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annaleeAbove, Annabelle Lee: Even in imitation as a western copy then crowning herself with an English name, she is progressive. Contained in a single word, it had to be four syllables long with four vowels. What an Anglophile witch….



DAP’s Chinese Politics

& a Progressive Malaysian


Annabelle Lee (above) considers herself as something of a ‘Progressive’, more precisely a ‘Malaysian Progressive’. Although the word progressive is unexplained but she probably means to say she is way ahead of everybody in the way she thinks of the world and of the societies around her.

Progressives desire to shape the world after their fashion, the way one becomes a Christian to shake off the past, traditions, customs, culture and so on, and to don new clothes, acquire a new language, even a new name. As some ‘masuk Melayu‘, others ‘masuk Olang Putih‘. To Christians, ‘born-again‘ ones in particular, their inherited culture is ‘low class’, and literally a ‘yoke’ to be cast off.  Hence, here’s Annabelle, and the above named organization is something of a church that’s to be emblematic of her arrival and to gather the flock wherein she can announce the answers to the problems of the world, usually political ones, in Malaysia especially. It’s also her pulpit platform from which to stand bellowing and to holler.

Anna needs it.

Progressives like Anna talk a lot, shout the loudest often heavily laced with biblical quotations. An Anna favorite is (predictably) 2 Timothy 1:7: For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. In that order of priorities, power is first. Shouting is power, and yelling at Malaysians from Melbourne is power. Bantah Trump is especially a demonstration of that power.

Love? She loves herself more than her mother, which explains why she loves listening to herself bellowing and the comeuppance smirking selfie in her Twitter photo. Self-discipline? If she had that, she would be yelling less.

Progressivism has had a long history. Consider the following lines from Theogony in the pre-Christian Greek era:

Verily first of all did Chaos come into being, and then broad-bosomed Gaia (Earth), a firm seat of all things forever,… Out of Chaos, Erebos and black Night came into being; and from black Night, again, came Aither and Day, whom she conceived and bore after mingling in love with Erebos. …

Now, check out another biblical mythology in the opening passage of the Genesis:

And God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light ‘day’, and the darkness he called ‘night’. And there was evening and there was morning — the first day. …

This present era of faking news, ‘Good News’ is how the Bible is often termed, didn’t begin in Malaysia nor did it begin with Reuters or Malaysiakini. Progressivism is the western conception of linearity, not Daoist cyclical change that the Chinese accept is the very nature of the world. Hence, in both Theogony and the Genesis is the progression from nothingness to something, from chaos to order, from light to day.

Although people like Anna would say progressivism’s applicability is universal, that is, across all cultures and societies and religions, its birth is clearly the West wherein is the messianic idea that if the barbaric, chaotic non-White societies, Asian or African, were to emulate Europe, the conditions in your life would improve: subscribe to their God as one subscribes to Twitter and MPOZ, acquire their English language, eat their fish and chips, and buy into their democracy politics.

From Wiki:

Sociologist Robert Nisbet defines five “crucial premises” of the Idea of Progress as being: value of the past; nobility of Western civilization; worth of economic/technological growth; scientific/scholarly knowledge obtained through reason over faith; the intrinsic importance and worth of life on Earth. … The contemporary common political conception of progressivism in the culture of the Western world emerged from the vast social changes brought about by industrialization in the Western world in the late 19th century, particularly out of the view that progress was being stifled by vast economic inequality between the rich and the poor; minimally regulated laissez-faire capitalism with monopolistic corporations…, claiming that measures were needed to address these problems.

In Progressivism thus is a short-hand for left-wing politics: If only the barbaric societies that needed ‘saving’ (remember Save Malaysia?) were to adopt the western progress model, chaos would turn into order. One often hears the same derision from DAP’s Hannah Yeoh and Liew Chin Tong: Other people, Malays in particular, are so ‘low class’.

Progressives are, in their origins, birthed by Christiandom. A person such as Anna is therefore Anglophile first, Christian next, then Progressive — in that order. Take that formula and you’d find it filling the ranks of the DAP and PKR: Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong, Anthony Loke, Liew Chin Tong, Howard Lee, Charles Santiago…, the same types who grew up in the La Salle and going to the same school in Australia, feeding on toast and marmalade for breakfast.

They would exploit the disenchantment of the Chinese electorate in Malaysia, milk it for all that it’s worth, and once they get to Parliament continue their shouting, not on the basis of the vote received but that they have been endowed and blessed by God instead; one hears this peppered in the speeches of Howard Lee (a Hannah protege) and Charles Santiago. Other than the subscription to another name of a God, are they any different from a PAS MP? Is it any surprise they write and speak primarily in English — it would be, they claim, their mother tongue — and that they would claim Chinese second? (Of course, they won’t say that when they go hustling for votes.)

PKR’s Saifuddin Abdullah lies when he say that Pakatan and Bersatu were protesting against the inhumanity in Donald Trump’s barring of seven Muslim nationals from the US. How could Saifuddin advocate for the same thing as did PAS bigots, protesting in front of the same embassy a day earlier? How could Christianity or Islam, either of which promise you fire and brimstone if you refused their God, has any sense of humanity?

Progressives and Anglophiles, Malay or Chinese, can’t and won’t tolerate another human different from them, different from Annabelle.

Yee Weejie misses the point when he denounced this Malaysian hypocrisy. The like of Saifuddin and Annabelle act not out of hypocrisy but because their progressive politics feed off from the same cultural and value systems they import from the West and which are lodged in Umno racism and enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution, with the Orwellian line such as, ‘All are created equal but some are more equal than others‘.

  • Hence, Lim Kit Siang has no problems sleeping with Mahathir Mohamad who wants to specifically ban Chinese from China entering Malaysia for whatever purpose, business in particular: power first, you see. Hence, the DAP complains about Trump’s discriminatory policies while does nothing to stop Mahathir’s or Bersatu’s discrimination in replicating Umno politics.
  • Human rights is for those with the power. Hence, Kit Siang complains about hudud laws but does nothing to protest Bersatu and PKR from dealing with PAS and from distinguishing Pakatan away from emulating Umno in baiting the Malay votes.

There is an Annabelle in all the DAP and PKR Anglophile motherfuckers, imitation Progressives conniving in their blindness to their own racism, looking down on others who see the world different from them.


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Truth vs Claims

‘Tanah Melayu belongs to Malays because the name has the word Melayu.’ — Kadir’s Logic


Post-Truth: Where claims become truths

Truths needed to be argued out. They took shape in discourse, debate, and dialogue.

(But) that sense of truth as the product of self-critical search and dialogue does not characterize the moment we live in now. The cultural-political air is filled with competing truth claims, shouted angrily and with barely a shred of doubt. Some of what fills the air — more thickly and noxiously than any democracy can ultimately stand — is lying. — Daniel Rodgers in the ‘The Chronicle Review’

The problem with our “post-truth” politics is that a large share of the population has moved beyond true and false. They thrill precisely to the falsehood of a statement, because it shows that the speaker has the power to reshape reality in line with their own fantasies of self-righteous beleaguerment. — Adam Kirsch, ‘New York Times’


From the NY Times, headlined:

10 Times Trump Spread Fake News

Donald J. Trump demonstrating from his office in Trump Tower how he sends Twitter messages through his smartphone.


But it isn’t just Trump who employ such methods. He is outdated, on point of fact, late to the game.

Long before him, long before there was even a President Donald Trump, there were Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Kadir Jasin — the Umno Malays who together had turned out this rotten country named Malaysia, got booted, but now wants to be back in the game, using the same methods as before, while in Umno, lying with the news and faking with their claims. Such inept Malays, so passe, so outdated.


This Wrecked Country &


the Malaiyoos Who Want to be Back In


Governed so far by Umno Malays, Malaysia trails behind the world in nearly every facet of life, schooling, good jobs, clear thinking, even as rudimentary and as foundational as culture and ethics (decency and conduct), although it produces thousands of muftis and religious ‘scholars’. (GDP growth is not a measure of a country’s success; if it were Saudi Arabia would be the best place to live in.)

Malaysia exports terrorists, beginning Indonesia, south Thailand, south Philippines, later to Afghanistan then Islamic State and Syria. It dispatches offshore sexual offenders, most infamously Selva Kumar Subbiah, 30 women in Canada alone, and Rizalman Ismail, the diplomat who squatted on his victim’s lawn to shit then walked into her kitchen, his brown Malaiyoo dick still dangling without an underwear. Equally infamous, there is, of course, Jho Low of Penang, to Muslims a kafir, collaborating with Allah’s chosen Muslims, particularly one Saudi named al Qubashi and even an Arab prince with a turkey for a name.

Back home, Mahathir Mohamad talk as if Malaysia is a world wonder, an Islamic paradise on earth, everybody from the brown to white skins, from the Mindanao swamps to the deserts of Syria, are hankering to get in. The Chinese are no exception, he has told the Malays who once sat on his lap to govern this country for 50, 60 years and producing this sick, mad country, which he now adds, needs saving, but not from him. On the outside today, these Malays wants to be back in the game.

So, they had themselves renamed Bersatu, in order to distinguish themselves from the disasters wrought by them and in order to deposit all the blame on one man they had picked up, raised and cultivated. Najib Razak, it must be remembered, was fatherless since young. Malaysia’s failures today, they are saying, had nothing to do with them: it’s all Najib’s fault and he alone, with his greed, his corruption, his policies.

But is it? This doubt is planted deliberate because that’s how the media hangers-on (Kadir Jasin) and other mamaks (Syed Akbar Ali) have been painting a picture in which all fingers point in just one direction — Najib.

(Akbar, for example, speaks of a collapsed education system which churn out more muftis than they are flies in Kadir’s jamban. He writes as if the classrooms were built last year, teachers hired the day after and the useless ‘national’ Malay syllabus invented yesterday. The state of affairs in the SatuSekolah schools is further evidence that the Chinese must be kept apart from Malays — classrooms, everything — because anything that the Malay touches, it turns to jamban shit.)

Back to Old Horse.

In passing the buck, Mahathir constructed his logic, like Kadirian logic, on the premise that he had repeatedly failed to pick a good successor. So, what’s a good successor? By whose standards?

Musa Hitam never stood a chance to move to the top. Nor Ghafar Baba. What about Anwar Ibrahim, the man he had picked and then out of a whim jailed? Now, he wants Anwar back in and not because he has had a change of heart in reconsidering Anwar to be a worthy successor. Hardly; Najib had no opponent more worthy than Anwar; even Mahathir, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his slimy tongue, he needed a mouthwash in Anwar. The man has been helpless against Najib although some Malaiyoos think a big deal of him, no further proof needed to the contrary but look at the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-election results.

The extend and depth of Mahathir’s deception and lying isn’t new, of course. Throughout his tenure, Umno employed methods which, naturally enough, is today repeated in Bersatu: fake claims, fake news, false assertions, the dissemination of all of which happens through his blog today since he has no Kadir Jasin, nor the New Straits Times, nor Utusan to do the propaganda courier work.

If Bersatu Malays today reproduce their Umno script, write back in the same ideas and restore the same policies — essentially putting back in the old Umno — how is Malaysia saved from its rotten, failed state which Mahathir is directly responsible for? If Najib is alone at fault, then how is a man like he to undo all 50 years of Umno’s doing, put back the pieces in under six years, except for this single truth, Malaysia under Mahathir was actually constructed on a foundation of sand in the first place. Does a thief save himself from his own loot? If not by deceit and by lies, how does the wrecking ball named Mahathir restores the house from which he himself has completely laid to waste?

Bersatu Spread Fake News to Attack Najib

The Forest City episode in Johor is worth repeating for it is a classic in the depth of Mahathir’s deception, the sort of deceit modeled from especially the days when he governed and ruled. Even the subject matter — Chinese and land — is especially identical.

Mahathir’s fascism is so well documented its become tired repetition to speak of fake news. The most recent example illustrates Mahathir’s pathological habit to lie and deceive. Here,

Forest City will open the floodgates for Chinese immigrants, like Syrians entering Europe.

  • Instigation. Is that statement some sort of fake News? A fictitious claim? Prophecy? A judgment? No one would call it a lie, once he tags it as an ‘opinion’ which he would surely claim as his right. But is it even that? Opinion requires no certainty nor proof but at the minimum it requires an appraisal, right or wrong, drawn at least from some facts.

So, what are the facts: China is at war, like is Syria? Chinese are refugees? Forest City will be populated mostly or wholly by China and its citizens are hard-up to migrate to, like Mahathir’s father did, and to take up Malaysian ID? Once Forest City is opened for sale, all over Johor or Malaysia will be opened for sale likewise to Chinese?

Because the answers to those questions are so self-evident that there could be only one conclusion: Mahathir’s wasn’t even fabricating a news or lying with a claim. No, none of the above. He is out to instigate Malays against Chinese, betting that what worked before — his accuse-burn-then-destroy political trademark — will work again, picking up some votes, and dethrone Umno from Johor. If necessary tear down the country to achieve his object of destroying Najib. Small wonder, the Tunku wanted him expelled from Umno. Mahathir is incorrigible.

  • Deception. A picture connoted in the statement is that Malays, if they do not stop Forest City, Najib by extension, will be overwhelmed by wave upon wave of immigrants. Even if one were to grant him that as an ‘opinion’, why pick on the Chinese? More than a million Indonesians are in Malaysia illegally. Add Pakistanis, Banglas, Nepalis, Rohingyas, the illegal migrant population rises to almost 2 million, near equal the local Indian population.

Extrapolating on the migration figure is not the work of an opinion nor is it, like Mahathir is so wont to do, faking a claim. The immigrants are at present in Malaysia, and they hadn’t arrive last year. Mahathir’s industrialization and construction binge needed labor, a binge that Anwar had complained before was utterly unnecessary and a waste of resources.

But, today, anyone hear Mahathir complain about those migrants who he had taken in but now sit on Petaling Street pavements selling fake Rolex? No, we don’t hear him complain for the same reason Mahathir looked the other way and pretended not to know when Project IC went underway in Sabah. He won’t complain because he would lose Malay votes. More than half a million Filipino Muslims were brought into Sabah alone, turning the native Kadazandusun population into a minority. Just on that score, Mahathir’s got to be shot as a traitor. Today he hides behind the mask of a patriot and such labels as ‘Save Malaysia’.

Umno in Bersatu Form

By now, it ought to be abundantly clear: Umno isn’t just a political party that makes for an obvious target in an ABU (Anything But Umno) campaign. Haris Ibrahim and numerous others have grossly misjudged the nature of the enemy, mistaking Umno as a single monolithic entity when, instead, it is the nest of Malay beings who are parasitic on the host named Malaysia.

Mahathir et al could leave it, lodge themselves in another nest named Bersatu, but they are still Umno beings.

The deck of Malay political cards has not been reshuffled. That’s not the present situation. No, it is that Umno is full — greed, money, everything. It is a nest, with a constellation of money roads going in all directions, but has not enough place for everyone, and so has spawned itself, its individual members fighting over but feeding on the same host which they have named after themselves, Malaysia.

How should the Chinese respond to this change, electorally? Short answer: disrupt it which is also to say detach oneself from the host. The reasons for doing so are already detailed above. What’s unstated, however, has been this:

Before and after 2008, and whichever way the vote went, for or against Barisan, the Chinese lose (and so, too, the Indians and the natives). The Chinese political position did not deteriorate after 2008. It began with Mahathir who not only set the stage for Najib to do his worse but after the former challenged the latter. Recall that Mahathir didn’t begin attacking Najib because of 1MDB; it began because, Mahathir argued, Najib was amenable to the Chinese, Singapore included, and to political reforms.

Redrawing electoral boundaries began with Mahathir. Illegal immigration began with him. Money politics, too, because, after NEP, Malay politicians find themselves suddenly with access to money unheard of. The conviction of Khalid Samad under Syaria law is a direct consequence of Mahathir actions to support Anwar Islamisation. True, the wrecking of Malaysia has to do in part with Islam, more than before, but this just goes to show that the parasitic Malay in Umno has no consideration for the host, not especially other peoples who have as much right to be around as they.

Disruption’s purpose is to keep the Malays clawing at each other and Mahathir busy. If the Opposition wins, Mahathir lives to feed on another round.

Bersatu is Umno by another name; DAP the MCA of Barisan. This equation goes to explain DAP’s silence, indeed complicity in Mahathir’s attack against China and the Chinese; people like DAP’s Teo Nie Ching, PKR’s Latheefa Koya and others in Amanah have openly endorsed Mahathir.

Like the MCA who did nothing to stop Mahathir for 22 years, silence from Lim Kit Siang (another old dying man who likes listening to himself and has everything to say about anything) to the same bigotry and anti-Chinese racism have become symptomatic of such a diseased country, all together feeding on the same host, playing by the same rules and, so, one side never wins and no Malay truly loses.

What difference is there between the two sides, Najib and Mahathir? Zaid Ibrahim in between? The benign, rational front in the Opposition’s face, urging all to press on. He is their smiling Fraudster. (Thank you, Zaid, for your Spring new year wishes. We wish you too a prosperous 2017 and wish your number bet is the right one although, you must admit, 老马 laoma is an Old Horse. Hope he doesn’t break his bones on the tracks and fall on his shriveled prick.)

No Malay could be trusted today; it is that DNA nested in Umno which Mahathir has so amply demonstrated; this common deceit, this anything to power.

Disruption means to break down the formulaic status quo in which Malay on top, others are for them to sit on. Disrupting this status quo makes true all that has been real, Malay vs Rest of Malaysia, something that Barisan has managed to mask for decades and now Pakatan Harapan. Disrupting it is simple:

  • Where a seat is Chinese vs Chinese, vote DAP.
  • Where a seat is Chinese vs non-Chinese, vote Chinese even if the non-Chinese candidate is a DAP Malay.
  • Where a seat is Malay vs Malay, vote Barisan, never PKR or PAS and especially Bersatu.

If he won’t die, Mahathir ought to crippled from his prick down.

The Opposition will stay Opposition and Umno will remain in power and the general Malay population will squirm under the ineptness of their Malay leaders. So what? (One wish that the Motherland hadn’t invested in Malaysia, undoing all that the local Chinese have done — pull out — while, on the other hand, our compatriots help to sustain the economy and so prolong Umno power.)

But the Chinese have lived through worse times.

Disruption will bring all Malays to one side of Parliament’s aisle and the Chinese on the opposite side — an idea which is really not a bad thing if one were to think it through. That’s the reality, the unspoken truth. It has been Umno’s reason for being since Day One under Mahathir.

Disruption saves Malaysia from Mahathir, the man and his legacy. Umno reincarnate as Bersatu is a worse prospect than under Najib because found in the latter is the parasite in its original specie form: the Mahathir Malaiyoo.


Pop Quiz: What’s common to all three men?


Answer: Second generation Malay pendatang, all are children of immigrants but they claim, like so many fake claims, to be ‘sons of the soil’. What soil? Where? Sulawesi, 1000 miles away? Palembang? Or Pakistan? Such is the lie, repeated often enough, makes for the truth today.


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Letter to Bersatu

Dear Compatriots,

The Chinese have done no wrong to Malaysia nor Malays, taken nothing we didn’t pay for, earned from the sweat of our brows that which are now ours. Yet we are endlessly maligned. Grave and serious injustices have been committed against the Chinese (as well as Indians and others) and Mahathir Mohamad and numerous Malays are oblivious to them. It is trite to have to repeat them so we’ll only say what we wish for in our hearts.

For many of us our hearts belong to Malaysia — that there’s no doubt, even for an ‘ultra Cina’ such as I. Forget about loyalty or patriotism, these have to be deserving and don’t come free.

We wish only to lead normal, happy lives. That is, normal as humans, not as God nor saint, and happiness is something pursued not as an end state of being or a destination point. What makes us happy is our families, our children, our schools, our language, our music and arts, our traditions, our girlfriends and boyfriends, our ethics, our work, our freedom… These are neither abstractions nor theorizing; we have been in pursuit of the same for thousands of years and which, put together constitutes our culture, that is, our lives. Bound together — and each part being dependent on and wind up with the other — they make us Chinese.

What do the Malays want? Only you have the answer and we can’t answer for you.

You already know our thoughts: here, here, here, and much more inside these pages. Do they speak the truth? We ask you only this: Are we, the Chinese, when in pursuit of our happiness and normalcy, getting in the way of your desires and wants? This was Mahathir’s answer 50, 60 years ago when analyzing the state of affairs of the Malays: Yes, the Chinese are getting in the way of Malay betterment. It was a failed analysis. (Mahathir was never an intellectual nor an ethical philosopher; he was just a small town, cold and flu doctor.)

It was also never stated in those terms but that was Mahathir’s underlying presumption which have since morphed into an insidious poison gas, percolating everywhere and touching everything. Stupidity has today gotten over him and those that came after.

Najib Razak is no accident of history. Umno birthed, raised and nurtured him. Grow melons, get melons; grow beans, get beans. That is to say, he is also in large part the creature of Mahathir: such a monster and thief would have emerged later when not sooner because Umno from its roots and its political raison d’etre was designed strictly for such a purpose. The purpose of which was to build not an independent, self-reliant but a dependent, now, thieving Malay. Umno has to. Being dependent was made self-justifying: we are ketuanan, we are bumis, we are more deserving than Chinese and on and on.

If Mahathir, along with his cohorts, cannot acknowledge this simple error — having stepped out on the wrong foot into the journey of a thousand li — nothing new will come forth from Bersatu. You will be stuck in your past. Your morality was wrong, your ethics worse. With your denial and your continuing cultivation of delusions, you might win votes and seats, and even become prime minister but that’s just repeating your errors.

If that were to be the case then all this, written here, is just so much whistling in the wind. You fulfill your own prophecy. You are your own, greatest enemy. Not the Chinese.

But, just on the one chance in a thousand you see through the mirror of your folly, then a new Sino-Malay era has a distinct possibility of emerging. China and the Chinese have no ill-designs for the Malays. What the fuck for? We have all that we need — and more — because, as you can see, we know self-reliance and we value our independence.

If on the chance Malays get off from underneath their own trap, I believe, very strongly, a great new birth of a civilization to prosper Malays and, of course, the Chinese as well as others — here, one thinks of the Orang Asli — is truly possible. We can together build a great nation, one of the best in the region, in this part of the world. But, for that to happen, begin to speak the truth, first to yourself.



Postscript: Every crisis presents an opportunity. Seize it!

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Clarity from Muh


Satu Kalimah? Sure, of course. But, don’t forget to include Muh and Mah: What a bunch of lagi sekali losers.


When lawyers argue, they think a big deal of the thing they call ‘temperate language’. In hospitals, doctors never tell the relatives of patients: ‘your mother just died’. They say, ‘passed away’.

When inviting comments, Kadir Jasin would preface his invitation with the following: ‘No anonymous comments will be published. Pseudonym is accepted. Be respectful. No swearing.‘ It didn’t matter to Kadir when referring to Jho Low he instead says, “Inilah Cina kawan keluarga Najib…” You’d never hear him refer to Riza Aziz as “Inilah bumi Melayu anak keluarga Najib.” Kadir was, of course, being ‘respectful’ when picking on the Chinese — and he didn’t swear. Indeed, what a respectful and polite Kadir Motherfucker Jasin.

Malay ‘unity’ in politics has the same Kadirian euphemistic, woolly hypocrisy. In plain terms, it means you keep that which is yours, we keep ours, and outside let’s unite to deal with the Chinese.

When Umno was judged unlawful to have operated the way it did, Mahathir Mohamad, Kadir’s man-god, promptly created Umno Baru — sacking the judges after that. When Razaleigh Hamzah was sidelined by Mahathir, he created Semangat. When Muhyiddin Yassin was shown the door out of Umno, there came Bersatu or Pribumi (or whatever).

Khalid Samad might say that the DNA of PAS still thrives outside the party, even in Amanah. Khalid doesn’t know, though, that such a DNA is not peculiar to PAS alone. (Absurdly, Khalid says such a DNA is, ‘lama‘, showing that he knows shit about the biological science of DNA.) No; rather, it is a DNA specific to Melayu politics: perpetually playing a double game; it is constantly hypocritical; it uses doublespeak language and employs deceit. In lawyer terms, that DNA word is being ‘temperate’. In motherfucker-Kadir terms, it’s being ‘respectful’.

All these shenanigans explain why even Zaid Ibrahim is befuddled and found it necessary to ask Muh for ‘clarity’ when talking about the role of Bersatu in Pakatan Harapan and in its relations with PAS. But then Zaid is Malaiyoo. So, he should readily know what the chicanery from Muh is all about, especially why the latter would say Bersatu has ‘no problems with anybody‘, PAS in particular.

Of course, Bersatu has problems with everybody, PAS and Amanah especially. For the same reason Najib Razak wants PAS on his side, Muh wants PAS as well: Umno and Bersatu, respectively, are first cousins both possessing the same jugglery, double game helix DNA.

Such kind of fraudulent conduct flatters PAS enormously. And, so, it plays along, the same deceitful game. While Party No. 1 Hadi Awang, after a round of 70 million ringgit dedak feed, hugs Najib, Party No. 2 Tuan Ibrahim Mat says there is going to be no deal with Umno. After which,  Ibrahim has the gall to go around asking for ‘hormat‘. Here is your hormat, Tuan: fuck your mother.

Bottom line is this: All three Malay parties fight on the same turf, pray to the same god, speak the same flocculent language, and employ the same muddled, shaggy tactics to get at the same votes. Which is to say they are, really, the same DNA, one trying to come out on top of the other. And, which is also to say that they don’t — and won’t, not yesterday, not ever — contest each other on political and ethical principles, nor on moral philosophies. No, they rather stay out of each others’ way when, separately, they go about selling their racism.

Now, Zaid, is that so hard to understand the ‘clarity’?

The Melayu, Kadir’s respectful Malay readers notwithstanding, is truly fucked.

Long live Najib! Long live the Malaiyoo!


Kadir, any more ‘respectful’ sign of Malaiyoo salvation from Above? Save Malaysia? Did you mean save the Malays?

But how to save the Malays: You and Najib same, same PAS DNA. In DNA there’s no lama, no baru. You didn’t know that, did you?

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As Mahathirism burns behind him, Mahathir attempts to save himself from himself.


Mahathirism in a nutshell:

…, it must give the people in the rural constituencies and the unsophisticated urban constituencies the kind of comfort associated with UMNO’s kind of racism.  (The quotation appeared at a Chedet’s 2016 August page since removed.)

Next, the existential Malay as defined also by Mahathir Mohamad:

For the rural people who largely are poor, race is not only important but they believe is essential for their well-being. UMNO’s popularity is because it is a racial party.

But, because those words constitute Mahathirism, none of them is new — you’ll find the same ingredients of those thoughts in The Malay Dilemma, Mahathir’s pseudo sociological tract — although they constitute the prologue and the brick and mortar justification for Bersatu’s founding. (The Registrar of Societies says not to use the term Bersatu. But, then, they are just assholes reporting to the Thief.)

People probably think nothing of those lines; they seem all too self-evident. But reread them slowly then chew over their embedded ideas: Malay equals rural; Malay equals poor; (and especially these last two points) Malay equals Umno; and, Malay equals racism.

Those concepts, taken for granted for half a century and since Malaysia’s founding, are Mahathirism anchored in the existential meaning of the Malay (always rural, always poor and forever racist). They provide Malays their political raison d’etre (Umno and nothing but Umno). But, are they even true?

Forty, fifty years ago everybody, Lim Goh Tong and the Chinese included, was poor by today’s standards; and Malaya and early Malaysia was one of the richest Asian countries, second perhaps only to Japan. Statistically, therefore, the Malays would have been richer than even the Chinese because they are half the population and had all the plumb government jobs and own the land; most Chinese then had only their clothes on their backs.

In proclaiming these traits of the Malay, Mahathir, worse off than his tunneled, bigoted notions of Malays which has gone unchanged since The Malay Dilemma days, has actually proclaimed the failure of his economic and social objectives.

His failures prompt the question, if Mahathir had been wrong all along why is Bersatu even necessary? The party will simply mean, more of the same. Why should Umno be still around? It will only further ruin of what’s left of the Malays, a point of fact Mahathir attests to, both in words and deeds (Bersatu, Saving Malaysia), three generations after The Malay Dilemma.

Three consecutive Malay leaders — from Mahathir to Abdullah Badawi, and now Najib Razak — having failed cannot be a coincidence of bad luck. Mahathir and post-Mahathir had done nothing but prescribe the wrong treatment for a wrong diagnosis. That doctor doesn’t know what he has being doing and won’t admit it.

The only justification left for continuing this great farce is, Democracy — the Malays are the majority. Which, in Malaysia, and which Mahathir himself (along with nearly every Umno leader past and present) has conceded, is the majority of the “unsophisticated”, the “rural”, the “poor” and the “racial” minded (all Mahathir’s words). To Malays, if Hell is other people, the Chinese, then Democracy is the Malay, the stupid and the ignorant.

In the circumstance, Pakatan Harapan (PH) is but a new prescription for adhering to a wrong prognosis: instead of insulin, sugar transfusions for the cardiac patient.  If Muhyiddin Yassin doesn’t want PH to move forward alone, yet, it isn’t because of PAS which, really, is nothing more than than an Umno in-foetus, rural, poor and ignorant, while Bersatu is nothing more than an Umno abortion, city, poor and equally ignorant.

It is because all three parties deliver the same treatment — Democracy — that good, even unpopular political leadership and wise guidance have not had a chance to rise up. Is it any wonder, therefore, a person like Zaid Ibrahim or PKR’s Rafizi Ramli, both supposedly more rational than most Malays, think of nothing but getting the Malay, rural, poor, unsophisticated, racial vote?

Such kind of opportunism simply means to let the rural, poor, unsophisticated, racial Melayu to dictate the future of Malaysia — and themselves of course. It’s identical to letting the rural, poor, unsophisticated, racial Melayu fix their cures for their own maladies.

Anwar Ibrahim, no matter the words he uses, justice and hope, is the embodiment of the Mahathirism he blames for causing Mahathirism. Khairuddin Abu Hassan (below) is smarter than all Malay leaders past and present stacked up, but that’s also the reason he is stuck where he is. The Malay politician, if he is to succeed individually, must first failed nationally. Najib is a classic case of this instance.

Think through, therefore, this truism in Mahathirism: To sustain its own purpose, Mahathirism is a serpent that has to devour its tail. In this circular, self-defeating piece of bogus philosophical junk, Umno and Malay interest are mutually exclusive so that in the party’s interests, the population it seeks to promote should not do well. The Malay do well is the end of Umno, and Bersatu would have no reason for being.

Enough with this farce.  Time for the Malay to look elsewhere: The Chinese would like to put forward a revolutionary way, for the Melayu especially. Why? In is in the Chinese interests that the Malay do well.


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Dear Mr Ramon Navaratnam:

We, the Chinese, note with thanks your generous assessment into the state of China-Malaysia relations, in particular the visit by His Excellency Najib Razak to our Motherland and the 143 billion ringgit in investments and MOU agreements. “This is to be fair,” you say, “no mean achievement by any standards. Credit must therefore be given.”

For your information, most of the agreements, the center-piece of which is the East Coast Rail Line corridor (ECRL), were at the drafting and design stages years ago, that is, long before the 1MDB exploded in the international newspaper headlines around mid-2015. (See, for example, essay below, the 2012 Qinzhou for Kuantan industrial park.) China’s material and financial support of foreign infrastructure and investments are precise: tell us your economic objectives (please note the term, economic), and we’ll tell you what we think and, together, we take it from there.

The ECRL is one of those results. As a geographical fact, the peninsula is split down the middle by a mountain range that runs from the Thai border and reaching close to Singapore. There has been no economic integration between these two physical halves, not since ever nor since Zheng He of the Ming era. At the same time, shipping routes must traversed the entire peninsular just to reach both sides of it, an absurd situation but which presents an opportunity to simultaneously generate international trade and domestic integration on both sides of the coast. The question was how?

We have since answered the question by fitting Malaysia’s economic development with China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. Our interests in your domestic projects are direct and straightforward: we will build and finance at a discount. On completion, the projects are yours to keep and to profit from, but, in our shoes, you’d pose the same question with this answer: China, too, must benefit.

If not, those projects have no wider purpose: we lend you money then leave you alone to your project. Fail or succeed isn’t our business so long as you repay. (Remember Perwaja and Proton?) We are reduced to being a pure lender — a chettiar in your lingo — the primary method of western governments, their external development programs and their financial institutions.

Consequently, many western observers see China’s plans as a means for world conquest. We laughed. Opponents of Najib see his collaboration with us as something sinister. We laughed at that, too. Their opposition was, of course, purely political: anybody associated with Najib has to be brought down, China in this case. This is the same political method adopted by Najib: anybody associated with Mahathir Mohamad must be brought down. Hence, when the Chinese in Malaysia alongside Mahathir opposed him, he threatens with his Red Shirt hoodlums to burn Chinese property and kill Chinese. (Next time, if you are so concerned about ‘peace’ and ‘well-being’, remind Najib that. Better yet, tell him to take on our Chinese PLA.)

Too bad, Malaysians, Malays in particular, resort to terror tactics to gain favors. What’s the matter with your kind of assholes because such a tactic raises the inverse of the problem that both sides drum up: What’s in it for Najib and your government, politically? What’s in it for Mahathir to oppose Najib and China? Nothing is truly about people.

As best as we can, and we do try, the projects we do around the world, we do so with a clear heart and an objective mind. Tin-heads or democrats might attempt to bend those projects in their political favor but direct and straightforward participation by us allow for little room to, as you might say, cream off from the proceeds. We are not Goldman Sachs nor the IMF. Nor are we some half Indian chettiar from your motherland.

Our way of doing things, call it what you will, returns us to the gist of your statement to Bernama: “May this Malaysia-China impressive investment deal be the start of a new era of eastern economic well-being and peace.” Peace? Well-being? This is so banal and it is so much tripe, the same sort of thing Najib he himself would say, pointing to the plum tree while scolding the apricot.

You don’t get it, do you? Whatever it is Najib says or promises, nobody trust him — not after 1MDB. Worse than shaking the hands of a Malay, we won’t deal direct with any Malaiyoo, not even the half of you: they can’t get a handle of their sons and families, they want to manage a country? The best we can do is this, nod our heads and pretend to listen. Documents we will sign, so what? Najib, years ago, was witness to lots of paper signing with those desert towel heads, 60 billion ringgit worth. Remember that? In our position, who wouldn’t think: ‘Your Excellency, what’s your next scam?’

Please, dear Ramon, if it weren’t out of deference to Najib’s father and the position he occupies — that’s position not his person — we’d tell you, Sir: You sound like those motherfucking Aussies. So shut the fuck up. You don’t know what it is you are saying.

Yours truly,
Cina Pendatang



The Peninsula Development Plan

The flipped around L-shaped bold red line known as the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) sticks out of the map-drawing above like some tall red-head girl in a crowd waiting for the KTM train that is never on time, if ever it arrives.

Forget the red head for a moment.

Consider instead the map-drawing then recall the days of Mahathir Mohamad. Then, most of the projects (Twin Towers, Putrajaya, airport) were centered in the Klang Valley and along a swathe of land stretching from there to Sepang for roughly 60 km. Many of Mahathir’s projects require a large domestic population for their continued viability (Putrajaya/Cyberjaya); they depend on external resources (Perwaja, iron and steel); and you hope to be profitable with minimal competition (Proton). Numerous of these projects have since stalled, floundered or failed.

Now, consider the peninsula’s physical location within Asia and the world in general (Asia map above). It is an oddball. It gets in the way of sea traffic, except that today western reporters and their copycat minions at Malaysiakini, their liberal heads saddled with and poisoned by useless academics, by Hans Morgenthau and balance of power theories, called the location ‘geo-strategic’.  If life’s activities were reduced to strategy, then the way out of the land blockade is to sink the Tanah Melayu (along with all the Malaiyoos living there). Short of that the Tanah‘s only useful purpose, its raison d’etre, in the world scheme of things, is to the ease the passage of movement for everybody: rangkai 让开. Out of our way Malaiyoo!

What then is the purpose of the ECRL? Ostensibly nothing other than to tie together some infrastructure, chiefly, rails, ports and industrial/agriculture zones. Those infrastructure have two features:

  • they are dispersed along the peninsula then gathered up and linked back by rail, road and ports along the ECRL as if it were holding together the land’s two disparate parts, the East and West Coasts; this is a feature of work and planning ignored by politicians since Merdeka; and,
  • other than the ECRL, there is no apparent industrial connection between Singapore and West Coast on the one part and south Thailand and the East Coast, on the other. One side has the money, but what has the other side except coconut huts and petroleum when it is still there, hopefully? Certainly not markets. So, what are the rails and ports suppose to ship that can’t be shipped now?

Peculiar to these two features is that industrial and agricultural developments are not entities constructed independent in themselves and independent of the rest of the world — the sort of economic planning and heavy industries conceived in Mahathir’s days. No, instead they are hitched to the world, specifically to a sea trade between the east (East Asia, Indonesia) and the west (India and Europe).

Mahathir’s fallacy was to imagine that a stand-alone factory, never reliant on the world, is a model of independence. If independent, therefore successful, as if to embody a sort of towering, super Malaiyoo. Yet Perwaja became a model of a failed Malaiyoo, the price you pay for tying (race) politics to economic objectives. So, too, MAS and Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. Admit it, they are like ghost towns today as opposed to the vibrancy of a thriving metropolis.

China’s idea inverses all that’s sacred to Mahathir. And it is willing to bet on them by committing both material and financial resources. Malaysia’s own resources are depleting; its markets are too small to promise its people the kind of future envisaged.

So, to make up for both, an anomaly of international geography is turned into a domestic opportunity. The East Coast belt of Kertih, Kemaman and Kuantan is an example: no resources but offshore petroleum nearby; neither industrial nor consumer markets but a jumping off point for markets in the rest of Southeast Asia and East Asia, China in particular.

The Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park is a microcosm of those larger objectives. It is actually a trade-off. In 2012 April, Malaysia had already received, near Nanning, Guangxi province, the Qinzhou China-Malaysia Industrial Park (中马钦州产业园区), an area of some 50km by 60km (location and photos below). To-date, China is still waiting for Malaysia to keep its end of the bargain. To make such a park worthwhile and profitable, the Kuantan Park was fitted into the ECRL planning and into China’s market needs as well.

There is nothing China cannot get at home and from elsewhere without going through Kuantan. But, in the spirit of promoting of joint development — and, as Malaysians would say, putting money where your mouth is — China committed a part of its own future industrial dependence on Kuantan, the ECRL by extension.

The problem, as the years unfolded, wasn’t China keeping its bargain. It understands Najib Razak had been busy elsewhere (Mongolia? Caspian Sea? Argentina?) and would wait. When, at last, he came to China, willing to commit ideas to contracts, it was post-1MDB debacle and everybody in Malaysia, from Mahathir Mohamad down, was seeing it as some China-Najib-1MDB conspiracy, the ECRL smack in between. Then, worse for it, making the plan a sort of Malay fighting Chinese race politics, and bringing US political and South China Sea geo-strategic considerations into the picture.

Malays (Mahathir not the least) have, in effect, muddled the entire waters of the South China Sea on what’s really had been in its origins and its purpose a straight and honorable deal.

Why are Malaiyoos so stupid? The stupidity of Malays raises doubts in China: Are they a good bet? Can they be trusted? Why are they so willing to jeopardize the future of an entire society simply to smack one man?

明人不用细说,响鼓不用重锤: A person of good sense needs no convincing, a resonant drum needs no heavy beating.




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We are at the doorway of rewriting the Malaysian future.


From the Malays, Tariq Ismail has produced (essay farther below) the clearest and most sustained philosophical basis for the creation of Parti Bersatu. Several points from him, both stated and implied, are valid. Three are cited:

  • Umno isn’t just a political party. It is, for Malays, the System. And attendant with it, countless ramifications and consequences affecting not just them but spill over into other societies as well.
  • Malay emancipation begins from Malay consciousness so that systemic change, though a herculean task, will accrue rewards to Malays most, true, but then their Fate is ours as well, the Chinese. We can’t be worse off than it is at present.
  • Bersatu isn’t just a political front for an electoral purpose, it’s especially a vehicle for Malay emancipation. Yet, whichever way it is looked at, political or ideological, its existence, farther down the road, present MCA (and, in particular, BN parties in Sabah and Sarawak) the penultimate justification, and a noble one, to throw away its puerile and dead relationship with Umno, replacing it with something wholly new and invigorating.


The title is mine.

By Tariq Ismail, Malaysiakini, 2016 Aug 11

Parti Bersatu & a New Malay Era


I would like to start with a quote from my late grandfather, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman. “Why did we fight for Merdeka? So that the different races can be divided? That can’t be the way, right? That can’t be why all these great Malay and Umno leaders fought for this… Something is wrong…

“I hope the new discussions will start. Why are we building Malaysia? What Malaysia are we building? What kind of symbol is Malaysia supposed to be?”

Malaysia is neck deep in a political crisis, and fate has fallen onto the hands of the people of Malaysia. It is up to us on whether this beloved country of ours sinks or swims. After 59 years, Malaysia has yet to break free from the shackles of colonialism. What was meant to have invigorated the poor in Malaysia and elevate them, has caused a schism in which the majority of society has regressed and formed various tribes that are constantly at odds with one another.

It has not taken us long to discover that the struggle against colonialism does not end with the attainment of national independence. Independence is only the prelude to a new and more involved struggle for the right to conduct our own economic and social affairs; to construct our society according to our aspirations, unhampered by crushing and humiliating authoritarian control and interference.

Many have been brought up with the idea that Umno is their birthright. The Malays have been force fed a culture that over time it became part of the political socio-economic makeup of the Malay race. Those that dared to oppose the very notion of Umno and its ideology, would face humiliation and disdain. A Malay could not simply berate Umno. If you try, you will be branded a traitor to the Malay race.

Umno is not an organisation, that can be separated from Malay society, disciplined, or even quite defined. It is an amorphous grouping of different tribes of the Malays and its hinterlands of more than 200 autonomous divisions and perhaps 3,000,000 immediate members, along with a much larger population of dependents, clients, and friends.

It is an understanding, a way of justice, a means of creating wealth and spreading it around.

It has been a part of life in Malaysia for the better half of a century. At its strongest it has grown in recent years into a complete parallel world and, in many people’s minds, a father figure. Malays refer to it as “the system” with resignation and pride. Umno offers them work, lends them money, protects them from “outsiders with a hidden agenda to suppress and control the Malay mind”.

The problem is that periodically Umno also tries to tear itself apart, and when that happens, ordinary Malays need to duck.

Original struggle has passed

The original struggle for Umno has passed and whilst we offer condolences to the herculean efforts of our forefathers, the Malay consciousness has been lying comatose. For all the ethno-religious chauvinism perpetuated and encouraged by Umno today, they have forgotten the people, especially the Malays who are starving for quality leadership.

The Malays, like everyone else, have their own minds and they should be allowed the freedom to choose whichever political party to support, and in turn it is up to the said political parties to give a concise vision as to how their lives can be led independently. The monopoly over the Malay political consciousness needs to be reawakened.

1. That Islam is a religion in which the Malays keep themselves and their families grounded;

2. The sanctity and sovereignty of the royal houses, that is dear to their hearts;

3. Their culture to not be diluted by foreign influence;

4. The land that they toil on bear fruit and allows them to prosper;

5. For their children and grandchildren to continue with the aforementioned and not allow outsiders to take what is theirs, ie a return to colonialism where they will be subjected to be slaves of an overlord.

The last point, is what is currently happening to the Malays, by the very system that they are forced to stay loyal to, as ethno-religious policies are used as a backdrop to hinder the evolution of the Malay, and, their beloved royal houses have become colonised and controlled by the greedy and self-serving politicians.

The government wanders this terrain on its own uncertain missions. You have to wonder what it is trying to achieve when, for instance, it stops some people for questioning on the streets, or throws others in prison for the silliest of reasons.

In a place like Malaysia – where the prime minister condones irresponsible and selfish acts as a natural right and publicly impugns the courts – it becomes hard to believe that police actions are sincerely about law and order, or that officials still believe that law and order matter. As warfare raged within Umno, Malaysia itself was teetering on the edge of economic turmoil and threatening to drag Malaysians down with it.

A political party was submitted on Aug 9, 2016 to emancipate the Malays from the tyrannic clutches of the Umno overlord and a prime minister who does not instill confidence in the minds of every right-minded Malaysian. Within a few hours, before having any say, critics and sceptics have spoken out and amongst the many diatribes thrown towards Parti Bersatu is that it will lead Malaysia back to square one and the raison d’etre is that it is a carbon copy of Umno.

Political and social anger aimed towards Umno is warranted, as much as those that dislike any other political movement, but for the critics to label Parti Bersatu as a clone of Umno, I would like to state that they are wrong. Their anger is justified. The founding fathers of Parti Bersatu, by forming this party, have silently acknowledged that they have made mistakes and ordinary people have paid the price. The party in itself should be seen as an act of atonement.

The move to create a Malay-centric party that rivals Umno in ideology is their way of saying – “We have made mistakes, and we are here to help. Barisan and Umno can only be brought down if we fight in their strongholds, and to win Putrajaya, we must provide a sustainable and just platform for the Malays.”

It’s biggest flaw is where it draws its strength from

If Parti Bersatu’s biggest flaw and weakness is that it is Malay-centric and exclusive, this is where it draws its strengths from. Moreover, if one can find fault in Parti Bersatu, they must also come to the realisation that Pakatan is filled with weaknesses and flaws.

The notion of a multi-cultural coalition whose very lifeline depends on the urban-centric and egalitarian nature of DAP and PKR, is a plus for me personally, but to the ignorant and sheltered – they do not understand anything beyond the ‘system’. This is the weakness of Pakatan, as the hinterland are not represented.

I do not wish to point fingers and bring out old arguments, but what Malaysia currently needs is emancipation and evolution, with the latter being an effort from ordinary Malaysians themselves. Anger and frustration can be a drive, but it should not cloud one’s judgment and praying for a party that is meant to act as a bridge between Pakatan and the Malays, especially those in the hinterland.

Malaysians have a decision to make. Either sit idly by and continue to point fingers at each other and pour criticism over a party that is providing an alternative to the Malays and emancipate them from a party that has lost its way and using threats to subjugate the people of Malaysia. Or, they can forgive the past and encourage the leadership of Parti Bersatu by supporting them in their endeavours.

Look to the young leaders that Parti Bersatu are training, like Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. This will be the future of Malaysia. Parti Bersatu must be encouraged as it is the only way for the Malays to accept an alternative to Umno, and for Pakatan (or whichever opposition pact arises from Bersatu joining the fray) to finally rid itself of its disenfranchised ways and build a sustainable and equitable future for Malaysia.

Parti Bersatu will be the bridge for others to understand the Malay political consciousness and for the Malays to understand the other races. Furthermore, whilst it is a Malay party that welcomes participation from other ethnicities, it is merely a Malay voice on behalf of Pakatan.

It is already facing an uphill battle against a government machinery with their tentacles entrenched in every hinterland household. Thus, whilst we must insist that our leaders heed the calls for a just economical policy that is inclusive and allows us to work together it is only together that we can learn, achieve success and transcend race and religion.

Without Malays there can be no Malaysia.

Without the other races there can be no Malaysia.

Only together Malays, bumis, Chinese, and Indians, can there be Malaysia.

Without Parti Bersatu, there can be no Malays.

Without the other races’ support, there can be no Parti Bersatu.

Give Parti Bersatu a chance.

Give Parti Bersatu the hope of transforming Malaysia.


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