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Break Up Malaysia

China should consider endorsing any proposed UN Security Council resolution supporting the creation of twelve independent states within the Federation of Malaysia.

After 60 years, Malaysia, as it stands, is a failed state, a kleptocratic state, a corrupt, anti-democratic and oppressive state, facts widely and publicly acknowledged by persons from the prime minister, so-called, down. The most recent 14th general elections explicitly endorse those conclusions.

Furthermore, the breakup of Malaysia will restore:

(a) democracy to more than 30 million,

(b) freedom of religion to more than 20 million Malays at present denied them by a moribund Constitution,

(c) sovereignty to the nine Malay sultans shackled by the handed-down British colonialist system then further eroded into a mere token, ceremonial force by Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister,

(d) self-rule for Sabah and Sarawak since half a century ago forced to surrender much their wealth, especially carbon fuels, to the Peninsula government that acts like robber barons and white colonialists,

(e) freedom for the aboriginal populations driven decades ago to hide in the mountains where today they are not even safe from the capricious and greedy governments eager to appease land-grabbing Mahathir crony companies, and

(f) freedom from endless persecution by an oppressive, evil government to whom truth is decided not by empirical evidences, and forbidden by human ideals and frailities, but by who has the power that also polices individual morality, what to eat, when to eat, who can hold hands or to make love. People are sacked, dragged to court and jail on account of their political affiliations when they not in accord with the ruling Anglophile morality. Malaysia is in the dark ages.

The breakup of Malaysia constitutes the following fully-fledged, free, independent, self-governing states:

(A) Sabah,

(B) Sarawak,

(C) Nine Malay-ruler States, previously the Federated Malay States,

(D) Malacca and Penang, previously the Unfederated States.

All so-called Wilayahs or Federal Territories are to be returned to the respective states, posthoc, with appropriate compensation. The ten independent states in the peninsula, post Balkan Malaysia, are free to form an economic union with a single currency and economic market called the Malaya Union. After that, the Union is free to extend the common market to Sabah and Sarawak. All monies, assets, liabilities and reserves are to be equally apportioned on per capita basis.

National political parties, beginning with Pakatan Harapan, and the institutions under their control, are to be disbanded, the prime minister removed, the Cabinet dispersed, all uniformed forces placed under the respective rulers wherever these are located. States like Johor are entitled to establish an army in accordance with their own constitution. Dissenters, Mahathir especially, should be summarily tried and shot.

End of Proposal Paper




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Three Mouthpieces and an Apologist; all call themselves ‘Dr’, male, all fat and ugly…

Image result for rais hussin




…versus her, alone — my darling China

But she is Mulan, and Mulan fears nothing especially not some stupid desert god.



They would write, purely on the basis that they had ‘opinions’ (as if these are profound discoveries), whimsical, not at all real, full of historical inaccuracies. How ‘could they talk like that‘, comment after comment said after their Malaysiakini articles appeared, here, here, here. They could, of course, and why not? They are Anglophiles after all, and Anglophiles can’t write. They type. In those three articles appearing within a week, supplied via Steven Gan, that, below, is what the articles boil down to, Mahathir threatening China and the Chinese, his finger wagging.

After that, the mamak sends this boy (Ong Kian Ming), twice, to say the opposite; it was all a “misunderstanding,” says that boy, as if the problem was with the readers’ intellectual failure and not Mahathir’s intent. You can only misunderstand if you don’t know how to read or you are stupid, really stupid. Yet, it was clear as day what Mahathir meant and these are as follows, quoted verbatim:


Mahathir’s inferences and threats against China are specific and direct…


…the security state of China is bent on subjecting the Uyghurs and all Muslims in China almost to the same scrutiny the Jews and leftists in Germany had collectively faced during World War II.

Breakup of China:

Malaysia does not want China to break up into ramparts. But …


Being friendly to China is a must, … But this cannot be taken advantage by China to ride roughshod over everything that Malaysia holds dear, such as Islam, democracy, freedom of worship and deep respect for every country’s sovereignty.

Direct interference:

…it is now incumbent on Malaysia to call for an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Fact Finding Mission in Xinjiang, China… Malaysia must demand that the United Nations looks into the issue with immediate urgency.


Spoken like Trump and like Americans….

Mahathir et al must think we are like the Orang Asal of Malaysia. Beat the drums, sound the trumpets and everybody scurry off like rats into holes and up the trees. Let this be said to Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan:

We will respond accordingly‘…. But that’s pathetic, pitiful language one’s required to convey. I think they call it diplomatic language.

Me? Bah… Fuck you. (See near bottom of post.)


为了祖国,为了自己  你知道该做什么


Meanwhile, the more important things in life…

Autumn festival 中秋节 is round the corner and I must hurry home. Jian has on WeChat sent varied photos, both as a reminder of promise (about home) and of chunjie.


Is that you? The reply: No, your mother!

That’s called persimmon, in Chinese shiji 柿子. You pass by it everyday and you never thought to ask. Now, I am told, if you are not back when the fruit ripens, you are done in.

Isn’t the water beautiful? In two months it becomes ice. Already it’s so cold, Jian says she can’t swim in it.

This guy, above, was discharged from the PLA. Then the following season he has his hair like that! I am going to beat it down — flat.

The store, hers actually, is ready but wait… take a photo.

She is one of the tallest fashion models. That wall is more than a meter high. She sits on it and her legs still touch ground. My reply: Show me more, your legs. Sit on the cactus.

Notice the Korean letters. This is mentioned because Jian says a (south) Korean had moved into the neighborhood. Her job: doing business with the north. What about the sanctions, Jian and friends asked her. Her answer was to the effect of saying, Fuck the UN, Fuck America.

We say the same, Fuck Malaysia, too.

See the middle one in yellow? A past conversation went as follows: “Never put up an English sign without me seeing beforehand.” What for? So we are wrong. Nobody reads it anyway. “Then why put it up?” Answer: Decoration.

Sigh, but true.


 Mahathir & Islam, the World’s Tyrant & a Sick Allah

Like Malays, Uighurs believe they have Ketuanan. We’ll see about that…

(Update: Ketuanan export, interference are now considered Malaysian patriotic)


You’d be surprised to hear all the above — the freedom and so on. This is the thing about China you never knew: So long as you don’t go around stirring up trouble, with politics and religion in particular, like the Uighurs and now Mahathir Mohamad, you can do anything you want. Anything.

China’s government treats its minorities (Muslims in particular) 10,000 times better than Malays treat Chinese, Indians and the Orang Asal. It especially leaves you alone. Absolutely: that’s a matter of Chinese culture and 2000 years of China’s history proved it over and over again, such as in Gangsu and Qinghai where, in the Lanzhou Muslim district, a special Muslim administrator was appointed to look into local affairs, and all for a couple of thousand people. That was 800 years ago. Today, Muslims have all the benefits that Han people don’t — school, exception to one-child policy, medical, and mobility (once they leave their home county, Han Chinese lose all benefits).

Once, long ago, passing Chongqing where it is 99.9% Han and other Buddhist, animist ethnicity, I asked Jian to try a Muslim restaurant, sort of, because of Malays. It wasn’t the first Muslim restaurant, but one in Chongqing is as rare as diamond, on its signboard the crescent and the mosque. (And we have no municipal law to say Muslim letters can’t be bigger than Chinese.) The restaurant woman said this to her face: “We don’t serve Han people.” Think of the Muar Muslim laundry shop. Jian shrugged her shoulders, in utter disbelief, and we left.

The women needn’t go to jail for sedition. But that incident shook up Jian — she had never, never, never before encountered racism — and it is my fault. I apologized to Jian after that because I should have known. My instincts had told me so.

For this and a million reasons, I love China, my motherland, like no other. And I promise to kill any Malaysian who dare step into and interfere in our land. (And Jebat, my dear friend, know this: Malaiyoos can do anything to Chinese in Malaysia. But, try it in China? Stay out of this business. Better yet stay away from Mahathir, even after he is dead. Mahathir has no idea — absolutely none — what he has stirred up. All he has gotten so far beating the tin cans at us is, silence. That stupid mamak.)

The slaughter of the innocent at the Kunming railway station, and before that the Beijing Olympics and the May 13-like kill-all-Han riots in Xinjiang, were wake up calls. What were the purpose of the slaughters? Filter through the western media propaganda, it boils down to this: No Muslim will be be governed a kaffir. The implication is astounding. It meant that no matter how well you treated them, they hated you because you are kaffir, infidels, and because they, like Christians, think they are superior, chosen by Allah. Jian learned that the hard way.

Of course, to the HRW, Muslims bellyache about ‘human rights’, yada, yada. Ever read in the media’s long reports about Muslims, Uighurs in particular, killing the innocent without counter-accusing and lacing their reports as China’s fault, HR violation and so on? To the West, to Muslims, the Chinese can do no right.

Now, we have had it. We’ll finish off those Muslims. If we had eradicated, completely, the Falun Gong 法轮功 — not even a whimper today — we will succeed against the Uighurs. And the Uighurs are easier to deal with, 10,000 times easier than the Falun Gong; they got no balls; like Malay Muslims, no internal mental discipline.

That Mahathir should turned his hatred for Najib then bundled that hatred with his bigotry and his racism against Chinese into an international affair is, where Malaysian Chinese are concerned, good news. And we’ll leave it at that….

Mahathir thinks he can hold China to ransom through the ECRL, Forest City, Malacca Straits, South China Sea and, now, the Uighurs, he is badly mistaken. We aren’t Westerners to react the way he is hoping for. We Chinese don’t have a culture to use people — for whatever purpose. Mahathir, Rais, others are happy to use Uighurs and Rohingyas as political weapons, as tin drums, anything indeed, except to take them in, these so-called ‘oppressed’ who, tomorrow, can turn around to slid the throat of a kaffir because of the totalitarian Islamic belief that they are Allah chosen and we Chinese, therefore, as kaffir, have no right to rule, not even on Chinese soil. This belief is identical to Malaiyoo ketuanan doctrine, the root source of which is, of course, Islam.

No, we challenge Mahathir et al, go ahead, export your ketuanan. (Update, Rais calls this ‘The Malaysian duty‘, sic, which leads to this: if you don’t export it then what? You are not patriotic?) Bring in the OIC into China or even switch recognition to Taiwan. The louder Mahathir shouts (we, of course, know his back hand agenda), the quicker, the harder we’ll put the pincers on those motherfuckers that’s been our intent originally. We’ll do so until those Muslim murderers, their supporters and dependents scream for their mothers.

We think long and hard; that, too, is in our culture. But once we start down on a road — recall the Daoist 1,000 li begins with the first foot forward — there’s no going back. This applies to Mahathir et al as well.

(Jebat, take note, for I say this — for you — as a friend should. Bring your ketuanan into China and then let’s see what happens. To you, personally. Remember your patriotic ‘Malaysian Duty‘? Are you not patriotic?)

Get OIC in, get UN, the US, sanctions, anything, see if we care. There is no doubt to us that, Islam, foremost, is a sick religion; it itself is extremist, Allah is tyranny par excellence. Unlike the West, we won’t, on the one hand, sing how wondrous is Islam and, on the other, bomb the hell out of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike Anglophiles like Joseph Lim Guan Eng, we don’t have a middle name called hypocrisy. The Middle East is none of our business. But Uighurs are our business because they are occupying Chinese soil, eating from our hands, living on our tolerance while slaughtering Chinese train passengers in the name of some ketuanan. (Sounds like Europe today.)

We lose control of our Fate and Destiny once we cave in, like China did on demands by the West and Japan 100, 200 years ago. It won’t happen again.



Last one, and it’s for you, Awati:

The title is 弱水三千, translated Three Thousand Weak Water. Ask me and I will tell you what it means. (Tip: it’s from a poem written a thousand years ago. No kidding.)

Let me say this as someone who has studied and lived on multiple sides, and saying it without embarrassment: As an expression of our society, Chinese literary, artistic and scientific culture is second to none. First rate.

Here’s a suggestion, in the order as follows: drop your tudung, hijab, find yourself a good husband who doesn’t speak English then dump that piece of fraud called Islam. A farmer in China has more civility, learning and culture than all the PAS and Pribumi Muslims and DAP Christians stacked up wall to wall. And that’s an issue of fact not opinion.

Chinese culture again…

Mulan, below. Remember her?


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O! No shit! Really…?



Image result for rais hussin

This Rais Hussin, he is such a kiddie. Here’s a hankie boy….

But let’s be serious so we can deal.

Malaysia, indeed your own house, can have all the 1 million Muslims, everyone of them, including their skull caps, tongkats, prayer mats, and dependents. We’ll revoke their China citizenship (although this constitutionally forbidden) so that the minute each person leave Chinese soil, they already have Malaysian citizenship and a blue MyKad. That way, you see, it’s legal. After they arrive in Malaysia you can ‘de-radicalize’ to your heart’s delight.

You can’t ask for any better deal, such a wonderful human rights do-gooder you are. This is Sabah-Uighur Project IC in an instant. Imagine! One million Pribumi members and PH voters in an instant! We’ll even better the Project IC. We will fly them to Sepang for free. Yes, absolutely free. Malaysia is bankrupt, right?

You — no, not you, you’re just a boy but Mahathir Mohamad and Muhyiddin Yassin and Joseph Lim Guan Eng, witnessed by the UN Secretary General — have only to sign on the dotted lines. (And no penalty clause if you break the contract!) When do you want to do it? And don’t wait too long. They will be dead without you and blood will be on your hands.

BTW, Xinjang is not the same as Urumqi. ‘Uyghur’ is romanised as Uighur, with an ‘i’ because in Chinese they are named 维吾尔 weiwu’er — long form for wei’er.  We also don’t have Kazakhs in China, not one soul, Islamic of course. And no Han Chinese is ever a Muslim. Ever. They’re called Hui. Zheng He was forcibly converted as a young child in Yunnan so, in the emperor’s service, he refused a Muslim name and ate pork, plenty of it. Why, Rais, are you so bodoh?

If, for whatever reason, you can’t pull off this deal, you could always pray to your god Allah. If, however, Allah doesn’t answer, there are only two possible conclusions: Your Allah is a Lie, a bloody Fraud. That, or you aren’t Muslim but pretending to some fucking Islamic brotherhood.

Or, and here’s the third possible conclusion: Allah agrees with us and have given us His blessings. Lock up those fucking Muslims and throw away the keys. Step into China anytime, we might just do the same to you.

Still, your bleeding heart is so moving. We are touched by your love of a fellow mankind. Here’s another hankie… and you can keep it.


Rais, you’re so pathetic.

Come to China to save your ‘brothers’, like you saved Malaysia. Put your money where your mouth is. Bring the entire OIC or the UN even if they will listen to you, a barking dog. (Don’t forget to include Royal Malay Regiment and Joseph Lim Guan Eng and all the DAP members.) We can wait. Or are you are going to send your mother? We’ll still blow out her brains and return the remains back to you by express post.


Mistaken Kite


Love un-consumated, love without knowing, love in the horizon, untouched, yet deeply felt is the purest kind of love. This seems difficult to fathom and grasp until I recall Kafka who wrote, ‘coitus is the punishment for love’.

We Chinese compare such a feeling to a kite, whistling in the Autumn air, hung on only by a string thin as hair. It had to fly high up, far away, only then is it truly felt to be alive. Strange…. Below is the metaphor example. It’s called ‘Mistaken Kite‘ 風箏誤.

Further below, another. In his introductory note, the composer Dao Lang wrote: … 发生在西北苍茫山水间的悲剧感天动地 埋没在枫林之襟沉睡于西海之畔 被深情的歌者带回人间. In translation:A painful love story had taken place by the Western Sea. No one had heard it until a soft-hearted singer brought it back.’

Lyrics read:


In translation:

I still remember…
You had promised never to see me alone,
Always to follow (me) instead.
Even after the birds had long flew south.
Love is like a kite on a broken line,
But I won’t hold you to your promise

Finish your book: how had, how could, a Chinese loved and married a Malay? It seems almost improbable today — like the kite.


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Half pot yarn


China’s Riches & The Khan Who Wants Our Women

Understand that China, as a political, governing idea — but not as an English name nor as a Chinese state — had existed before there was English. That is, before these words came into being and which you now read, the idea of ‘China’ or the ‘Chinese’ already exist as empirical fact. It wasn’t called ‘China’.

As history, how far back do you wish to go?

Let’s take the shangshu 尚書 or the shujing 书经, the alternating titles to the earliest compilation of official documents. As compilation, it contains all the pronouncements, edicts, declarations, speeches and minutes of palace meetings going back 5,000 years, or 3,000 before Qin Shihuang, the first so-called Emperor.

We know those documents existed because Qin Shihuang ordered them burned. But, because the documents (actually written in long bamboo strips) existed, not as compilation, but separately archived in different locations and spread over 2000 years, numerous also survived, buried, some hidden away, some smuggled off. After his death, compilation was restarted from where Confucius had left off. This is how shangshu 尚書 (Esteemed Documents sometimes also called Book of Kings) became the shujing 书经 (Book of Classics), its present day title.

Now, go through the shujing, you will not find the word ‘China’ as 中国.  China does not even exists as a Chinese name. Here’s the present official name 中华人民共和国 in pinyin zhōnghuá rénmín gònghéguó. In literal translation, splendid/people/united/country.

Key word is  hua, phonetically almost the same as 花 flower or 化, the latter has a meaning only if attached to, say, wen, producing wenhua 文化 or culture or civilization. Another key script is , guo or state or country. Hence you get zhonghua 中华 and never 中国 zhongguo, that is, China. Why?

In the shujing zhong combines with guo to produce 中国. This is perhaps the first reference to the term in totality but it does not mean China. Rather it refers to royal demesne, that is, land directly managed by the palace as opposed to, say, land tilled, owned and managed by peasants.

This means alot. It means that in 中国 is a political idea, but not as a sovereign state which already predates Qin Shihuang. Instead, you get Zhou state, Qin state, Tang state and so on. This is an important point because the Qin king never created the state, whether in the ancient or modern sense, much less unite various states to create a unified China. This is the mythology of westerners writing in English.

China, in the old or new sense, was already united, broke up, reunited, broke up again then reunited in repeated cycles — the sorrows of my motherland are eternal. Zhongguo 中国 that refers to present day China as a political sovereign power was formally used only during the Qing dynasty when its emperors had to deal with invading white barbarians and their mamak lackeys, those predecessors of people like Mohamad Rafick Khan.

To deal with the Qing state, white people who had no conception of multiple states within the boundaries of one country that’s contained in the shujing (one country two systems is not new), and so had to invent words like China. It’s a word borrowed from the only people who had direct contacts with the Chinese, it coming from the Sanskrit, cina and the Persian chin.

The morality of this tale is to point out grave factual and historical errors that form the central theme in Rafick’s hatchet piece of trash (with dedak provided by Mahathir?), labelling China as a colonial power on the premise that there is a Chinese empire that existed by pure conquest, going from the center to the rest of the world, beginning with Qin Shihuang.

China, was before the Qin king, already a single country and defined boundaries with numerous competing state powers within it, breaking up and reuniting in cycles. If there was conquest it was expansion within the same set of territories against the same people we today call Chinese. Other Chinese came into the expanding Chinese territory. Naturally.

At the height of this ancient expansion is the Yuan dynasty, and look at the map below which is compared to present boundaries. And that expansion was carried out not by Han Chinese (though with our foot soldiers, cavalry and lancemen, my ancestors included) but by the Mongolian rulers, most notorious of who, Genghis Khan. (It also demonstrates the Chinese idea that in a crisis is an opportunity.)

Image result for yuan empire map

Image result for tang dynasty map

Or look at the modern day map, above, of the ruling Tang dynasty 800 years earlier than the Yuan. It goes as far west as what is now known as Kazakhstan where one of China’s greatest poets Li Bai was born. Farthest south is today called North Vietnam, and that provided the excuse for the eviction of numerous Chinese by the Viet government. Those evicted were not immigrants but descendants of the original Han Chinese settlers.

The blue arrows show the Tibetan invasion routes. Like the Mongols and the northern tribes beyond the Great Wall there had been never ending attacks against China by barbarians, after our silk, our rice, wheat, our horses, palace things, and our women. In the Han era records by Sima Qian these tribes were grouped into various single names, the Xiongnu being the biggest. If there was conquest, it was always the other way around: the Chinese mind their own business (we are after all a settled people) the barbarians come for us. Remember the Khan? Today, we Chinese have put them in their places.

During the Ming and Qing eras we thought that, with the Great Wall completed, with the northern and western borders secured, our country strong and people prosperous, we would be safe. We were wrong and, after which, we China paid the price for that error of judgment every year for 150 years without stop, up to 30 million killed, certainly more, when not starved. Our gates were undefended in the east (from Japan) and the south (from Europe, especially Britain). We as a government, responsible for our people’s welfare and safety, had failed them horribly. The sky wept without ceasing (clip below). It’s our fault but we promise never to repeat the same mistake. Never. We are, as our name 中华 say, an accomplished people; everyone else wanted a piece of us and we should have known. No more tears!

Court official: 大王, after 150 years Jian and our people have run out of tears. We can only begin anew if we first respect ourselves. We can no longer sit in silence, on our hands, do nothing, while barbarians like Rafick and Mahathir Mohamad malign us daily, treating us like punching bags to satisfy their personal political agenda. They are at it again, raiding our homes then withdrawing, hiding behind the walls and in the forest.

大王: What do you suggest we do?

Court official: We catch them and apply the five-horse treatment.

大王: Mmmm… Isn’t that extreme. We are civilized people.

Court official: Extreme to us, yes. But they are not us. And they are not civilized.

大王: Do what you must but, keep the horses quiet. Please….


As late as the Qing era, people were not labelled zhongguo ren 中国人 that is, Chinese. Nor did mamaks exist then, that is, the phony Malays. Chinese were known by the governing era, hence Tang people or Han people. In the Nanjing archives are actual hand-written Ming era journals by one of Zheng He’s Arabic translators that referred to the Chinese in Malacca as Tang ren, 唐人, that is, people of Tang.

In the same Nanjing archives, the ming shilu 明实录, there is no record of Parameswara ever meeting the emperor of ‘China’. It’s almost certain he met one of the senior officials of the 大明 Da Ming — not China — wherein the records state his name as 拜里米苏拉 bailimisula. We could have Malacca at a snap of a finger. You think he came in a sampan with an entourage of 540 people?

Now, look at the Qing dynasty map, superimposed on present boundaries, below:

Image result for qing dynasty map

The People’s Republic today had lost a lot of territory, thanks to those bandits in Taiwan, working in cahoots with Americans and the UN. They were the ones who gave up those territories, including all of Mongolia, swathes of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and Pacific Russia, and in present day part of India known as Sikkim. (Anyone been to Sikkim won’t recognize it as Indian territory because the residents all look Han Chinese. Russia because I live next to it, and I’d recognize a Chinese when I see one.)

As a collaborative point, you can see why we China will not give up any more territories, including those spots of islets in the South China Sea. They are ours! If the mamaks come with the Yanks, we will be waiting. We’ll not, I repeat, see our southern and eastern gates undefended again.

Below is also to repeat Rafick’s slanderous (probably paid) letter to Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan’s Malaysiakini, childishly written and as infantile as RPK’s prose and logic. He begins: ‘In school….‘ It almost certainly means he went to a White man school (La Salle?), reading about China written in English by White people because mamaks, so much like northern barbarians beyond the Wall, have no culture nor even a civilization much less an education system. They deserve to be ruled by civilized people — us. As colonialists, we would be doing him a favor.

The man is living proof, alongside people like Mahathir Mohamad, that the world is a dangerous place, people’s motives are insincere, so that we must secure our southern borders at all cost.


We’re going to treat this darkie mamak thambi motherfucker to the five-horse treatment.


China’s global colonisation of the 21st century

In school, we learned about how the Chinese expanded their empire. From the from the Shang dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC) to the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC).

In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang conquered the various warring states and created for himself the title of Huangdi or “Emperor” of the Qin, marking the beginning of Imperial China which was followed by the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD).

China’s last dynasty was the Qing (1644–1912) which was replaced by the Republic of China in 1912, and in the mainland by the People’s Republic of China in 1949, resulting in two de facto states claiming to be the legitimate government of all China.

Puyi or Pu Yi (Feb 7, 1906 – Oct 17, 1967) of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, was the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing dynasty.

Until recently, Chinese interest in world domination has slowed down. Previously the expansion of the Chinese empire was via brute force, threats and military intervention.

That has changed recently via the “One Belt One Road” economic strategy. They are now conquering the world slowly and using a far more refined method i.e. funding, construction and placement of their people. Believe it or not, China is on its way to conquer the world.

From East Asia to Central Asia and Africa, they have their projects in place. They have conquered and expanded one of the Spratly Islands despite world objection. Then they focussed on Kuantan with their ECRL project which includes the development of Chinese industries.

In Kuantan, they have a private enclave. In Johor, the Forest City project is meant to accommodate up to 700,000 Chinese nationals. The Forest City project is the entry point into Singapore and the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

Elsewhere, they have built the 1,300 km Karakoram Highway into Pakistan in the north and then they have built the port city of Gwadar that will hold 500,000 Chinese in close surroundings. They own the city and the port. Gwadar is to have access to the Middle East and Iran.

In Sri Lanka, they built the port city of Hambantota which is now owned by China for 99 years. They have their own port projects in Kenya and Djibouti as a result of the Africans’ inability to pay back their debt.

It reminds me of how Japan had placed its population across Asia years ahead before they entered WWII. The Americans have also been doing the same for past 50 years albeit using a different strategy.

They built bases all over the world. I think the Chinese prefer to conquer via economic measures. They want to push their products and their millions of people all over the world.

The world needs to wake up to this reality. How else are they going to sell their products and shift their populations from their overcrowded country?



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Another mamak, another motherfucker named Mohamad Rafick Khan. Is he also on dedak?


To Malaysiakini, write a letter, a column, Steven Gan will publish. In your submission to him, you don’t need to be right or accurate or factual or truthful; you only need to have a ‘view’. Having a ‘view’ — freedom of expression, you see — means a lot. It especially means that, at Malaysiakini, Stevie will take anything and everything. He becomes a repository of shit. Loads of it. Farther below, in full, is one of the latest and not because it is anti-China (which it is) but because of the arguments, the rationale, its logicism, its veracity; these are so absurd that peddled by a so-called Dr Mohamad Rafick Khan, another mamak, another motherfucker, presumably Malay, schooled in Malaysia, the ‘view’ is standard fare.

We Chinese are used to it by now. Besides, those in China don’t read in the English anyway, and I wager anyone to find one in a million, so nobody is bothered. What has China stolen from him to elicit this sort of slander? Nothing, really. Mahathir Mohamad is an anti-Chinese racist, has been, still is, like Phar Kim Boy, like Rais Hussin, like Kadir Jasin; they have a political agenda and Mohd Rafick’s audience are the Malays and the Anglophiles and so don’t care about truth.

Will we Chinese throw up and start plotting revenge? Who knows? Maybe. More important, we are patient. It’s not our time yet and, besides, we have no control in PJ. Why bother thus? We don’t even file it away; no, we keep it in mind and we wait. We do what we must do, not in response to Mohd Rafick or Mahathir, but if we want beans we’ll grow beans, if we want melons we’ll grow melons. We hold our Fate and Destiny in our hands. It is this that Mahathir doesn’t understand. We Chinese say, the like of Rafick and Mahathir make a strand of hair on a pig’s backside.

Above all, the enemy, people like Rafick et al, are showing their hands; they shout out their thoughts, even who they are (photo above). And we want to see their hand. Whereas we make ours invisible and silent. When the time comes, we’ll strike, relentless and without mercy. To us Chinese, friends and enemies are permanent; it is how we make of them, using the enemy on the occasion, and that makes the difference.

Below, enjoy; it’s an easy read, like that Form Five dropout and Moron of Manchester

China’s global colonisation of the 21st century

In school, we learned about how the Chinese expanded their empire. From the from the Shang dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC) to the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC).

In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang conquered the various warring states and created for himself the title of Huangdi or “Emperor” of the Qin, marking the beginning of Imperial China which was followed by the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD).

China’s last dynasty was the Qing (1644–1912) which was replaced by the Republic of China in 1912, and in the mainland by the People’s Republic of China in 1949, resulting in two de facto states claiming to be the legitimate government of all China.

Puyi or Pu Yi (Feb 7, 1906 – Oct 17, 1967) of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, was the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing dynasty.

Until recently, Chinese interest in world domination has slowed down. Previously the expansion of the Chinese empire was via brute force, threats and military intervention.

That has changed recently via the “One Belt One Road” economic strategy. They are now conquering the world slowly and using a far more refined method i.e. funding, construction and placement of their people. Believe it or not, China is on its way to conquer the world.

From East Asia to Central Asia and Africa, they have their projects in place. They have conquered and expanded one of the Spratly Islands despite world objection. Then they focussed on Kuantan with their ECRL project which includes the development of Chinese industries.

In Kuantan, they have a private enclave. In Johor, the Forest City project is meant to accommodate up to 700,000 Chinese nationals. The Forest City project is the entry point into Singapore and the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

Elsewhere, they have built the 1,300 km Karakoram Highway into Pakistan in the north and then they have built the port city of Gwadar that will hold 500,000 Chinese in close surroundings. They own the city and the port. Gwadar is to have access to the Middle East and Iran.

In Sri Lanka, they built the port city of Hambantota which is now owned by China for 99 years. They have their own port projects in Kenya and Djibouti as a result of the Africans’ inability to pay back their debt.

It reminds me of how Japan had placed its population across Asia years ahead before they entered WWII. The Americans have also been doing the same for past 50 years albeit using a different strategy.

They built bases all over the world. I think the Chinese prefer to conquer via economic measures. They want to push their products and their millions of people all over the world.

The world needs to wake up to this reality. How else are they going to sell their products and shift their populations from their overcrowded country?


The Sapphire Case


Dear Jebat,

Greetings. This letter comes to you from China. I now live in the north although I’m not sure if the word ‘live’ is correct because half the time I not at home, like I’m not at home at this moment. Did I tell you I shall be getting married? If there is a chance, you should come visit; I’d like you to meet her; she’s the most beautiful thing in my life today. Here’s half a photo… It’s the way it is because she is a fashion model. And half because she is embarrassed that I throw up her images all over these pages. “I’m not Malaysian, I don’t speak English,” she said, “what will people think?” Queer, but she is okay with half a face.

Fall is a still a good time to come, but not from November on and not winter certainly when it is so cold that some days feel like the cold actually gnaws at the bones, you know, chewing it. And I’m not exaggerating. When the wind comes, which is daily, it can get to minus 10, 20 C. Last winter it hit minus 40. That’s 70 C difference from what you’re accustomed to.

I trust all is well on your side. And your family also. I ask because, these days, I don’t see much of you at your JMD site. As Malaysians say, nothing more to ‘hentam’? What I truly like is your silence: that is, in victory you don’t gloat. This is so unlike Anglophile DAP and PKR and especially their Christian leaders. And that Kadir Jasin. They are endlessly belligerent, day-in, day-out, even when power is theirs.

We, you and I, were right all along about 1MDB but I would still argue you are wrong about Najib Razak: he is not the ultimate cause, he is purely the top surface manifestation of a very sick, rotten and absurd country. (Besides, with 1MDB, you got nothing on Najib, at worse a parking ticket; see this.) Institutions, a country being its show-case exemplar, are not stand-alone creations you get from the snap of the fingers. They are dependent, on the ground and from the ground up, and therefore takes time to grow. Malaysia had 60 years of growing, half that cultivated by Mahathir alone. It is what we Chinese mean when we say, grow beans you get beans so that when reforms are not happening it is to be expected. It’s not as if one is reforming a thief. Teach him new values the thief becomes good. Instead, words, promises, manifestos, become just that — words, a hollowness that bear no intrinsic weight, no purpose, no nothing.

We don’t get the government we deserve, or voted in. We get the government — we get the country — its population cultivated. (Not by me, though; I’m out.)

Your silence, I suspect, betrays your ambivalence in this damn business. But you can do nothing. Nor, truth be told, can Mahathir. He grew beans and he got, well… lots of beans, yet — and this is the astonishing part — he’s still cultivating the same after the harvest. Lim Kit Siang et al? Forget them; they are a bunch of vacuous, juvenile minds like all those babble mouth Assembly of God pastors speaking in-tongues.

Where does that leave us, leave Malaysia?

Nowhere. Let it be.

On second thoughts, I should skip the ‘us’ part and confine the idea to only the word, Malaysia. Here’s to stick it to Joseph Lim Guan Eng: I don’t consider myself Malaysian, I’m Chinese. The Malaysian is a sick label and means nothing. China is my country so that if we ever go to war, which Mahathir is so actively cultivating (the Rafick article above), then I’m on China’s side. This should please Ahi Attan or Kadir or Annie: see, the Chinese are not patriotic! On a battle field, a gun each, I will have no hesitation to kill Malaysians — not for a second, in this order, fascists, starting with Mahathir then Anglophiles and Christians. I might also kill you. On the other hand, face to face, I could lay down my gun and say, I’m Chinese, China is my Motherland, my country, I will not surrender. Do whatever you like.

I don’t believe Malays hate Chinese nor want to. But not mamaks (Mahathir, Mohd Rafick, Syed Akbar Ali). There is no reason, they don’t need any, they just do. Perhaps it’s their combination of Anglophile values and mother India. We, Malays and Chinese, have more in common than you can imagine. (Though, I must add, I have 101 reasons to hate Malays, among which is the story of the photo below.)

Should you meet Annie, convey to her my best wishes. I’m certain she will outlive Pakatan Harapan. Tell her, get married, and stop gallivanting with that stupid Pakatan mob of reader assholes. No pearls ever come out of the fangs of deranged dogs. Even if it’s main main, she’s better off doing other things. Finish her book for example.




Postscript: Jebat, did you see that, above?

This is what I think: in his heart Mahathir doesn’t like and doesn’t want to see any sort of Malay-Chinese union best expressed, for example, in the person of Annie or, in other ways, the ECRL, Forest City, the Johor Sultan and Chinese, Najib and China, Singapore-Malaysia, Indonesia-China, Umno-MCA, and others. Imagine how he would feel, thinking about the repercussions — never mind true or false — on, say, mamaks, Anglophiles, India, the US. Where he can stop this Malay-Chinese union, he will; hence his use of the language of sovereignty and in stoking Malay fears, on the one side, Muar on the other. (The rabble-rousing quality in Rafick’s letter above is the clearest indicator yet of Mahathir’s heart and motives. He might be calculating that this will contribute to inflame China so badly, something breaks. So let me say this, Jebat, my dear friend, I am afraid that’s a thing I have no control over.)

There is also Mahathir’s domestic, political consideration and prestige at stake.

His entire adult, political outlook and working life for 60 years was pivoted on the premise (The Malay Dilemma) that Malays are stupid and blind whereas the Chinese are selfish and a threat to Malay well-being. China’s Belt and Road projects, should they succeed and bring to Malays material benefits and prosperity (Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang), not only destroy that premise but his own standing, too, as the ‘Father of Development’. It was easy to build a whole city Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and twin towers — issue bonds, take a loan, hire Korean and Japanese engineers, and bring in the Indonesians. But, harder it is to succeed where he failed many times over because products (Proton, Perwaja) and services (KTM) must come bundled into infrastructure (hence capital) and markets (China and Europe). That, or nothing moves. This defeat on his ego must be hard to swallow given especially his underlying premise cited earlier. Worse for it, the ones with the ideas, the backing and the money are not local Chinese but foreign Chinese.

You can see why China is to him the object more hated than Najib but it’s the latter who must be first to go in order to undermine the former. And this is the absurdity in the present situation: To prove himself right 60 years ago, he destroys the foundations, including especially Malay-Sino union, for a modern Malay society that he claims to seek.

If you go on pure cost-benefit analysis on any project — and I know all about those MBA type I/O metrics — no project can get started. None at all. Africa remains Africa, 60, 80 years later. The World Bank is now useless. And Malaysia remains a coconut shell. But, of course, cost-benefit was never the argument from those Pakatan assholes, ultimately; it was simply an excuse.

A person such as Mahathir, or any sovereign country, is entitled to cancel a project, stop investments and so on. Even to renege on a deal. But it — no, Mahathir — has no right to cast aspersions on our integrity, our motives and then, with those kinds of incendiary assertions, drag Malays into a fight with us.

Is there anywhere in the world a more irresponsible Prime Minister? Now, no amount of PR sweet words from Ong Kian Ming will change the past and the fact of Mahathir, of Pakatan Harapan, their filthy mouths, and their fascist ideology. Companies do what they must while those who handle politics, public and international affairs do what they do best.

Take it from a friend, Jebat, and I’m not saying it lightly because many people, and I can feel them seething inside, but they keep the lid on as is customary of us Chinese (and Malays, too, I believe). Since Mahathir in particular, we had it with Malaysia, its politicians, politics and its system. We’ll no longer ‘sit on our hands’. Do you remember the phrase? It first came up with the Red Shirts at Petaling Street. Know who said it?

If people go out looking for trouble, they will find it. Always. The ones who eventually pay might not be Mahathir, personally, individually but ordinary Malays or other Malaysians. This can’t be helped. They got them in after all.

Pssst, Jho Low is in good hands. And we shall leave it at that….

It’s late, I’m tired, and sad, but let’s talk again another time.



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Fall is here 秋天来了

All across China, including Hong Kong, in the farms, in schools, we salute our Motherland, a new academic year, a new Autumn and we prepare a new generation to take over the work and the lives we must leave behind, eventually.

We first teach them to be human, second photo below, because being human is not something one is born into (think about it: all are born animals instinctively). Being human is cultivated and never to expect otherwise. After which their limitations, like the tight-rope walker near the bottom of this post, will reach the extent of their varied, individual human-ness.

In this way, they readily learn family, acceptance, tolerance, discipline and excellence, a way far, far, far better than any fucking ‘holy’ book; I think Anglophiles call it the ‘Bible’ but, really, a book of utter voodoo trash.


Schools prepare various activities for students to greet new semester across China


How do we know Fall has arrived? The egrets…




In Beijing, meanwhile, Xi Jinping hosts Africa…



Away in Switzerland, the National Acrobatic Troupe…


Away on holiday, still…


Still flying, China 我的美丽中国….


A fighter pilot’s view of the farms. A screen capture view on my Google map. Jian is not far away; I can feel her heartbeat….(All photos above from Xinhua.)


Fall here, seeing the roads fill with children these days, we feel old, 白頭, and Jian and I talk often about marriage. She prefers ancient wear, as far back as one can get to, like those from 1,500 years ago, below.

這一路 就能走到白頭

我以為 煙雨只為情留
這場雨 就能下到白頭
可是遠山雲悠悠 各自去留
我們已回不到 從前時候

我以為 山水只為你秀
這一路 就能走到白頭
月光已舊 葬了誰的溫柔


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Killing the Kutty

Anglophile? Like Phar Kim Boy?

Farther below…


The World’s Most Melancholic Nation

China my Melancholy

《那一天》The Other Day

《渡红尘》Where We Must Press On

《大魚海棠》Begonia’s Big Fish

If not for the live recording, above, you won’t be able to tell apart the duet. But this isn’t as incredible as their soprano pitch. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world.


《爱江山更爱美人》Love beauty as you would Mt Jiang


She looked out into the Bay.

In the world’s most populous nation, she is alone. Might she tell me her thoughts? But I shall not ask.


Next day when things were better, Jian and friends began their Fall promotion.

Here are some photos from their work.

Ignore the Chanel logo.

All weather overcoat: Wearing it is Jian’s friend, a lanky woman, 5ft 8 — without heels. Next to Sumisha Naidu, that so-dark Kutty Anglophile will look like a midget.

Above, see the handbag? I almost fell off the chair. I ask if it was real and she gave me a look like I’m so kampung. Jian and friends can be very ingenious, trying all sorts of things. In whatever it is they — we — do, we want to surpass perfection, to be better than ourselves, music, the arts, literature, commerce, politics, science, even the defense of our motherland.

Remember Sumisha racist-free face wash? They sold it online. Here’s the first receipt, within three minutes. I kid you not. She’s going to be rich! So very, very rich she’d buy up all the properties in HK and not leave an inch of space, not even for the ashes of Cecil Chao (bottom of post) whose dead body will have to go to Malaysia, My Second Home. Maybe tumbang Mahathir’s grave.


Are You a Banana?


I. What’s Wrong with Your MBA?

How MBA ‘scientific management’ grew out of slave labor



The Gnatt chart from Wiki


Hailed today as the MBA guru of ‘scientific management’, but nobody would say that Henry Gnatt’s father owned 60 slaves and that he himself simply reproduced slavery’s ‘task and bonus’ system in order to extract more production out of people they had control over. No wonder we Chinese hate to be employees.


When Caitlin Rosenthal began studying slave-plantation management, she didn’t expect to find parallels with modern business practices. From the Boston Review, how slavery inspired modern management:

In 1911 a congressional special committee convened to investigate the impact of new business practices on the lives of workers. Of particular interest to the committee was something called scientific management, a technique that sought to measure and improve worker productivity. The system’s most vocal proponent, a mechanical engineer named Frederick Winslow Taylor, had just published his magnum opus, The Principles of Scientific Management. Taylor’s work would become an inspirational touchstone for the management profession. Indeed, his influence continues today. Articles profiling management pioneers often begin with him, lauding his efforts to apply precise metrics to even basic processes.

However, when Taylor and others were called to testify in 1911, the tone was far from inspirational. And scientific management’s critics gestured to a very different point of reference—slavery. An experienced iron worker from the Watertown Arsenal in Massachusetts told the committee that scientific management felt to him “as if it is getting down to slavery.” Managers, he said, exerted extreme control, “following you when you are at your job . . . and with a stop watch stand over you while you bend down to pick up a few rods. . . . This is too much for a man to stand.” The head of a machinists’ union argued that the system had “reduced the men to virtual slavery, low wages,” and that it had “engendered such an air of suspicion among the men that each man regards every other man as a possible traitor or spy.” At the close of the hearings, though the committee took little action, it agreed that elements of the system acted “the same as a slave driver’s whip on the negro, as it keeps him in a constant state of agitation.”

The most striking parallel between slavery and scientific management can be found in the “task idea,” which Taylor described as “the most prominent single element in modern scientific management.” The task system is closely identified with Henry Laurence Gantt, who is well known today for the Gantt chart, a scheduling tool, which still bears his name. During the heyday of scientific management, Gantt developed a “task and bonus system,” which paired a flat task and a time wage with bonuses for overwork. Workers would be paid a base wage plus an additional piece rate for production above a certain minimum. By combining an achievable (rather than a maximal) task with bonuses, workers would enjoy the security of a minimum payment but also be encouraged to strive beyond it.

Yet while they introduced some novel details, neither Gantt nor Taylor created the task system. It has a much longer history and was one of the principal methods of organizing labor under slavery. Under the task system, an enslaved person would be assigned a set “task” or quota that he or she was expected to complete by the end of the day; this was in contrast to the gang system, where enslaved people labored under constant supervision for a set period of time. In some cases, slavers who used the task system even gave monetary bonuses for achievement above set targets. They “dangled the carrot” in a way that resembles not just Gantt’s methods but those of the gig economy today. Indeed, except for the base payment and the critically important ability for workers to quit, Gantt’s new system was in nearly every respect the same as the system used by some slaveholders, a fact that Gantt made no attempt to hide. Rather, he acknowledged that the word “task” was “disliked by many men” because of its connection to slavery, and he regarded this negative connotation as its “principal disadvantage.”

In a sense, scientific management replicated slavery’s extractive techniques while jettisoning the institution itself. Gantt’s rhetoric was not necessarily of distance but of progress; he purportedly liked to say that “scientific management marked a great step forward from slave labor.” James Mapes Dodge, a Philadelphia manufacturer and early supporter of Taylor, explained in 1913 that “we cannot tell who first liberated the germ idea of Scientific Management, as it was born to the world in the first cry of anguish that escaped the lips of the lashed slave.” Dodge’s reference was metaphorical, to a vague and distant past where slavery prevailed, not to the slave South. But he understood that “the present generation” had inherited “from the past the relationship of master and slave” and saw it as the job of scientific management to move beyond it.


II. The first time I saw a breast, ripe as a plum

What would you think if in a China airport, say, and without anticipation, you see a woman suddenly lower the top of her blouse, loosens her bra and sticks her nipple into the mouth of an infant?

Are you an Anglophile pervert, like Phar Kim Beng and Kadir Jasin? Or, like Latuk Choy Ceong you feel squeamish and think she is uncivilized? These brain-washed motherfuckers…


Notice the black woman, fully dressed, in the standard of American slave owners but eyes wandering, an expression cautious, even apprehensive, just in case, as if she’d be caught anytime.

Up until the medieval ages, breast feeding was normal in white European society. Then something came up that made it sinful and, with emigration, this carried over into the US. I think they called it Christianity, some voodoo about some motherfucking Abraham God. Once Americans, in their turn, exported the same to Malaysia, you get Steven Gan and Hannah Yeoh and Joseph Lim Guan Eng and Kadir ‘Mad Dog’ Jasin and Ahi ‘So Insensitive’ Attan and on and on and on….


Never mind the culture aspect, or even the plain common-sense and natural intuitive idea, but scientific evidences had piled for decades that mother’s milk is best. Up until earlier this year, breast-feeding in public in the US was illegal. (Yet cunt holes like Elizabeth Wong and Hannah Yeoh lavish praise on it as the world’s most democratic, wondrous country.)

I had seen as a child my aunt breast feed my cousin, but it’s always in a room, door closed, sometimes ajar. After which one thinks nothing more of it, like you think nothing more after brushing your teeth.

Settling in China the first time, the breast feeding struck me how widespread it is and so openly: airports, train station, hospital waiting rooms, inside a bus, or simply waiting at the kerb for a bus. It has since occurred to me: they — and praise to tian — they were not poisoned by Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times. And Malaysiakini, of course.

On such a matter that other cultures take for granted, as completely natural, below is from the Washington Post, 2000 years late, writing from a society already and completely fucked up by the Church (and its 5th Amendment Free Speech):

When [Lauren Hanley] first child was 6 months old, back in 2005, she went with Jim to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, where they were members. Hanley was excited to be getting out of the house. In the exhibit — a display of Ralph Lauren’s collection of cars — her daughter was hungry. In the corner was a small leather stool. Hanley sat on it with her back to the room and very discreetly began feeding her.

Within minutes, she was tapped on the shoulder by a female security guard, who told her she wasn’t allowed to feed her baby inside the exhibition. “When I asked her where I should go,” remembers Hanley, “she led me into the ground floor of a very hot stairwell which had a changing table at the bottom. There were no chairs. I sat on the stairs, alone in a hot stairwell, and finished feeding my baby.”

And Lauren Hanley is white. Imagine if she is black. And imagine the additional, unnecessary yet most precious, scarce money expense incurred by the people of Sarawak and by the peninsula mountain tribes converted into some theological cause by Perkim and by that motherfucking reporter-preacher named Bob Teoh. We can’t wait for Jesus to claim him, heaven or hell we don’t care. So long as he’s dead, as dead as Balakong’s Eddie.


Merdeka, Kutty? Ar…Fuck your Merdeka




Dear Malaiyoo,

Two Anglophiles: A Mamak & a Cecil

Here is this mamak Kutty at a congress to talk about lifting the economic well-being of Malays, and he compares Malays to Chinese in another country, China, a continent away, different in culture, different in attitudes, and different in work ethics. Can you not see the absurdity in his argument?

This simply goes to show he is, a deeply insecure man, an unmitigated fascist and plainly jealous of the Chinese (although there are more than 200 nationalities in the UN to pick on), as he was, and still is, jealous of Jews. Mahathir has now catapult the Chinese, an entire nation of 1.4 billion, to top of his list of world enemies — and all for what? To prove he is clever? Or to put us down? Probably both.

Here, too, is Cecil Chao (趙世曾, born 1936) of Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong, a Banana like Mahathir is Kutty, in his eighties, same generation, venerating the latter as ‘idol’ in spite of the man’s record (clip below). So liberal in our ways, we Chinese won’t say to Chao, You can’t say that, do that; Kutty is China’s national enemy.

Chao is free to do whatever he wants, though we won’t say he’d get far. In China he is a write-off; his business has only Hong Kong left, ever shrinking in our palms, while his own family is in ruins. One of his children Gigi, openly lesbian, married one, has publicly, in published form, denounced him, such that the Chao family is so completely fucked that no sewer is big enough to hold them, their members scattered in the far corners of the world; father, mother, children, grandchildren, everybody, and they are today a fucking joke, good only as material for the gossips. At night, back in his room Cecil is as lonely as a street stray dog.

Karma, karma, karma, wait till it bites you in the arse.

Why is it that the past generation of Anglophiles, the Kutties and the Chaos, is so lowly in intelligence? Why is it, the greater their power and wealth the greater is their stupidity? Answer: they had presided over two stupid generations after them, those Annie’s Assholes, the Hannahs, the Joseph Lims, the Bob Teohs and the Joshie Hongs.

We Chinese know how to help karma along….

Mahathir was partly right on an egregious matter: Malay obeisance, especially to authority. When it had its chance, Umno should have killed him, from the roots up, he, his entire family, his children, his grandchildren, everyone. Leave nothing to chance. Make it painful, but quietly, slowly, assuredly. We Chinese would have done that.

Umno should have only one raison d’etre in its party Constitution today: Destroy Mahathir and everyone with him, and we mean everyone, sons, daughters, grandkids, money, property, everything, in whatever form. We Chinese say, To destroy the weeds among you, exterminate from the roots up. Leave nothing behind. Nothing, not even a memory.

Know this Malaiyoo, if that mamak has Cecil Chao, you have all China. Everywhere indeed, Malaysia especially. And we do not speak loosely as if words are feathers in the wind.



Our Ancients have taught us well: Resist, fight when the time comes but always maintain the peace and harmony within yourself.


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