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Pakatan Principle of Law:

All are equal, the Agong more or less


Beggars will always be jealous of beggars, poets of poets.

As it is with knowledge, life is amassed, like assets and liabilities are accrued, not as a wad of currencies, beliefs and convictions but as a stock pile of experiences. For getting in the way of life, beliefs and convictions are millstones to living.



The Last Chinese

This is Wee Ka Siong, in pinyin 魏家祥 Wei Jiaxiang, born 1968, and siblings, in their planked wall house somewhere in Johore. He is the only and last surviving Chinese Member of Parliament in Malaysia. An Indian named S. Thayaparan has asked that he be, in a house of 222, the honorable opposition, whatever that is.

There are no other Chinese in Parliament now. They are dead.


The MCA as Opposition, A Reply

Malay, King & Chinese, Anwar in Between

Dear Mr S Thayaparan,

Thank you for your kind letter which, in some ways, has its insights but which I especially commend for going against the grain of popular perception and mythology.

Before the general elections and especially long before that, we Chinese are treated as a national past-time sport — like shooting ducks in a gallery. Anglophiles like the half Welsh Moron of Manchester find pleasure in maligning us: greedy, materialistic, speaks no English (and Malay), a people who don’t know how to use the fork and knife.

In politics, especially, this vilification of an entire community is far more nuanced. Consider, for example, Anwar Ibrahim’s recent remarks to Abim. It had to do with his visit to various sultans, and these words are verbatim:

I told them not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.

On the face of it, the statement is par for the course in Malaysian politics. (See also Kadir Jasin’s The King and the Pauper.) The MCA is not the DAP. But, you, us and everybody know the word DAP substitutes for Chinese. If Chinese, it refers also to the MCA: we are, remember, the Malaysian Chinese Association.

Now, tell us, what jumps out of those words?

Let me tell you, instead — as a Chinese: Each time the word Chinese is mentioned, it is accompanied by an apology. People apologize for our citizenship. We are treated and talked about like our existence is an affront to the Malays, as if we are somehow in the way of the Malay identity, his power, his Allah, and his way of life. Anwar’s apologia treats the Chinese as an affront to the sultans with the inference that, better off than second class, it is being dead. Then, there would be nothing to apologize and all threats to the Malay self would be eradicated.

There was a follow-up Anwar ‘story’ by Malaysian Insight (a bigoted Anglophile rag sheet staffed by racists, for example Sheridan Mahavera). That one concerns Tommy Thomas, over who Anwar said he was offering his services to intervene between Mahathir Mohamad and the Agong.

Here was Anwar’s excuse to intervene: Views on Islam and secularism that were held by the urban (meaning the Chinese, Indians and a smattering of Anglophile Malays) are different from the rural Malays, Anwar said. “As a responsible government the rural views must be taken into consideration.

That, again, is a fucking lie, wrapped in propaganda language. In their original state of nature, farmers and fisherman have next to no political views: they can’t, they don’t how, they don’t know what, and they don’t care. If there is any ‘rural view’ at all, it is how much the oil palm fruit bunches are going fetch the next morning — insyaallah — and what they are going to do if not enough money comes in.

All ‘rural’ Malay political views — and if you can count them in the fingers — are, exclusively, Umno views, party propaganda fed them, drip by drip by drip, for 60 fucking years. Those Umno views (and these include views manufactured, drummed up and delivered by Anwar and Mahathir) are poison. Ultimately they birth the like of Najib Razak and party apparatchiks who feel they can help themselves to anything they like from the Finance Ministry, from 1MDB, from the stock market, government contracts, and especially from the Chinese (recall the Low Yat phone thief, and the police abduction of Penang school girl Tan Yi Min). Since Umno is government then, logically, all Malay life are indebted to the party: oil palm, school, house, going to Mecca, everything, even protecting Allah from infidels like us. So why not help themselves?

Ketuanan‘ would have been look upon with some awe by us, the Chinese, if, like white supremacists, Malaiyoos could make cars, fly rockets, theorized about relativity laws and write the ‘dao dejing‘. (Do you know what the book is about, Mr Thaya?) As it stands, even today, they rely on some Anglophile named Jho Low to steal for them, after which to recite from memory some Arabic trash backwards, but all this is suppose to demonstrate supremacy.

Supremacy has never been anything achieved but harped on, day-in, day-out, online, offline. Responding to this — Umno’s narrative strands of amateurish fascism — are white copycats, primarily Christians. Anglophiles in Malaysia saw in England, some ‘mother of Parliament’ it seems, the anti-dote to ketuanan, while refusing to acknowledge that in biblical traditions is the white man’s crucible of racism. The anti-dote upended the biblical principle ‘all are created by god’ by throwing in the word ‘equal’.

For all to be equally Malaysians required the refutation of an identity. To which only the Chinese, again, must pay the price because neither Muhyiddin Yassin nor Mahathir Mohamad would deny they are Malays. Hence, Lim Guan Eng’s proclamation to the world he is not Chinese but a Malaysian.

That in a sense is true: he grew up in a La Salle school and, in church, he is known as Joseph. Guan Eng is an Anglophile and banana. Hannah Yeoh’s Nazi demand that Shay Adora is ‘anak Malaysia’ has profound, fascist ramifications once bangsa Malaysia is made the only legitimate identification in state NRD policy. In the name of equality, all others would have to be eradicated: no Chinese, no Malay, no Indian, no nothing. A step further they could argue that only Shay Adora type names are permissible. Or Tommy Thomas. (This is not too far-fetched; they have already come this far.)

DAP’s bangsa Malaysia merely made a bad, unequal situation worse. It drew a line in the sand between two sides, Malay, Umno protector on the one side vs DAP, Anglophile and Christian enemy on the other.

Invariably we Chinese are drawn into the fight, the origin of which is 8,000 miles away in some desert hell hole littered with camel dung. (Where Umno narrative is concerned the MCA doesn’t count unless it is for elections.) The red line says, simply, that Malay and Chinese existence are incompatible, perpetually at war, one a never-ending threat to the other. It is a dichotomous, adversarial framework to politics — and, truth to be told, a western import — that is completely unsuitable to Malaysia and at odds with local, native cultures (native, particularly the Orang Asli).

Today, the parallel storylines — one side Malay from Anwar, Mahathir, et al, the other by DAP Father and Son — have poisoned not just politics but all facets of life.

Take this 2011 Anglophone piece of shit named Lisa Ng. She is, by surname, a Chinese, but here is the title in her diatribe: ‘Malaysian Chinese Totally Foreign’. The boy named Chong Eu Jienn is 15, Lisa Ng begins.

Notice Lisa used the most Chinese of names, Eu Jienn, and not Peter Chong nor Jesus Napoleon Chong. He lives in Kepong. Lisa Ng had mischievously lumped ethnicity with location and this is critical. The Eu Jienns of Malaysia don’t live in Bangsar, you see, nor in the other Anglophile suburbs of Damansara. Hence, Lisa calls Kepong a ‘Chinese ghetto’ while the urbane, well-heeled English-speaking Anglophiles, the Lisas, the Tonies and the Jameses occupy SS2.

The Eu Jienn Chinese go to Chinese schools although, according to Lisa Ng, they have no business speaking in Chinese in Malaysia. The Chinese language, spoken by more than 7 million and taught to 20,000 Malay kids, is a foreign tongue whereas Lisa considers English a class of Malaysian sophistication. Not only — and here is her conclusion — are the Eu Jienns an obstacle to ‘unity’, they can’t even give her road directions in English when she — that piece of Anglophile cunt — tried to find her way around Kepong.

In short, we Chinese, a ghettoed class of useless people, are made out to be, by the like of Lisa, Joseph, Hannah, Sheridan to be a national impediment, politically and everything else.

Can you, Mr Thaya, see the parallel with the Umno narrative?

But — and here is the political part — guess who cheered Lisa on and applauded her? Lim Kit Siang. He had the whole thing plastered in his blog, and some of the things subsequently included would have landed all DAP in the slammer if the same was said of Malays. Beating up Chinese has become a political convenience and tool, especially on the DAP side because they don’t have to go to jail. DAP’s identity theft equals Umno grand theft; it is only that nobody wants to know, nor care.

The principle of national unity in Lisa’s bigotry ‘Malaysian Chinese Totally Foreign‘ is the same as Kit Siang’s fascist Chinese second, Malaysian first: if the Chinese, other than those dead, had Shay Adora names, better yet become Christians or Anglophiles like his son, and if all were to speak the Queen’s English (littered preferably with some Malay), then half of Malaysia’s problems that Malays have with Chinese would vanish tomorrow.

For the MCA, Umno is problem enough.

Mr Thayaparan, how do you oppose all that; that cunt hole Lisa? Or that grandson of a Fujian pig farmer? You can oppose to ask why two and two must be four? It is a matter of analytical truth. But, how, as a Chinese, do you oppose an anti-Chinese racism made in the name of a greater holiness called bangsa? How do you oppose an Anglophile, fascist value system from which emanates state policies both domestic and foreign, who to tax, what to sell, what language to learn, whose god to pray to, and decide to whom and whether in Pakatan states 7-Eleven should or should not sell even 3.5% liquor on grounds that Jesus Christ, that King of Jews, had never tasted beer? That, with Allah thrown in, is how Pakatan is going to construct policies, the same way America makes them, who to invade, who to annihilate, who to support, with who to declare peace.

To reiterate, none of this is identity politics. We are beyond that. Pakatan, and opposing it, has become a matter of freedom: convert to their systems, their politics, their beliefs, their god and their kind of unity will bloom. That or leave, is what they now say. Or die. It is this that underlays the cacophony of voices today; this is what it means to be politically correct. It is, in another name, morality politics.

Until not long ago, morality politics was a thing Anglophiles only read about in the western media. Today, om-putih morality is the overriding theme you see even in blogs, trolled out by Syed Akbar Ali and Annie’s Assholes, people whose idea of politics is, first and foremost, nail Najib Razak.

We are, you see, dealing with a motherfucking bunch of religious lunatics in suit and tie, sometimes masquerading in baju and songkok.

For sixty years, especially since Mahathir, Chinese was a dirty word, a political liability, and that the Chinese exist as an extraneous thing, outside of Malaysia mainstream, Eu Jienn being a ‘foreign’ thing — the boy is not even human to Lisa. Today, they have extrapolated the same morality and plastered it all over Umno and Barisan, employing Christian language such as ‘beyond redemption’. They are a shame, as opposed to a fact of existence in which Kit Siang, Mahathir et al had a part in cultivating.

One way to see where Pakatan will take this morality is to look back at Kit Siang and his response to the badge of shame that came with he being Chinese.

Kit Siang is no critical thinker nor has he a refined culture that we Chinese associate, on both counts, with a wise ruler (君子), while his son has all the qualities of a Hokkein street thug and talks like one. These are identity characteristics, we Chinese say, typical of the children of pig farmers, especially given they hang their lives on a foreign and lesser English culture they know little about but fawn after. A metaphysical consequence is seeing everything on western (and Christian) dichotomous terms, such as Kit Siang accepting then internalizing the Umno trope that being Chinese and being Malaysian are mutually exclusive.

Enter Kadir Jasin, Anwar and the Agong, the last as the ultimate expression of the Malay being, the first two as poor Anglophile copycats. If Malaysia is first and last (in Christian language, alpha and omega) Malay has to be second. If Malay is second, the Agong is what?

Kadir’s scurrilous piece provides the answer in the title ‘the King and the Pauper’, wherein, on the legal principle of Malaysia equal to all, the King is compared to a beggar. This may be just legal status comparison but that does not — and never does it — stand alone, so that being dependent on a wider societal context, then the only way to equalized the two is lower the King because the pauper can go no farther down. Kadir makes this point clear with the comparison: just as the beggar sponges on society, so does the King. The latter given 257 million ringgit in 16 months and this excludes a 600 million palace, all for the primary purpose of a signature for Tommy Thomas, the primary motive in Kadir’s attack piece.

Between King and pauper, both dependent on society at large, Kadir asked, who is the moral bankrupt, a question, yes, but given a rhetorical twist in order to escape jail. It is contained in these ending lines, all Kadir’s, verbatim:

The people expect them (the Agong and sultans) to be the embodiment of all things good and holy. But the question is: Are they?”

See the airy and dubious quality of the Angophile value system — equality, good, holy — threading through Kadir’s argument? Can you, Mr Thaya, see the distorted and calculated claim made through a western dichotomous and a fallacious comparison?

Return now to Anwar’s statement cited earlier: “I told them (the sultans) not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.”

In his statement, partly attacking Kadir, Anwar wasn’t just wrong factually; he was in an underhand sort of way being vituperative and, truth be told, a complete motherfucker. Of course, the government is under the DAP, as one of four parties. Otherwise, what the fuck is Guan Eng doing there. Of course, there is nothing to worry — worry about the Chinese? A revolt? Guan Eng is not Chinese anyway. Of course, there “were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers.” How are we to do it: send in the PLA?

On the point that there is no rational nor empirical basis for his statement, why then does Anwar not infer these existential threats and apply them coming from other Pakatan parties? Why only the DAP, that is, the Chinese?

For Anwar to use the Chinese as a whipping boy harks back to Mahathir first, Father and Son next. Chinese because it has, as said earlier, been a political liability, a dirty word since Mahathir. Father and Son because, with the Chinese eradicated, the liability is lifted.

I don’t consider myself as Chinese. I am Malaysian,” Guan Eng told the world from a roomful of international and local reporters in the early days of May 9’s aftermath. Malays like Kuala Selangor’s Dzulkefly Ahmad quickly clapped, oblivious to the day they too would have to render their Malay identity second on the basis of the Kit Siang argument: “Now that we have done it, now that we have eradicated the Chinese from Malaysia, all problems with the past are settled!”

If Muhyiddin were to say, wait a minute, I am still Malay first, here would be Kit Siang’s answer: “We gave you a second life after you were kicked out. This is New Malaysia. Do you want to go back to the bad, old Umno regime days?

So, Thaya, tell us, tell the MCA in particular: All problems taken care off in Malaysia Baru, what are we, the MCA, to oppose?

You can therefore see what Wee Ka Siong means when he said that for too long the MCA had been made Umno’s whipping boy. It actually goes deeper: Umno, beginning with Mahathir (or The Malay Dilemma), made possible the rise of the DAP. Each Umno mistake has become MCA’s, whether it is 1MDB or Felda or ketuanan. Each time Umno politicians shout protect Malays and Islam, they really mean: ‘Watch out! The Chinese!’  Politically, it is a message that says the Chinese could never be part of the whole, so the MCA is like a flower pot for decoration, or as furniture for racist Umno ministers to sit on.

DAP politicians, on the other hand, take up a voodoo religion called Christianity, lie about the origin of their identities then proclaim a new dawn. Tell us, again, therefore: Is Guan Eng real or is he a fraud? If real, is his politics true? If fraudulent, can it last?



Kadir, hitman recalled to national service

When Mahathir almost didn’t get his way over Tommy Thomas, Kadir Jasin (above) went for the Agong — using Anwar as bait (reproducing the picture below; calling him a political commissar) — then raked up insinuations that the king, like Najib, is a parasite, sponging on government largesse for a pompous life yet doing little that’s useful, not even signing the appointment papers as required. Here, however, was the rub; from Kadir: “The people expect them (the Agong and sultans) to be the embodiment of all things good and holy. But the question is: Are they?”

A month ago, if he had produced the same thing, he would have been thrown into jail the next day and whipped. Today he’s protected by Mahathir. But, even that’s hardly the point: Everything about new Malaysia is old stuff. In power, Malaiyoos can get away with anything, even lese majeste, a crime more serious than murder.

It is the same principle of power that drove the corruption at Umno and in Najib Razak — they can do anything, take anything. The tables having turned, Mahathir, Kadir want to get even. This is what they mean by doing the “right thing,” a phrase Tommy Thomas has repeated on the first day as AG. Naively believing he is doing the “right thing” in the “national service,” says Thomas, he wades knee-deep into this Malaiyoo I-fix-you, you-fix-me business.

Ini politik la, Malays say. These Malaiyoo baboon-faced Kadirs. Now, dear reader, wait for Anwar to get even, joined by the King, by Umno and by Zahid Hamidi; it will be great fun.



Anwar, hand-kissing political commissar

Anwar Ibrahim, according to Kadir Jasin, is a hand-kissing political commissar who, like those “in the communist system, is many times more powerful than a battalion of soldiers.” More powerful? Kadir wrong, again, is typical of stupid, ignorant Anglophiles:

The political commissar or political officer, although responsible for ideological education, was created partly for the purpose of keeping an eye on the military for it to remain under civilian control. But, the commissar is a military rank, never higher than the commanding officer of a unit. Hence, division commissar or brigade commissar or regiment commissar.

That position is not communist origin nor exclusively communist, as Kadir infers. Created during the French Revolution (1789-1799), then serving the French Revolutionary Army, political commissars exist under Nazi German and served the Soviet Red Army, where the position ended with the war. China’s PLA is the only armed forces that still retains it (and don’t ask how I know).

Political commissars are better at intellectual matters than in firing the gun. Anwar, a UM graduate in local Malay literature, understands neither, a deficiency you can tell when he talks political philosophy or offers an argument. Either he is way off the mark when interpreting or he is factually wrong, like Kadir is wrong now.

No, Anwar shouldn’t be compared to a political commissar; that’s to flatter him, Kadir. Or, you didn’t know that? Anwar is just babble mouth, a shrieking monkey, always eyeing the nuts in coconut trees, like those two little monyets below, Kadir’s comrade-in-arms who can’t tell the difference in what comes out of their front and the rear orifices. (For the answer, there’s no difference; it’s fart.)

Small wonder Malaysia is in such a sorry state…. But, trust Kadir to go after the Agong; you are protected by a mamak? Now, why didn’t he said all that a month earlier: we would be better informed and better know then who to vote for. Palace 650 million; expenses 257 million? Add that to your trillion ringgit debt, Kadir.

You are quite a motherfucker, aren’t you?

See what I mean? Each time the Malay fight, even after GE14, between Mahathir and Anwar, over the fucking appointment of an Indian and Christian — all of who and all of which have nothing to do with us — they (Utusan, Umno, NST, Anwar, PKR, Bersatu, Malaiyoos) invariably dragged in the Chinese, using us as fodder and ammo.



Do-the-Tommy-Right-Thing Thomas: the Anglophile God sent

Tommy Thomas speaks only English, and little Malay. But because he speaks a foreign language, and not Malayalee his mother tongue, so the like of Kit Siang, Lisa Ng, Sheridan Mahavera, Ahi Attan, RPK, Annie of the Valley, Kadir Jasin, editors of Malaysian Insight don’t call him an ‘obstacle’ to national unity.

Nobody asks, therefore, to demolish the Victoria Institution where he had pick up his Anglophile values and his imported voodoo Christianity. Why? Because the name is Victoria and not SMJK Sam Tet?

All that Queen’s English, all that yada, yada about fairness, law, justice and free — such grand words — coming from an Anglophile: Queer isn’t it? So, it is not only that Umno employs its racism against the Chinese but Anglophiles today.

What we have then is a man hoisted up as the ‘Man of the Hour’ — Related image — next Steven Gan will say he’s descended from heaven like Anwar was proclaimed as Allah sent.

“Free, fair”, did you say? Listen to yourself Tommy! What can you know about justice, real, true justice, when all that you had learned had come from dead white males and their biblical hell and brimstone jurisprudence? Pray tell! You need a re-education, Tommy boy. But, we’ll wait: let’s see what you are made of, what you have.


The Chinese, MCA by extension, is only tolerated in Malaysia. We can live with that — no problem there — or else we’d get out. But what sticks in the craw is the like of Kit Siang, Guan Eng: Father and the DAP had once led the Chinese to their deaths in 1969. Now they expand their lies, not to the Chinese (we don’t care) but to the Malays so that the latter may put up with us, live with us, because we are no longer Chinese.

This is fraud like 1MDB is fraud, like ketuanan, like everything else about Umno and Anwar; like Hannah and Lisa are fraud. Tell us how, Mr Thaya, do you oppose, break through the halo of religiosity that shields the fraudulent morality inside it?

GE14 was DAP’s final act of betrayal. On the surface, it appears to overturn a once-upon-a-time incompatibility and irreconcilability into a new era of supposed Chinese-Malay partnership. Now both sides, Pakatan in particular, will have to find ways to keep up with the pretense and the fiction that there are no differences since there are no Chinese and all are Malaysians.

But — and here’s the problem — there are Malays, there are Indians and natives, all of who are entitled to be what they are.

The Tommy Thomas episode drives home that point in excruciating detail: here’s an Indian, a Christian yet Anwar goes to a distrusting, skeptical Agong to convince him about Chinese intent.

A Malay assuring a Malay king about Chinese intent over powers granted not to a Chinese but an Indian and Christian? Can you see the absurdity, how lies piled on lies have become the only means to sustain Pakatan power?

Here, thus, is a government beginning with and is constructed on the foundational principle called, Lying. Mahathir lying, Anwar lying, Guan Eng lying and their lies are no small matter. Instead, it is a matter — how are we to live as Malaysians — that strikes at the heart of political psychology and the political system. They want to make the system Anglophile, as a reflection of their values.

When you suggests that the MCA acts the honorable opposition you, in effect, sealed the fate of the Chinese as the apposite of the Malay rather than as a compatriot, because without the Chinese what’s there for Anwar or Umno or sultans to protect Malays from?

So, you see, while Guan Eng et al goes one way, Anwar goes the other way: the two sides pulling away from each other like in a tug-of-war.

The Chinese — and Wee Ka Siong is all alone — is in no position to check Pakatan power. Besides, we have done enough. We Chinese stood alone between full Islamization of Malaysia and whatever secularism exists. We stood between Hadi Awang’s parliament proposal for full sharia and a limited version. If not for the Chinese, Malaysia would have been a Taliban state, subjecting Malays to great religious cruelty long ago.

Think about that because if not the MCA but the DAP in its stead, you know what they would do?

In 2008 and 2013 Kit Siang et al were willing to throw out their own party constitution so that on behalf of PAS and hudud they’d get to Putrajaya. With Mahathir, GE14 rested purely on the same rationale.

Like the inner circle in the DAP, Guan Eng is Chinese in name and form, Anglophile in substance. Their ethical values are deformed by the Christian west which, ordinarily and applied individually, nobody cares. Likewise PAS and Umno.

But, here’s the catch: their dogma of immorality that informs and permeates all policy decisions and actions are not negotiable. Hence, you have a character like Tommy Thomas. In our Chinese world, politics, justice and fairness require talking though them, but, in religion, nothing is negotiable.

Although the MCA is now freed from Umno’s clutches, the party finds itself sandwich between two forces of extremism: racism and Islam by Umno and PAS, on the one hand, Pakatan’s nationalistic dogma and bigotry, on the other. Dogma rule both sides.

We Chinese come from a long, honorable humanistic and secularist tradition that is second to none, better even than the West: how we conduct our lives, how we see others and the way we treat them, and how we have come to regard friends and enemies. Our culture does not actively advocate for confrontation. We leave that to Umno and PAS and Mahathir and Anwar.

That, then, is our advantage: It is for them to destroy one another, exactly the way Mahathir destroyed Umno. The most recent case in point of their mutual destruction is, Anwar and Kadir.

There is this other problem though: Mahathir won’t live long enough to destroy Pakatan from within. Still, somebody will come from behind to do the self-annihilation: it’s in the nature of the Pakatan’s morality beast. Where there’s an Eden, you will find a serpent.

If Malaysia goes down with the destruction, so what? The foundations that shape and make the basis of the country were never good and nothing good is going to come out of it. Until that’s first sorted out, everything else is band-aid remedy.


Our Chinese Family

Slowly, slowly, my dear 慢慢喜歡你

The clip below is more than an hour long. In it is a brief introduction to an Anglophone world about Chinese musical instruments. But, better than the information, is the explanation into the ethereal qualities of our music, a music that in part expresses Chinese geography and history and in part tells about our cultural eminence with its profound humanism and naturalism, ethics that are so unlike the vengeful, hell and brimstone Christian value system that Anglophiles are brain washed to believe in Sunday classes.


We Chinese will not just roll over and take this shit lying down. Mahathir, rest assure, you will face the full force of all Chinese everywhere, Joseph with you or no Joseph.




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Democracy is no longer the only game in town. — David Runciman

Thanks to Jian for reminding me the above.


New MCA vs DAP: Dealing with May 13’s Twin Child

With Umno gone, there is left its other May 13 Siamese twin child — the DAP. Both are inter-dependent creatures of ketuanan fascism, Mahathirism in particular, their respective political strength feeding on each other, like flowers and bees. One drip at a time on a stone (image above), it took 49 years to destroy Umno — with the hand of Mahathir that made it. So annihilating Anglophile DAP will take time. But this ought to come quicker and easier since Umno which sustains the DAP is dead. Excerpted from In the Market:

Mahathir’s contribution to Lim Kit Siang is that the former singularly annihilate MCA’s entire voter base then rocketed the entire lot to the DAP. That is, without Mahathir’s fascism, DAP would have no dissatisfaction upon which to build its base and to nurture its beginnings. It would have been a write-off a long time ago. This is as if the DAP and Umno are mutual creations, one dependent on the other for their separate existence. Or, to rephrase that, the greater is the success Umno has in ‘protecting’ Malays from the Chinese, the better off it is for the DAP, electorally and politically. The success of one offers gain to the other.

Umno out of the way, and no longer encumbered by ketuanan and Malaiyoos, MCA (Gerakan and others) are free to pursue their individual political agenda. In the yin-yang of politics, one dies, another enters to fill its place.

MCA’s reconstruction ought to begin at its roots, the party Constitution. For that, it merely requires the addition of a single Preamble page:


(Front page declaration and preamble addition to the Constitution of the MCA)


of the



IN RECOGNITION, We, the Chinese of Malaysia solemnly proclaim our attachment to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia of 1957, and by virtue of which the Malaysian Chinese Association (hereafter MCA) was established, and having affirmed our rights and duties as self-determining citizens of Malaysia;

IN RECOGNITION that Malaysia is a federalist state, founded on the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, secular in nature, as affirmed in its constitutional provisions and in common law; and given that we are an inalienable constituent of an indivisible nation guided by the democratic principle of self-determination;

IN RECOGNITION that We, the MCA, is founded on those national principles and acting through them the highest and deepest virtues of native Chinese ethical culture, and for which We were conceived in satisfying the hopes and aspirations of all in Malaysia;

We, the MCA, solemnly make known the Articles as follows (the old articles to follow):

Part I…Part XX



Umno and Reincarnation

On Khairy’s idea, this is the Chinese response, excerpted from Angel’s Malaysian Bitch:

Angel’s contradiction, as well as Kit Siang’s and the DAP’s, is that being Chinese and Malaysian are mutually exclusive.

They couldn’t see the flip side, that there is no Malaysian without the Chinese. Or, put in another way, Being Chinese is the only way for the Chinese to be Malaysian. It’s only that Umno’s politics have never permitted it. And now the DAP and Kit Siang are repeating the same fucking Umno idea.

Contrary to Malaysiakini propaganda, Barisan didn’t go down in one fell swoop. Its demise came in stages, from 2008, first Gerakan then MCA and MIC followed by Umno and Sabah (see GE results table below).

The point is this: Umno is the failure of Malaiyoo fascism. Pakatan is purely an extension development of the same fascism; it, too, possesses the will of its own self-destruction (see elsewhere in this site: Why Umno finds it hard to govern Malays). For Khairy to replace one racial form with another, multi-racial form does not resolve the fundamental point about its existence: What is it? What are you?

That takes some reflection. The immediate consideration, meanwhile, is not to mistake form as a weapon of choice to defeat Pakatan. Which is like driving a toothpick into the tree trunk.

Go with the grain of the timber instead, and cut it likewise: the most effective method is when the least effort needs to be used. The Malaysian polity and its political consciousness are a fragmented structure (see GE results table below). Easier, hence, to take Pakatan apart piece by piece through its individual constituent parts.

Once the legacies of Mahathir and Kit Siang are eradicated, peace returns.



Never again will the DAP lead Chinese to their deaths

In memory of May 13 and 赵明福 Zhao Mingfu



Every GE is a Malay fight: Distribution of GE14 votes and seats.

  2018 Najib vs Mahathir 2013 Najib vs Anwar 2008 Najib/Dr M vs Anwar
Votes (of 2013, 11.2 million / 2018 12.3 million)
PH 5,781,600 (50%) 5,623,984 (51%) 4,082,411 (48%)
BN/Anti-PH 6,131,985 (with PAS) 5,237,699 3,796,464
Seats (of 222)
PH 121 89 82
BN/Anti-PH 97 133 140

2018 seat total: the remaining 4 are held by independents. Source: Wiki

Tentative conclusions:

  1. Of new 2018 votes (1 million), most Malays chose PAS; that is, race politics is still alive and there was no Malay tsunami favoring Pakatan.
  2. In any Malay vs Malay GE fight, Chinese and Indian votes combined are critical to decide winner.
  3. Contrary to design, gerrymandering worked against BN, badly affecting especially MCA & Gerakan but benefiting instead DAP and PKR. Mahathir’s PPBM 13 seats is 6% of total. DAP went from 36 in 2013 to 42, PKR 30 to 47.
  4. Three-way fights are bad for BN because Umno needs MCA more than it needs Malays who, absent their votes, still won’t swing to Pakatan. They go to PAS, which Pakatan had predicted would get next to zero seats. PPBM 13 plus Amanah 11 total 24 in GE14, just 3 more than the 21 by PAS in 2013.
  5. Mahathir is not the tsunami hero portrayed in Malaysiakini propaganda (also Outsyedthebox); he instead raised the DAP and PKR seat numbers (in marginal constituencies) without bringing in alot more Malay votes.
  6. Pakatan scrapped through with 113 (of 222) seats but, from total popular vote standpoint, it is weaker than 5 years ago.
  7. Electorally, Pakatan post GE14 is sustained by (a) the 8 Sabah seats and (b) Najib Razak’s poor reputation in the peninsula. Without (a) or (b), or both, it is more vulnerable than was Barisan shortly before GE14. Time, though, is on its side — five years to shore up its position before the next GE.

End remarks:

As early as 2014, Anglophile Guan Eng bragged that Pakatan needed only a 2% vote swing in GE14 to net Putrajaya. He got that and now finds himself standing on the other shore where the tsunami came in. And when it turns up again, he and Pakatan won’t just drown; they’ll watch all their entire possessions sweep out into the sea, they’ll repay for what Mahathir et al would be doing the next five years, because the tsunami doesn’t care whether in its path is Guan Eng or Jesus Christ.

A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants. — Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

The more Guan Eng and Pakatan act and do, over the course of time, the more painful it gets when they see all that go out to sea on the next tsunami round. Wuwei, wuwei…. History and Nature are not, you see, linearity even by repetition; they turn up, they surprise you, in cycles. And we Chinese have the patience of a drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip… — a force more powerful than any other because it virtually dissolves the stone. That’s a part of Chinese naturalist philosophy Anglophiles can never fathom. Never.

Count your beans, Christian Eng, while you still can.



What is a Chinese ultra? Jesus Eng isn’t one, of course. Instead, listen to the man below…

By ‘our’ culture, Huan means (Confucian/Daoist) ethical culture — how to properly conduct human relationship, even with the fallen. Culture copied by and as understood by Anglophiles (Syed Akbar Ali, Steven Gan, et al) are cricket clubs, Shakespeare, scones and marmalade, and Mahathir horse riding.

They have no refined ethical culture. Contradictions abound. You find Mahathir treating Najib the way Anwar was treated; their methods and conduct are identical. Reformasi is purely the reformation of power — for the purpose of realigning it. Malaiyoo rights and Anglophile righteousness are settled by power.

Mahathir’s reward for power: Anglophile’s narcissistic culture in humiliating another man. Like barbarian hordes and medieval European mobs, they delight in crushing a man. On the day of his release from jail, Anwar called that delight, ‘euphoria’. In biblical verse: Vengeance is the Lord’s.



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Dear Mr Lim Kit Siang,

Malaysia ‘a model to the world’? Grand words that even Stalin knew how to say.

After which you go on with the yada, yada about ‘independence, efficiency and professionalism’ as if these are classroom behavior matters you carry out by snapping the teacher’s finger. Mr Lim, you don’t even know what it is you are saying.

You talk about ‘national unity and reconciliation’ yet you have the country’s greatest, biggest, most virulent, longest-running divisive power sitting on top of the political pecking order. Make a guess who?

And you have the nerve to patronize us about ‘unity and reconciliation’.

Farther down you add, ‘This is not a time for vengeance and petty-mindedness.’ Have you not been listening to campaign speeches from your party comrades, for example, Nga Kor Ming, Hew Kuan Yau, Hannah Yeoh, and your son Guan Eng? These are on record and I suggest you go back to listen and pay attention, now that you have the time.

“Harapan,” Rais Hussin says, “did not challenge the previous government merely out of sheer caprice, or of wanting to go one up on then-prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.”

Yes, of course, he, you and Mahathir are in it to ‘save Malaysia’.

How to save Malaysia? According to Rais, get ‘triple-A sovereign risk rating’. Sure, even junk bonds are issued triple-A. Do you know nothing about the subprime mortgage crisis? Or, have you learned nothing?

One more thing, Mr Lim, go fuck your mother.



Postscript: You want Triple-A? Look up the Americans. Try Goldman Sachs as well – am sure they will help. Or is it that Wong Chen has already done that? You know who is Goldman Sachs, Uncle Kitty?

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GE14 results prove one thing: From hell and, now, back to it, Malaysia is the world’s top most stupid country.

If you are outside stay out. If Najib was bad, then Mahathir doing worse has nothing to lose. Soon, he’s going to be dead anyway.

Mahathir had been wrong on so many things, so many times, about Musa, Anwar, Badawi, about the Chinese — and Malays, too — about human nature, about the economy, about the world. Now, wrong about Najib Razak, he conflates the personal character failures of a man, a very human one at that, to bad governance.

Who’s to say Mahathir isn’t wrong again? And then what, Pakatan? That he will return from the grave to ‘make amends’, to ‘save Malaysia’? DAP and PKR thirsted after power so much they would do anything for it. Anything. They had won on pure propaganda, not with great ideas.

New Malaysia? Fuck Malaysia.


Watch this video below.

Regrets Kak Wan? Mr Lim? The clip plays the hesitancy again and again.

Pay attention, not to Mahathir, but Wan Azizah/PKR and to Lim Guan Eng/DAP. What does it say about the two parties that got together not because of Najib but because of Mahathir Mohamad? In the clip, they can’t even breath. Also watch Kit Siang’s demeanor whose party has 42 seats vs PPBM’s 13 and must play second fiddle. What happened to equality?

Kit Siang will now die worse than second class.

What does all that say of the tyrannical streak in Mahathir? What does it say of a man whose PPBM has just enough seats you can count on the fingers? And if that doesn’t humble him, what does the conduct say of a man laying claim to 122 seats as if he owns everything?

PKR scored 47 out of 51, DAP 42 out of 43. If there is indeed a Malay tsunami, why such a miserable PPBM count: 13 out of 52 seats? The mamak knows no shame.

This is the trouble with a marriage of convenience. This is the trouble with one logo contest; it limits choices and puts democracy in a straitjacket. Wait till the in-laws start to fight.

Game over? No way. When the deceitful squares off with the deceitful then someone, sooner or later, is going to pull out a dagger. No convenience store marriage is going to end happily after. Even the diapers have to be paid for.

Let’s be done with the country….


亲爱的 回来了


Update: Annie’s Stupid Malaiyoos

After Barisan nearly lost GE12 and 13, in spite of Mahathir’s support, questions arose about Chinese ‘loyalty’ to Malaysia, at Utusan for example. At Annie’s blog, she and her fan-mob feasted on that idea. When the chance came up, Annie struck:

The one below implied that Malays decide the Chinese fate, if we live or die.

At GE14 when more than 6 in 10 Malays voted against Barisan, Annie has nothing to say about Malay ‘loyalty’ to Malaysia.

It isn’t just Annie, of course. Over at all the Malay blogs (for example, the Malaiyoo who considers himself a ‘Dog‘) the same silence persists. Like them, Annie’s is a den of racists. In Malaysian political life, this is par for the course.

What’s however striking is the Malaiyoo display of incredible, hypocritical stupidity.

At Annie’s, Hew Kuan Yau (the DAP man who said let the Malays screw the Malays) is now considered a patriot! How? Because Hew supported the Umbrella protests in Hong Kong; it being anti-mainland China. A Malaysian Chinese supporter of a foreign, anti-mainland event is therefore patriotic? And this is the same supporter who has said, without qualification, that all South China Sea belongs to China. Period.

Why? Why? Why? Why are these Malaiyoos so stupid? Give them a generation they can’t fix a country and, now, they bring in a mamak to run the show, the same mamak who fucked it up in the first place. Hallelujah!

Good riddance Malaiyoos. And fuck you.

Postscript: Want to know something else, Malaiyoo RD? We threw the Umbrella Christians out of the universities, jailed and fined them then gave each one two criminal records to last them a lifetime. Out of jail, they will collect street garbage for a living. For your own sake, don’t mess with us. You are not up to it.


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The Game isn’t Over

Perhaps the most succinct explanation for BN’s defeat is provided by Leslie Lau: he isn’t sure. He isn’t sure because Mahathir Mohamad doesn’t represent a new Malaysia. There is not even an addition of new players: PKR is not a new player, nor is the DAP.

On the contrary, everything about Mahathir, including all that he has spoken up against — abuse of authority and corruption in particular — represents the old. Even the craft of deception is older than Mahathir. Lionizing him, as they now do in Malaysiakini as if he is invincible, won’t change that fact of history.

Lau isn’t sure perhaps because the question could have been the wrong one. Another way of asking is to look at why and how it is Mahathir won. Even there we find the same answer that goes back to the year which birthed Mahathirism: it is on the back of (a) May 13 and, (b) the political organization Umno to which he was readmitted in 1969.

(a) Mahathir begun anti-Najib on the back of a campaign that Najib Razak was too cozy with the Chinese, Singapore included, after which China was added. Up until yesterday, he saw nothing intrinsically wrong with Umno.

(b) He couldn’t because, doing so, is to concede that (Umno) Malays shouldn’t govern Malaysia, much less Malays. His argument is that Umno was merely hijacked having been turned into a ‘Najib Umno’, a political party loyal only to Najib, thus losing its way. So that, if Umno was not supposed to be loyal to Najib, Mahathir wants Umno loyalty to him.

This is a Mahathir wish that, in its turn, sidetracks the inherent contradiction within Umno. It works towards its own death: as Malays progress, Umno’s redundancy grows. The party’s reason for existence as a ‘protector’ of Malay interest diminishes as that protection is made secured.

This leads to a further problem: as Umno’s redundancy grows, there is lesser need for it. Mahathir invents another Umno, today called PPBM. That is, without Umno, there is no Bersatu, the former’s successor

Not even the post GE14 power structure has changed. Recall that Umno begun politics on less than equal standing, both within Malaya and especially after Malaysia’s formation. Penang, Selangor and Perak could be considered as opposition states until the formation of Barisan. Sarawak and Sabah then weren’t fixed deposits, a situation so precarious then that it lead to Project IC in Sabah, then hoisting up Taib Mahmud as the primary Sarawak force, producing the endemic land grab witnessed today.

There is one hope left for Malaysia: Neither Harapan nor Bersatu can nominate Mahathir prime minister. Harapan is not a registered coalition and Bersatu is not a legal party. All the propaganda won’t change that fact so, it’s just as well the three originators of Pakatan boot out Mahathir. Here is the actual GE14 parliamentary seat standing:

  • PKR 47
  • DAP 42
  • Bersatu 13
  • Amanah 11
  • Warisan 8
  • Bebas (Tian Chua’s Batu) 1

Total: 122.

Less Bersatu 13, the total above drops to 109, three short of a simple majority.

There is, however, also this permutation: Bersatu was never an actual Opposition. PAS is. PAS, with 18 seats, taking the place of Bersatu, is better as an avenue to depoliticize Malaysian lives and end Mahathirism: Hadi Awang has less reason to give (Islamic) trouble in the future and the new federal would have two more state governments to work with.


What’s wrong with this propaganda picture? The two parties add up to 24 seats but Mahathir is made to look like the victory is his. If the 18 seats from PAS replace both Bersatu and Amanah then, 90 + 18 = 107. Add Warisan’s 8 = 115. Bingo! End of Mahathir.

That, think about it, would be truly the People’s wish. For Mahathir’s party to get 13 seats proves nothing, not especially the People’s Wish. On the contrary.

“All is fair in love and war.” Besides, both the DAP and PKR have repeatedly stressed, Mahathir is just to be used, like a fucking horse. Well, the use-by-date has expired.

A new federal government would have Perak and Kedah comfortably, on top of Trengganu and Kelantan and still keep Johor, Negri Sembilan and Malacca (there are ways about it, of course).


Below shows why Mahathir is never to be trusted. From among Annie’s Assholes:

1. Malay rights and privilleges (sic)
2.The supremo position of Islam in the country
3. The rights and position of Malay Rulers
4. The special position of Malay language.

“We’ll do anything possible to defend all those rights; such as going to the streets in huge numbers TO FIGHT and PROTECT what is rightly ours!”

Oh ya? That Annie’s asshole just don’t get it and why yesterday’s results are what they are.

Goodbye Annie. See you in hell…(Update: But no hurry. Hell will still be there.)

Update 1: Mahathir relaunched democracy? Is there a claim more ignorant and more stupid than this?


Other Updates

Postscript A: A Grand, Natural, Anti-M Coalition

PKR+DAP+BN (all others fuck off)


Postscript B: Watch this space…

Late night, update 2: Move along, nothing to see. Go home, get some sleep.


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…Pakatan Hope

Prefer, instead, the thief to the priest because one is temporal, the other is eternal; one is earthly greed, the other is immovable divinity dogma; one is susceptible, the other is non-negotiable; one is capable of change, the other is doctrinal and can never.

Umno is mistaken to corner that man above as a Chinese. Worse than being wrong, the tactic doesn’t work and is, instead, counterproductive.

No, he is worse than being racist. He is the PAP Anglophile type and that makes him far more dangerous to the existential Malay and the rest of Malaysia than he merely shutting down the Royal Malay Regiment. Under him, as it is under a PAP government, you have no room to be human, or to be Malay or Chinese, unless endorsed by the party.


The Singapore Anglophiles

Insane Inside Singapore: Our Danger Foretold

To say there is tyranny in Singapore seems unreal and who would believe it anyway?  But, the tyranny is invasive because Singapore is so competent at veiling it that the Stalinist quality of its society and government would put to shame the methods of Soviet communists.

In the video series below are included four clips on debates in Singapore’s Parliament spread over several years. These are prima facie evidences into the state of Singapore today, but you’d have to look hard and think it through. They reflect the stuff that the DAP politicians hanker after: ‘first world’ government, meritocracy and so on. Even the language used in Singapore are identical to those adopted by the like of Hannah Yeoh (‘no standard‘), Lim Guan Eng (‘we decide what’s relevant‘), Lim Kit Siang (‘first world’).

Listen again and pay attention to those arguments and especially the tone, nuances and especially the name calling, and see how these reveal of a ‘first world, democratic’ government that beats the 1930s Moscow show trials in its perfidy:

Exhibit A…tyrannical, more than it’s rational,


Exhibit B…mendacious, more than it’s honest,


Exhibit C…duplicitous, more than it’s competent,

Clip above talks about honesty and first world standards, as if morality is a matter of worldliness, of worldly standards.


Exhibit D…callous, more than than it’s clever,


Exhibit E…fascistic, more than it’s anti-racist.

Note in particular remarks at time marker 3:00.


You come away from the clips with only one conclusion: Singapore’s PAP is worse than all known Stalinist governments. Dictated by committees, it is guileful at times and at other times skilled in fallacious arguments. Here, in Singapore, are where committee hearings become lynch sessions run by a mobster in a suit and tie.

The one difference between Stalin and PAP rule is this: the latter hadn’t the balls to shoot their opponents because they think it is better to see you dash off under the table tail between your legs than line you up against the wall.

We won’t have such misplaced ideas when we get hold of people like K Shanmugam, Singapore’s minister of law and home affairs. In another time, another place, another world we’ll make that thambi squeal for his mother as pee drains out of his pants. People like him are that weak — like a thug is weak — which explains his conceit to hide it.

Back to Pakatan, and taking Singapore as evidence: We are better off to be poor, incompetent and third world — even corrupt — than to live with such a ‘first world’ government of thambi and Chinaman Anglophiles, the like of Shanmugam, Lee Hsien Loong, et al, found nowhere else. These are absolute motherfuckers…. because who else would betray one’s siblings, even parents, and use the apparatus of the state for that purpose? Nothing is more anti-Chinese and anti-Confucian. (But then, Lee Hsien Loong is a banana and raised to be one — to the eternal karma regret of Lee Kuan Yew.)

PAP’s iron grip on Singapore society, families, psychology and governance forms say why there is no going back once Pakatan comes into power. Its doctrinal idea of politics and sense of invulnerability will see to it. Barisan’s vulnerability is, on the other hand, evidence to the opposite and that, indeed, politics is a negotiable concept for competing groups and is not a morality stricture that compels everyone to toe in line and obey government.


PAP’s Rottweiler: Ivanov Shanmugam

Above: K Shanmugan, PAP’s chief fighting dog, black as a thambi, conceited in his delusion he has the world between his legs and under his feet, as with DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari.

He is PAP’s Ivanov, smug and delusional as to his cleverness, but who eventually loses out to Gletkin (see Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, below). Like with all rottweilers, throw them a poisoned meat, noose around their necks and they will squeal like pigs for their mothers.





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In the works: A new tyranny

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles,” so-said the Communist Manifesto, 1848, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Though right about European societies and wrong about the rest of the world, Asia in particular, the manifesto became a great global political influence.

If a manifesto is the sum of stated intentions and views of a person or group, what is Pakatan Harapan’s?

Designed by philistine, small town out-of-work school teachers, it sells instead like a tontine scam that’s been made to read like an insurance plan — in a 100 days you get this, in five years you get that. All commission free?

And what’s in it for their peddlers, the like of Rais Hussin, Liew Chin Tong, Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang? Let’s not even go into that….

Kua Kia Soong has said much that needs said about the Harapan manifesto. Take the proposals to curb ministerial and institutional powers. This is the work of victim politics, not rational political idealism. Harapan politicians got whacked and so, if they got into Putrajaya, they’d want to get even.

If reform is indeed the motivation, the proposals would have started with the Constitution, the fascist political parties and not the ministers. Harapan’s manifesto politics is the actual spring well of the problems in Malaysia today; it was, from the beginning, the product of Harapan politicians who now promise — and it’s only a promise — some tinkering to their product, not full eradication.

With the release of the Harapan manifesto Malaysia comes a full circle: It shows those motherfuckers don’t have a clue what is a manifesto. And that ignorance is the greatest takeaway not just about Harapan’s political design but especially its motives: They sell tontine (those 100-day promises of pyramid interest and delivery) but calls it ‘reformasi’.

Always judge a book by its cover because, in a scam, book cover matters, not content.

Then listen to their newly inducted snake oil salesman, their princelings like Wan Saiful Jan and now Maszlee Malik. Layered over their politics of victimhood and poor-me declarations, they do the same song and dance routine — Malays are disadvantaged, yada, yada, so Malays get this, Indians get that, and so on. But nothing for the Orang Asli for the obvious reason the scam isn’t after their money, nor their vote. They have no money, no PayPal, and their vote is a pitiful sum.

The exclusion of an entire indigenous population is revealing into the Harapan motives, drugging a country with dizzying promises as opposed to specifics for their visions of a prosperous and united and a freed people that manifestos are meant for.

So: Along the same broken rail track are, therefore, just different players on new trains (and mostly their head honchos are decades past expiry dates).

No wonder Umno gets its way so easy.

This Opposition bunch is so over-rated (by themselves and by Steven Gan and Malaysiakini), without any sense of what it is to be basic, for tackling real fundamental problems and for true, honest change to be effected.

This failure is what happens when the DAP couldn’t get real talent to give some intellectual force to their politics. They settle instead for salesmen who count beans (Tony Pua, Lim Guan Eng) and some bald-headed, barking orang utan (Ong Kian Ming), all never stopping to show as if they are some wily Socratic scholar.

Without intellectual muscle for their politics, Bersatu, similarly, shops around at — of all places — the Islamic University Malaysia for some Malaiyoo lecturers to pad up their membership roll. And what they did they find? The like of Maszlee, Wan Saiful, Rais Hussin, intellectual dwarfs and useful fascist idiots in liberal masks. Equal to their bigotry is that they are tyrants in the making (see clip below) because, it must be remembered, Hitler began as a third-rate mind, all of it on display in Mein Kampf. So shoddy was his manifesto, nobody cared.

Short of election candidates, Harapan must hence recruit the like of Saiful who in their Malaysiakini interviews rehash fascist stuff sweet coated in liberal jargon that follows the party line.

Alternatively, consider the tweets of Hannah Yeoh and those stomach churning online postings from Yeo Bee Yin, Ong Kian Ming and Liew Chin Tong, all these think-tong Anglophiles. They show what’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect:

The less competent people are, the greater the belief they tend to have in their own competence.

Bersatu does today what PKR and DAP have done best in the past: a quick ticket into Parliament, inducting Elizabeth Wong, Tian Chua. These are among their finest who in 10 years of political performance are best known for biting the ears of policemen, sleeping in their sarongs on tatami mats, and whispering liberal sweet nothings into the ears of Hilary Clinton (clip below).

Is this then a surprise that Harapan should  be a mirror image of its rival Barisan Nasional? Hardly. Both sides were bred and they wallow in the same fetid pig swamp called Malaysia. You only have to read Malaysiakini, its judgmental headlines and its lynch mob comments to get a sense of this Malaysian malaise (passage in the Harvard Magazine review of Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols):

Voters increasingly see political figures as extensions of themselves—“He’s just like me!”—imagining shared personalities and values. Narcissism elevates feelings above facts, and it breeds social resentment, a major driver, Nichols believes, of the revolt against expertise. “People cannot accept ever being at a disadvantage in a conversation with anybody else,” he says. “It’s a persistent insecurity that goads people into having to say that they know something even when they don’t. Which didn’t used to be the case—we used to be a much more reasonable culture. You know, everybody doesn’t have to know everything.”

Reformasi? My ass.


Beware the Liberal. Beware the Democrat.


Beware Hope

Kua Kia Soong’s full rebuttal to the so-called Harapan Manifesto, and it is so easily done.

A malaise is haunting Malaysia

The Pakatan Harapan manifesto for GE14 promises many things, the most welcome of which are the calls to repeal draconian laws, make several commissions directly answerable to Parliament and trim the fat from the Prime Minister’s Office, which are long overdue.

Beyond these critically needed reforms, the manifesto is long on populist concepts but short on actionable specifics. The current water crisis in Selangor is yet another reminder of the dire consequences of such cavalier populist policies as Selangor’s free water policy.

Is providing cheaper cars the answer to our traffic problems or purely populist?

The manifesto proposal to “resolve issue of unilateral child conversion in a harmonious manner” is no doubt well-intentioned, but wishful thinking in the current toxic climate without spelling out the clear constitutional and juridical positions on this issue.

Fundamentally, the manifesto lacks three vital changes sorely needed to take our country into a new beginning after 60 years of BN rule, namely: a race-free agenda to unify the nation, a progressive tax structure to redistribute wealth, and a truly democratic society.

A truly democratic society

Term limits for the posts of prime minister, chief minister and menteri besar are welcome and overdue. We are told that it will not be applied retrospectively to Selangor and Penang, the states that Harapan already rule.

Why not? The democratic principle behind the term limit for these posts is simply that elected officials can over time obtain too much power or authority and thus makes them less representative of all the citizens. It is also to prevent chances of corruption.

As we have seen only recently, even within a two-term service, corporate interests including those in property and finance can provide inducements to the incumbent leaders such as drastic discounts on house purchases.

There is clearly a correlation between the length of time a politician serves and the degree to which he or she has opportunities to engage in corruption. So, if Harapan truly believes in democracy, it should adhere to the two-term limit for their menteri besar in Selangor and chief minister in Penang as of now.

A national agenda

Now with Harapan having embraced the leader of Bersatu as the prospective prime minister, there is no mention of an end to the New Economic Policy in their GE14 manifesto. This is indeed bad news for those who had hopes of a more liberal economic policy, and also for all who have criticised the government for its racially discriminatory economic and educational policies.

Harapan tries to suck up to the “Malay agenda” by proposing puzzling proposals such as “restoring state sultans’ powers”. Which sultan’s powers are Harapan referring to that have been weakened? The ones that Mahathir effected during his reign? Please be specific.

And are we going to go through the same “statistical charade” that we have seen through the 50 years of NEP with the manifesto’s proposal to “increase bumiputera equity through GLC management buyouts?

Which class of bumiputeras is going to gain from this? Doesn’t it matter whether or not the poorer bumiputeras benefit? The statistics on “bumiputera equity” are meaningless when such equity can be resold to non-bumiputeras as soon as it is allocated, and when bumiputera companies fail such as happened during the 1997 financial crisis.

Instead of needs-based measures that target the lower-income and marginalised sectors, the Harapan manifesto follows the same divide-and-rule method practiced by BN. Thus, Indians have been specifically identified for special treatment as increasing their numbers in premium schools and Mara institutions. But the manifesto does not specify by how much.

And what about the Chinese, Eurasians and the Orang Asli? Harapan would like to “invest in training schemes for Indians” but a needs-based policy would be more cost effective and unifying to open the “bumiputeras only” institutions in this country to all Malaysians.

The NEP was scheduled to end in 1990, but has become a populist never-ending policy to win over the bumiputeras while benefiting mainly the political elite. Instead, it is common sense that poor rural Malaysians should be assisted based on their needs according to the particular economic sectors in which they live and work.

Today, with the lack of ethnic diversity in the civil and armed forces, it is high time that recruitment and promotion in these services are based on merit. Does Harapan address this? Does Harapan propose an expiry date for the NEP or is this not going to be realised in our lifetime?

Progressive taxes on the super-rich

Harapan does not tell us how their many populist promises will be financed. There are no fiscal policies to redistribute wealth, never mind fundamental changes in economic policies, including nationalisation of utilities. Malaysia is one of the few countries where the super-rich do not have to contribute part of their wealth to finance state welfare.

How much do the top 10 percent of earners contribute to total tax revenues?

Across the developed world, the rich are expected to pay a substantial share of taxes and this share has risen in recent decades. According to the OECD, the top 10 per cent of earners contribute about a third of total tax revenues – 28 per cent in France, 31 per cent in Germany, 39 per cent in Britain and 42 per cent in Italy.

The wealthiest households in the US contribute a larger share to government than in any other OECD country, at 45 percent. In Europe, they certainly have more to show for it – social services, unemployment benefits, a national health system and other social benefits.

Despite this, William Buffett, one of America’s richest men recently criticised the US tax system as manifestly unfair since he is taxed at a lower rate than his secretary!

Malaysia’s income tax system grants greater tax savings for the rich as well as encourages tax evasion. We rank among the world’s top countries for illicit outflow of money.

What reforms does the Harapan manifesto propose to prevent tax evasion? The limited coverage has resulted in poor revenue generation. Without sufficient revenue, individual income tax cannot provide substantial funds for poverty lifting projects.

Similarly, we do not see a higher marginal tax rate on high-income earners and a correspondingly lower tax rate for lower income earners; an incremental capital gains tax on property; a progressive inheritance tax; a tax on all international financial transactions and hedge funds; a progressive tax on all luxury goods.

A progressive economic policy

Harapan has all along stood for the same neoliberal capitalist policies as the BN. Consequently, their manifesto does not have a progressive economic policy, including nationalising all utilities and essential services including water resources, health, public transport and energy.

They have not proposed measures to ensure that government enterprises such as the GLCs are owned and controlled by the Malaysian peoples at federal, state and local levels and to bring respite to our lowest paid workers, who deserve a decent standard of living, and not populist crumbs.

Mother tongue education as part of the national education system

The Harapan manifesto pledges to recognise the UEC and to build one Tamil Secondary school. That is good. But are the Chinese and Tamil schools still going to be treated like step children in this country , with a few schools being allowed to be built and the Chinese secondary schools getting occasional funding at the pleasure of the government whenever elections are round the corner?

Defence cuts

The Harapan manifesto is silent about their defence policy, which is surprising as they speak vociferously against the commissions that are creamed off from big arms deals. While we are agonising over giving our lowest paid workers a guaranteed minimum wage of RM1,500, the government is coolly shopping for the next generation Multi-role combat aircraft to replace the MIGs.

British Aerospace is trying to flog their Typhoons and other special offers in a RM10 billion arms deal. It is expected that the government will go through with this deal as soon as they get their mandate after GE14.

Beyond GE14

It is time that BN and Harapan take human rights seriously and respect all Malaysian citizens irrespective of ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender or sexuality so that we can march forward as a unified nation.

Furthermore, in the states under both BN and Harapan, deforestation by developers goes on uninhibited, highways, tunnels and land reclamation continue unabated without concern for the environment, the public commons and the marginalised people living there.

A just, democratic and progressive alternative calls for a living wage and rights for all workers; a reasonable pension at retirement; affordable and liveable housing; free tertiary education (means tested for the well-off); formal or informal elected local government; commitment to international human rights practices and covenants.

The neoliberal ideologies that both BN and Harapan practice involves allowing private developers to buy up public assets. Such a practice has serious consequences in that it overrides and neglects the people’s interests and degrades our precious environment which is regarded as a free resource.

As a result, we are left with polluted air, questionable water quality, and limited green commons. We want a government that will take the lead in sustainable development initiatives such as renewable energy, that will benefit ordinary Malaysians and their environment.

The current reliance on the private sector results in environmentally harmful and socially destructive projects. A people’s government would enforce recycling measures, responsible waste disposal and enact laws to protect animal welfare.

Such a progressive government would also make it a priority to put the rights and livelihood of the Orang Asal at the top of the national agenda by recognising their rights over the land they have been occupying for centuries, prohibiting logging in Orang Asal land and ensuring all Orang Asal villages have adequate social facilities and services.


Train Station

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