s support, questions arose about Chinese ‘loyalty’ to Malaysia, at Utusan for example. At Annie’s blog, she and her fan-mob feasted on that idea. When the chance came up, Annie struck:

The one below implied that Malays decide the Chinese fate, if we live or die.

At GE14 when more than 6 in 10 Malays voted against Barisan, Annie has nothing to say about Malay ‘loyalty’ to Malaysia.

It isn’t just Annie, of course. Over at all the Malay blogs (for example, the Malaiyoo who considers himself a ‘Dog‘) the same silence persists. Like them, Annie’s is a den of racists. In Malaysian political life, this is par for the course.

What’s however striking is the Malaiyoo display of incredible, hypocritical stupidity.

At Annie’s, Hew Kuan Yau (the DAP man who said let the Malays screw the Malays) is now considered a patriot! How? Because Hew supported the Umbrella protests in Hong Kong; it being anti-mainland China. A Malaysian Chinese supporter of a foreign, anti-mainland event is therefore patriotic? And this is the same supporter who has said, without qualification, that all South China Sea belongs to China. Period.

Why? Why? Why? Why are these Malaiyoos so stupid? Give them a generation they can’t fix a country and, now, they bring in a mamak to run the show, the same mamak who fucked it up in the first place. Hallelujah!

Good riddance Malaiyoos. And fuck you.

Postscript: Want to know something else, Malaiyoo RD? We threw the Umbrella Christians out of the universities, jailed and fined them then gave each one two criminal records to last them a lifetime. Out of jail, they will collect street garbage for a living. For your own sake, don’t mess with us. You are not up to it.


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The Chinese have practical life lessons (video below) for Malays. Best therefore to learn from us. Forget Mahathir, forget Mohammed, and forget especially those towel heads; they have brought nothing but sorrow, death and fetus in trash cans.

The English subtitles are fairly accurate translations of the Chinese conversation. Reading it, ask yourself this, What is salient in the Wang family’s story? Tip: it’s not poverty.

An aside to that says why Mahathir Mohamad, being anti-Chinese, is also anti-Malay and anti-human. He is, in desert Abrahamic culture terms, the Satan.


The video clip above answers and answering it quite simply, too, this question: the cause of poverty.

Unlike Mahathir Mohamad who blamed the Chinese (and foreigners) for the problems of Malays, Wang Gangkui, the father in the story, doesn’t blame others.

On the contrary, he blames only himself for the family’s poverty: he did not study so have no education and no skills and knowledge. That is, he says of himself, he failed; he failed himself and everybody else around him, including his wife who left him and including the burdens of Ice Boy. There’s no money even for a hat.

Here as well is the other striking difference between Mahathir’s Anglophile culture and western outlook against that held by the Chinese he rules: Looking for solutions to failures, Mahathir looks outwards. In looking outwards, he would squeeze the Chinese to pay for the material and financial improvements to the Malay lot.

Since both problem and solution lay outside the Malay, so are the consequences. Hence, when a Chinese such as Robert Kuok got rich, it was because of the ‘key’ (Najib Razak) given him by the government.

The Chinese, on the other hand, look inward. In his self-examination, Wang urges endurance, frugality and pragmatism. In pragmatism he’d go to Kunming to work for money. He does not even blame the Chinese government for the reduced plots of crop land.

Such an attitude is highly Confucian: the archer misses the target, turns around to ask himself, why? He finds fault with nobody else, not even the bow, because that would be false.

Mahathir’s Anglophile culture, on the other hand, finds fault with everyone else but himself. Today, that fault finding is intellectualized away, explained away, by his hatchet men Rais Hussin and Wan Saiful Wan Jan (pictures below).

The intellectualization goes something like this: Because Malay problems are fundamentally the fault of the rest of the world, Chinese greed in particular, then it is the duty of government to fix the governance system.

This White man, westerner worldview is why the DAP and Mahathir fit like gloves to hand. It explains why the DAP, being Anglophile that it is, is never an intellectual force in policy formulation and why its political agenda relies, like Mahathir’s, from entirely emotional appeals that easily spilled into an anti-China crusade in order to fit Mahathir’s strategy to amass power — for themselves, of course.

Up against the Malaiyoo whistle boys Rais and Saiful, even the DAP lynch mob is speechless. These pathetic assholes.

Thus, from within the ranks of Harapan, is cultivated and produced useful idiots (Rais Hussin), speaking with English-style eloquence about reforms on the results produced by his father. He sees no contradiction. This is because Harapan parties no longer care for consistency and rationality. All that they have against Barisan power is a morality play on emotions: 1MDB robs the future generations, yada, yada, yada.

Producing the opposite results to the original intent, their contradictions are visible everywhere.

An example is this. When Rais and Saiful extol the virtues of a past, minimal government, there has only been more government, and more, and more, until government today has intruded into every facet of life, Malay life especially, from praying and Malay lifestyle to the jobs they eventually take up.

Of course, Mahathir bragged that there are today more Malay doctors than before the NEP days. True, he has produced doctors his standard, doctors who examine patients with a pencil, these small town Panadol GPs who can’t tell which end of the syringe is for injection. This irrationality assumes that without the NEP there won’t be more doctors. The stupid Malaiyoo that he is, Mahathir can’t recognize his own irrationality and the DAP lynch mob doesn’t call him out — for further assuming that there is no other way to produce more Malay doctors, and better ones at that, better than those who graduate from Mara.

Malaysia has been through the same rigmarole that’s being hounded as Najib Razak’s failures. In Harapan, Mahathir with his new mouthpieces, Rais and Saiful, talk grandly of reforms to the system they cultivated. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This is Mahathir’s last gasp.


Mahathir’s Pipe-Piper Boys


Above and below, Saiful and Rais are today the new whistle boys for Harapan and Mahathir combined. On the Malaysiakini platform, they pipe into the blue, as if some social science intellectual star on a save Malaysia mission.

At the end of whistling, what is it they really want? It is to reinstall Mahathir….

Then look behind their credentials what does one further find? Saiful is a fascist, who believes in the supremacy of some camel herder voodoo god named Allah, the same Allah from the towel heads Nik Ibrahim and Hadi Awang. These Malaiyoos….


Hey Rais, when you came down from your kampung tree hut you left behind your dick brains, you piece of Malaiyoo pig.


Think Tong DAP


Liew Chin Tong: “Like that, like my dick, my tsunami days will end.”

And Mkini’s Steven Gan calls him a political ‘strongman’? Some strongman… when he can’t string a coherent argument in two sentences.

Like Rais is to Islamic Bersatu, Think Tong Anglophile is to Christian DAP. But look at the duck face, waffling in his tongue, saliva oozing. Are you sick, Mr Liew?


Mahathir, Malaiyoo Satan



No, we don’t have to tolerate ‘lesser evils’

Maryam Lee (above) is correct — up to a point, the non-tolerant part. After which, it is where she falters and falters badly. How does she know a thing is evil if not because there is a good? Here’s an answer tip: only evil could make possible for good to exist.

Round and round Maryam goes in a merry-go…


This is the trouble with Christians, Muslims, and the DAP/PKR lynch mobs: they are so gweilos, so Anglophile.

Get real, Maryam, there is no evil in politics; there is just Najib Razak vs Mahathir Mohamad. Get the fuck out of the carousel and matters will clear. Forget the Pakatan lynch mob; they are just a pack of toothless barking dogs. Besides, what the fuck do they know?

But, if you still want to see true evil for what it really looks, Allah has told us (you weren’t listening then): He is Mahathir Mohamad, the Syaitan of Malaysia.


三寸天堂 / 二胡

Three inches of heaven — erhu

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Reply to Rais Hussin

In 1,138 words on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) subject, Rais Hussin (above) spent 800 words talking about the West. Those 800 plus words is, in Rais’s word, ‘telling’: it says of a man struggling to give an intellectual sheen to his fascist master’s voice — Mahathir Mohamad’s.

Rais’s language is also telling about his motives, pouring scorn on China by dressing it up like he is offering rational argument. Let’s start, therefore, as Rais did, with Teresa May. (For a full text of the Rais diatribe, see further below.)

Rais: Why did May pass on the chance to ingratiate herself with President Xi Jinping’s signature project?


Let’s consider the Rais syllogism, that is, his irrationality. In Beijing, May didn’t say no nor yes. So, what is it then to ingratiate? If May ingratiate herself with Xi, then Rais Hussin will do likewise? And how will Rais ingratiate? Stick his prick out of his pants for Malaiyoo dogs to lick?

More to the point: Since when did China asked for May’s endorsement? Or Britain’s? This is because BRI is not a project, much less a ‘signature’ project of Xi Jinping. We Chinese, and that includes Xi, do not need endorsement from Malaiyoos, the British much less, for what we want to do. Hence, if, indeed, there is a ‘signature project’ it is not even outside China but inside. China and the Chinese matter more to us, and to Xi, than the like of Mahathir or Rais Hussin; we don’t need to curry favor their arses.

BRI, hence, is an initiative, an idea. You are welcome to participate, join in for the benefit of all, or to toss it aside: the choice is not ours, only the suggestion is. If you are paranoia and xenophobic, seeing ghost at every turn, like Donald Trump and Mahathir, then don’t bother with our idea. Fuck off, so you can stop making threats like Mahathir is wont to do all the time.

A Pakatan Harapan government, if it comes to that, is welcome to cancel all the projects undertaken under Najib Razak’s administration. You think we don’t know that and still went ahead to make those deals?


Rais: To begin with, May wasn’t sure if BRI could succeed.

The syllogism again: How does Rais know what May doesn’t know? It is queer isn’t it, May isn’t sure BRI would succeed but Rais is sure that it would fail. And what is it to succeed? Measured by what? How long?

This is the trouble with make-pretend intellectual Anglophiles like Rais. He thinks in terms of English verbiage — success, failure and that sort of thoughts — that pretends there is solidity to wind. So, as Hannah Yeoh would say, he is ‘low class’.


Rais: …it was actually the Reaganite and Thatcherite revolution of “small government” that transformed the world with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad doing his earnest best to create a smart partnership that combined the private and public sector throughout the 1980s.

Well we know what that ‘smart partnership’ has led to in the present. Don’t we? Toll roads, MAS, Perwaja, Proton and on and on and on and on.

And did Rais actually say ‘small government revolution’? Does that man even know any elementary economics? Any at all? Has he any idea what was US government debt before Reagan and after? This guy, Rais, is pathetic. His scholarship ineptitude and his woolly language hark back to the opening remarks of this posting: “a man struggling to give an intellectual sheen to his fascist, master’s voice — Mahathir Mohamad.”


Replying to little media hacks such as Rais is tiresome. So we’ll just cut to the chase.


Rais: Harapan is not anti-trade nor anti-China. They are simply pro-Malaysia and pro-trade for development that can benefit the people, not just the Umno/BN or PAS elites.

Harapan not anti-trade nor anti-China? Yes, of course, not. Rais is also not anti-China. Only Mahathir is. He was never anti-Chinese; he is just pro-Malay.

Again, back to the point: the fact that Rais has to repeat, for the umpteenth time, that apologia of a statement is revealing. It shows Harapan, Bersatu in particular, is a racist, fascist endeavor no different from Umno when Mahathir was readmitted into the party and the government by Abdul Razak.


From Malaysiakini, by Rais Hussin

‘I am not racist. I am simply pro-fascist.’

COMMENT | British Prime Minister Theresa May, in her recent trip to China, politely declined to endorse the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China.

Had she done so, a post-Brexit Britain, which must happen by March 29, 2019, would have found a way to return to Asia Pacific in a big way. That is after returning Hong Kong to China in 1997 too.

But why did May pass on the chance to ingratiate herself with President Xi Jinping’s signature project? After all, BRI seeks to physically connect China with 64 countries across Euro-Afro-Asia continent.

Even Turkey is a member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), despite not being a dialogue or sectoral partner of Asean or the Asian Development Bank in any way.

If Turkey wants to get into European Union, which is still comprised of 27 member states, and at the same time benefit from the same logic of the BRI, which has even more marketplaces to exploit and explore, why can’t London do the same?

Even Japan, knowing that the US under President Donald Trump has looked inward to jettison the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), has looked favourably at the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) backed by China and other Asian countries.

In other words, when an economic agreement promises more marketplaces and opportunities, it is a good thing to follow up on it no matter whether it is called ‘One Belt One Road’ or just BRI.

In fact, by the end of 2016 alone, BRI-related investment in Malaysia alone shot up by 116 percent. according to Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Surely, if Malaysia can enjoy such a huge spike in Chinese investment, the same can be claimed by Britain with or without Brexit in the background; perhaps especially because of Brexit since access to European Union would have been shrunk by some 26 peer states that Britain could have otherwise claimed as fellow members.

Yet, May and her foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, refused to accept the BRI even while on a visit to Beijing itself. This British attitude is telling. And, a new Malaysia, ideally with a new government able to displace and replace the corrupt Umno/BN government, should take note of Britain’s attitude.

To begin with, May wasn’t sure if BRI could succeed. If such a massive geopolitical project failed, it would be akin to various African and Latin American countries calling for the New International Economic Order (NIEO) in the chambers of the UN General Assembly in the mid-1970s.

Incidentally, the failure of NIEO happened despite the support provided by China when former paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping proclaimed the dawn of a new “Third World” which Chairman Mao had vouched to support. But NIEO failed anyway.

Instead, it was actually the Reaganite and Thatcherite revolution of “small government” that transformed the world with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad doing his earnest best to create a smart partnership that combined the private and public sector throughout the 1980s.

While the supply-side or trickle-down economics of Reagan and Thatcher have their respective problems, leading to the rise of populist Trump and xenophobic Britain, Malaysia has seen the same problems.

In Malaysia, while the Umno/BN government continues to tout the growth of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), even a reduction of 0.1 percent of its Gini Coefficient that measures the inequity of income, truly Mahathir and the rest of his colleagues in Pakatan Harapan know that Malaysia hasn’t gained from deep and broad growth. After all, you cannot eat GDP.

Only 10 percent of the Malaysians paid income tax over the past ten years. Meanwhile, GST is imposed on Malaysians for every single transaction.

Predatory economics

Over the last three years, while BN government has collected an average of RM42 billion in tax revenue, no one knows how the money is actually spent – since the 16 percent of the development expenditure of the Federation of Malaysia is still taxed by one-quarter by the Prime Minister’s Office alone.

At any rate, May and Johnson could not endorse BRI because they are not even sure if BRI is the manifestation of what US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (photo) called “predatory economics”?

If it is, then the BRI of China is closely connected to the South China Sea and its islands of which Malaysia is also a rightful claimant.

As things stand, when Hong Kong gravitated towards the BRI, Moody’s credit rating agency this year downgraded the financial city’s credit rating. Aware that it is not seen kindly internationally, even the BRI is trying to get a friendly rating from Fitch and Standards and Poor’s.

For the lack of a better word, no one knows what is the totality of the BRI. When in a hole, stop digging. But Malaysia seems hell-bent on joining the BRI even without knowing the outcomes and deliverables other than what China had promised.

In 2015, some 1,500 BRI contracts were signed. But the Center of China and Globalisation in Beijing also admitted the US$1.4 trillion BRI project carries with it top political risks. Even China’s own AIIB confirmed to Financial Times that they can only assess a project on a case by case basis – not wholesale.

The Malacca Gateway project, for example, seeks to make Malacca the centre of entertainment, maritime engineering and abode of comfortable living.

On the side of Malaysia, it is supported by KAJD or KAJ Development. The fact is, Malaysians don’t know if these companies – real or merely acting as shells – have the capabilities and resources to complete all these massive projects.

To BRI or not to BRI?

If the BRI is good and sound and free from unnecessary corruption, the Malaysian government under Harapan will support it wholeheartedly. But if BRI or some specks of it carry the imprint of corruption, then Mahathir’s advice would have to be followed.

Contracts all awarded by Najib and his cabinet would have to be reviewed and audited again through stringent forensics. And any ill-gotten gain will have to be returned to the “rakyat” or the people.

To BRI or not to BRI, that is not the question. The question is do we know what is BRI at all, beyond the razzmatazz that Beijing has put up?

If the headlines are more glitzy and appealing than the reality on the ground, then the trade negotiators who have found these movies secure and comfortable in each of their well-nestled projects would have to start their negotiations anew – with full transparency.

After all, if Thailand can professionally push China into at least 18 rounds of negotiations for the Bangkok and Nong Chai High-Speed Railway project, why can’t Malaysia, which is a sovereign country, do the same?

Harapan is not anti-trade nor anti-China. They are simply pro-Malaysia and pro-trade for development that can benefit the people, not just the Umno/BN or PAS elites.

As Jeremy Corbyn famously declared: For the many, not the few.

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How do you bury a tyrant who simply won’t lie down and die? Read him the Psalms?




Revisiting history avoids its future


Shuzheng: There is a term you have begun using, crypto-Mahathiristas. That was interesting in two parts. First. It reminds of crypto-currencies, of Bitcoins, things like that, which resonates with people who are completely unrealistic, just quacks, but they try to be more important than they really are and which they can only do online. But, the second part. Mahathiristas?  How did that come about?

Kua: Mahathir. Need I say more? The term ‘istas’ is a Latin derivative, an accusative form.

Shuzheng: An accusative form attached to a noun. In your case a name. Adding ‘istas’ to Mahathir’s name conjures the image of an army of slave soldiers, like little toys. Mahathir says jump and they will leap out of the Petronas towers.

Kua: Hahaha. Who’s going to catch them when they land?

Shuzheng: The Red Shirt platoon, I guess.

Kua: But let’s name names. Who?

Shuzheng: Muhyiddin Yassin. Mukhriz. Lim Kit Siang. These are the Mahathristas who make the Mahathristas argument that without Mahathir, Malaysia is finished, can’t save Malaysia.

Kua: Hahaha.

Shuzheng: You know the trouble with that argument, why it rings hollow. It is the flip side of the Umno argument that, without the party, the Malays are finished; the Chinese will control and eat them. So, without Mahathir, Malaysia is finished. How is a country doomed anyway?

Kua: It doesn’t, and it is just a fallacy. Civilizations come and go, people endure. Mahathir started on that way back in the 1970s. Mahathiristas are the extension of the Umnoputras. They presume there’s some purity, a pure state, in which lives a country. Like when a baby is born, people say it is pure innocence. That’s rubbish. But, worse than their presumption — this pure state to which politics could return Malaysia to — is their belief in their own stupidities. It is a very Christian thing, an Eden paradise. They are so indoctrinated from childhood.

Shuzheng: This pure state, I agree, has its religious roots, both Christian and Islamic. People who used to hate Mahathir now declare their love for him. How did that happen?

Kua: The truth? Or the Malaysiakini Guide to it?

Shuzheng: Of course the truth.

Kua: It is simple, really. Mahathir is a friend of Anwar, who is a friend of Lim Kit Siang, who was once married to Che Guevara, and Che was Jesus Christ, and Jesus is love, therefore we have to love Mahathir. And to save Malaysia.

Shuzheng: We have to? What’s going to happen if we love Mahathir and that doesn’t save Malaysia? Makes it worse?

Kua: Then we blame Najib Razak and Umno and PAS and the Elections Commission and everybody else.

Shuzheng: I see that you know your daodejing. Laozi: ‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.’ Though you apply that ethical value to Kit Siang but is he even Chinese?

Kua: Well, he has a Chinese name, he does read Chinese, and he originates from Fujian.

Shuzheng: Read Chinese? A little yes. But he can’t string a proper sentence. Either way you put, it doesn’t fully qualify him as Chinese, not as far as we are concerned. Chinese history is replete with double-crossers and backstabbers. What I mean is, has he the consciousness of Chinese ethical culture so that when you tell him Laozi he understands? On the contrary, he is an Anglophile, a banana, yellow outside, White inside.

Kua: Anglophile? Careful there. I would be very close to it. My wife is White. Also remember I’m Marxist. Does that make me Anglophile?

Shuzheng: No. Minimally, you are not married to Jesus. So, no Anglophile there. But as a Marxist, it makes you a Chinese Marxist. And Marx hated the British capitalist system though he depended on it, materially. An Anglophile like Kit Siang knows nuts about Marxism. Don’t forget, he grew up with pigs. Literally. He went to Anglo schools and were fed on a biblical diet of English values, priorities, culture, Jane Austen, pastoral farms, preachers and that sort of thing. And he has internalized all that; he knows only that.

Kua: Then we’ll have to forgive him for being an Anglophile. It isn’t his fault.

Shuzheng: You are being presumptuous. The disease called Anglophilia is not inherited. It was acquired and that’s by choice.

Kua: Malaysia’s circumstances at the time were like that so there was little of an opportunity to be otherwise. Chinese education alone, not Malay nor Tamil, stood up against Anglo influence. Otherwise, we won’t be talking, would we? You come from a later generation so you were less susceptible to that influence.

Shuzheng: Now, you make me wish Kit Siang’s generation all die, the sooner the better. But Anglophilia is easily transferred. So you won’t find the end of them. The Mahathiristas are a variant of this Anglophile class. The crypto part is applicable only in the last two, three years.

Kua: Yes, of course. They speak English, think great of Parliament, of Bentham, talk only of politics in terms of power, and can cite only western ideas even if those ideas are dead ones. Which is why I chose the Laozi quotation. Anglophiles never think in those terms: the Anonymous, Invisible Great Leader. They want and need role models and heroes like those in Snow White baby stories.

Shuzheng: That makes them stupid. Morons?

Kua: Yes, in short. Absolutely. I’m sure you have read those Malaysiakini comments. All of them are very personal, against me, name calling and so on. The crypto-Mahathiristas could never find the core of the issue for pining after that tyrant. They think purely in terms of power, of winning, and not how they are going to come to acquire that power. This was Mahathir’s basis for rule: Get that power then do what you like.

Shuzheng: Those comments in Malaysiakini especially keep telling you to forget the past and ‘move on’, they say. Your answer to these crypto-Mahathiristas.

Kua: They can fuck off.

Shuzheng: That’s cryptic. But let me interpret that fuck off bit: we are talking to very stupid Malaysians, especially those online. They don’t know how to read, they know nothing of what politics is suppose to do, and they don’t know how to make an argument. In short, a pretty dumb crowd led by dumb politicians and written about by dumb journalists. They are modern, online soothsayers. Mahathir said Malaysia can be saved. So they say Malaysia will be saved by Mahathir. Is there anyone more dumb?

Kua: What to do? You can only hope that, out there, someone within the establishment is clever enough to sieve grain from fluff. Mahathir, for example, is not a clever man but that he has endured, it isn’t because his ideas were profound, not even good, but because no one has come forward to — or dare to – call him a charlatan. So it’s a long shot. To avoid the past, we will simply destroy the future. Look at the present: Is it not the future that Mahathir built from 30, 40 years ago that he now says is being destroyed and wants saved?

Shuzheng: You feel sorry for Malaysia?

Kua: No, not at all. It’s inevitable. A revolution is not a one-time event. It is a process.

Shuzheng: But it’s a process that needs, in Malaysia, a hero. You said so yourself. Any hero. Heroes are narcissistic. Malaysians can never save themselves because they love themselves too much. Instead, all want to save the country which they themselves made. Malaysians love heroes like liberals love John Locke  and Kant. Liberals ignore that Kant was a racist; he wrote (in ‘Physical Geography‘), ‘Humanity is at its greatest perfection in the race of the whites.’ Locke was another fucker. God, he said, gave the world ‘to the use of the industrious and rational’. By world, he meant North America, so white people had the right to the land of American native Indians. This is the same sort of fallacy and policy device Mahathir used against the Chinese to enrich his Malay cronies: Malays came first, therefore they are entitled to property at any price he sets. Now, he is hailed as a savior and the crypto-Mahathiristas are given him a second go at repeating the same Mahathirista method Najib uses to transact government property. Many crypto-Mahathiristas today are from your generation. What’s wrong with your generation?

Kua: Wrong? Haha. Too much Mahathir; too much religion; too much English, never enough Chinese…. Does that answer your question?

Shuzheng: Back to Anglophilia. Are you an Anglophile?

Kua: No, though I love scones and marmalade. Let me ask you a question in turn?

Shuzheng: Go ahead.

Kua: What have you got against Anglophiles?

Shuzheng: Nothing. I just don’t like the way they squat and shit. And then they pee all over the toilet bowl. They fart too loud. Don’t they have mothers to teach them toilet manners?

The Malays were naturally involved in the anti-Chinese campaign. But Anglophiles were at the forefront of it, a campaign of public shaming, public ridicule and absurd moral accusations of Chinese being greedy, malevolent and so on. It is like this #MeToo movement in the West. Which has gone too far, so far in fact that even touching a woman’s elbow is now considered sexual assault. Rape is a crime, now seduction is also a crime. Public shaming replaces due process. Chinese in Malaysia were treated like that, and worse, so being Chinese is a shame, even a crime. Mahathir launched it for its political objectives. But the media, especially in the English, people like Kadir Jasin, Ahirudin Attan, latched on to it. Later Ridhuan Tee, Hadi Awang, the Islamic types, all followed up. Everyone tended to overlook this racism just because their justification is political. But I think there is more to it. It’s another face of crypto-Mahathiristas, a bunch of fucking Islamofacists. And before they turn the country into another ISIS den, we should shoot the motherfuckers. Dead.

Kua: Is there no other way?

Shuzheng: You tell me.

Kua: For example, your shuzheng site. It is purposeful in standing up for being Chinese, to reverse this anti-Chinese bigotry.

Shuzheng: I see that these racist bigots, the crypto-Mahathiristas, are largely from your generation, speak and write mostly English, and so on. They tend to have fancy names like RD, Gladiator, Rocky, the Scribe, Big Dog, Tony, the Ponies and Joshies. What’s wrong with your generation? Is your generation a sick lot?

Kua: Sick? Probably. Why not if, as you often say, they will even fuck their own mothers.

Shuzheng: Thank you for talking to us, Mr Kua. I am glad you didn’t name yourself Pony or Prick Dog or something like that. But it’s okay if you name your next daughter, Annie the Lady.

All that above was imagined, of course.


In Malaysia…


Of the top ten losses, nine happened under Mahathir’s watch.


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