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How is Jho Low Anglophile — and Racist

For proof he is honorary White, he badly wanted a White woman, went to White Wharton for credentials, gave her a White boat trip for impression, gave her loads of White diamonds (pink for Rosmah though)…

then … shocking Sarawak Report news! She goes off and marry someone else…. Poor Jhoey.



Yesterday, Jhoey emailed Miranda then it was leaked, deliberate of course, first to White Reuters:

Miranda, are your reading this: I want my diamonds back! Start with the one on your ears! That wedding photo.

After all that I have done for you!! You never loved me. You only wanted … diamonds. You used me. How low (sic) can you get? What do you take me for? A Chinaman? You heartless bitch!!!

I’ll fix you! And that Evan boy also!! I have connections!!!


Miranda replies the same afternoon:

What do you mean, fix? Yes, you are a Chinaman, and a sick one. I never asked for the diamonds. You were just stupid. A stupid and sick Chinaman. Go back to Malaisia.


That’s Anglophile racism; they like all things and anything White. Anglophile…

  • like Najib Razak (itu omputih Saudi are ‘authentic‘),
  • like Riza Aziz (Mwhahahaha $$$$ in USD please),
  • like Baginda Razak (Oxford, my home! My refuge!),
  • like Hannah Yeoh (I live for a White god),
  • like Shay Adora (poor baby, laundered at the age of 6 days)
  • like Sumisha Naidu (aiyaa, why you don’t like Watsons ah?),
  • like Charles Santiago (itu Chinaman semua tipu, omputih lebih honest),
  • like Dennis Ignatius (me, too, I got White woman — with Jesus thrown in!)….
  • like the whole of Tanah Malaiyoo… Podah


Yellow Boy, White Girl

White and white societies (both Arabian and Western; it used to be England only) become the defining standard — the ultimate benchmark — for everything, everything in Malaysia especially morality, law, justice, governance, god, progress, wealth, even love (Jho Low), getting a fuck (Baginda Razak, Ahirudin Attan), eating (Jamil Baharom), art and music (Francis Yeoh), where to holiday (Rosmah, New York), do business (Riza Aziz, New York), go to school (Hannah Yeoh, Australia), and giving a name (Shay Adora); collectively the value system. Loyalty to country becomes loyalty to these sets of value system.

Najib Razak and Jho Low, both simultaneously personify and epitomize this value system.

Najib, on the one hand, with his liberalism gone berserk, now eating its own tail, so that he has to look to yet another white society, the Saudis, for salvation. Jhoey; and he is not a Chinaman although motherfuckers like Kadir Jasin would label him so, because these Malaiyoo racists (raised in a diet of Mahathirism) can then claim, ‘Look this is what the Chinese do in Tanah Melayu; they steal from us.’ ‘Us’ being the Malaiyoos. The Chinaman is last person to splurge the way Jhoey does, even if the money is not his. Instead, he is the classic Anglophile, raised and trained in Malaysia, seeking acceptance from and into Western society. To do that he even resort to flipping his name around so that he would, at least, sound English, exactly the way Dennis Ignatius like to be heard and appreciated.

They are the Anglophiles, some below. The list is only a portion of the thousands. The trouble is this, these few thousands, big and small, are the ones who set the national agenda. Small wonder, the country is so fucked today.




Pig shuib, above.



You sendiri tengok: The blacker the Indian, the whiter the name.




The Magnificent 賈鵬芳 Jia Pengfang

长相思 The Longing


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Dear P…


Title reads in English: 1MDB Audit Report


This is the main part of the message from P D:

Thank you SO much for sharing this information! I’m working on translating some 1MDB papers and this is proving incredibly helpful. Would you have any of the other chapters available in English to read, so as to get a more complete overview of the audit?



Short answer, No.

Nor, so it appears, anybody else. Sarawak Report (SR), which should be accessible from your side, has the the entire report (above) by Malaysia’s Jabatan Audit Negara (National Audit Department) in its original Malay. (Note that the Audit Report is classified Confidential — ‘Rahsia’ in Malay — so that possession of it is liable to criminal prosecution — in Malaysia.) SR had promised (promises, promises, promises…) to translate the whole thing but looks like Clare Brown hadn’t gone round to it. Or, had given up.

Here is a suggestion: go to SR. Download the Report’s eight chapters, copy then paste them on Google Translate. That way, you at least get a gist of what’s in those Malay papers.

This reply is also made public in the hope that some reader might have the English translations of the Department’s report or part thereof. If so, kindly assist and point us to them, online of course. For that purpose, the Comments section has been activated: naturally, the origin source of your information will be kept confidential.

For those in Malaysia, SR’s mirror site is: http://ec2-52-77-145-248.ap-southeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com/

Hope this helps.


end of reply



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中港同胞:春节来了! 祝您们…












大洗呀  妹妹加油!




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Dear Mahathir, enclosed herewith MY IC

Resisting the IC


This is a time for resistance. (Fact: it always was.)

Upon the inauguration of Donald Trump by Chiwan Choi, Chinese, resident in Los Angeles where he writes poetry and publishes.


If I absolutely have to visit the United States, I prefer to go in the queue for a regular visa with others. I’m no longer part of the society, not even as a resident.

Wole Soyinka, today 82, Nigerian, first African to receive the Nobel Literature prize. Soon, he will destroy his American permanent residency card: “I don’t have strong enough fingers to tear (it) up.”


Resist. Destroy the Green Card?


Wishing me a pleasant, smooth return to Malaysia, Jian remarked that I was going to laojia. That struck me: Strange, I never thought of it that way. Laojia? ‘Birth home‘ in Malaysia? Even in a technical sense she was mistaken. Back in Malaysia I remember the early years as a child when Mahathir ruled and how the adults and the neighbors used to warn: ‘Be quiet, say nothing, or they’ll take the IC‘.

Just the threat of taking the IC exposes the Chinese citizen and residency to the mercy of the Malays, specifically Umno and Mahathir Mohamad. Forfeiture is punishment for not bowing to the Malaiyoo and Mahathir.

When Mahathir qualified his remarks over Forest City and China, he said he wasn’t against the Chinese. Who said why that should be a problem? He never gets it, these bodoh Malays.

Not against the Chinese‘ is characteristic of Mahathir and his (ex) Umno sycophants: our existence is at their pleasure. If Mahathir isn’t happy with the Chinese, he’s entitled to abuse us of the fact as if, live or die, our lives depended on his approval. Today it’s Bersatu as well, Umno by another name. Our IC merely signifies an official existence, nothing real, a number in the electoral rolls, and therefore entirely dependent on the whim of the Malay fucker from Kerala by the name of Mahathir Mohamad.

Before or now, he never saw the Chinese as humans, not even as immigrants, but as some political creature like he is. Understand this and one understands why he went from economic development to Forest City to China to immigrant colony to citizenship and voting. Wanting to fix up Najib Razak so bad, Forest City became an opportunity to hit out at his two great prejudices simultaneously in a single strike.

If Malaysia is to be saved, then it has to be saved from Mahathir, for never has the country known a Satan more evil than he. If the Malays won’t do it, then the task is left to the Chinese alone, and we will. (Forget about the DAP.) To demolish him completely — because he hasn’t changed one bit — we now have to consider letting Najib go. The money is nothing: I had learned that from China.


U-Tun Mahathir: apologizes to the Chinese without being sorry. Impressive U-Tun….


Here’s the IC…

How many times in Parliament and outside have Mahathir and his Umno minions, now Bersatu, threatened to take back the IC?

Well, I think, it’s time to ‘return’ it. The only question left to answer is, when and where. Perhaps at the Malaysian embassy in Beijing. Or perhaps during the general elections.

You want back the IC, Mahathir? It’s yours? We stole it? There’s really no need to beat your chest over it, or demand and threaten, I’ll deliver it to you in person. I’ll burn it, put the ashes into a jar then bring them to you with this thank you note written in red:

Dr Mahathir, please bury this at your mama’s tombstone and, there, fuck yourself.



At Mahathir’s instigation, Malaiyoos ransacked and burned Chinese (above) so those ICs would be pointless. Now, we burn our ICs and sent the ashes to him.


Mahathir Dead Kicking


Mahathir delivers a kick, even when fried dead. Notice, that piece of Maha chicken shit is ball-less, his Kerala prick gone, hollowed out from his ass onward.


Ma Yuteng’s Death Masturbate



Najib’s Word in 2011


Lao Ma, Ma Yuteng, Na Jikor: It’s in the Malay DNA, lying, backstabbing, thieving, barbarous…. These Malaiyoos (below), “oh, so sweet,” according to Wong Chen of PKR; oh, so “tolerant”, according to Mahathir Mohamad; oh, so “gentle,” according to Kadir Jasin; oh, so “dignified”, according to Najib Razak.


Lady Racist Annie: Ini Cina Punya

In the above clip, Annie of the Valley — the same Annie who thinks Malays are the greatest thing to happen to Malaysia, a “patient, kind” race, according to her — had to feign surprise about the barbarity in her stock of people, those Malays without culture, without refinement, but so full of Allah. From Annie:

“Ini Cina punya geng ka Datuk?” I inquired further.

“Tak da  la. Ini Melayu punya geng…,” he said. My friend also said the gang leader was involved in a murder case in 2003….

Notice ‘ini Cina punya geng’: Annie begins by assuming that people who beat up the weak and defenseless are Chinese. Never Malays. You see, to her, Chinese are bad because they are pendatangs whereas Malays are “so sweet”, so patriotic.

In Malaysia, people judge and are in turn judged by IC, by race (for example, by Annie and her Asshole readers) not by the content of individual character. Hence, Annie’s reaction — ini Cina punya — and Kadir Jasin’s reaction to 1MDB, where Najib Razak led the thieving only because he kept a Chinese, Jho Low, as mastermind confidant.

Mahathir would turn the Malaysian IC into an instrument of oppression against common people, Chinese and Malay and Indian as well as made it a political tool (Sabah, Project IC or project M).

From Mahathir on, Umno’s political culture not just ensured all of that which happened in the clip but more: Tanah Melayu is only Malay, so the Malay can do anything, including murder and steal; Malays are sons of the soils, everybody else is a worm and Malays are entitled to step on worms, particularly a Bangla or Nepali or Indian; Malaiyoos are ketuanan and so the police are turned into hired-hand killers and political street thugs, something done not once, not twice, but everyday. Nobody needs to be hanged for murder.

So, why is Melayu barbarity a surprise, Annie? ‘Cina punya geng’ is it? Want to bring on your ‘Melayu punya geng’ and take on the Chinese (below)? Let that great patriotic Malaiyoo know, that motherfucker Kadir Jasin: We’ll get here. Then we’ll see what your ‘Melayu geng’ is made of: ‘So sweet,’ is it. Beating, bullying the weak: Malays are so good at that.


The Return of the Mings


We are on the way. We’ll come by sea, by air, by horse, by carrier, we’ll march, and we’ll get here. We have trained. We are disciplined. We’re ready. Mao yeye, give us the order!




An after thought: China, my Beautiful…

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But, Chinese are against Mahathir…


Mahathir Mohamad says he is ‘not against’ the Chinese.


So good of you, Mahathir. Well, are we suppose to thank you for your magnanimity? You might be for us or against us. But, do you think we give a shit for what you feel or think? Against or not against us, we, the Chinese in Malaysia and in China, are against you. Live with it, boy.

And fuck you.

Fig. 5. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s quote 

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A Year of Living Dangerous




Jian phoned the other day, crying that if only she had kept her wish to kill herself. Things had been going badly — misfortunes tend to arrive in buckets — so her remarks are simply the restatement of a long-held desire. It is also not a threat, for I had seen her thrice at the edge of death, slicing her wrist with a butcher’s knife, downing a bottle of pesticide and tilting from the ledge of a fifth floor kitchen window.

Just two days earlier, a weekend, we were standing with our backs against the sun, trying to keep warm in a freezing park. Few things in this northern Chinese weather can be worse than this bone chilling cold. “Do you know,” she says suddenly, “chunjie is just fifty days away.”

I didn’t know. She, on the other hand, keeps tab of such things.

“You should go back to Malai-zi and see your Ma? How long has it been? Two years?” It is how they, in China, pronounce the name of this asshole country otherwise known as Malaysia.

“And you?”

Laojia.” She meant her birthplace and family home.

“Why don’t you come along. No visa now.”


“Yes, from this year on; just your passport.”

“It’s too hot.” This is an excuse, of course, which in the hanyu is known as jiekou 借口. Literally, it means ‘a mouth borrowed’ so that the truth of the matter actually sits in her own tongue and lies in her heart and which is this: No Chinese — not one yellow skin out of 1.3 billion — gives a shit for Malai-zi.

It is just a shit hole Malay country run by a gang of thieves and fraudsters who call themselves Umno and like to believe they come from some big deal land that China’s Chinese will hanker after, like so many Banglas and Indons do. If a single Chinese out of 700,000 is willing to exchange his Chinese identity card for Malaysia’s I will give up mine, along with passport, the same minute.

(China, like Malaysia, forbids and makes illegal the holding of dual citizenship. Old Horse Mahathir the Motherfucker had never like the Chinese anyway; so, a wild, stupid claim won’t hurt his anti-Najib, Umno/Bersatu style political campaign. As Umno boss, he had made not dissimilar accusations against local Chinese, mostly it is that they are unpatriotic. Count me in as another disloyal pendatang as well: I owe Malaysia nothing, not even its ugly passport and which I’d be happy to pee on.)

“It’s too cold here,” I replied. “Anyway it’s just for a few days. After Malaysia, we could go together to your laojia.”

My own work all sewn up I have a whole month free and which is well into after the Spring new year. We won’t be spending time in Hong Kong after all.

There is no heating in our bedroom, so I drew apart the curtains to let in the sun. Seven hours to go before she flies alone to Zhejiang to see Yuen-Yuen and try pull in some new modelling assignment for the Spring season. In the meantime… there’s the same old thing to tend to: Money.

She plainly refused to accept anything from me so we spent the night before quarreling over intents and purposes. Without at least 5,000 ringgit (10,000 yuan) for the lunar new year, she won’t have anything to go home with. People tended to pontificate about the virtue of being just home — as if nothing else is more important than the being of a person. If only this were true, life would be a breeze.

Jian shall be back soon and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her and say, “You won’t die, not without my permission.”


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Fight 4 Country, Meet Bersih Girl!


Bersih 4‘s successor is Bersih 5 (above)

Fight 4 country = See girl. Fight for country, meet a true beauty and true fighter. (No silat required. What a bunch of Umno kampung monkeys.)


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