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This is how Anglo-Saxons make Natives kneel to their King:

They give you a fucking title.

Sir Kazuo is pictured kneeling before Prince Charles as he honours him a knighthood for services to literature at Buckingham Palace today 

This scene above is so unreal which we Chinese will never do, even when facing death. Small wonder Japs in their WWII defeat would sell their country and emperor to the Yanks, who still control them today.

Post modern imperialism. Jappie kneeling in front of a White man:

I, King of the Anglo-Saxons, now christen you honorary White. Arise Sir Kazuo.

Wonder if Prince Charles got it right, Kia-zu-ooh


Sir Kazuo: Bet he’s getting a hard on. What’s the matter with these motherfuckers?


The English language Press is all over him. Here’s the Daily Mail that enthuses over a Jap literature laureate for buying into the supremacy of white culture:

Nobel Prize winning author Kazou Ishiguro has described being knighted as part of his ‘big love affair with Britain’.

Love affair? Of course, fucking white woman is a specialty for bored, leaking Japanese males visiting Tokyo brothels.

Not to be missing on the vanity-action, Vanity Fair also has something to add on Anglo-Saxon ketuanan:

Kazuo Ishiguro, the Japan-born British novelist, has already won most of the internationally recognized literary awards…. So it stands to reason that the only British honor left for him was a little more grand.

It ‘stands to reason’? Podah!

This olang putih…Aiya!

Wonder how those Malaysian Anglophiles must be feeling? People like Joseph Lim Guan Eng, Stevie Wonder Gan, Rais Anglo Hussin.

Perhaps it will be Sir Stevie next for his ‘great contribution to British independent journalism, truly a Great Man who knows all about Speaking Truth to Power‘:

Arise Sir Stevie!



This is how Jian and I spent a part of New Year, chasing flash mobs on Spring Festival, singing…

My Dear, Dear Motherland 我和我的祖国

Music mobs were everywhere: Jan. 29

Jan. 29

Jan. 30

Feb. 2

Feb. 4

Feb. 7

Feb. 7

Feb. 9

Feb. 10


While we celebrate, comrades guard our Motherland, from the mountains to the seas.




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△2018年12月,三河村将整体实施易地搬迁的安置点正在建设。(图/央视记者 杨妮)








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What’s to be done?

Who is the new neo-colonialist wolf in Malaiyoo clothing?


What’s Wrong with Harapan Importing America?

Answer in a word, Freedom.

US native Indian population is today less than 800,000. When the first Europeans stepped ashore 200 years ago, with the English leading the charge, there were 23 million natives.

The colonization of America began the world’s first ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale. That is, America started its history and began life on the platform of extermination and conquest.

By May 1945 all signs clearly showed that Japan was defeated, numerous cities flattened by US bombs, and Japan said to the Russians it would surrender but please, they added, don’t harm our Emperor. Three months later America still dropped two atomic bombs, and that’s on a defeated country. Not even Stalin, said Russian President Putin (below), would have done that.


The difference between the West, as run by America, and the rest of the world is not ideological, but something fundamental that’s lodged in the consciousness.


Malaysia is at war.

And the real enemy is not with Harapan alone which, after all, is just a puppet regime.

Who then is Malaysia’s real enemy? If the US has occupied Malaysia without firing a shot, without sending a single soldier, Malaysia faces the following:

  • Since Harapan is merely a US front, a representation, is the defeat of the US not possible then?
  • Is the defeat of Harapan necessarily the defeat of the US?
  • Is it not possible to defeat the US without similarly firing a shot, sending a single soldier to America?
  • What is Harapan if not a figment, an illusion, the ventriloquist puppet with a master?
  • How do you defeat the puppet if not through the master?
  • How do you crush the master if not by the same way it came to Malaysia, with a puppet?


Neutrality is not an option, not any more. But independence is an option.

Because we now know the enemy, I shall leave to Umno, PAS and BN politicians with the thought below, already implied in the title because Malay ultra-right nationalism, worse than the fact that it doesn’t work and is counter-productive, economically, politically, socially, it has led Malaysia to lose a critical battle against the Anglo-American march for hegemony.

How shall we fight them?



The West (regurgitated endlessly by Harapan and Rais Hussin) says their political, economic and social model is the world’s best, most democratic, and we Chinese reply:

“Please continue. We won’t envy you.

Electoral democracy has become the world’s greatest apologist for constantly delivering the least of the worse options, just so to kick out the leaders in the next voting cycle, and so never, never, never getting the finest of the best.

The first in the world, Malaysia does even worse, democratically, delivering the least of the worse (Mahathir), twice!

It’s time for Malaysia to throw out that old paradigm of elect-first, plucking out motherfuckers from the streets (Yeo Bee Yin), from classrooms (Maszlee), from the trash bin (Mahathir, Mohd Sabu, Lim Guan Eng) and switch instead to a model wherein election is the last stage in the leadership selection process and not the beginning.






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This, below, is the clearest sign yet that Malaysiakini will soon be spying on you and everyone accessing its website…


To see why government wants to spy on you, ask yourself the following:

  • (a) How does Mahathir know what ‘accusations’ warrant the government’s attention? Certainly, Harapan isn’t interested to know if your garbage is taken out; they are only interested to know what affects them politically, electorally.
  • (b) From where and how will the government get the information of people — who, where, what age group — influenced or are taken in by ‘opposition accusations’ to warrant ‘tackling’ and a response?
  • (c) Once response is deemed warranted, to who? The Harapan government can’t be simply throwing darts blindfolded. They have know, where to?


Can Steven Gan do that? Spy?

Answer, Yes.

  • Malaysia has no clear privacy laws nor broadcast statutory limitations nor other legal restraints on websites, in particular the media, a power which as a result of Harapan’s victory has grown to rival Harapan politicians, individually and collectively. That is, any politician who wants to talk to the world, its readers, first talk to Steven Gan.
  • Steven Gan and Malaysiakini editors are in the payroll of, among others, George Soros and NED, the CIA front, and therefore can’t be controlled at home. Besides those are representatives of powerful US interest groups, protecting Stevie — so long as he is useful.
  • Malaysiakini brags that it has the most eyeballs of any Malaysian online site, making it a repository of information of Malaysians to be mined by foreign spy agencies and the Harapan government.
  • Malaysiakini colluded with external intelligence agencies and Harapan operatives to cause regime change. Conversely, both the Harapan and foreign agents now need Mkini to supply them with feedback against any negative backwash, and hence to stay in power.
  • When Steven Gan and Harapan politicians bought into the American neo-liberal ideology, and were paid off doing so, they also brought into Malaysia, by necessity, almost the entirety of American governance methods, including policy making (foreign and domestic), legal implementation, language-use, propaganda, policing and surveillance techniques. Recall that the Attorney General admitted to importing US Department of Justice staff to teach his department how to prosecute, and Tommy Thomas saw nothing wrong with that.


How is this spying done?

By selling or simply passing metadata to a third party with information it has on subscribers and readers, totaling more than a million a day. That’s a lot of intelligence information.

Being a subscriber already gives Mkini a foothold into your privacy. Linked that to your access to its website, what you read, frequency, time spent, what you had Googled, from where you had come into the website, your hyperlinks, to who you forwarded an article, your favorite key words, advertisement clicks, your advertising preferences, etc, Mkini has a fairly comprehensive portrait of who you are, your political leanings and your psychological profile.


Stevie knows all about you

Metadata is what Mkini transmits to third parties.

Image result for metadata

Other than personal information, such as your physical location (through the IP), metadata will reveal your preferences or biases through the articles you read and comments you made that indicate if you are for or against Harapan, specific politicians, programs, policies, government regulations, etc.


Mkini is not some Messenger Boy

It’s both Veil & Cover of Deep State

Of course, Mkini’s propaganda platform is done purely to paint a favorable picture of the Harapan government and especially the US government and its institutions (media, intelligence, foreign policies). Occasionally it puts up some stories from Najib, while smearing him (with China thrown in for good measure), to give the illusion of ‘balanced reporting’ (whatever that is) and retain readership. Regardless, Mkini is a complete copy reproduction of what is been done in the US where government and mainstream media, Facebook included, collaborate to routinely spy on its people.

Therefore, to know in depth how Steven Gan spies on you is to know how the US government and media do the same on Americans.

The answer for the above can be heard from Edward Snowden, below, a former CIA cyber intelligence officer who, like many other individuals before him, blew the cover on the US police state and totalitarian system fronted as a democracy and sold to the world as the Bastion of Freedom — the same propaganda talking points coming from Stevie, Malaysiakini and Harapan politicians:


(English) words no longer have the same meaning as they once meant. — Edward Snowden



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This is a postscript of three earlier postings. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


The Anglophile Network as Deep State


Democratic and Free and Open Society?

Some the members of the Deep State cabal of bankers, politicians, academics, fake journalists:

  • Rothschild,
  • Rockefeller,
  • Soros,
  • Clintons,
  • William Kristol (founder editor, Weekly Standard, defunct. See below),

The Twitter question above was purely rhetorical. As a part of that regime change goal, Deep State had recommended undermining China but from the outside rather than the inside which would be impossible. Hence, the regime change in Malaysia became a starting point, making Harapan subservient to the US administration, then using the former to derail all existing China contracts and thereby shaking the developing, non-western world’s perception of the Chinese. Of course, the international media (primarily western and in the English) would play its role-part, disseminating that perception from Malaysia, with Steven Gan and Malaysiakini at the forefront.

  • Robert Gates,
  • Katie Couric,
  • Diane Sawyer,
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski (now dead),
  • Steven Mnuchin (present US Secretary of Treasury, CFR member)
  • Robert Lighthizer, (present US Trade Rep., CFR)
  • Wilber Ross (present US Secretary of Commerce, Bildenberg, ex-Rothschild Inc.)
  • Rick Perry (present Energy Secretary, Bildenberg)
  • James Mattis (US Defense Secretary, resigned, CFR, Bildenberg)
  • Elaine Chao (赵小兰 Zhao Xiaolan, US Transport Secretary, born 1953, Taipei, immigrated at age 8, CFR, ex-Citicorp)
  • Deutsche Bank,
  • Canadian Imperial Bank,
  • Exxon,
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs,
  • Raytheon,
  • Time-Warner,
  • The Economist,
  • Wall Street Journal,
  • World Economic Forum,
  • Aspen Institute,
  • Brookings Institution,
  • Club of Rome,
  • Council on Foreign Relations or CFR,
  • Trilateral Commission (North America, Western Europe, Japan)…


The core and central governing structure of the cabal is a western colonial, medieval, feudalistic top-down institution (and dare we say, white racist)

Deep State as represented in the Bilderberg Group, below (click to enlarge):

The Bilderberg Group headquarters building outside Dresden, Germany.

Image result for bilderberg

Although supposedly private, Bilderberg has armed guards round the clock.

Image result for bilderberg

Image result for bilderberg

JPEG - 36.1 kb

Bilderberg’s first meeting, 1954.

Image result for bilderberg

Bilderberg’s meeting 2001

Attendees, Bilderberg’s meeting 2014.

Related image

Mock-up poster of some Bilderberg member politicians and bankers


On Jun 12, 2016, a whistleblower pooled together a vast collection of photo-copied documents obtained from a variety of sources, including academic institutions, all related to the Bilderberg. These were uploaded to this site: publicintelligence.net. Parts of the collection are also found here.

The archives include the one below, dated 2006, by the Marines Corp intelligence department. Within two years of that document circulated inside Bilderberg, the CIA and Soros began active recruitment of Steven Gan, Ambiga, Rais Hussin, other Harapan politicians for regime change in Malaysia. Najib Razak and Umno were doomed.



US Deep State in action on regime change

US ‘Regime Change Stew’ recipe:

  • 1. Heat the pot by condemning the regime’s legitimacy
  • 2. Stir gently and physically join opposition
  • 3. Season with sanctions
  • 4. Throw in some guns
  • 5. ???
  • 6. Profit


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The multiculti regime change continued: Part 1, Part 2


Super Duperman


  • Point 1: That man (above) is persona non grata in China. (And I’m not kidding.) But he has just been named CEO of Malaysia-China Business Council. To do what?

Says he, in writing:

That view (South China Sea belongs to China) was based on the circumstances at the time (2016). It was not DAP’s stand.

  • Point 2: Based on the circumstances? In 2016, the circumstances says SCS belongs to China. So, in 2019, the ocean changed in circumstances? Less water? Or no more water? Or it’s been renamed? How about Western American Sea?

So I am disappointed that the issue is being played up again. As a Malaysian citizen, I will always defend the sovereignty of Malaysia.

  • Point 3: Always defend? So sovereignty is defended “based on the circumstances”. And the the circumstance today is Malaysia’s sovereignty belongs to the US. Ah! Now, we know. Superman is a fucking fraud. He is really a Duperman change agent.

Conclusion: Malaysian capacity for delusion is without limit. Why, why, why do Malaysia breed so many, many motherfucking stupid idiots who can’t even lie with a straight tongue logic. Must be because the Malaysiakini type audience they speak to are equally stupid and easy to fool.


Super Pooper Tong


Further evidence that Malaysia is a US Client State: I doubt Pooper Tong’s statement was intentional, hence blowing the puppet cover. I think he doesn’t read shuzheng. So sad….


And then, after the Super Duper, there is this guy above going by the name of Ah Tong.

Malaysia is a small fry, even in SEA, so what is Ah Tong talking about setting up a “new global security construct”? ASEAN is not a military group and never wants to be; that or forget about the first principle of its founding. China doesn’t and never wants military alliances. So that leaves only the US?

That also leaves this ‘new global security construct’ a US idea, floated in Singapore by its mouthpiece Liew Chin Tong who have neither the balls nor the Malaysian muscle, intellect much less, to speak of any SEA military alliance. What then is this ‘construct’? Southeast Asia NATO? Another contain-China device? This Harapan puppet government….

In time, Malaysia will be the first member of SEA NATO, Singapore next, Vietnam third, UK fourth, US last (last because you don’t make it so obvious la). Australia? Canada? New Zealand? All comers in fact, so long as you are a US puppet.

And the justification for the SEA NATO? Not to worry, the US will think of something — one justification for every Nato member — and Chinaman Tong will be in Singapore next year to announce it for the Americans.

These motherfuckers.., lying and lying and lying then dragging, first, the whole country, now the whole region, into a conflagration that the US wants so badly to prove its point to ‘contain’ China. (Pssst… which is why you, dear Reader, must really get the fuck out of that fucked up country. Try China, like me, it’s where the money is. Things in Malaysia can only get from bad to worse. Or if you’re outside, stay out. Trust me…)


Regime Change Agents

Super Puppetman 1

An Exclusive by Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan

The above is self-explanatory: Steven Gan was (and still is?) paid by CIA-front the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and George Soros (US$50,000) but he was handled by Stratfor — as the above says, contracted!

But who, or what is Stratfor? WikiLeaks know Stratfor very well, having 5 million of its emails. Here’s how WikiLeaks describe it:

The e-mails (dated between July 2004 and late December 2011) reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to…the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails (also) show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

We now have Steven Gan, Malaysiakini linked to the US government. But how is Stevie and Mkini linked to Harapan? The answer is as follows, and it’s easy. Harapan politicians were themselves paid by the NED and other CIA affiliates, with Soros supplying the pocket change. Below is how….

Point A: Start in Serbia.

Otpor | Protest

Identical posters used by the CIA against Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic behind bars was used against Najib Razak, below, during a Bersih demonstration.

Image result for najib razak jail


Why Serbia? Because it is the place from which massacres were launched on Bosnian Muslims. Because it is the site for the US regime change laboratory. (By invitation only, of course.)

Under NED financing and diplomatic support, WikiLeaks files showed that the CIA sent Juan Guaido from a US university to Serbia, along with four other Venezuelans. (You don’t know who is Guaido? You should be ashamed of yourself!) Purpose: training in regime change.

In Belgrade, the five and others, mostly Serbians, were trained by among them a man named Srdja Popovic, said Stratfor in one email. It added:

Success (of the training) is by no means guaranteed, and student movements are only at the beginning of what could be a years-long effort to trigger a revolution in Venezuela, but … they’ve got mad skills. When you see students at five Venezuelan universities hold simultaneous demonstrations, you will know that the training is over and the real work has begun.

Popovic, did you ask? He is a Belgrade native, son of some TV journalist and member of the East European-Serbian group called CANVAS, backed and financed by “Freedom House and the Albert Einstein Institute and, through them, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the US Department of State” (sic).

Point B: End in Bangsar.

When Ambiga Sreenevasan (on whom the US State Department pinned medals) was arrested in a Bersih-type demonstration in 2011, alarms went off at CANVAS. Below:

See the name Srdja? It’s not a typo. That’s a Slavic first name for Popovic, who was alerted about Ambiga and others.

Two days later July 12, “Our Friend XXX” was gotten ‘in touch’. Friend XXX is the one in the Malaysia, well-connected, too.

The dots connected, we have the following pattern in CIA Regime Change in Malaysia:

US NED > US DIA > Stratfor > George Soros > Stevie > Stratfor > US State Dep. > Popovic > Serbia > Ambiga > Our Friend XXX > Stratfor…. and rounding the circle back to Stevie and the NED. 

My guess is that ‘Our Friend XXX’ is Rais Hussin who is, like Guaido the Venezuelan usurper and CIA change agent, educated in the US, and like Ambiga and Stevie, ideologically neo-liberal (although they don’t know what that means), good at doublespeak, doesn’t cost too much, willing to play second-fiddle, easy therefore for American handlers but connected directly to Mahathir Mohamad. You can see why Soros and Mahathir kissed and made up in 2012. (See this fawning Bede Hong article.)

Note that the more shit they (Stevie, Ambiga, Mahathir, et al) have on themselves, the louder they sing songs of:

  • patriotism…
  • freedom…
  • democracy…
  • independence…
  • sovereignty….
  • rule of law…

It’s called 1984 Doublespeak.

Two more points to note: (a) That Rais, Mahathir, Stevie, Ambiga and Harapan politicians in general will, for the power, sell even their mothers to Yankees. (b) That these are absolute hypocritical motherfuckers with a penchant for speaking out of both sides of their mouths and equally experienced in duplicity, well-trained like American journalists and like Malaysiakini editors.

Malaysia in their hands, Allah help you. (Not me, I am out of this fucked up country.)


Super Puppetman 2

More disinformation against China.

This time by Wall Street Journal to stoke hatred for and within China — the same propaganda opening shots repeatedly used in US regime change tactics in Malaysia, in Ukraine, Serbia, and Venezuela today.


US Regime Change in Venezuela

What does that mean for Malaysia?

It doubles as a US warning to Mahathir and Harapan:

You disobey, we will fuck you. After that, we will fuck all your daughters, your wives and your mistresses. Even the biggest rubber trees and deepest paddy swamps in Kedah can’t hide you, and them. We have Marines in Pilbara and Darwin, Australia, and they haven’t had a woman in the last two years. This goes for you, too, Ambiga, and we don’t care how old you’re, how your cunt has shriveled, and how many American medals you dangle from your thambi nipples. Get it! See below, stupid Malaiyoo…

Philippines' Duterte visits church bombing town as ISIS threat reemerges

Malaysia’s Future: A Dog’s Life

America having its way is already showing in the Philippines after President Rodrigo Duterte refused to be a US running dog. America adopts the same tactic, used countless times, especially in the Middle East, today Venezuela.

Super Pooper Tong is a stupid motherfucker. Saying Malaysia should not have to choose between two sides — while standing on the American side of the shore — presumes China, like the US, asked Malaysia to choose. When did China do so? Only America does it, most recently by Pompeo, which it then broadcasts to the world.

Here is the greater Pooper Tong stupid hypocrisy: Harapan brings in America to get rid of Najib and Umno, in the process takes US money and DOJ and CIA assistance, and Mahathir and company need not repay? While singing songs of neutrality, and under all sorts of pretext (which explains the daily contradictions about ECRL: a scam, cannot afford, too expensive, too big), Mahathir derails China on the US behalf.

It isn’t that the US haven’t issued the same order elsewhere, demanding countries to take America’s side to ‘contain’ China, going to South Korea, to Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. All quietly refused. Duterte, on the other hand, outright kicked out the Americans, even the military bases. Now, Duterte finds bombs going off in Mindanao and in churches, after which CNN goes in to write ‘analysis’, in effect disseminating the propaganda line that Duterte isn’t fit to govern. Helped by Stevie-style ‘independent’ media, this is regime change all over again.

It’s one thing to declare neutrality but another thing not to actually follow America’s orders like a running dog. Harapan lives by the sword, it will die by the sword.

Maduro’s talk of American usurpation of Venezuelan sovereignty is a historical, demonstrated, empirical fact, repeated countless times, all over the world. That fact says, in part, You won’t have to choose sides if you just stay with America and obey — for Harapan especially, having taken American money and gotten power out of it.

Otherwise, what is in it for America to finance and hand over regime change, literally in a silver platter, to these motherfuckers, namely Mahathir, Rais, Stevie and Ambiga? For freedom? America have them in their pockets so they, in their turn, go on and on and on, day-in, day-out, through Stevie Wonder Gan’s Mkini in particular, with the never-ending pretense they are still righteous people who saved Malaysia and have Malaysia’s welfare at heart.

Here’s a prediction: Even dark, darker, darkest days are ahead for Malaysia. Harapan has gotten the country in a twisted US bind it can’t get out without offending the US, and this means blood as in the Philippines and Venezuela (or Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Guatemala, El Salvardor, Columbia, …). Oblivious to or ignoring the horrible dangers ahead, which they created, Pooper Tong, Mahathir, Stevie, Rais, Salahuddin and Ambiga are daily letting off fart — for the US to read in Malaysiakini, which is under ‘contract’ to tell the CIA.  That is, they are doing America’s bidding, like a good dog.


Note the US doublespeak talking points, same as in Mkini, year-in, year-out: Rule of law, peace, human rights, democracy….

Remember rule of law by Mahathir? Last year, when he wanted to justify nailing Najib, he was speaking those words daily, sometimes two, three times a day. Told you so: Thieves crying out that their houses were broken into.


Image result for kadir jasin

Hi America! My name is Jasmine.



The Anglophile yada, yada chattering class talking foreign policy. (Anyone want to bet? That article of shit was written by Stratfor — remember the Stevie-Mkini contract?)

Says CIA handler:

Your foreign policy, Malaiyoo, Anglophiles, is and shall be called, Never fuck with us. Otherwise, all that below will be your Fate. Even your Super Duperman has to change his ocean tune: She sells sea shells on the sea shore, and they’re all American. We’re Americans and nobody fuck with America. Get it!

Says PhD agent candidate Kadir Jasin:

But we love America. I have learned so much from your Realist Theory of Big Power Relations. The Land of the Free. America very good. Help us get a kleptocrat. Gave us rule of law. Human rights. Remove corruption.

Answers handler:

Yes, thanks are not necessary. What’s your name, boy? … Jasmine, mmm… nice flower name. Now, suck my dick.

A Day in the Life of a Change Agent

Image result for abu ghraib

How you doing, boy?

Related image

Always do what you tell them: Dogs are America’s best friends.

Image result for abu ghraib

Related image

Related image

Image result for abu ghraib

Bang, bang

Related image



Get up, boy. Up.

Related image

Eighth wonder of the world: the Pyramid

Related image

Related image

The realist theory of balance of power.

Image result for abu ghraib

Related image

Why can’t you guys stand up! For something. Anything!

Related image

Are you tired?

Related image

Look Ma! It’s me!

Related image

Related image

Sit boy, sit. Good boy.

Related image

We told you, Jasmine. Never fuck with us.

Related image


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continued from here

The A-to-Z of Belt Road Initiative

This clip below will be worth your while (but bear with those Pakistanis) especially if you want to plug your business into the BRI, big or small, services or manufacturing. For answers you need to specific questions, even as basic as where to start, please use the Comments section. Provide a email address if you want discussions kept private.

Malaysia? Write it off — forever. America wants BRI derailed but can’t. With Malaysia in its pockets, Harapan government is now a US mouthpiece against BRI and so Mahathir Mohamad has also to act to prove his words — through the ECRL.

But there are legal hurdles and China can strike back…. So let’s see how far Mahathir will sacrifice Malaysia’s interest to fulfill his first order from the US: Contain China. (Also see bottom clip.)


How Malaysia behaves as US Puppet State

Clips below…

  • Just seven months into controlling Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, Saifuddin Abdullah, Rais Hussin, Lim Guan Eng, Jomo Sundram, et al have railed against China, Myanmar, Israel and threatened Singapore — physically — for all sorts of imagined infractions, ‘human rights’ in particular. But against outright US oppression, blockade, plotting a coup and murder, and threatening invasion of Venezuela, it breathes not a word in condemnation. That’s the first role of a puppet state, you obey.
  • US self righteousness in its tyranny are identical to those used by Pakatan Harapan pre-May 9: kleptocracy, corruption, freedom, democracy. To see how you can weaponize language and words (in the English, of course), see notes below.


Clip immediately above…

  • When will the Harapan carry out the first US order? Actually they already have: Contain China.
  • When will the Harapan carry out the second US order? How to treat immigrant workers to show the world America is not alone in its cruelty. Note Harapan’s conduct and attitude so far towards Nepali, Bangla workers, etc — they are identical to the US.
  • US order No. 3: When will Exxon get the oil and gas fields in the South China Sea?

Other points to note…

  • At a press conference, note how Pompeo sequesters the language — freedom, human rights, etc — then sequester the meanings when, in acts and in truth, the word actually means tyranny and enslavement. Note how the press plays a critical role in this disinformation and propaganda: they will reproduce everything in print and online, thereby legitimizing the US plot. This was how US-financed Malaysiakini played its role for Harapan, like the Washington Post played its US role: confiscate the language, confiscate the meanings.
  • Note how the US used Iran to finance war against Guatemala and Central America and now squeezes Iran until it bleeds. And everybody from Malaysia upwards go along. Wait till Harapan government outlives its usefulness then we will see fireworks.
  • Mahathir calling Israel a criminal state was disingenuous because the two have the same master — the USA, the criminal state par excellence and that for decades and decades of genocidal killings and financing of tyrannical regimes. Without American money and arms, Israel won’t dare step an inch outside its borders yet Mahathir dare not say a word against the US. Even in Venezuela, Harapan is conveniently silent in condemnation of the US, the silence justified by — and wait for that — ‘neutrality’. Again, as Orwell said in 1984, sequester the language, sequester the meaning.



With, on the one hand, Malaysia in its pockets to derail ECRL, the US has started paying terrorists to attack China’s BRI work in Pakistan — with guns and bombs. Which would be next? Southern Thailand? Mindanao in the Philippines?


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