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Compatriots, Be Ready for War



准备好了吗 士兵兄弟们
放心吧祖国 放心吧亲人

Are you ready my brother
When the day comes…
At ease my Motherland
At ease my Love


The word is out:

  • We are serious about Hong Kong and we are tired of Carrie Lam fidgeting and fidgeting, doing nothing while the general population is screaming for help to restore law and order, and bring back up the economy. It is going to get really, really rough. See clip below.
  • Because America is serious about trying to annihilate us, and not just slow us down, we want to take the fight to American soil, or any of its allies. Malaysia? (Hey, Charlie Santiago! You want to come over to China to free us Chinese from the Chinese? Maybe after that give us a dose of your thambi democracy? Remember to bring along Fight-for-Freedom Annie: While resting from your fights the two of you can have a good, righteous, Allah-fearing, Prophet Mohammad-and-Jesus fuck.)


When liquidating your assets:

  • For the short term, 6-12 months, prefer cash or gold;
  • Start with US dollar-denominated assets, particularly US real estate and US funds because they aren’t so liquid and in the current climate, it is difficult to dump unless you are willing to let go at fire-sale prices;
  • Avoid US banks, and this includes Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Australia and Canada financial institutions (in that order) because their asset base and capital are tied to the US, much of it dollar denominated. An example is HSBC; and,
  • Where to go after liquidation? When the US decline the choices are limited because of their monopoly. Think China; it’s stable, economy robust, and highly liquid, and that’s far more than you think. The financial sector is also opening up. First in, stay in. And the Chinese government always honors its word. Always. It’s a cultural, ethical thing.


INFINEON is backing us

On behalf of my Motherland, thank you.


Never mind you don’t understand Chinese. But wait until or move the clip control to time 4:05.

We and the government of China have sworn to our people that it will never, never happen again, especially to our kids.



On January 1, a new Foreign Investment Law was put out. In the current Parliament session when it ends May 28 that law will ratified and come into effect.



From the lessons of history, China has strict restrictions on foreign ownership of property and land in the mainland. Sometimes, those restrictions are eased especially for oversea Chinese, better if they can demonstrate with documents (birth certificates, photos, passports, etc), they have family relationships in China. Better because you can obtain a special identity card that allows investor to raise local mortgage financing.

Two pieces of property are available for the resident/buyer category described above, one is in the southern Guangdong province, the other at the opposite end of the continent, Liaoning.

The Guangdong property is in Huizhou 惠州 prefecture, Luoyang 罗阳镇 city. This is a sprawling project. Details immediately below.



Property A: Guangdong 广东

General Information on property:

  1. Location: Louyang town, Huizhou prefecture, Guangdong province (map, marked red, above)
  2. Dimensions: upwards of 100 sq m.
  3. Apartment status: New, completed, without finishing. Varied sizes, buildings.
  4. Price: Starting price Yuan 750,000, excludes finishing, fixtures, and furnishings. That is, you get the shell of a building. Rule of thumb is, add to that price at least 50% more for a completed, ready-to-move-in apartment.
  5. Other transaction fees: Minimal if there’s no mortgage loan.


  • Overall property plan.


  • Below, three images of actual, completed/near completed apartment blocks. Unlike in Malaysia, you pay for what you see. That is, pay money today, take possession tomorrow. There is no ‘pre-selling’ (whatever that is) such as in KL and that scandalous Tropicana ‘condo’.


  • LAYOUT #1 Next, below, actual layout. Size ranges from 110-to-120 sq m upwards. Take the following specifications as a rule-of-thumb guide:
  1. Area: 122 sq m
  2. Floor: middle
  3. Rooms: 3+1 living room + kitchen + baths
  4. Price: Yuan 850,000 (unfinished)


  • Balcony view looking out…


China properties are typically priced and sold without the finishing, i.e. walls, flooring, ceiling, and fixtures. This is to allow buyer to custom-make the finishing. Either use your interior builder or hire the developer’s contractor (who usually have no inclination for this kind of work).

In any case, add a third more to the purchase price per lot. Meaning, for a Yuan 800K apartment, add at least Yuan 400K for a minimum total of Yuan 1.2 million to completely finish and moderately furnish the apartment then move in.  (Yuan 1.2 mn = RM 730K @ MYR1 = Yuan 1.63)


  • Image below gives you an idea into a least-cost finished apartment (walls, floors, ceiling, fixtures) and how that might look. The point? Best you spare a little attention to interior design and furnishing in order to extract the best value out of a budget.


  • LAYOUT #2: Specifications and pricing almost similar to Layout #1


  • Exterior view of properties near lake…


  • If you finish — and furnish — your own apartment, the following series of images (below) show how the apartment might end up looking. This has to be arranged with a design-builder, unrelated to the developer. Give yourself additional 3 months before moving in, from receipt of apartment key, commissioning of interior works to completion.

Single bedroom apartment — that’s only a illustration layout.

Designer will provide schematics with detailed specifications, including material type, etc.


Chinese style finishing

(Photos actually show finished and fully-furnished, but not ‘show’, apartments’. They are currently occupied.)

Tea room, above. Notice, no doors.

Below, same corner-room but the buyer preferred it converted into a study — for calligraphy.


TRANSPORT: Ending/beginning in Hong Kong or Hainan island, the future Hong Kong replacement, there are high speed (HSR) bullet train connections from Huizhou to all corners of China, including airports in Shenzhen and Guangdong. Huizhou-Hong Kong, about 100km, takes 1 hr 10 minutes, six HSR trains per day, one way, stopping at Shenzhen.

ABOUT HUIZHOU: Populated since the Song dynasty (c.900 CE), Huizhou county 2019 population is 4.8 million. Moderately urbanized, lots of lakes and rivers coursing through it, serving as Guangdong transport hub, and for Hong Kong and the manufacturing cities of Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, as well as redistributing travellers/tourists from the north, east and west heading to beaches on the South China Sea coast. Many overseas Chinese would pass it when going north and east by road to, say, Fujian.


Property B: Liaoning 辽宁

Next, but less suitable to those who lived all their lives in the tropics is Panjin 盘锦 in Liaoning 辽宁 (where I also live). This is the province next door to Russia and west of north Korea. Real estate is small, available near the coast, indicated in circled-red in map further below. Winter cold cuts into the bones, but spring and summer is celestial.

Panjin - Wikipedia


Below, is real… the red beach of Panjin. Those are a species of reeds that bloom from late Spring to early Autumn, that is, it is happening now.

Best Time to See Panjin Red Beach in China 2020 - When & Where to See

Red Beach in Panjin, China. Red Beach, located in Dawa County ...



For confidential inquiries on the above or other properties, incl. foreign investment and other related issues, write to:


When sending mail, on the subject line please write the title of this post — ‘China Properties for Sale‘ — so we know the mail has to do with this site.



《 紅豆詞 • 紅樓夢 》


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Jian and I went to a disco-karaoke!

And this came on….


Song is, 拥抱你离去 or ‘On your way out, I’ll hug you


Below, other versions of the same





The original…


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Containing China while Beating Up Everyone

It is neither accident nor coincidence that America bullies and uses clandestine efforts to undermine the sovereignty and stability in five countries — simultaneously — all of who are close friends of China and four of who are immediate neighbors. And all this is happening within the last 21 days: war, regime change, sanctions, jihad, economic strangulation.

Each American effort, in Anglophile parlance, is ‘hitting two birds with one stone’. But the ultimate American prize is, China, against which it is already beating several war drums, also at the same time: Huawei, tariffs, warships, Taiwan.

US efforts so far include the deploy of proxies, the like of western companies and banks (sanctions), jihadists (sabotage), Israel and Saudi Arabia (war), the last of which had to do with attacks in Iran and Sri Lanka. The US is itself directly involved in four of the five countries. Begin with Iran.




1. Iran




2. DPRK (North Korea)

North Korean cargo ship Wise Honest. Photo: AP



3. Sri Lanka

The flag of Saudi Arabia. Photo: AP


4. Pakistan




5. Venezuela


The US Wars against China

There’s no going back now. This 5,000 year nation will fight to the end!


Chinese companies

Chinese trade


Economic strangulation

Clip below, full statements by China’s ministries of Commerce, Foreign Affairs (all in Chinese).

We have the resources, the capability and the legitimacy to fight back; the people are with us. We’ll not bend over! — The Government of the Chinese Peoples


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Her chunjie 爱人的春节

Image result for uncle sam wants you


Uncle Gan also wants you!

Your money la.

…Georgie Sor alleady give. Uncle want more la.


Malaysiakini on an advertising blitz. Sample:

Every newspaper and rag sheet that sell propaganda say the same thing: they are independent. Even demagogues and tyrants know how to invoke the name of the ‘People’.

But Stevie Gan takes the cake for contradiction: Malaysiakini is owned by the rakyat but independent of the rakyat. By rakyat, he means those who pay him, and those who pay him are from Harapan, from the US Congress and from George Soros’ Open Foundation. To the rest, Mkini isn’t so independent. Actually, the rest can fuck off.

Then Stevie talks of truth as though he’s some mountain-top guru-saint who knows all about ‘truth’. Wonder when he will proclaim himself the next global Prophet, speaking Truth with a capital T.

Liars lie, propagandists propagandize. As demagogues do, Stevie appeals to ‘freedom of information’ in order to influence political outcomes in line with western ideologies, a political operative faking as a journalist.

What else is news….

Don’t read Malaysiakini, you will be uninformed. Read it, you will be misinformed.





Driving to relatives in the mountains, we came to this tree.

Note that when constructing the road, they left the tree alone although it got in the way. Moral of story: your life is yours; the tree’s, tree. Only be careful at night. You are not more important than the tree. Why should you be?

The tree is the Chinese fir, the single most important source of shipbuilding material during Zheng He’s travel years (below). Highly water resistant and easy to work on, it’s dominant quality is a single trunk rising straight from the ground, reaching heights of 20 meters. In winter, the bark looks whiter than its ash-grey color.


By High-Speed Rail (HSR) train, returning to the city, and work. Speed at that moment: 216 km/hr.


My airen in one of few unusual modelling-photos. Below, a favorite song of hers.


Dinner Day 1

All seafood. We Chinese say, in the mountains, live from the mountains. At sea, live by the sea.

Story time, idealized setting, but still real today. Chinese literary culture is enriched by spans of thousands of years. Chinese Anglophiles know nothing of that. All they can do is, quote some stupid, rudimentary Shakespeare — in the English, of course.


Dinner Day 2.

All below: Dinner Day 3.


Father, younger days. These days he isn’t too well. Like us, he loves Motherland till death.

The very old days; her father would have lived through it. We remind ourselves that such a circumstance must never, never be allowed to happen again and we’ll stand up to the last Anglo-Americans. (And to their Anglophile underlings undermining us, their Stevies, Tonies, and their Malaiyoo Rais.)


姚璎格 Yao Yingge

Spring blooms will follow Autumn rain and Winter snow…


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Please, go away. You are stepping on my shadow. — A Chinese saying


Giant Conversation Recalled


Edi: You orang Cina?

我是中国人! 你也是什么人啊

Edi: Cakap Melayu. Sini bumi Melayu.

什么的 ‘不迷ma-li-yoo’ 不是我本人。而不是我的祖国。这个国家是你的。 不是我的 为什么要说马来语。我是中国人 住的 生活的 说的 一切是中国。要对我说话用中国话!

Edi: Fuck you




Lisa Ng before she was enticed away — in Malay and English! — by S…. But, what are the chances the baby was conceived in the Malay? “Lagi, lagi! Kuat sikit!” Aiya, these Anglophiles. Or maybe they fucked in Tamil.


Uniting with Lisa Ng


Cakap Malaiyoo?

Three reasons why we Chinese don’t want Malay, won’t learn Malay, won’t use Malay.

  1. What the fuck for?
  2. Pendatang speaks only pendatang language.
  3. If Malays want unity, speak to us in Chinese. Otherwise, fuck off. We have nothing to say, nothing to sell, nothing to proselytize, and we have nothing to do with motherfuckers, Sheridan Mahavera and Kadir Jasin included. They want unity, go unite with Lisa ‘Human Being‘ Ng. https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/80357cf5319d82c301b42bf8efa22547?s=100&d=identicon&r=g Lisa not available to unite, Sheridan? But did you ask her — in Malay? You did? And she answered you in Malay? You don’t understand? Maybe she means, go fuck your mother. Or try a goat. Bodoh.


Aiya…these Anglophiles

Worse than Edi, these Anglophiles criticized us Chinese as unpatriotic (a) for speaking among ourselves in Chinese and (b) for not using Malay when speaking among ourselves. And in what language do they criticize the Chinese? (a) or (b)? Neither!

What did we Chinese steal from them to have earned their spite? Did we accuse them of using a foreign tongue that is not their own? A foreign tongue they themselves use daily, among themselves, when ordering McDonald breakfast, a language used in and out of offices, even when Sheridan is on top of Lisa Ng and they are crying out together, in unified language, they are coming. (Husband wasn’t home, you see.) What happen to all their western, Anglo-Saxon, Anglophile liberal values promised in the UN charter about safeguarding mother-tongue use?

These motherfuckers are insufferable. Like Edi, they go around town picking fights with everybody they don’t like. Like Helen Ang, they never dare pick on a Malay, not one, although in private they will spit at Malays, calling them names, like Yeo Bee Yin does when writing English personal essays for the church. (As a teenager I have heard this denigration of Malays said in English a million times but never, not once, in the private Chinese high school where I spent three years.) All this Anglophile spittle is to show what…? They are patriotic? Patriotic by putting down other people? And they always pick on kids. Edi picked a girl just out of high school. Lisa Ng picked a 15-year-old Kepong boy to stab — and that’s not for his Malay incompetency but because he couldn’t give her road directions in English! (The boy would be 22 today.)

And guess who gave the thumbs up when Lisa published her poison vitriol, maligning the boy and all Chinese speakers in the same breath? Lim Kit Siang! Sheridan? That fucker is another horror story…

See what great patriots Malaysia has? I am so happy to be out of this fucked-up country. And don’t you ever step into mine! This is no idle warning. Because it won’t be kids you can bully. We’ll stuff your liberal values, along with the UN charter, up your fucking arse until shit oozes out of your ears, nose and mouth.


Image result for sheridan mahavera

Sheridan grinning in Malay at Lisa: Come, let us unite!


Wherever I am, I am Chinese






































































Peace behind me, war in the front…









I am a Chinese soldier!

Guardian of our Chinese future



When we were the sick man of Asia, we were called the yellow peril.

When we are billed to be the next superpower, we are called the threat.

When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets.

When we embrace free trade, you blame us for taking away your jobs.

When we were falling apart, you marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.

When we tried to put the broken pieces back together again, free Tibet you screamed, It was an invasion!

When tried communism, you hated us for being communist.

When we embrace capitalism, you hate us for being capitalist.

When we have a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet.

When we tried limiting our numbers, you said we abused human rights.

When we were poor, you thought we were dogs.

When we loan you cash, you blame us for your national debts.

When we build our industries, you call us polluters.

When we sell you goods, you blame us for global warming.

When we buy oil, you call it exploitation and genocide.

When you go to war for oil, you call it liberation.

When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you demanded rules of law.

When we uphold law and order against violence, you call it violating human rights.

When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.

When we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed-xenophobes.

What do you really want from us?









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I am the wife, the mother, with the hand on the door knob.


We are free. We will not be contained by anybody.


In all that we do, we will be super fast! We know how.


Our history will be our guide.


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Lim Lip Eng: Edi Rejang is a Lesson to the Chinese

As a Chinese you don’t have to step our of your boundaries, go out looking for trouble. Malaiyoos will come to you, and bring trouble with them. This all seems so surreal. Don’t even bother minding your own business. Being Chinese alone is enough and the Malaiyoos will come. So the sort of thing in the clip above happens over and over and over and over and over again and again: abduct the children, take away your brother, kill him, steal your phones then beat you up, saying it’s your fault.

And after Edi Rejang goes looking for Chinese to abuse, he proudly films it, uploads it on his Facebook page and displays it on his cell phone, with which Teo Nie Ching then blames the Chinese for spreading the hatred!

What had been DAP’s solution to all that? Easy. Start with changing names. Lim Guan Eng becomes Joseph Lim. Yeoh Tseow Suan becomes Hannah Yeoh, even baby names were not given Chinese names (or Indian), Shay Adora! it is instead, and together they all declare: “I’m not Chinese.” See, they are thinking, since I’m not Chinese, Edi Rejang won’t look me up.

Never mind even that, who cares if they are not Chinese. But these DAP people, beginning with Joseph Lim and Teo ending with Lim Lip Eng, all these self-righteous Christians, instruct the Chinese to stop the hatred, let Edi Rejang, Lippy Lim says, be a “lesson” to the Chinese, as if we Chinese are going round kidnapping Malay children, take away their dead, throw them out the windows, beating up people, or stealing Mara cell phones, and going up to them to call them ‘babi’.

Again, it’s the fault of the Chinese, that hatred is being spread, so they must use Edi as a lesson for ‘harmony’, to ‘shake his hands’ since this is a democratic, ‘multi racial, multi religious’ country, yada, yada, yada, Lippy Lim saying everything except to say straight into Mahathir’s face or to Edi, “You do this. Now, go to jail!” Why? Because if Edi were a Chinese, doing the exact same thing to a Malay woman, what do you think would have happened?

These Anglophile motherfuckers, so liberal, so multi-culti, talking about equality, rule of law, respect and tolerance, all these applicable only to the Chinese. Malays are exempt. Truth of the matter? Someone like Joseph Lim who is willing to say, with a forked-tongue, he’s not Chinese, wouldn’t dare touch a Malay, to whom there’s no law, not even Joseph Lim’s existence. Or Lippy Lim. Edi is a lesson, indeed. How many more decades of lessons does the DAP want to give the Chinese? How many more dead? People kidnapped? Teoh Beng Hocks? Indiras?

Small wonder this sort of thing keeps happening with Malays doing to the Chinese, even — no, especially — in New Malaysia. How so? Because that’s exactly Edi Rejang’s point in beating up a Chinese, filmed it, bragged about and posted it: He wants to put the Chinese in their subservient place. This is the exact same principled idea promoted by Mahathir, Umno, PAS, Berjaya, and promoted by Hannah Yeoh and Joseph Lim when they declared, “There are no Chinese in the DAP.”

Edi’s attitude towards the Chinese is not an ethical problem (respect, tolerance, Lippy Lim’s yada, yada) to which you say sorry to. It is about Malay power. Like Mahathir, like Umno that have been doing this for decades, Edi wants to sit on the Chinese like we are just furniture. It won’t be a surprise, therefore, there will be more Edis to come so that, if not this sort of abuse, there will be others, happening again and again and again, after which Lippy Lim will give more forked-tongue speeches and more apologies.

Here’s a simple mental test of the hypothesis above: If Lippy Lim were an opposition MP and goes to Edi Rejang with a police report, what are the chances Lippy will be able to extract an “apology”? Or will Edi say to Lippy, “You orang Cina? Fuck U, Lippy!”

You see, in Malaysia, being Chinese is itself a dirty thing, and DAP’s proclamations, with Mahathir clapping behind, makes possible to turn the word ‘Chinese’ into a lowly keling word. Today, after 60 years, it is ripe for the picking. Even Joseph Lim et al won’t be heard with it. Mahathir brandished it as a political dirty word, rejoined Umno and became PM as a result. To be reelected, and since he could no longer use the local Chinese for the purpose, he turned to China and slapped the Chinese word onto Najib Razak as a traitor to Malay land and sovereignty. It worked. Again.

Isn’t that the same idea coming out of Edi Rejang’s mouth about bumi Melayu?

Malaysiakini promotes the idea that Edi is an Umno thug as if this is all something in the past; won’t happen in New Malaysia, it is an aberration. But, isn’t it likely he might have also voted for Berjaya for the same reason he excuses his bigotry by saying he sends his children to Chinese school. Which is, get near to your enemy. And, on his day off, he did find one, so near, and a woman, in the Giant supermarket, alone and vulnerable, and selling beer — the perfect excuse to nail the Chinese for ‘insensitivity’ to Islam, the same thing heard and believed by every motherfucking Malaiyoo up and down the peninsular the last 20, 30, 40 years. Hence, you read in Malaysiakini advancing the excuse that it is the woman who should be blamed for the assault. Why? For promoting beer openly. She shouldn’t have been there. Heard this kind of ‘insensitive’ Chinese line before? In fact, that was exactly how Edi started while the woman, made to be reminded of that ‘insensitivity’, refuses to pursue the case.

Better even than branding Chinese as insensitive or dirty like a ‘keling’ is to attached to the Chinese the Jew label. For years without end, Mahathir built his political fortunes selling that line to Malays: Chinese are like the Jews. Now, if the Chinese is considered Jew what would the fascists (Rais Hussin is most notorious) in all Harapan today do to Jews? Identical political and social labels were created and pinned on European Jews — dirty, prostitutes, usurious, money grubbing — after which Hitler could easily, with popular German population support, round them up for extermination. Someone as liberal as Annie of the Valley has even thought about the idea of dropping Chinese into the sea. What more Edi Rejang. Or Mahathir? Or Rais Hussin?

Edi is sorry? Really? Yes, of course, for the time being. After all, Lippy Lim is at the door with the police so he’d swallow his pride, bottle it up, telling himself and every other Malaiyoo motherfucker, wait till they get back the police into their pockets. And, one day, some poor Chinese, minding his own business, will get shot in the back because, according to Edi’s police report, he saw him tearing up the pages of the Quran and using it to wipe off shit.


China, the World’s Only Safe Place for a Chinese

Like Edi Rejang pummeling the Chinese woman above, the MACC Malays who had interrogated Teoh Beng Hock and others over a 2,000 ringgit investigation, then killed Teoh eight years ago, had asked the exact same question: ‘You orang Cina?

Today’s answer from Joseph Lim Guan Eng: “No, I’m not Chinese.Angel Ng of Petaling Street also replied the same: “No, I’m not Chinese.” But not that woman in the clip. “Yes,” she nods and adds, “Chinese!”

Dear 妹妹, Come home to our Motherland China. Promise, we’ll see to your material needs although, for sure, you want to be independent but you have only to ask.

Her last words were in Mandarin putonghua which translate, “If I speak Mandarin then am I not Malaysian?”

To that question, all of us know who would say, “No, since you’re Chinese, you are not Malaysian.” Lim Guan Eng would say it, Angel Ng, Mahathir Mohamad, Rais Hussin, Hannah Yeoh, Wong Chen, Yeo Bee Yin… In another manner of speaking, that woman is a full refutation and a complete renunciation of DAP’s I-am-not-Chinese proclamations so that Teo and Lim Lip Eng are, in combination, spinning tales on Edi Rejang while appeasing their Chinese electorate (hopefully).

Leave Malaysia! Leave Malaysia to the Anglophiles and Malaiyoos, to the Christians and Muslims, inshallah they will, and we pray, kill each other and rape each other’s daughters after they have torched each other’s houses. Muslims will chop Muslim heads. All we need do is to sit back on a Chinese shore to watch, like fireworks, the smoke billowing in the horizon, out of that bumi Malaiyoo land.

The purer the bumi, Malaiyoo, Muslim land, the greater the chances they will kill each other: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and on and on and on.

Allahuakbar! Hallelujah! Isn’t Allah Great? Praise the Lord.

Come back to our Motherland China, tens of thousands have already done so. There will be jobs, you will be treated with courtesy and you will be safe, much safer than even America, its schools, universities, churches, hospitals, bars…. We guarantee that. Nobody will dare touch us again, not Americans, not Japs, especially not Malaiyoos. They wouldn’t dare. In China, you will be free.

As for Malaysia, let our leaders take care of that shit-hole and Mahathir Mohamad and Rais Hussin and Malaiyoos. It is a dirty job, a leader’s job. Our people will know what to do. It is only that you won’t notice a thing. Malays will feel it, though, not as a shock, but slowly, a little at a time, bit by bit, like the caress of the stream waters, dissolving the stone, reducing it to nothing in the end. 妹妹, 无为 wu wei.

Stupid Malaiyoos, all that they can master is a big mouth. Edi abusing you, Rais maligning us, calling us names, and we are so quiet, they think we Chinese are terrified, sobbing and cringing behind the door. They will pay. We can live with discrimination but we’ll avenge the Chinese they killed, our children they abducted, those locked up, and 60 years of maligning piled up. Otherwise we’d stand ashamed before our forefathers, for being useless, incapable of dealing with a bunch of coconut Muslim heads whether in Xinjiang or Malaysia there’s no difference!

我们保证您的安全。 你将获得自由

好山好水 好地方 我的祖国

When friends come, we greet them with wine
When wolves come, we greet them with gunfire
O! My mighty Motherland, my beautiful Motherland
Where I grew up
Among the high mountains, the low streams
That’s my Motherland


Come home to our Motherland. These below are Fall and Summer photos given me. Snow is coming! It was minus 2 yesterday. Come home…

meet new friends

eat lychee straight from the trees

visit the beautiful temples, admire our culture

and walk into our fir and pine forests. They are all yours. We are the inheritors. Only us. No more Malaiyoos. No more Anglophiles. No Jesus Christ. No Allah, no camel prophet. No Alis and Attans and Hussins and Syeds. No mamaks. No Hannahs. No Helens. No Annies. No Joshies nor Bobbies nor Stevies. No mosquitoes, no coconut heads. Free at last!



On no provocation, minding her own business, the Chinese woman above was verbally abused, called a ‘pig’, showed the middle-finger, stopped from doing her work, her face posted on Edi Rejang’s message board, told off that Malaysia is bumi Melayu land — the near exact same abuses and insults hurled at Chinese for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 years, from the tongues of Mahathir Mohamad, Kadir Jasin, Ahirudin Attan, Petra Kamarudin, Rais Hussin, Josh Hong, Ridhuan Tee, Helen Ang, Annie of the Valley — and DAP’s Teo Nie Ching says this, courtesy of Stevie Wonder Gan’s Malaysiakini, instructing people like an Umno minister:

Stop posting pictures about that Malaiyoo Edi Rejang. Even though it was he himself who posted everything including filming then uploading the video on the Net, on Facebook (since shut down).

Must be Teo’s Christian charity: Slapped in the face, let him have the other cheek. For Teo, an evangelical, between alcoholic beer and a racist motherfucker, she chooses racism. It’s less sinful, the lesser evil to her. Very PAS-like, very Christian, very politically correct, so saintly, so liberal, so multi-culti.

No more photos, did you say? Further below are more pictures of that Malaiyoo Edi Rejang babi, his workplace, company Rah Properties, address, kid, wife or mistress or whatever.

Feast on them, Teo Nie Ching then go fuck your mother — after you are done sucking Edi Rejang.


Saintly, Christian, Liberal, Multi-Culti, Anglophile Teo Nie Ching


Hey, Teo Nie Ching!

On Instagram, Edi Rejang says ‘Fuck U, Bullshit’

(bottom photo capture)









Edi Rejang on Instagram: Fuck you, he says.

Fuck your anak, too?


Malaiyoos will even fuck babies. Edi, you like? So Islamic. More Edi, more!

Malaysia your tanah tumpah darah? O really? You can have it all. Why would we Chinese want a piece of mosquito jungle country? What the fuck for? For an IC? A land with 20,000 Malaiyoos, all like you, waiting to religiously fuck kids — so holy, so padre and so Catholic.

We have own our country, much, much bigger, own land, own IC, and we have the four seasons and snow and fir trees and fantastic, beautiful flowers, and beaches and forests, and it is Allah-free! And no false camel prophets inside! But, we’ll see what you’re made of when the time comes — your tanah tumpah darah.

Hey, Edi: ‘Fuck U and all you’re bullshit’. How you cakap that one-ar in Malaiyoo?

Also, how you say in Malaiyoo, ‘Fuck your mother!’ In Chinese we say, 张念群 肏你的妈, in speech, zhāng niànqún cao ni de ma.

Now, repeat after me: zhāng niànqún cao ni de ma. Or simply copy and paste this on your Instagram 张念群 肏你的妈


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You think Pakatan voters are the only stupid ones who got screwed and suckered, listen to this…


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歌唱祖国 Ode to the Motherland.

The music after the National Anthem is called 歌唱祖国 or Ode to the Motherland.

Ignore the written comments by the white man, a racist motherfucker. But, that was my motherland, 70, 80 years ago, in living memory, the time of my grandparents and before them their parents. We have come this far, there’s no turning back.

They say, beware China, we’re out to conquer the world. That’s an idea. Why not? Once we have done that, we’ll make the great grandchildren of the Mahathirs, the Mohamad Raficks, and the Rais Hussins eat our shit, befitting their barbarian, kampung status.

Mahathir underestimates the intense passion we have for our country and our government. So he threatens to interfere in Xinjiang, in our country, to undermine our sovereignty and we’ll what… double down and beg? He can cancel another 1,000 ECRLs but we will pulverize Malaysia, turn it into ash before he can finish saying Inshallah.

Comrade Wen Jiabao was right:

“Anying, my compatriot. Many seasons have come to past. I am here to see you on behalf of the Chinese people. China today has prevailed and is stronger. Our people have endured. Rest in peace.”

Our people have not died in vain. And we have not forgotten. This is what China’s national day, Oct. 1, is about.



Today is also a special day for her… 我的心爱


This last one is for Helen Aku Cina Ang and her Brett Kavanaugh

People like Kadir Jasin likes to think that, in Malaysia, Mahathir being some top dog would also be a straight talking shining star outside this mosquito dump. In the UN that fucking mamak is nowhere near as bright as that white guy above.


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The Master Bedroom Salesman Who Knocked…


https://i2.wp.com/www.federal-furniture.com/images/board_director_04a.jpg Datuk Choy Wai Ceong
Hi…I hv been reading your blog wit interest. I am not a politician but a businessman.

Is there a way we can exchange views ?


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


“Hiya”, My name is Latuk Choy

Day One

I m not chinese educated but would like very much to understand the chinese world view better that i do now…prehaps you can assist ..

Day Two

My professional life was in selling furniture world wide for 10 years whereby I travelled to many many parts of the world and another 20+ years in the Malaysian property market.

Day Three

We hv thought of investing in china and now the main criteria for us in site assessment will be the ” wen hua” in the Chinese sense of each locale.. Shanghai / Shenzhen /Dongguan ..are all obvious choices….whereas the boondocks such as Hefei /Anhui… Chengdu or even /Fuzhou…to avoid…
To use a western mindset’s commentary of these places will be to label them as backward or uncivilised….haha


Haha, indeed. ‘Backward’ and ‘uncivilised’?

Boondocks like the Asal people in Kelantan and Pahang and Johor and Sarawak? Why, they are expendable if you needed their land for chairs and your Master beds.

These are the Temiars and the land is theirs. But Malays grabbed it, with lots of help from the English, simply by putting words to paper — it is ‘law’, they say — then label the law ‘Federal Constitution’ (all in capitals) and through which Malays call themselves bumis. Entire peoples have been defrauded in this way.


Want to come to China for the same, the land? Pick your site, Latuk. We’ll be waiting…, and it won’t be just blockades, unlike the Temiars who have nothing and so are pushed around.

Go plunder elsewhere, Latuk. Try Taiwan. They sell a lot chairs.

Or, perhaps you’d think that Mahathir can connect you in China? Surely, you know nothing, understand nothing, and see nothing. Balik kampung. Go back to your boondocks PJ, boy. At age 50 plus, you learned nothing. And, if you have nothing else better to do with papa’s money, go suck a lollipop. Tons of it.




I cry over my husband, whose head is lost


Anglophiles, like the Latuk Banana above, have no identity — imagining themselves to be like the butler Stevens in Ishiguro’s ‘The Remains of the Day‘, people who can’t even fake their identities well enough. They feed off what they read and they read only in the English, in the Latuk’s case, English law. Or, Lady Chatterley’s Lover in some La Salle school. After which, they grow incapable of being straight.

As Ketuanan Malaiyoo would cripple the Malays, so English would cripple the rest. You see the consequences daily in Mahathir or the DAP, most recently from Anthony ‘Walk-the-Talk‘ Loke who brags about his conduct, humiliating another man, publicly, openly, while his boss in Beijing goes on yada, yada about ‘Asian values’. (And the rest of Malaysiakini cheers Walk-the-Talk Loke: What a fine, upright Christian, they say.)

Butler Stevens will be nothing without those (on sale) country mansions and an English class system, all the external props. Which is just as well. The Latuk is nothing without father’s money, some stupid Malay name titles, and, especially, his English. He will be just a “stump”.

Here is this comment about an identical situation a few oceans away, in Uganda, not surprisingly:

I’ve always loved this brilliant evocation of the life of Lawino (above, in Song of Lawino by Okot p’Bitek), a traditional Acholi woman in Uganda, struggling to make sense of the world of her husband, Ocol, alienated by his colonial education, and infatuated with a “new woman,” who, like him, has a life shaped by modern literacy.

Listen, my clansmen,
I cry over my husband
Whose head is lost.
Ocol has lost his head
In the forest of books.

And the reading
Has killed my man,
In the ways of his people
He has become
A stump.

Lawino laments her husband’s shift to Western values, becoming a Christian, getting a Western education at Makerere University, changing his name, trading in the traditional sense of time (he now schedules his life according to a grandfather clock whose ”large single testicle / Dangles below”) and reading books instead of listening to stories. She is embedded in the ways he now considers backward. Okot p’Bitek’s book-length poem captures a moment when a husband’s focus on reinventing his social identity denies his first wife’s individuality, and so he moves on.




I Cried in the Offices of Playboy

Reproduced from Buzzfeed

By Ling Ma

…I’ve held other jobs, worse jobs. The worst job was at a firm where I was routinely fat-shamed for my lunch options by a colleague. What are you, a Chinese mother? was a thought that I had, but kept to myself, so that I could eat my chicken pad thai in peace. Another time, I ended up helping a supervisor create a Match.com profile for herself. How I ended up working with said supervisor on her online dating persona so late at night, well past office hours, probably had to do with being complimented: “But you’re so good with words.” The ability to speak up for myself, to demarcate my time, my labor, my skills as my own, eluded me. It took me years to understand that the responsibility of enforcing professional boundaries often falls to the less powerful party. It’s not in the interest of the powerful to adhere to those boundaries. As almost anyone who has worked in an office knows: People can be awful and they can use their power, however limited, to belittle or pressure others in subtle or not-so-subtle ways that are psychically bruising but technically not illegal.

What I’m trying to say is: The crying at work was not about the work. The source of stress is never the specific litany of tasks and duties one is paid to do. The work, I could control. But I couldn’t control the bullying campaign by an older superior, who seemed to target me and another coworker on staff. Though my coworker and I had both devised ways to avoid the staffer beyond professional interactions (I had taken to strategically wearing headphones), there was something about the daily drip of passive-aggressive jabs, the unnecessarily personal remarks, the pointed, belittling questions interrupting our workflow — all under the thin guise of professionalism — that just added up for me that day.

My father has sustained a long and fruitful career in a different field. Once, he was selected as a featured employee for the company newsletter. Ostensibly as a way for employees to get to know one another, the selected employee submits to a questionnaire, published alongside their picture. One of the questions: How would you like to be remembered? To which he responded: I would like to be forgotten.

The answer raised some eyebrows at the company, and my mother would periodically tease him for it. The curtness of his response gave the misleading impression that he didn’t, in fact, enjoy his job or derive satisfaction from his career. But what my father meant was that the work self and the private self are two different things. And that he didn’t owe the company his private self, even for something as innocuous as a corporate newsletter.

I was born in China during the 1980s. In every family, the Cultural Revolution casts a heavy shadow. I won’t go into the particulars of my family history — of who was publicly castigated, who was sent away to labor camps, who was separated from their families — in part because I understand the stories only piecemeal, in offhand references, through secondhand sources. They’re a part of family history that no one wants to fully acknowledge.

What I will say is that, for years, between the ages of 3 and 5, my grandmother would put me to bed with stories of children being abducted or lost or killed. Because my life was safe and boring at the time, I relished these tales of peril, and incessantly asked for more of them, in the way that someone might binge on Law and Order episodes.

A year after I unceremoniously cried at work, Playboy Enterprises closed the Chicago office, consolidating it with its office in LA, known as Playboy West. The office closing did not come as a surprise. For several months, rumors had been circulating. Employee benefit plans had been cut. The employees on the magazine staff braced themselves. We knew that the magazine was not the most lucrative division of the company. Ultimately, there were mass layoffs of employees across most divisions, some of whom had been with the company for decades and were on the cusp of retirement. (A longtime employee, in fact, sued the company for wrongful termination, heralding a landmark payout.)

My own layoff happened like this: One afternoon, Tom tapped the back of my chair and asked me to come with him. I knew what was coming, as I followed him — his stiff walk — down the halls. All day, each employee had been called individually to the office of the creative director, who either offered them a position in the LA office, or laid them off.

In the creative director’s wide, sweeping office, I sat down at the table, along with other company representatives. The creative director, sweat stains on his shirt, seemed shaken by having delivered news to so many employees already. He stumbled over his words, seemingly reciting a script as he faced me, looking at my face but not quite seeing me. The script didn’t include the words “lay off” or “terminated,” but the message was conveyed.

In retrospect, the stories served as vehicles to impart my grandmother’s lessons. The children often ended up in dangerous scenarios due to the same set of follies: They were too adventurous, or too overzealous, or too curious. A bored child, running off from his parents at the street market, ends up getting kidnapped and sent to a labor camp in the icy purgatory of Siberia, living off patchy tundra grass. The survivors in these stories were the ones who learned how to be obedient and to negotiate their own releases by subjugating their wills and impulses with apparent cooperation. The takeaway: In order to survive, one must hide the self.

I don’t know how long I have carried this understanding, but it has been there for all of my life: The self can be compressed. The self is infinitely divisible. As in Zeno’s paradox, if the self is cut down and continually halved into smaller pieces for eternity, it can still exist. You may act like a completely different person — ingratiating yourself to higher powers, publicly holding political views you don’t believe in; in other words, completely subjugated to the system around you — but the self remains. You can be a feminist and still work at Playboy. You can object to the objectification of women but still attend employee parties staffed by lingerie models passing out Playboy Energy Drinks. You can dislike working with certain difficult coworkers, but still wear Nice Face around them. You can be a professional at work, but still retain your personhood.

Is this a depressing outlook or an inspiring one? Are you a hypocrite or are you a survivor?


Ling Ma is the author of the novel SEVERANCE just out.



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