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The delusion of freedom…


Above the law.


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He also claims that the estate is called Zorro Ranch in honor of the cartoon masked vigilante, saying: 'The Zorro thing was a fetish thing for Zorro the character.'

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The library is full of grand antique furniture including Gothic chandeliers and metallic leather chairs

If you think the books are for reading, ask yourself this: how many have they read?

As they gang rape small girls, age 15 and 16, they’d surround themselves with artifacts of high western culture, just as they present themselves to the Malaysiakini-type Media and the world as being civilized, clever, influential and therefore powerful.

The contractor also claims that the estate is called Zorro Ranch in honor of the cartoon masked vigilante, saying: 'The Zorro thing was a fetish thing for Zorro the character'

Jeffrey Epstein, since murdered in his American prison cell: His ranch above, with close-up, was the Auschwitz destination for girls trafficked within Britain and the USA and back and forth.

An Auschwitz in the middle of the desert, there was no where for the girls to run.

The island, too (below), was another destination place for the girls trafficked for sex to serve Bill and Hillary Clinton (the later is a LGBT), Prince Andrew, other politicians and two Goldman Sachs top executives. It, too, has no where to hide or run.

That Auschwitz is lovingly called Little St. James, a part of in the US-owned Virgin Islands

Image result for epstein's island

 Image result for epstein's island


To the world, the Clintons and their Anglo-Saxony stock talk about the Anglo-American values of freedom, democracy, human rights, religious freedom. And the world accept these as true and virtuous.

Yet, in their private lives…

One of the bedrooms has a sculpture of a life-sized Jesus crucified on a golden cross, which covers most of one wall and is attached by chains to the crown molding

Above and below: Inside the rooms of the New Mexico Auschwitz for small girls, and under the gaze of Jesus Christ and the Church, they’d fuck and fuck and fuck.

In August, DailyMail.com revealed Epstein had a bizarre portrait of Bill in a dress hanging on the wall of his New York mansion. The picture depicted the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress and was in a room off the stairway of Epstein's NYC townhouse, estimated to be worth $56 million

The dress is also strikingly similar to one worn by Hillary Clinton at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors

After Epstein’s murder, but categorized as suicide, the powerful are never prosecuted, and also because they are White, Anglo-American, and Christian.

Even Simon Cheng has learned from the BBC and Prince Andrew, that is, the use of media propaganda: Instead of accepting responsibility for screwing minors, although in a brothel, he deflects the subject of his statutory rape and claims Chinese brutality in detaining him.

The girl is only 15.

Related image


For more on Bill and Hillary and others staying at Auschwitz for girls, see this, this and this.




And now to the family of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary’s close ally in the House, like the Joe Biden family, involved in domestic abuse, prostitution, drugs, fraud, shady deals, money laundering through Ukraine…

White politicians are so full of shit. But, of course, nothing will happen to them. Democracy, you see.




Joshua Wong posed with the “White Helmets” head Raed Al Saleh (L), Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko (R) and Iranian-Austrian political activist Mina Ahadi. Full report here, and reproduced below, titled Color revolutionaries of the world, unite! Hong Kong protest leader pictured with White Helmets boss.

For more on Chinky Wong, see Juan Guaido, Joshua Wong – New Generation of Pro-Western “Saints”. And this: Hong Kong Protest Leader Hangs Out with White Helmets Boss.



Hong Kong protest figurehead Joshua Wong, who has been rocking up to ‘pro-democracy’ meetings with various Western officials in recent weeks, has been spotted hanging out with the chairman of the White Helmets in Berlin.

Wong attended the ‘Bild 100’ summer party in Berlin this week, where he seems to have bumped into White Helmets boss Raed Al Saleh. That’s a tad awkward, since the Syrian first-responders group operates solely in areas controlled by anti-government fighters and has been heavily suspected of links to Al Qaeda and US-sponsored jihadist militias – a fact that did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

There was another familiar face in the snaps, too: Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, who was, for a time, himself a Western favorite when Ukraine was in Washington’s regime-change crosshairs.

But Wong has had some questionable high-level meetings, too. He also met German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the event – with that tete-a-tete quickly slammed by Beijing.

These meetings come on the heels of photos showing Wong speaking to Julie Eadeh, an official from the US consulate general in Hong Kong, which raised more suspicions that Washington had a hand in the recent violent anti-China protests.

Skip back a little further in time and there are also pictures of Wong with Venezuela coup plotter, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

But Wong doesn’t discriminate. It seems he’ll meet with any American willing to meet him. He was also pictured with Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi back in 2015, at the ripe old age of 18.

If he wants to avoid the appearance of being used as a US regime-change asset, Wong certainly seems to be going about things the wrong way.


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A Conversation

Joshua Chinko Chinky Wong vs Raed Mohd Prophet s.a.w Al Saleh


Raed ‘White Helmet’ Al Saleh: Hello Chinky. Long time no see. How’s Hong Kong doing?

Joshua Chinky Wong: You no call me Chinky. No good lah. Myself also Yellow Helmet like you.

Okay you’re not Chinky. Can I call you Shorty? You Chinkies are too sensitive.

Of course we sensitive. We fight for freedom. Fight for democracy.

Ya, ya, ya…. We fight for money. You don’t? We haven’t been paid. You?

You stupid. We Chinese clever. We first ask for money 70 percent advance. Why you so stupid?

You don’t call us stupid. We’re not capitalist like Chinkies. Even fight also want to make money.

No money, how? See, no money, what happen to your White Helmets?

They took our helmets. Paint yellow and gave to you. Motherfucking Yankees.

Image result for joshua wong White Helmets

Al Saleh Postscript:

Hei Chinky. I see you got nice Chinky girl. Is she fuckable?






The history that White lover Annies and the Stevie Anglophiles prefer not to know…


America the Imperialist: 850 bases worldwide

The red dots in Malaya and China represent Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 1997, however, America lost Hong Kong. After Duterte became President in 2016, it lost three in the Philippines. If Mahathir Mohamad could give them Tawau in Sabah or Miri or Kuching, better yet all three, perhaps America would leave Hong Kong alone.


The coming of Apartheid Hong Kong

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Below is a new, just-introduced page inserted to an already approved textbook but for 2020 circulation among Hong Kong’s junior high (lower secondary) schools. It’s an English language book, as the ‘Jamie’s English’ title suggests. The subject matter, i.e. the Hong Kong riots, and the Chinese language translation are deliberate. This is because the book’s original version had been sold to the Education Department for inclusion into the curricula on the grounds that it offers bonus coverage, namely (a) touching on another subject called ‘Life and Society’, ideologically referred to as ‘Liberal Studies’, and (b) translation into Chinese.

The first thing to note about the passage is its style. Starting from the first paragraph, chunks of phrases, words, terminologies (ideological, political, propaganda) are copied. From where? If you read Malaysiakini or Reuters, you’ll have an idea.

Let’s examine the passage a little….

Start with the English standard level, namely vocabulary, syntax structure and grammar. Take the first paragraph where every part, without exception, is riddle with errors:

  • “…gained unprecedently…”?
  • “…complaints have seen its record-high.

The problem with the second is called a dangling modifier so that instead of saying ‘record high complaints’, the clause inserts the unnecessary, preceding modifier called, “have seen its“. Why ‘have seen its‘? This is the stuff of propaganda newspeak. Which, in its turn, produces the plural-singular problem because ‘its‘, a singular term, refers to ‘complaints‘ which is a plural noun.

If ‘its‘ doesn’t refer to complaints, then the only other preceding noun is “international coverage“. But, what international? What coverage? Like porn is “international coverage”, although it is Jamie’s cunt and tits that would be uncovered.

See the problem? See Jamie’s standard of English and, by extension, Reuters standard? This is ideological porn that you see and read daily… in Malaysiakini and online.

I won’t go into the rest: they ‘brutalize my mind in proportions of record-high levels‘.

But, here is a take home quiz to unpack the passage for their:

  • (a) factual errors in every clause and every term,
  • (b) logical errors, from start to finish,
  • (c) bad grammar, wrong word choices, missing references, spurious terms (“protestors’, “the people”, “Hong Kong citizens” — do they come from different planets?), tautology (eg: the bachelor is an unmarried man).

“…police’s mauling”? What is that? Holy Jamie’s motherfucking cat paws?

No wonder the Hong Kong Anglophiles are such a confused lot, and now it is the turn of their children, forced-fed on this garbage and reinforced by poisoned minds in the Anglophile, liberal teachers.

No wonder Hong Kong is fucked — through and through. Save Hong Kong, yes, please.

Here’s a bonus question for bonus marks and bonus prizes: All — all — the Chinese language translations are wrong. Explain how or why.

Yes, Jamie’s English!

with Chinese translations. Caveat emptor.

Get a web copy of page here.


BTW, spot the split infinitive in the passage above; there is only one.

First correct answer: life time free tuition to Malaysiakini English journalism cum PR classes taught by world class Anglophiles, graduates from Australia, trained by the NED and George Soros, 20 years experience in Media propaganda, print and online.

In lieu of free tuition you get cash equivalent; no questions asked.


And this is our dear, dear Jamie

Good morning, Missy Jamie! Good morning my Cunt!

Hong Kong has become a repository of unemployable White English ‘native’ speakers like Jamie, useless in their own country, Australia or Canada or America. (None of the three is native to English; they are conquered, occupied countries.) So they turn up in Hong Kong where the money is good and the fucks are free, and throwing bricks and petrol bombs have no costs because the country called China is not theirs.

Worse than colonialism with the gun is the colonialism of the mind.

More of these motherfuckers can be found here, here, and below. We have plans for them.



Staff Image

It is this pyramid pile of Whitey shit, above, that we have to clean up and so our chunjie looks fucked.



有仇必記- 何志光頻道 Ho C K


長遠, 全世界所有大學都會要求港人有良民證, 確認無犯罪紀錄後, 才會接受他們申請入學。
美國大學或會收幾個暴動頭目如黄之鋒羅冠聰, 其他暴徒青少年便成為用完即棄的 condoms。


No photo description available.

新學年初中教科書內容。已經出版了。 事件未完,便已先下定案,未審先判!讓學童先入為主!洗腦之快,前所未見!




What do English language teachers have in common with English language editors:

Stevie’s ‘Free, Independent’ NED Journalism

…and copied by Missy Jamie.


American Exceptionalism Employed in HK

English as a tool for American imperialism and war-mongering.


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The two clips, above and below, are mirror reflections of America. But, compare the intellectual, academic and character qualities of the two women who teach in US universities!

What’s the same in them: one an Anglophile Chinky, the other a White racist motherfucker.

No, the answer isn’t in the overrated state of affairs among America’s third class academic institutions

Yes, they wear the same owl glasses; yes, both are middle-aged with shriveled-up old cunts capable of defying any Arnold Schwarzenegger dick penetration. Yes, they speak English, and they like listening to themselves in their American pidgin tones. Yes, they whine like narcissist Lady Annie.

But, again, what’s the same in them, fundamentally the same…?




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Manufacturing Consent by Anglo-America


US Media: Why the fuck would you believe us?


Hitler: This fucking stupid, insane Americans


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On the first full year of her abduction and arrest by the Canadian government, Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou writes from Vancouver…

Huawei Technologies Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou leaves her home to appear in British Columbia supreme court for a hearing, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 30, 2019. An ankle bracelet is also seen as she leaves for her court hearing. (REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson)

加拿大政府绑架和逮捕孟晚舟的第一整年。 这是她从温哥华来的信

























Letter from Vancouver

[In translation by Grace Chong]

Winter is near. The mountains and forests are dyed a deep crimson. Nature’s beauty is clear for all to see.

It is not my wish to linger, but I’m trapped. The seasons change, time moves, it’s been a year.

This past year, I experienced fear and suffering. I felt disappointed and helpless. I faced turmoil and struggle.

This past year, I learnt to be strong under pressure, to take things in my stride, and to be fearless in the face of uncertainty.

Time seemed to fly past when I was in Shenzhen. My daily schedule was packed to its brim and I was always rushing from one place to another, or from one meeting to the next. Breakfast meetings, lunch appointments, and night “engagements” are standard practice for Huawei people. Back then I wished I could be at multiple places at any one time. There was never enough time to get everything done. Multitasking was the only solution, and a reality for all Huawei employees. Our tireless efforts were replicated from the east of the Pacific to the west of the Atlantic, and from the northernmost point of the Arctic Ocean to the southernmost point of the South America continent. This is the exact reason why I didn’t have time to soothe my heart, take in the scenery, and reflect on the passing seasons.

Busyness quickens time. Suffering slows the years.

Now, time seems to flow slowly. So slowly that I can read a book from cover to cover, that I can discuss minutiae with my colleagues. I am even able to take time to meticulously complete an oil painting.

An entire year slipped through my fingers, little by little. It is a year of companionship, of warmth and encouragement, that will always remain in my heart.

My Huawei colleagues, for instance, often left notes on the Xinsheng Community (a social media platform for Huawei employees). Any news of mine was read with interest.

Amidst dark and challenging times, our clients and suppliers chose to grant us more trust, more support, and more patience, driving us to work even harder.

There was always a long queue outside the courts at each of my hearings. Your enthusiasm and support always warmed my heart.

My colleague even shared that the delivery man would leave sticky notes with the words “Hang in there, Huawei” or “Keep going, Huawei” on our delivery slips — a few simple words warmed us instantly. These little things helped us to push forward.

Countless netizens left their replies below any type of news relevant to Huawei — some warm, some resolute, some long, some short, some moving, some down-to-earth — all of them expressed their trust and support, and of course, their unending care for us.

The kindness of the people here in Canada is unforgettable. The kindness of the correctional officers and inmates at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women helped to tide me over the toughest days of my life. When the judge granted bail to me, the applause in the public gallery made me burst into tears. After a whole night of heavy snow, workers of the security company thoughtfully shovelled a path for my elderly mother, warming our hearts on that cold winter day.

Every court hearing burdened court officials with additional workload. I would like to say to them, “Thank you, and sorry for the trouble.”

Countless moments like these never fail to bring me warmth and strength. Thank you for standing by me. Your presence felt like the first warmth of spring. Each and every encounter in this river of memories, give me the strength to soldier on. Because of your encouraging words and thoughts, I’m able to read another book, attend another lesson. I no longer feel far away from home, nor am I afraid of the rough road ahead. While my personal freedoms have been limited, my soul seeks to be free. Amidst despair, I’ve learnt to savour life’s goodness.

The word deng (灯, light) is made up of the characters huo (火, fire) on the left, and ding (丁, man) on the right. Huo represents hope, while ding represents humanity. Where there is man, there is light, and when we gather, we create a myriad of lights. Light gives us warmth and shows us the way. Amidst the darkness, light empowers.

My dear friends, your warmth is the lighthouse that guides my way!

Meng Wanzhou, 1 December 2019, Vancouver


Meanwhile, the US government propaganda, assault and malice directed against Huawei continues unabated … into the seventh year!


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Quantity easing is on auto pilot!


See America’s meddling in Hong Kong as the death fits of a dying Mafia country knowing they can’t possibly change regime unlike Ukraine, Georgia, Libya, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bolivia…



Afghan, Mexico elections are transparent, freer, fairer than USA

How America’s elections are a fraud — and rigged:



End of Dollar’s Golden Age



The deal is worth US$400 billion, but it is not exchanged in dollars!



The World is done with Mafia America


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