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Just the headlines will tell you, this year launches the Malaiyoo Islamofascist war against all Others.

When will the Fascists round us into ghettos then on to the Ovens?


Just as Hilter’s people sowed a deep hatred for 6 million Jews before killing them, all of them, Mahathir Mohamad and his Kadir Jasin generation sowed a deep hatred for Chinese. (Though the Chinese are still alive; Malaiyoos are always so slow, even to kill.) Today, taking the agenda a step forward, Najib Razak’s men have subcontracted the same to PAS, to the Hadi Awangs, the Zakir Naiks, the muftis and the Perlis Asris, these men awaiting the day to ‘wipe out’ the Chinese, kill more kafirs and more infidels and to install the new Malaiyoo paradise. Islamic state style, of course, ala Kadir Jasin.

Wong Chen! Malays are so ‘sweet’…?

Always, this is how it — the genocide — begins. Headline…

#1. Delegate: War with DAP nothing do with them being non-Muslims


Of course, not. It has everything to do with the Chinese, this neo-Mahathirism, and which explains why one never hears a word in response from the Muhs and the Mahs. Najib knows what it takes to shut up their arse. He learned it from them, experienced it.

Which is also to say that every time Malays fight among themselves, they first pick on the bystander, the neighbor, the Chinese. It was how May 13th began, and on to the next.

[Warning to these Malays: We have installed a deterrent. Know what that is? It is like a bait-thing which you like, you take, you bite, you swallow, and you die. An agonizing Islamic death. Allahuakbar! Is that how you say it in Arabic?]


#2. NGOs moot review of 1.75m citizenships granted from 1957 to 1970


Another product of Mahathirism: See, what a bunch of coconut Malaiyoo monkeys. Fists up, so frightening! We’re so frightened that our knees are rattling.

Hey monyets! Make sure, though, Umno — your government — leaves out the Indonesians, the Banglas, and the Zakir Naiks.


#3. Differing views no reason to send Zakir to BJP-led India


But send Zakir to Umno-led Putrajaya. Fuck you, Asri.


#4: Revive ISA to deal with Hindraf, say NGOs


Don’t forget to deal with Mahathir, as well, boy.


#5: ‘Amanah Be Damned’ cries echo at PAS Ulama assembly


Cries heard outside PAS assembly: PAS Babi! PAS Celaka!


#6: PAS aims to amend shariah enactment in more states

PAS for All, Sharia for All: Have a good look at that Kelantanese pig.


Islamofascism, an afterword from…

The Logic of Syed Akbar Ali

From syedsoutsidethebox:

  • You can see this almost everyday at the Toll Plazas, especially in KL and the Klang Valley.  The Peroduas, Protons and small cars all line up at the Tambah Nilai and Bayaran Tunai lanes at the toll gates.  These are the folks who live almost hand to mouth. The urban poor. They actually prefer the Bayar Tunai lanes because they can then carry just enough toll money for the journey.

Want to guess their agama and bangsa?

  • Then you have the Mercedes, Audis, BMWs,  Camrys, Accords etc that just sail through the Smart Tag lanes.  You can see their balance remaining RM100, RM200 etc. These are the people who have cash to meet their daily living expenses.

Want to guess their agama and bangsa?


Syed Akbar’s conclusion when he becomes Prime Minister Akbar bin Mahathir:

Different ethnic groups with disparities in income, one driving Protons and the other Mercedes, will lead to jealousy and instability. In order to maintain peace, harmony and unity in our beloved country, our Tanah Malaiyoo, my government will therefore implement the New Economy Policy v.2. Thirty percent is an insult to bumis. Henceforth, Malays shall have a quota of 70 percent Mercedes. I take the first.


Hey thambi mamak! Go fuck your mother.


Thinking they have got the Chinese cornered in Malaysia, there are Malaiyoos, (PAS, Perkasa, Umno, Bersatu, Ismail Sabri) who believe they are a big deal, bigger because they have like-minded Islamic motherfuckers 5000 miles cutting the throats of defenseless people. Truly, these coconut kampung heads: people who didn’t know the Chinese invented suicide killing — and, we’re masters in torture — long before there was even an Islamic state.

Below: A sign from Allah. Even Allah blesses infidels to wipe out PAS, which will be destroyed. Allah has today declared its destruction! And we, infidels, naturally want to obey Allah.


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Hannah ‘Chameleon‘ Yeoh: yesterday Bangsa, next day Chinese, tomorrow Islamic, but always Anglophile.


Opportunist, Hypocrite, Racist…

and Stupid — like Umno men


Malaysiakini‘s DAP promotion piece — ‘Anak Malaysia’ mum vindicated as BN sees the light in ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ — has no author name. It was published as news but, let’s see….

First, the supposed news: the ‘vindication’ from BN. Says ‘The News & Views That Matter (TNVTM):

It was a vindication of sorts for Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, who was chastised for trying to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’.

Vindication? Of sort? What fucking sort? Vindication from what, by what and by who?

Later, Malaysiakini suggested it was kids — that is, kids! Not BN — who are vindicating a matter of national policy, a vindication provided via Khairy Jamaluddin who was again quoted to say “young Malaysians (from a TN50 ‘feedback’) prefer to be known as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ in the next 30 years.

‘Prefer to be known’, when they were born or when they turn nine? Nine is the Sahabudin-age ripe for marriage. And these kids want to be known as such only in the next 30 years? Not after that?

Now, you are beginning to see how it is Malaysiakini and reporters begin to fabricate news…

So, what exactly was it that Khairy said about the ‘feedback‘? Kids wanted all their birth certificates rewritten as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ in the space marked for ethnic origin and not as Chinese or Malays or Indian?

Another supposed news faked by TNVTM:

Hannah Yeoh had wanted to define the identity of her first born, Shay Adora, as Bangsa Malaysia

It is a matter of documented fact that Hannah wanted Shay Adora registered as ‘Anak Malaysia’. Shay was born of a Chinese mother and her Indian husband, Ramachandran Muniandy. To register her baby, Hannah had three choices, Chinese, Indian and Chinese/Indian. Instead, after failing to register her as ‘Anak Malaysia’, she wrote on the application Chinese — not Chinese/Indian, a matter of fact; or Indian which ought to have been the natural choice in Asian patriarchy systems.

So the reason for choosing Chinese over other categories…? Smell the odor of her armpits reeking of racism?

In the same application Hannah again demonstrated how she was so ashamed of the offspring’s half Indian origin (must be the dark skin), she used only Ram to register the name of the infant’s father — not Ramachandran. She won’t even give her daughter a genuine Malaysian or Chinese/Indian identity because Shay and Adora are names derived from western sources of interpreting old Jewish places. In other words, Orang Putih.

Regardless, Hannah’s registry of her child remains scandalous not only because of her shamelessness and her racism (the racism of the anti-racist) but especially because, in conflating Anak and Bangsa Malaysia, she completely ignored:

  • (a) that Anak Malaysia is not a physiological category-fact that provides the basis of birth registration and used as an identification tool. There is simply no such thing as Anak Malaysia for a new born and the meaningless in the term raises even more absurd questions: What Anak would be Lim Kit Siang’s father, a Malaysian but born in China? Anak Cina?
  • (b) that Bangsa Malaysia and Anak Malaysia are entirely distinct categories which can only mean different things. The first is a newly fashioned political term. The second is general, colloquial usage to mean a child of Malaysia. It gets worse: how should a child born to Malaysian permanent residents in Australia be called? ‘Anak’ or ‘Bangsa’?

In advocating the politics of DAP/Hannah’s Bangsa politics, Malaysiakini made sure it lied that Hannah was right all along. Yet there was nothing to be right about. After which it again lied that Khairy ever said BN wanted such a sort of politics or if it even sanctioned that kind of usage.

That is, Malaysiakini editors embellished their fraudulent conduct under such terms as ‘see the light‘. Those liberal assholes were simply making things up:

  • (1) that there is ‘vindication’ in the choice of Hannah’s term during Shay’s birth registration because mummy Yeoh used Anak not Bangsa Malaysia.
  • (2) that Hannah is a good, politically far-sighted mother. What she had instead done was to abuse her 6-day old daughter, laundering her for the world to see solely for promoting her own political message — regardless of the veracity of her claims. As mother, that fatty Anglophile has no shame and had proven to be completely irresponsible.

There is an even more insidious message in Hannah’s political laundering: as a nationalist slogan Bangsa Malaysia reminds of Germany’s use of its term Reichsadler during the Hilter’s reign of the Third Reich. “We are Malaysian nationalists,” is what Hannah is implying, whose stupidity couldn’t tell a biological fact from fascist propaganda. Her political ignorance couldn’t tell her there is no such thing as a Malaysian race, just as there is no American race. Nor could she tell the difference between nationality (that is, Malaysian) and Bangsa (which is ethnicity).

Just as there is no physiological fact of a thing called Australian, there is also no such thing as the Melayu race. Malay is a political designation not a race, a designation that is as plain as a stone or a tree standing outside your house.

An illustrative case in point is Zakir Naik, who upon obtaining his citizenship, will almost certainly be classed as Malay when clearly he is of Indian origin. Or, take Ridhuan Tee, whose children would have been categorized as Malay on account of neither biology nor physical birth place but purely because the kids comply with the three-legs of the constitutional definition, of which Islam had been made the overriding condition, far, far more than language and custom today. Going by custom, Hadi Awang would not be Melayu, Ridhuan or Zakir much less.

All that is also to say, Hannah is playing the same Umno game she criticizes for its racism, overlaying her western, Christian liberal values onto her politics in order to paint a picture that she is a good Bangsa woman whereas anybody who refuses the term Bangsa are ‘evil’ and ‘racist’ (her terms). Complicit in spreading those lies and deceptions is, of course, Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini, those Anglophiles from Bangsar.

Hannah, if it isn’t obvious to you by now, was driving square pegs into round holes, wanting to fit her political prejudices into factual reality. She is exactly like the Umno Malays she hates, a hypocrite, adopting the same stratagem in order to win votes and get elected, playing footsie with people’s future and their identities, even her own daughter’s, then talking about unity.

Hannah’s actions have dangerous consequences because all Umno has to respond is simply this: ‘We know what is bangsa. But, tell us, what is it to be Malaysian?

Their answer: ‘See the word Malay in the name Malaysia?

That is, in case that stupid Hannah still doesn’t get it: She will have to masuk Melayu in order to qualify as a Bangsa Malaysia. She has to be fucked by a Malaiyoo.

That being so, isn’t it better therefore to retain segregation and keep to being Chinese? Malaiyoo keep their side, they keep their Islam, their jihad, while we keep ours and stay out of Islam. Isn’t that freedom and a human right?

If, however, Hannah still insists on being Bangsa Malaysia, then by all means. She is even welcomed to slice off a piece off Muniandy’s brown prick and after that her son’s as well. At that rate, she might even turn her entire family Muslim because, if she gets away with her hypocrisy, what’s there to halt her opportunism and racism in order to go after the Malay votes when the Bangsa types run out? That’s Ridhuan Tee bullshit all over again.



The beautiful girl I am, waiting

Why have you not come yet?

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A Thambi lectures the Malaiyoo

What happens next…. And why?

See the Malaiyoo beside the Indian? He still needs a thambi’s crutch even to make a stupid argument, but thinks this is all big deal.


A Thambi among Malaiyoos

The two elements in Zakir Naik’s remarks — ‘you can come to probe me here’ (sic!) — says a lot about Malaysia, hence Malays, as it is about Zakir: One, Zakir is saying, ‘I have influence in Malaysia, I stay as long as I like’, and two ‘fuck you, India, I can be anywhere, anytime, you can’t touch me’.

First about Zakir: here is an English-schooled Muslim Indian who employs Christian language (lesser evil), Western solipsism (the Self is final arbiter in an election) and Bentham’s Utilitarianism (morality can be counted like grains of sand). It couldn’t be he knows the western reasoning tools and the philosophical underpinnings in his words. But that’s where they had come from: nothing he knows belongs to him, even though all his arguments have been demonstrated — not once but repeatedly — to be false.

Dressed like a contorted minor Englishman, an Indian Anglophile actually, he wouldn’t be out of place in immigrant town Manchester where lives one of Malaysia’s longest running fugitives named Petra Kamarudin. Not only do Malay princes run when trouble catches up with them (remember that Parameswara, or whatever?), they themselves also harbor fugitives.

Here is the rub: Why are Malaiyoos so taken in by this shorty, little brown-skin toad? So what if he is Muslim? So what if he has a beard? Or if he can speaks with a semblance of logicism. It is called syllogism. And goes like this: Both are evil, one is less evil, therefore choose the lesser. Here’s the contradiction: Both are good, one is less good, therefore choose the less good?

Second, about Malaysia. Perhaps, it is just in Malaiyoo DNA, so made completely stupid, first by the Arabs, today by Indians. Malays are a collective legacy of stupidity, done in by Pakistani drafters of the Constitution then by Mahathir Mohamad, and now this….

Ibrahim Ali’s Perkasa — Malay supremacist and xenophobic and yet play hosts to a foreign preacher — is emblematic of the Malay person and mentality completed overrun. It needs only a little toad to bring the Malay in, never mind his podah Sime Darby anneh slant which sounds like a never-ending fart. No wonder Malaysia is today in its present shit.

Before Perkasa there is Mahathir, the Great Malay defender who has so much to say about protecting Malays and about threats of colonization supposedly by Chinese buying Johor property. But, he has nothing to say of an Indian who, before his eyes, is poisoning and seizing hold of the Malay mind, with certain consequences equally as devastating as his 22-year rule. Both men are doing the same thing to the coconut Malaiyoo; both are convinced, you see, they know what’s best for Malays. It’s one coconut to another coconut.

To all banana Chinamen: Leave this fucked-up country when you still got the chance. Christians in the Middle East had to be bombed out of their homes in the Middle East where their ancestors had lived thousands of years. Don’t think the same won’t happen to pendatangs: ask that banana named ‘Pastor’ Koh. He won’t leave, so he disappeared. Or you’d have your throats cut like Bernard Thien. Or C4-ed, like a Mongolian.

The old idea, promoted by Anglophiles, Ahi ‘Rock’ Tan and Liew Chin-Ah-Tong included, that Malaysia is a civilized country just because it has an English past and its laws is so outdated. Zakir Naik is all very English. In fact, he would sit nicely at a PKR dinner table of thambis, next to R. Sivarasa and N. Surendran, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them.


A Thambi with a death grip on Malays

If it were up to the Chinese, we won’t ban him from Malaysia. We would send him an Ibrahim Ali invitation, pick him at the airport, lodged him in Brickfields, a cockroach infested hotel next to Jesus Christ, and cater him from a deli bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All of which is to say: Why the fuck did they make a big deal out of a shorty brown skin thambi?


Answer: It’s the Malaiyoo.

Zakir Naik preaching to Malaiyoos then converting a couple of young imbeciles, whether Chinaman or estate Indian, it doesn’t matter, they are done in, in one way or the other. The proselytizing is merely incidental to the ultimate purpose which is served by regional politics and, domestically, fascist Malay oppression of the Chinese. It has to be this. ‘The Malay government may be pro-China, but, we have India as balancer: See! Here he is. Small man, big mouth. Just like it has always been: the Chinese provide the material comforts, money; Indians provide the soul of the Melayu‘.

Which explains why motherfuckers like Kadir Jasin and Mahathir Mohamad keep their silence although Zakir has come again and again pinned with the badge of their sworn enemy named Najib Razak. In their time, too, they had done the same things. This time, Najib’s time, it couldn’t be an accident that, after China, he goes to India (the two countries have fought in the Himalayas), sing some Tamil songs, and then return to welcome a thambi fugitive from India.

Does it make sense? Of course, not. Coming from a Malaiyoo these days, few things make sense. But a calculation doesn’t have to make sense.

There is, of course, the Islam thing. If indeed proselytizing is the goal then that would be better served by a desert camel trader. Imagine, soul and money in combination, a two in one, and walla, a Saudi donor!

The international price in this kind of maneuvering is great because other people don’t think like that. But, still, what the heck. Malaysia is finished anyway. Not only does it produce great MBAs then exporting them as swindlers (Jho Low), it’s a country that kills people without cause. Harboring jihadist preachers would be small beer, therefore; before, they have come from south Thailand, Indonesia, and the Sulu.

The price of not bringing in Zakir is greater though: influence peddling, money, and everything that both entail. Worse is, losing the grip on the Malay soul. Zakir is a reminder to Malays: the coconut tree stretches out to heaven and Umno (and PAS, of course) have the only ladders long enough to reach it.

Make sense? It’s not suppose to; the Malay mind was long ago crippled.

Besides, Umno is running out of options, already losing on hudud, the AmBank credit cards are unbankable, money abroad frozen, so that you have to wonder: How much is Zakir paying — not paid — to stay in Malaysia and to run away from India? Maybe they could use his account; the Bank of Al-Saud will do.

As politics go down, the Malay mind is further paralyzed. This has been Umno’s race formula all along, though unintended but no thanks to the mamak named Mahathir. As the Malay paralysis deepens, Mahathir finds himself handing out more crutches.

The problem is this. Since the Malaiyoo has been overrun by Islamists — how do you get rid of something non-existent? — the next best thing is to drain the sand harboring them. That is, bring in more Zakir Naiks to do the vacuum job.

Zakir is a reminder to Malays, that he, a Muslim, is a fraud, like Najib is a fraud, running from the law; that shorty, brown-skin, in coat and tie, is a thambi actually; he had a history and a past before he gave press conferences in English and began addressing Allah as God the Almighty, not in Arabic s.a.w. He is just like the Malaiyoo today, a conquered soul.


Malay oppression in Allah’s name has come to this (below, FMT News), involving some of the most essential things in life, making a living, and those Amanah, PKR and DAP Anglophile and Malaiyoo types will have nothing to say because Kelantan is not their turf and Islam won’t affect the Chinese(?); jangan campur tangan, the motherfuckers say.

We can only seethe with anger? Hadi Awang, again, we swear on fathers’ graves you will pay.


Non-Muslims must abide by Kelantan’s Maghrib shutdown.

FMT News



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…and repeat the ‘insensitivity’ below.


And for the third time: Monyet Hadi bin Awang. He lives on a tree and carries a magic Islamic wand. He can make things appear, disappear; gone today, back tomorrow. And the poor Speaker. He isn’t vulnerable to Kelantan magic. He is from Sabah.

Only a Chinese newspaper could have done it, and this goes a long way to help the Malays keep their Malaiyoo. Yet, others, Kadir Jasin for example (below), could only preach; he, the Nusantara Scribe reduced to yada, yada, yada.Hypocrisy, trickery, shenanigans and dishonesty” are, Kadir says, “the worse in human nature.”

Is that all. ‘Worse’, did you say? LOL.

The worse is Malaiyoo Shabudin. No? Not khalwat, Kadir? You are pathetic.


Kadir: “Hmm… Now, let me count the ways, the worse in human nature…”

Cukup la, Kadir; retire quietly and nobody is going to call you a bloody fool.



Not Mock Debate. Try Mock Execution

…PAS style, of course.

First, the Mock Debate

PKR’s Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli today questioned if amendments to Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (Act 355) would ensure that all Muslims are adjudicated fairly under syariah enactments.

In particular, he asked if amendments to Act 355 will embolden religious enforcement officers to take action against transgressors who are members of society’s elite.

“The issue is the need to ensure the syariah enactment is fair to all, but do we have enough resources at the syariah department for that? Enough judges and experts?

“I know who (among Muslim government backbenchers) consume alcohol, and there might be ministers’ children who are co-habitating. Would a religious enforcement officer dare to take action?

“I am aware that I am now speaking outside of the House, but what if there was a sultan or a royal family member who consumes alcohol openly, would an enforcement officer arrest him/her and would he/she be penalised under Act 355?” he asked.

Rafizi said this would cause Islam to be maligned as only the poor get punished while the rich go free.

Syariah enactments in all Malaysian states outlaws consumption of alcohol and sex before marriage for Muslims.

Unmarried Muslim couples who live together also run the risk of being nabbed for “khalwat” (close proximity) as enactment bars unmarried Muslim men and women from being together in private spaces without a chaperone.

‘Room for corruption as judges salary remain low’

Rafizi asked this in tonight’s People’s Parliament session, a mock parliamentary debate on amendments to Act 355 tabled by Marang MP and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

The People’s Parliament session, which was streamed live online via several MPs’ Facebook pages, was called after Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia postponed debates on the amendments to the next session. …

Rafizi, who took the floor first in the mock Dewan Rakyat session, said the debate was postponed so that media hostile to Pakatan Harapan could demonise them as “anti-Islam”.Hence the mock parliamentary session was held, to allow the rakyat to hear that Pakatan Harapan MPs are seeking clarifications on how this would protect and strengthen Islam.Among them, he said, was how the Act 355 amendments does not raise the salaries of syariah court judges.

He said there is risk of corruption and abuse of power by syariah court judges as “those earning RM6,000 to RM7,000 are allowed to send people to jail for 30 years”.

“Someone with a lower salary given big powers to jail someone for 30 years, such powers if not properly managed opens the doors to abuse,” he said.

The Act 355 amendments seek to raise penalty limit for syariah courts to 30 years’ jail, 100 lashes of the whip and RM100,000 fine.Act 355 now allows syariah courts to impose a maximum penalty of RM5,000, six lashes of the whip and three years’ jail.

Amanah’s Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad also questioned why PAS’ Kota Baru MP Takiyuddin Hassan, who supported Hadi’s motion, spoke of the salary revisions but the actual bill did not include such revision.

“This seems like an eye wash to confuse people as if the amendment is to fix everything but the motion has no such thing,” he said.

Punishments vary between state to stateKhalid also said that the amendments allow unfairness across states in Malaysia because it will mean punishments could vary greatly between state to state. For example, he said, the same crime can be punished with just one lashing in one state but 30 years’ jail in another.

“It is like giving a loaded gun to each state and it is up to the states whether to shoot or not. This is irresponsible,” he said. “This is why we must have a committee to standardise things,” he said.

Khalid said the penalty hike was motivated by the desire to have syariah courts as equal to civil courts which can mete out similarly heavy penalties.

“There is no syariah rationale for this… it is like saying to make the court more powerful, so the penalties must be ‘powerful’,” he said.

He also urged the amendments to instead include less punitive penalties, such as community services to rehabilitate offenders.

Khalid said the bill is not sacrosanct and has been amended three times to date, so he hoped Hadi will amend it further to improve the legislation.

“We do not oppose the effort to strengthen the syariah courts but the amendments have many weaknesses, so we need to debate it and improve it,” he said. Khalid was the last MP to speak in the three-hour session.



Amanah and PKR MPs don’t have to create a mock execution, Syariah style, above. It’s the same with all creeds and colors. Only imagine a moment, pulling Kadir Jasin out of that Islamic hole.


Next, the Mock Execution

All that about the mock debate is so wrong, in particular this:

We do not oppose the effort to strengthen the syariah courts but the amendments have many weaknesses, so we need to debate it and improve it.

These Oppo MPs are, in effect, saying that RUU355 is fundamentally correct — so Hadi is therefore correct — only mistaken in the wording of its implementation, and that they are liable to be unfair or distorted. The like of Khalid and Rafizi still don’t get it: they more they go into it, the more they play with that desert Arab God, the more their Malaiyoo fingers will get burn.

That, recall, was how everything started: Anwar Ibrahim, Abim, Mahathir Mohamad, PAS.

And here’s the fallacy with which they continue from where Anwar and Mahathir had left off. From Khalid:

It (355) is like giving a loaded gun to each state and it is up to the states whether to shoot or not. This is irresponsible. This is why we must have a committee to standardise things.

All Khalid is saying is, give them a gun but tied to it a piece of paper instructing them when to use. What a stupid Malaiyoo.

It also goes to show this: Malaiyoos didn’t just import an Arab, foreign spirituality, they imported a whole set of value system — along with gun and swords — and all that the system entails which, essentially, is barbarism. It is barbarism, nothing else. Nothing. Even the Huns would be embarrassed.

And the results of those early efforts are already staring at these MPs; today those results are below. And yet Khalid et al still want to play with them. They assume Malays are already totally Arabic and Islamic and what’s supposedly good for Arabian Islam is good for Malays (and so, too, good for politics, good for the vote). Below, are pictures of the Malay faces staring at Rafizi and those debaters:




Siti Aishah’s case is illustrative. Here is a Malaiyoo who, in spite of being raised by Umno, raised under the umbrella of ketuanan, didn’t pledge allegiance to Tanah airku (to Umno much less), not even some Sultan, but to an Arab barbarian 8,000 miles away and who she knows next to nothing.

Here is typical of a Malaiyoo who had been taught, by motherfuckers like Kadir Jasin, to believe she owe her (a) existence, (b) life and identity, (c) even their bread and butter to Tanah Melayu. Yet she  wants to go off to give up her life to fight some foreign war she knows next to nothing and then to import it, lock, stock and barrel, and killing who? Starting with Malaiyoos of course. Maybe Kadir would be a good target. And all for what? Following every word in the Quran which they can scarcely read in a foreign tongue call Arabic?

This has to be great.

Poor Kadir, seeing his preaching collapse right under his Nusantara feet. What a motherfucking Malaiyoo.

As an aside, Malaiyoos like Rafizi who argue for ‘fair’ 355 implementation, but he still wants to flog and jail elite Malays who drink and co-habitat. Rafizi is no different from people like Hadi; they think alike. The difference is only a matter of degree, in the implementation, not in the perversity and the irrationality in the proposed law.

Those Malays who drink and co-habitat are the only decent humans left in Malay society. Others, like Rafizi and Kadir and Hadi think they are next to Allah because that has been their conduct and attitude, imposing a morality, making crimes out of pure, innocent human affairs.

Here is another argument from the mock debate:

There is no syariah rationale for this (355)…

Answer: Since when was the Syariah, or any religious law, based on Reason, or on rationale?

You must as well try reasoning with Hadi Awang, that piece of dog. Syariah’s reason for existence, the entire Arab purpose, is that the Malaiyoo obey. It exist, fundamentally, to force compliance. Submit!

Why is it that Malaiyoos never stop shooting at themselves in the foot? Look in the mirror, Rafizi, Khalid, and you will see that MPs, like everyone else, are vulnerable to their passions, suffer from debt and depression and at times — most times — would like to be left alone.

In the circumstance, there is only one solution: take the guns away from these barbarians before they murder their daughters, their neighbors, and everybody else.

O! Malaiyoo!

Mock debate? No! Those PAS assholes are better: they want mock executions. If you guys want to follow, remember to bring swords, headscarves, ropes and baskets — baskets are for the heads. Siti Aishah and Shabudin are already on the way there, you see, doing those things in their Islamic minds.


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It can’t be both.


That, above, was Arul Kanda’s early handiwork: those numbers didn’t lie, but the words did. ‘Brazen?’ ‘Deposits?’ ‘Funds?’

Hi, Arul, what you’re working on now? Haven’t heard from you for a while. Anything good happening?


1MDB’s 50 Billion: Where to, where from

Let’s settle this once and for all: how much, by who? (Answer, table below.)


When Mahathir Mohamad started on 1MDB, he said the money was missing. Today, it had been stolen. Sometimes, actually most times, the Opposition says the 1MDB’s ‘debt‘ is… yada, yada, yada. That is, someday, somebody will have to pay it off: sob, sob…. And, of course, listeners to this sort of ceramah talk don’t listen. Who gives a shit for the future when the present is problem enough: No wonder few people care.

The challenge with 1MDB wasn’t proving that its money was missing or stolen or even if it is debt which, according to Malaysiakini’s P. Gunasegaram, was going to grind the country to the ground. How does that happen, Guna, ‘grind’? All of which weren’t just unreal, the effect of Anglophile philistines trying to be literary on matters of bread and butter.

Here’s the latest from C4 which it has titled, The 1MDB Chronicles – Exposed:

It’s a tale which is so fantastic that it will make a Hollywood scriptwriter proud. It has a cast of a king/sultan, princes, a prime minister and his stepson, Arab sheikhdoms, and a deal making, baby-faced whizz kid who was in his twenties when it all started – the apparent brains behind the deals, who cavorts with actors and other luminaries, has a proclivity for grand parties and yachts, exorbitant tastes, runs philanthropies and is close to the very top echelons of political leadership in Malaysia. The loot is large with assets involved of about RM50 billion.

A tale? Hollywood? A cast of kings, princes and politicians? Whizz kid? No wonder those kampung types in Kelantan and KL can’t make head and tail of what this is all about.

It gets worse. To be writing about 1MDB is a political badge of courage, the requisite for being anti-Najib Razak and therefore pro-Opposition. Being politically correct extracts a price, though. It is called Distortion.

To be political with 1MDB, therefore exaggerate; indeed, the worse the case the better for the points. Here’s how to inflate the gravity of 1MDB: count the same thing twice. Figure 5 (near the bottom of this post) is a case of double counting from donplaypuks: the IPIC USD6.5 billion claim on 1MDB had arisen directly from the Goldman Sachs USD6.5 billion bond issuance. That is, they are one and the same; if IPIC wins, 1MDB settles; if IPIC loses, it settles.

Unless two and two equals one, doubling 6.5 bn in the debt drives up the 1MDB numbers from MYR51 bn to 95 bn. Seeing it soar, the Great Syed Akbar Ali roars with delight. Here’s a man who thinks himself as cleverer than everybody else but, for him, inflating the 1MDB numbers is the political correct thing to do. Akbar then offers the justification that ‘Donny’ had combed through the accounts although those accounts had since been disavowed by every auditor in town.

Here’s another fallacious line that Akbar also regurgitated. From ‘Donny’:

Since 2014, 1MDB has had to service interest on its $42 billion borrowings at an average of say, about 5% per year.

By 2014, three chunks of debt (above, the TIS bond and the USD bonds) were already incurring large, periodic payments. Without income Arul Kanda turned to the Mother of Frauds, an inverted pyramid scheme invented in Chow Kit that relies on multiple short term loans to pay an earlier, fat, long term one which fell due. It is what people also do with their Visa cards today. 1MDB piled up as much as a quarter of its total debt in this way; short (such as the syndicated USD1 bn taken from Deutsche), usually revolving debt, under 1 year, paying long. Arul was clearly stalling until such time the power and land assets could be sold or leased and bring in some money. By the end of 2015, Arul found the Chinese.

Persons like Donny and Akbar who typically accuse Arul of massaging the figures are guilty of the same offense. No wonder the folks in Ulu Kelantan can’t make head and tail of the 1MDB scam, what more with those kampung Hermes bag carriers in Putrajaya. One result: the more it is written about, the more convoluted and obfuscating it gets.

Because 1MDB numbers are used singularly as anti-Najib tools, and not as evidence to show crime, the rudimentary issues at stake are cast to the imagination.

  • (a) Where had the money come from?
  • (b) Where did it go?

Without firm answers, the government, along with the Attorney General and even parliament’s PAC, are left to get away with this often-cited question: Where is Najib’s crime? What, really, did he steal?

The closest suggestion to a crime committed has come from the US but even there that’s just extrapolation: money came from 1MDB to New York, taken out by so-and-so then went to buy such-and-such. All of which makes for what C4 calls a wonderful ‘tale‘.

But a tale is not empirical evidence so that Tony Pua has all to go on is ‘malfeasance’ or misconduct. That’s not even the money laundering done at the periphery of 1MDB and not especially misappropriation and theft. Pua, Donny, Akbar and others are merely casting aspersions, not offering evidence.

The answers to those two questions are, surprisingly, are self-evident once 1MDB is seen not as a government agency misdirected or misused in its purpose but as a vehicle of theft. Because, the only way to steal this kind of money and on such a scale is to do it from the outside not inside; the loot once lodged in Malaysia will be seen by all.

In 2009 and 2010 1MDB tried to take away MYR5 bn, the money it had raised at home (through TIA’s Islamic bond issuance), by passing its bond proceeds through the bogus venture 1MDB-PSI with Tarek Obaid et al.  It almost got caught and 1MDB was punished (with a fine) for it by Bank Negara.

Wiser for the experience, 1MDB turned outwards, specifically to Goldman Sachs, raising USD6.5 bn, using the power plant acquisitions as cover. That USD currency money known as the offshore portion never returned to Malaysia because it isn’t suppose too. Today, it is the object of the American investigations and seizures as well as IPIC’s suit.

To keep such vast sums of money outside Malaysia, 1MDB operators have to keep them in circulation (Figure 12) and this is where BSI, Falcon, Blackstone, Standard Chartered and the Singapore banks enter the picture. Yet, in the end, the Singapore trials have to do, not with theft, but money laundering and violation of disclosure rules, all of which still has nothing to do with Najib. The man might be guilty by association but where is the theft?

To actually see the theft, return to the two questions just posed.

C4’s latest stab at unraveling 1MDB provides clues which are contained in two important charts it has provided (though they are full of holes). Here there are, below:


Figure 1: C4 Chart. The Misappropriation Phases

Those figures above understates the magnitude of the theft, USD3.7 bn, according to C4.

Figure 1 above (C4 Chart) was re-tabulated from the 1MDB major bonds issued between 2009 and 2013. But, C4, by relying primarily on American DOJ data, greatly understated the scale of the theft because where 1MDB money was not passed through the US, the money doesn’t appear in the American forfeiture suits.

Also, those tables (above and immediately below) are highly unreliable and as dodgy as Arul Kanda’s statements. Eg: Good Star might have pocketed USD1.3 bn (Fig. 1) of 1MDB’s money but, backed by Saudi connivance and under the 1MDB-PSI jv, 1MDB transferred out in total about USD3 bn (see Fig. 9 & 10). If only 1.3 bn went to Good Star, where is remaining 1.7 bn?

Later, under another joint-venture but with IPIC (also Aabar), USD6.5 bn was raised and never returned to Malaysia. Now, if USD2.6 bn was ‘stolen’ (that political correct word again) where’s the balance of 3.9 bn?

Figure 2 below: This C4 table is even more sloppy and incredulous than the first. Simply ask this: How could ‘Others’ have taken more than Najib Razak, the Man himself? Who are these Others?

Figure 2: C4 Chart. Where 1MDB’s USD3.6 billion went?



Figure 3. Q1: Where had the money come from?

Figure 3 above reworks the C4 chart in Figure 1 by adding a fourth source of funds, the KWAP term loan to SRC.

With 1MDB, there are only two possible sources of funds from which to ‘steal’: (a) monies raised abroad, and (b) monies raised at home. The distinction is important (for reasons given earlier). Offshore, the two USD bond issuance raised the equal of MYR 21 bn compared with MYR 5 bn raised from the domestic Islamic bonds issuance in 2009. SRC debt to KWAP added 4bn in local issued MYR debt. But, like the earlier TIA, it was also taken to Singapore.

Because the two local debts, MYR 9 bn in total, didn’t pass through the American banking system, neither appears in its investigations, upon which C4 relied heavily on to produce its 1MDB Chronicles.

Figure 4 below collapses the charts in Figures 1, 2 and 3 into one. In it is also added other publicly available information, particularly during 1MDB’s time when Jho Low, Tarek Obaid and Petroleum Saudi Int’l (PSI) were merrily scamming everybody else. Exchange rate then was USD1=MYR3.3. Within the chart, some numbers have not yet surfaced, such as those involving Sharol and Faisal, the two key 1MDB/SRC directors. But the monies, though still unaccounted for, are traceable through 1MDB’s debts using the rule, money in must equal money out. Add those with Sharol and Faisal, the total theft through 1MDB could well exceed MYR20 bn; in the chart below, it’s already 20.5 bn.

Figure 4: Q2. Where had the money gone?

One way to make sense of the chart above is to compare the columns ‘Fund sources’ sub-title headings and the bottom yellow line: money into 1MDB, money out and then onwards to several individual accounts, aggregated. Under Islamic bonds, for example, 5 bn went in, 5 bn out. Tarek, Low, Patrick Mahoney and PSI got about USD 3 bn (MYR  9.9 bn) out of 1MDB. If the local bond issuance (MYR 5 bn) wasn’t enough to cover that sum, then the USD offshore portion would have done it.

The USD 4.3 bn filched from the offshore part of 1MDB’s debt is about USD 600 million more than the USD 3.7 bn used in C4’s figures (also DOJ’s). The reason is Goldman Sachs and its USD 593 million in fees. They were not entitled to so much. But that they helped themselves to almost 10 percent of the bond proceeds was further evidence that what Goldman did for 1MDB was highly improper, almost certainly criminal if not complicit. It is called Fraud.



Figure 5 above: That is Donny’s double counting at work, a piece of work as dodgy as Arul Kanda’s. Some of the later loans taken, say, in 2014 were used to repay earlier ones. An example is the 2013 MYR 2bn line of credit from Maybank (not in Donny’s chart) which was used to part-pay the KWAP loan. Arul was good with this sort of feet shuffling and with right-hand-give-left hand debt circularity. (Also see table at top of post; that was an early Arul handiwork.)


Past illustrations into the 1MDB theft appearing in these pages. In chronological order.

Figure 6



Figure 7



Figure 8



Figure 9


Figure 10



Figure 11



Figure 12


Figure 13


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Sheridan boy.

Back again, Anglophile racism.


True to his Anglophile values — with which you can draw a straight line coming direct from White people — Sheridan Mahavera cries bleeding heart over some civil servants without enough money. What Sheridan omits to say is that those ‘civil servants’ had it good when the days lasted. That is, it had to come to an end someday.

In another phrasing, Sheridan didn’t, or was unable to, provide context.

Yet context was everywhere, staring in the face of that stupid motherfucker:

1. Civil servants without enough money didn’t just happen. Think Mahathir Mohammad, who, for the purpose of pure electoral demographics, not public welfare, actually told Malays to fuck more, reproduce even more so that by the time a civil servant went from one to five children, 2,700 would never be enough to feed everybody. Sheridan himself wrote with pious fury but, really, hollow words about some of the other causes:


2. Next, the good life. That life was not meant to last. It was build on an illusion of prosperity which Malaysian Insight had itself prefaced in its opening days: So many malls, so few shoppers.


3. Third, and the reality was elsewhere, deep in the jungles, in the Bateq tribe people (below), the sort of people who deserve every inch of this land but from who the like of Sheridan and Mahathir Mohamad had sequestered the country. In their name; bumi! Sheridan might even blame them as being the barrier to unity, holed up as they are in their Chinese-like ghettoes (remember Lisa Ng?), and because they can’t speak Malaiyoo.


So the civil servant is a few hundred short at the end of the month? Big deal.

Here’s a hanky, Sheridan boy. Now, try asking how much the Bateq people are short at the beginning of each month. Or, maybe you will want to fake your survey. Or, if it’s too much trouble to enter the jungle, try asking at the Chinese ghettoes. Botak Bodoh…

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林吉祥, 肏你的妈!


Lim Kit Siang in his finest hour, berating a TV3 reporter while explaining why his U-Turn on Tun Mahathir Mohamad is not a U-Tun. “You got proof, ah?” U-Tun Lim said to the poor reporter who didn’t know where to place his face. Nor evidence (so, at bottom of post, is space supplied to him free). But he did manage to take the photo above. Thanks, asshole.

For the benefit of those motherfucking DAP Anglophiles who don’t read Chinese — shame on you, and we promise to piss on your daughter’s grave — those hanyu words on top means this: ‘Lim Kit Siang, Fuck Your Mother’.

Understand now?


Straight Lives, Crooked Ones

Hidden for nearly a year behind his moral invective of 1MDB, it is assuring to rediscover that Mahathir Mohamad is today the same man who 40 years ago began a process of mangling this country beyond recognition of its original face. Reassuring because then one has no longer to put up with his hypocritical venom: there is enough to poison and drown everyone.


The time Jian had asked to visit Malaysia was the only time we talked extensively about the country. Extensive means the conversation lasted more than the usual passing mention, for about two minutes exactly.

In this short duration it surprises how far one is able to penetrate the depths of this country’s misery. But then Malaysia is a Malay sial. It is an artifice, a construct, so there is really no difficulty with its comprehension, like how one quickly learns to tie a shoe lace. There’s no other way to go about it other than one. It was, and still is, ruled by bumbling fools, administered by an unthinking civil service than by expertise; its politics written about and lied to by political hacks than by literary minds. There was no having it any other way — this sial Malay country.

From the beginning, Malaysia had been the misnomer of a misnamed country. The Malays sequestered it from the inland tribes and then went on to lie about its ownership (how the fuck do you own a country?) and creating the structures to prop up the lies. Otherwise, where in the world does one find seven rulers in nine states? Federated and Unfederated? Not just the sultans, but those structures also show the confusion in the British minds; there had been kings without a kingdom; a made up race without a people.

Structures like building scaffolding give form. Form lend credence to the Great Malaiyoo Lie. Britain especially needed the lie with the form. Otherwise, if you were a White Raja, who do you talk to, to give independence? Malay history is suppose to begin in Malacca. After that it vanished and then reappeared, mysteriously, somehow, hundreds of miles away in another patch of mosquito swarm land. Where were the Malaccans then? And where are they today?

Life when made arbitrary it had to be made up, the way online language is made up: blogs, web, plugins…. This, thus, is power derived from language. From then on, language gave the arbitrary Malay life some semblance of culture. Language provided law, an instrument of power.

It was only the white man who had all that. The Malays? They had to learn to write sitting on top a coconut tree. Even among themselves there was no assurance the Malay life is truly Malay because who is to know what that is. You could tell, on the other hand, without argument or convincing, a Chinese is a Chinese while the white man is indeed White. You could tell that an imitation White such as Kit Siang is Chinese, even if he were to hide behind his squeamish, Mangala English diction. Once he is exposed as a charlatan, he becomes mad: “You don’t understand English, ah?” he told one reporter. English?

So the Malay…?

He had to be invented — on legal paper. The Malay had to be defined because his skin is no help in his identity politics, birthplace much less though, today, even after sequestering a desert god.

Once given language form, the Malay came into being, and so obeys the Daoist dictum that unless a thing is given its proper name, that thing has no existence. For a name to be ‘proper’ is to reflect its deeper, existential truth. But ‘proper’ in the Malay is what white people say is proper.  They held the power to name things, give away kings, kingdoms, indeed a whole ‘race’.

In this way, in the beginning, is the falsified world of the Malayan life and then further warped by snake oil messiahs (Mahathir Mohamad, Hadi Awang), by charlatans (Najib Razak), and by the bogus (‘Tengku’ Adnan, Pahang ‘mufti’ Abdul Rahman Osman).

“I failed to change the Malays,” is classic among Mahathir’s fabrications because how is a thing possibly altered if it were intrinsically true to begin with? The Malay, like Mahathir himself, was a true fake.

Like the manufacture of nails or the Bible, Mahathir simply make more of the same counterfeit and then applied to it the Malay name. Even the Malay god — Allah — was made up, shipped in from the desert 8,000 miles away then used to strike terror on the Chinese who don’t buy the Malay idiocy.


Jian: You are a Malaysian but are you Malay or Chinese?

Answer: What do you think?

Jian: Of course you are Chinese. What’s a Malay?

Answer: I don’t know.

Jian: Strange country. Strange people.

Answer: Yes. It’s a strange, fucked up country.

Jian: So a nothing country. Can we not talk about it?

Answer: Of course.

She returned to coloring her toe nails. Her world had no place for the world I had given up, and the better for it and for us.


A woman must love without inhibition and dread if she is to live and not die mad. All that a man needs to do is, keep up.

Below: Aranjuez wasn’t there when she found it. With other intentions, Fate simply waited.

Dear Reader, I shit you not. There are now evidences, scientifically established, demonstrated irrefutably, that love is identical to cocaine addiction. Following are the symptoms afflicting both: craving, exhilaration, intoxication, obsessiveness, withdrawal, helplessness.

Tian-ah, give me more.



It’s astonishing how decades of living alongside the Malay, the Chinese keep their Chinese-ness, and this is in spite of the Malaiyoo efforts to trammel on and convert us — those motherfuckers. Not all Chinese succeed to remain distinct. The failed ones: Ridhuan Tee, Lisa Ng, Josh Hong, Lim Kit Siang, his fellow party travelers, Liew Chin Tong, et al; all Malaysian in passport name but, like the lost Malay, neither Chinese nor English.

When Kit Siang declared himself Malaysian first and Chinese second, he was comparing and asking people to choose between a legality, a paper qualification, and the existential being. He conflated nationality with ethnicity, showing the depths of the man’s confusion. Nay, his stupidity. Like the Malay who can’t be Malay if there was no Constitution, rootless and a bumbling vagrant in the South China Sea, Anglophile Kit Siang wouldn’t be Chinese if not for his IC.

Mahathir Mohamad, the two-dime, useless cold and flu small town doctor and Malay forgery, didn’t know better to call Kit Siang a Chinese chauvinist.

Malacca’s ‘Gang of Four‘: Surprise, Kit Siang?

His son Guan Eng had labelled the four a Gang only because Kit Siang can’t take a slap in the face. Their revolt had everything to do with the Lim family leadership, their association with Mahathir, and nothing to do with MCA so that the more he blames Umno for the implosion, the greater is his guilt.

At another level, the Gang is also saying this, Kit Siang is no good for either Chinese or Malaysia because, worse than an opportunist, he is an insufferable charlatan — 蒙古大夫 —  a quack like Mahathir is a quack. Quack doctors, quack lawyers, quack economists; the Oppo, such as the DAP, has got it all.

Najib Razak has no need to beat up the DAP because that merely hurts MCA’s comeback chances; Kit Siang is doing the job well enough. For Najib to insult the DAP is to reaffirm the Mahathir line DAP is Chinese chauvinist; and that the Chinese vote, like the Malay’s, is tied to race, both points of view being patently false. The Chinese will see to it that the DAP will not last another term, a clear sign of which is below in the newspaper clip.

Its reporter Kong See Hoh, like Kit Siang, is an Anglophile who writes in English like those idiot Malaysiakini columnists who don’t know their Queen’s English. He can’t tell cynicism from ‘apathy’. If a mere 13 percent of under age 30 Chinese are registered to vote that’s because they don’t care for the like of Wan Azizah — and Lim Kit Siang especially — and not because they are indifferent to politics. A dozen general elections have told them that their vote is good up to a point only. These reporters: they never fail to get it wrong, all the time.

On the other hand, we, the Chinese, are good at telling a quack from a mile away. And Kit Siang, like his son, like today’s DAP, is a family of quacks.

Wan Azizah should stop whining: her PKR is on its way down, down, down and Anwar Ibrahim ain’t coming home soon. Live with it, woman! But — it’s a big but — if you would kick out Lim and family and all those Anglophiles and motherfucking Malaiyoos, then we, the Chinese, might just reconsider our position. Get thee behind us, Malaiyoo!

1MDB? So what? Let it all go.

We ain’t going to be worse off than we have been treated the last 50, 60 years. Mahathir had his chances a year ago to get even with Najib — the matter was handed to him on a platter so there won’t be another. Helped by Kadir Jasin, he blew it, not once but countless times. Among the biggest mistakes: setting up this Umno clone named Bersatu then inserting himself into Oppo, poisoning and dragging it down with him, with his filthy mamak hands.

It’s a simply equation: Lim + Zaid Ibrahim + Mahathir = Malaiyoo votes – the Chinese.

Sim’s Malacca revolt is just the beginning: you didn’t see that coming, did you, Lim 肏你妈 Kit Siang? We’ll screw you from behind while you are busy in the front with that Fascist. The higher up your family climbs in Penang, the farther it has to fall to land in Johor.

And there aren’t many of us needed to toss your family out the 14th Floor window. Plonk!

On your way down, you’ll wonder: Why? Why? Why?

Here’s a first in the Chinese code of ethics, and remember it while you still breathe, Old Fart: Live your life straight.



The Crook Life of Annie

Annie should throw her mother into the sea for voting the DAP the last time, along of course with all her maternal aunties and uncles and cousins and whatever.

Can someone please, please, please give her a good, proper fuck. That, or supply her a dog. And while you are at it, educate her  — even if just a little — the difference between the rights of citizenship and party loyalties. After 30, 40 years, she still has the twisted fascist Umno, Malaiyoo mind that they own and are, therefore, entitled to dictate Chinese lives: we give you this, vote us that. Or else…! Go fuck your father, Stupid Phony Malaiyoo Bitch of the Valley (above), veiling her threats to kill Chinese.

Malays vote against Umno, you hear her threaten? Who the fuck does she think she is? Goddess Aminah of Kluang? Small wonder her Cina boyfriend left her dry and wetting her bed — alone — the racist bitch that she is, identical to Helen ‘Aku Cina‘ Ang.




The Old Twin Farts: we pray to Jesus and to Allah for your early deaths, and so to spare us your charades which we had endured for far too long. On your way out, take your sons with you.


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